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Tellurium | Prologue - Allie

Tellurium | Prologue - Allie

Posted March 18th, 2017 by honeyboney77

by Cassie
in Nowheresville

Prologue – Allie


        A shiver crawled up and down my spine.

        The uneasy feeling didn’t even seem to come from the eerie air of the forest—only the chilly breeze that the brook emanated. The dirt along the banks squished between my toes as I walked.

        I came across a sprawl of boulders adjacent to the swiftly-moving current. The rock grouping jutted out from underneath the smooth soil, their tops all conveniently flattened. Almost naturally, I urged myself towards the boulders, dragging my body up with the ungodly strength that comes to one in a dream.

        An unexpected breath escaped past the barrier of my lips, despite the lifted weight of a dreaming state. Sighs moved, circulating out of my lungs and becoming a visible cloud. There was no reason for my being here again, yet here I had arrived, in the space where my soul could wander.

        The babbling and puttering of brook water overtook me, and I was lost in unconscious thought. Within the process of this it occurred to me that I must come here again, once I woke up. Perhaps tomorrow, if time allowed.


        For one reason or another, it didn’t faze me how unnatural this voice sounded, how obtrusively it stuck out. I couldn’t mull it over completely because as soon as it had come, the tone had faded into the trees and bounced off their leaves. And then the source of the sentence, more of a query, struck me. I glanced to my left, across the plateau towards another boulder, and found a single creature. It was avian—a blue jay—and it twittered the preamble of a melody, cocking its head, swishing colors of blue and white adorned in a black band. But the most striking characteristic of the winged animal was the cloudy silver aura that bordered each separate feather, each toe, each miniscule talon.

        “Lucid, are you?” repeated the voice, as the bird simultaneously opened its beak, chirping.

        “You mean, can I hear you?” I asked slowly, carefully. “Yes, I can understand what you’re saying.”

        “No, no.” The blue jay vigorously shook its tiny head, hopping erratically and energetically. “I mean, lucid?”

        I pondered this a moment. Lucid, as in, control of my dream? I assumed that I was, but how could I truly know? I concentrated deeply on the idea of an object, somehow coming across a shiny surface and the creases around it. And in a few moments, it was there, between the bird and I.

        “I guess I am, then,” I murmured, almost smugly, as if proving this little bird wrong some way.

        “Good news,” tweeted the creature, flapping its wings once or two times in order to land precisely beside the metallic gray hexagonally-shaped crystal. It stared at the crystal with some sort of intimate recognition, as if the bird had knowledge of the way that the metal fit in this place, and why it was what I conjured. As they sat together, the hexagon crystal and the bird, their silver and gray almost looked the same.

        “Find me,” the animal informed me curtly. “No way to talk true when here. Imperative, needs to happen. Yes?”

        I stared at the bird curiously. “I understand.”

        “So…will see you.” Slightly awkwardly, it nodded, then raced to flight and swooped off. I watched, wonderstruck and awed, as it disappeared behind the treeline. The only remaining memory left was of the brook rushing by and the trail of ascending silver.


Please tell me what you think! This fantasy story is about the elements and life, and discovering how they are intertwined. Thank you for reading.


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I'm definitely intrigued!

I'm definitely intrigued!  Wonderful and vivid description.

Posted by M.H. Rayne on Sat, 03/18/2017 - 21:42
This was soooooooo

This was soooooooo interesting! I want to read more! Nice job!


<(QuartzMaster A.K.A. Osaid)> Read my books!!!! :D

"Uuuuuuuuurr Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrr Uhhrrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaarrrggghhh..." - Chewbacca

Posted by Quartz on Sun, 03/19/2017 - 07:25
Interesting story idea. Not

Interesting story idea. Not exactly sure where you're going with it, but I guess that is how you can intrigue people, because they want to know what it all means (I mean, I want to know what it all means. :)   ). At times, I felt like it could be too descriptive, and you would lose me for a bit, and then there would be other parts that would get me interested in the story. The descriptions are good because they can help the reader get a mental image, but too much can sidetrack from the story. I liked the way the Owl was kind of awkward and confusing, yet understandable and interesting. Overall I felt like this prologue really fit the purpouse of a prologue, because I want to know about the next chapter and figure out what this all means. Good job!

Posted by Elora on Sun, 03/19/2017 - 17:25

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