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Thoughts Matter Chapter#2

Thoughts Matter Chapter#2

Posted August 9th, 2017 by EmilyMc

by Meowing (Emily)
in Washington



The next day Jewel and I have to go to school. I set my blue backpack down, and start shoving books and such into my locker. A hand taps my shoulder. I recognize the black nail polish instantly.

"Hey Jewel," I say smiling before I even set my eyes on hers.

I stand up, and she puts her hands in mine. We get lots of stares whenever the two of us hang out. The two of us make quite the contrast. Jewel wears chains, black boots, black jeans, black makeup, black everything. You would expect her to be really mean by looking at her but I think she just puts a tough look on and stays quiet until it's just the two of us. I'm wearing my blue basketball sweatshirt and basic jeans.




"Hey Sam," I reply smiling.

Sam looks at me for a moment thinking.

"Can't beleive we're in highschool now," he says as he puts his arm around my shoulder. I gentaly kick his locker shut for him as the two of us head off to our math class. When we walk into the classroom my heart nearly stops beating. I freeze and Sam looks at me strangely.

"No," I whisper.

Not again. Every bit of pain circles and clouds my head. Fire had gulped his heart. He shouldn't be here. He should't be in front of me. He should be in the other life; the other world where my boyfriend would never even dream of. But there he is; Jay, with his leather jacket, and his ugly aurora he brings to life. He's a freak, and I've spent so much time running away from him and the place we used to live in. 




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