The sweet tast of revenge Please CC and comment!

The sweet tast of revenge Please CC and comment!

Posted May 15th, 2017 by mischief

by Brooke
in Georgia

Page 1. Please CC and Coment!                                                       The Sweet taste of revenge

                I leaned my head down, trying to sleep before the next bus stop. And to think a little. We were going to my older brother's camp. It was for teen's having prombles. I didn't matter what kind of promble. Just to clear your mind. Forget those dreadful thoughts that kept on borthing you. Steven and I realy didn't have a real promble. Mom did, she wanted us out of the house. She was tried of me stormming around the house trying to figure out who did it. Your promble wondering who did what.Well I didn't know who did it, but on his way to shcool my little brother{ Steven} got threanted that if he didn't give him the lunch money he'd get beat up. The kid carried out his threat. The shcool wouldn't tell who it is. But my mom made the kid pay. Beside me Steven was just waking up. Suddenly his small body flew out of the bus seat . As we hit a gaint pot hole. Laughing I helped him up. " That isn't funny Matt"." Sure it is shorty". " When we going to be there Matt"? He complained. " An hour, mabey less. I't seemed I had just fallen asleep when... " Com'on Matt. Wake up"! " Okay okay I'm awake". I grummbled. Once we had gathered up our things we were persented with the promble of finding willam. " Matthew, Steven! A huge vocie bellowed. Promble solved.We whriled around to see a large grinning man walking toward us." What you forgot got about me"? " No". " Man, you boys grew like weeds"!  After we exchanged some small talk Will got real real seroiu and said. " Someones waiting in the truck for us. We beter walk". " Who, Will"? " What"? " Who's waiting in the truck"? Wined Steve. " Huh, oh his name is David". Willam said giving me a wink. " Com'on Will, what's he like"? " Shy and stuborn". " Well how old is he "? " He'll be fifteen in three mounths.  " What's he look like"? Steven asked, his voice now trembling. " I've never seen his face". " Oh". We were at the truck now, I opened the passenger door. David was slouched there, he was wearing a black sweater, with a hood. So I couldn't see his face. Then David got up and got in the trunk. " You didn't have- " That's ok Matt". Will put in . I could tell my brother wasn't a big fan of David, and I wonder why. 





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  I realy hope you like

  I realy hope you like this!!!!! 

Posted by mischief on Tue, 05/16/2017 - 17:28

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