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Title??? Prologue

Title??? Prologue

Posted October 31st, 2018 by Werty

by indygoes (kayla)
in the small area where the corgis burn the lettuce



A long, snowy road lay ahead.  Two small girls, no older than seven, march down the road, hand in hand. They have identical black ponytails blowing in the breeze.  One of them has a light brown winter coat, and the other has a bright blue snow jacket, implying they have very different lives.

“C’mon, Pey, you know I’m not leaving you forever.  Just for one summer.” The girl with the bright blue jacket pleaded.  Pey had none of it.

“Ash, it will never be the same.  Never ever! Gymnastics camp will make you a— a— somebody you aren’t!  You’re not a gymnast, you are my sister! And I can’t have you leave me,” Pey whispered the last part.

“Please, Pey.  All my friends are going!  And I’m gonna have a blast.  You are gonna get mom and dad all to yourself!  And baby Olivia! You know how you always wish you had more time with her!” Ash whined.  Pey stopped to consider.

“Ashley!  Peyton! Time for dinner!”  The two girls heads snapped up, and Ashley and Peyton went inside.

“So girls, what did you do outside?” Asked their mom.

“MOMMY!  ME WANT ATTENTION TOO!” The redheaded two-year-old wailed.  The twins looked over at her with a laugh. They had grown used to the small girl being an attention hog.  

“Uh, we talked about me going to gymnastics camp.”  At this, Peyton’s face hardened. “Well, it’s not my fault my dream is about to come true!” Said Ashley saltily.

“Hey—“ Peyton began but was cut off by their mother.

“Calm down, the both of you.  I’m sick of you arguing. Ashley is going to summer camp.  That’s that.” Peyton looked miserable at this new turn of events.  “But,” their mom continued, “Peyton, I figured you wouldn’t like this.  I applied you for a camp at the animal shelter. It’s only a day camp, but you are going to be spending most of your nights at Fiyn’s house.”  Peyton’s face lit up. Fiyn was Peyton’s best friend, and they hadn’t seen each other for a while. “Now go back outside and play in the snow.”

The two girls headed out one more, the only sound in the air was Olivia’s screeches of “MOMMY!  MOMMY! MOMMY! DON’T LOVE THEM! LOVE ME! ME IS THE ONE YOU LOOOOVE!” But with a quick shut of the door, the two-year old’s cries were silenced.  This time, the two girls did not walk by each other. Ashley went over to the jungle gym in their backyard. Peyton watched as she turned to walk towards the front yard and the driveway.

“Pey, I’m sorry—”

“I don’t care.  I’m going to have fun at my friend’s house.  Without you.” Peyton turned and walked away, leaving a distraught Ashley, frozen tears clinging to her face.

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