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Tiger, Flame of Life

Tiger, Flame of Life

Posted March 18th, 2018 by SilverMoon

by solivagant
in timately acquainted with the void

not "the tyger" by william blake but it might as well be

long ur welcome. this is prolly some poetry form but im too lazy to find which one sorry

Tiger, Flame of Life


A beast so majestic

with that glitter of his eyes

The bold silhouette of the tiger

and his bone-chilling roar

No creature is as fierce

as this living, breathing flame


The life of a tiger

Art, transient and majestic

Wearing a coat like flames

with a graceful poise so fierce

A cry of life and strength in each roar

A golden world within his eyes


A menacing glare, fangs bared, fierce

Black stripes, white highlights, orange flame

A steady, fearless gaze of majesty

The shine of life resides within those eyes

louder than the most deafening roar

Such is the tiger.


He pins with the weight of his roar

Blinds with the light of his eyes

Stills the world with his majesty

Against the night he is a flickering flame

This is the awe-inspiring tiger

who braves the world with fierceness.


The way the world reflects in his eyes

A primal beauty, inexpressibly majestic

Above comprehension, so wild and fierce

Shaking the very earth with a roar

Eyes and fur both flaming

with the vibrance unique to a tiger.


Infused with life’s flame

and living so fiercely

Heralding life and death with his roar

Beholding the universe in simple eyes

The simplistic art of the tiger

could not be more majestic.


There is a fierceness in his eyes

and a majesty in his roar

So lives the flame called the tiger.


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I liked this a lot-- you had

I liked this a lot-- you had some stunning imagery!
My one piece of CC: This got repetitive. Really, there's only so many ways you can say that a tiger is like a flame. The first part was great, while the comparisons were still fresh. Don't forget to look for new angles! What if the third stanza is about how the deer are like water? Then you could describe a hunt!
This really was good, and I liked it quite a bit! Just be careful and watch out for that darned repetition.

Life is tough, darling, but so are you. ~Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Posted by subparshakespea... on Mon, 03/26/2018 - 20:27

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