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[title ideas?] [zodiac sign writing thing] [chapter one]

[title ideas?] [zodiac sign writing thing] [chapter one]

Posted April 19th, 2019 by Werty

by {]Kayla[}
in your mind. i mean, it's not like i'm real.

Chapter 1

Quinn’s POV


I was sitting in History class when it happened.  There was a lockdown. Not just a drill. A full on lockdown.  We all hid in the teacher’s closet. She held her notebook up high near the door.  It was silent. I heard a pencil roll across the floor. Then I heard a scream. As soon as I knew it, footsteps pounded down the hall.  My heart started beating faster. And faster. The girl next to me was crying silently.


There was a knock on the door.  A pounding sound— my brain rattled inside my head.

“I NEED TO SEE HER!” A voice screamed from outside the door.  The class huddled closer. Whoever it was was looking for one of us.


“No!” The teacher’s voice was loud and clear, but you could tell she had no clue what was happening.


“Fine… I’ll find her another way.  Soon it will happen… it needs to be done by the end of the sign of the fish!” The man’s voice sounded rough and edgy, like it was the wind itself.


And suddenly, things began to rewind.  The class pulled backwards. I was involuntarily lifted off but and back into my chair.  And the teacher launched back into her lecture like nothing had happened. Nobody seemed to notice any of this happened except for me.


As soon as the bell rang, I went over to my friend Clara.


“Do you remember the lockdown?” I asked her.


“What lockdown?  Oh, the last drill?” She replied, completely clueless.


“No.  Never mind.” I wasn’t in the mood to deal with questions.  It was scary enough nobody remembered. I didn’t want the whole school to think I was a freak.  I retreated to the bathrooms, splashed myself with water, and told myself I was crazy. I was crazy.  I was crazy. I went up to the nurse and called home sick. But when I climbed into my mom’s car, I could have sworn I heard cold laughter…  but I was probably delusional.



After sleeping for a long time, I felt a bit better.  I straightened up with a bit of sickly laughter and coughed for a bit.  I must have had a fever. Checking a clock, I noticed it was already midnight.  I had slept that long? So I made my way over to the fridge for a midnight snack.  When I opened it, I was hit by an icy blast of wind. The man’s voice spoke.


“Come with me, Aquarius.  Step inside.” I think I screamed, but if I did, my mom never heard me.  I slammed the fridge door shut and went back to my makeshift bed on the couch, shivering from the icy blast.  I don’t think I slept at all that night. Of course, when I woke, I thought it was a nightmare.


I went upstairs to wake up my mom, but to find she wasn’t there.  I immediately went into panic mode. I raced downstairs to find a girl staring at me.


I don’t know the girls you’ve seen in your life.  But this girl was none of them. Her hair blew in an invisible wind, and her dress did the same.  The whole of her looked like she was about to blow away. Her skin and hair was pale. But there was something strong and final about the way she stood— there was no getting rid of her.


“Who are you?  What are you?” I asked her.


“I am an Air Spirit.” She replied.  She seemed excited, nervous, and chill, all at the same time.  “I have come to take you to the Astrological Base. You refused the wind before.  Bold. What he should have expected, with an Aquarian. Especially a true one.”


“Where’s my mom?” I dared to ask her.


“Your mother is nice and safe, in her bedroom, fast asleep.  She won’t wake up until you are home again. In fact, no time will pass until you serve your dues.”


“NO!  I WON’T GO WITH YOU!” Her face turned colder.


“You have too.  There’s no choice.  Trust me, if I could be human, I would.  But noooo, I have to be an Air Spirit, destined to live forever in servitude.” She rolled her eyes and took my hand before I could protest. “Let’s go, Aqua.” And I was whisked away.  At first I closed my eyes. And then I opened them again. We were whooshing through wind. Then water. Then fire. Then a dense rainforest. Rinse, repeat. There was no escaping this whirlwind of torture.  I squeezed my eyes shut, wishing this was all dream.


And then it stopped.


It was pretty sudden.  We jolted to a stop in front of a palace sort of thing.  Spirits like her were whizzing around. And some weren’t like her.  Some were like they were made of water. Some fire. Some even looked like they were made of nature itself.  Some of the Air and Fire Spirits clapped as they pushed me by. The Water Spirits looked suspicious. The (Earth?) Spirits tried to avoid me, muttering to themselves.  Okay.


“I have her!  I have her! I have the eleventh!” The Air Spirit shouted happily.  A group of the same kind came over in a clap.


“If only we had the first,” sighed one of them.


“The first what?  What is going on? Will anybody explain?” I yelled.  One of their faces turned solemn and turned to me.


“Listen.  What is your name?”


“I’m Quinn.”


“Well, Quinn, you were born very special.  All the planets lined up. Even your ascendant is in the eleventh sign.  You are the true Aquarius. You have come to replace the former one.”


“What will happen to her?” I was a little worried.


“She will return to her life with no memory of this incident.  That, or she may choose to retire as an Air Spirit. But she’s an Aquarius.  That is not something she would like to do.”


“I’m sorry.  Why am I here?  What will I do? How long will I be here?” I couldn’t stop asking questions.


“Okay.  I can’t answer all that at once.   I’ll call Millie in with the Q paper.” And so the Spirit proceeded to yell for somebody else.  A Water Spirit and an Earth Spirit came whizzing in, fighting over a piece of paper.


“Give it!” The Earth Spirit yelled.


“No!  It’s mine!  I should get to present it!” Retorted the Water Spirit.


“Both of you, stop!  Millie, hand it over.  Jess, don’t bother with it.  It may be yours, but it’s Millie’s job to present it.  We’ve been over this.” Both of them nodded, and Millie handed over the paper and left.  At that moment, a Fire Spirit came crossing over.


“Hah, letting yourself be bossed around by an Air Spirit!  Weak!” She laughed to herself.


“Nobody asked you, Justice!” All three of them yelled at the same time.  The other Air Spirits just rolled their eyes at Justice. She went on her way, laughing.


“Follow me.” The Air Spirit that had retrieved me from my house addressed me, handing the “Q paper” to me.  “I will take you to the room. I believe the seventh, Libra, is already there. The Gemini will be harder to pin down.  When you think of your questions, write them on the paper.”


“Okay,” I replied.  She whisked me up a set of stairs that curled up into a large tower.  At the top, it split into four more smaller towers. There was a smaller room at the end of each.  After she dropped me off in the room, she left before I could even ask her name.


She was right.  There was another girl there.  She sat on the bed, looking out the window.  She had a piece of Q paper too, and would write something every once in a while.  I sat on my bed.


“Hi,” she said to me quietly, before taking a long time to write something.


“Hello.” I then sat back.  The bed was perfect. I’ve never been more comfortable in my life.

I took out the paper and wrote my first question.  Where are we?


We are in the Astrological Base.  In the Air Tower, more specifically. It replied.  Okay, cool. Paper that talked back.  Interesting.


How long will I be here? I asked.


Twelve years.  You will age, but much more slowly.  When you are done you will be returned to your family, unless you retire as a Spirit.  Then your family and friends will rewind without your existence. It wrote really fast, and it was a little hard to keep up, because it would fade away along with your own question after just a couple seconds.


Do I have the choice to leave? I asked it hopefully.


No. It replied, point blank.


Okaaaaay, I thought for a moment. Are there any boys here?


No.  The Sidereal unit is for the boys.  The Tropical unit is for the girls. Although there is The Voice itself, which can take on the persona of a male and female person.  That’s the thing that tried to bring you here first. It came in the form of a male wind. I was still a little confused, and also frustrated.  I scribbled out a few more questions.


You know what? It asked me. I’ll have Hannah come bring you the Book.  That will explain everything. And in seconds, the Air Spirit (now named Hannah) had returned for the paper, carrying a large book.  I relaxed. It looked pretty interesting, and so I flipped through it eagerly.



So, a lot of things happened at that moment.  


For one, I found out that I was an official Zodiac.  I was Aquarius, and when it came time for my rule over the stars, I would be given more power and responsibility.  Time passed faster in the Astrological Base. I would be meeting the others shortly (and yes, the girl I had met earlier was Libra), and I did have a vase with endless water, like in the constellation.  It will become official on the last day of Pisces, when the former Zodiacs would hand over their powers and responsibility to us.  The Zodiacs could die, but if so the fabric of the universe would unravel.  We would be trained for battle, for there was something evil to fight— there were our enemies, the good ol’ Sidereal boys, and also the Dark— a force so powerful that it has never been defeated in the millions of years the Astrological Base has existed.


The other thing that happened was very odd.  There was yelling down below. Something like, “I will see them again!” and then another girl was thrown into the room.  Libra looked up from her paper to see the whirlwind of angry girl staring back at us.


“They took me away from my family!” She yelled.  “They will pay!”


“You must be Gemini.” Said Libra.


“No!  My name is Paris!  I don’t know why people keep calling me that!” She replied.  She was definitely angry.


“I think you need this more than I do,” I handed her the book.  She gave me a dark look and sat back on the last empty bed. She seemed surprised for a moment, as I was, when she realized how comfortable the beds were.


She spent a while flipping through the book.  Soon enough, however, Hannah came to retrieve it.  Paris flipped it to the front and handed it over.


“So,” said Libra after Hannah had left.


“What’s your name?” I asked Libra.


“Zoe,” she replied with a smile.  Zoe had light brown skin, and two buns doubling up on top of her head.  She also had glasses. Everything about her seemed so balanced. Maybe it was a Libra thing.


Paris, on the other hand, was a lot different.  She had short , light brown hair, a tan, and two different colored eyes.  One was blue and one was green.


My appearance was less interesting.  Slightly tanned skin, long, messy, straight brown hair with a blue streak, and hazel eyes.


“I’m Quinn.” I told them both.



The rest of the day went quickly.  We ate dinner— it was delicious, especially since I had nothing to eat all day long— and then I decided to go to bed.  There was no curfew, so I didn’t have to worry about anything like that. Feeling a little bit homesick, I finally snuggled up and fell asleep, long after Paris and Zoe had gone to bed.

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Yooo this story is

Yooo this story is interesting! I like it and I will definitely keep reading.

Title ideas... I think something that has to do with Zodiac XD 

Like maybe "The Zodiacs" or "The Zodiac Kids" or something idk. The Zodiacs sounds the best, and I googled it, it's not taken. (edit: Abbi's Rescue sounds lit too)

Based on what I read, those are just my thoughts. 

But I wonder how the battles with their enemies will be like... and how the enemies will act and stuff. Just gotta keep reading then XD


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

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thanks for checking it

thanks for checking it out!  i don't know what to call the whole series but i already know what the spinoff will be about.  (but i can't tell you because it's important to the end of the book.) it's kinda sad.  i really like this story so far though, thanks for the feedback!


-that other kid

Posted by indygoes (kayla) on Tue, 04/23/2019 - 06:02

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