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In Too Deep //Suri Kingsley// Chapter 1 | PG-13

In Too Deep //Suri Kingsley// Chapter 1 | PG-13

Posted August 4th, 2017 by melanberry

by Lila Violet;)
in Wonderland

Hey guys!! So, as you can see, I'm back!!! Well, I've been here, but I haven't been writing because I've been trying to finish this!! I'm still not finished yet T_T

Anyways, I'm going to start posting some of this story. The whole idea of this story is kinda...um...not PG. It's not exaclty moral either. I don't think I'm in my right mind, but when am I ever in my right mind XD

I'll *try* to stop being awkward. Hope you enjoy!


My hands shake under my black leather gloves as I realize what I’ve done. My breath quiver as fast as this has all happened. I stare at the pocket knife held by my clenched fists. The knife’s shiny blade glistens in the moonlight as crimson blood drips off the edges. I drop the knife and widen my eyes as I examine my blood-stained gloves. Suri Kingsley’s lifeless body lays at my feet, blood starting to seep through her bed sheets. Her lovely jet black hair frames her cold, pale face. The thought of her glimmering dark chocolate brown eyes never smiling at me ever again makes me turn away.

I want to run, but my feet keep me rooted to the carpet of Suri’s bedroom for some reason. Maybe it is the thought that she’ll never be in my way ever again. Maybe it is the thought that she didn’t struggle- she trusted me. Maybe it is the thought that she left this world peacefully smiling that tranquil smile that ends all conflicts. Maybe it’s the thought that this isn’t fair- such a delightful person doesn’t deserve to die like this.

What have I done?


            My eyes narrow as Little Miss Perfect Suri Kingsley finishes her closing statement in our class debate with, “Therefore, animal testing should be discontinued.” The whole room fills with applause. I swear, everyone is a fan of Suri, but then again, what’s there not to like about her? She’s the smartest, prettiest, strongest girl in the whole school. She’s number one in our grade, concert master, the star player of the girls’ lacrosse team, and always lands the lead roles in the school plays. The worst part is, she’s modest about it all.

            Then there’s me, Lilith Waverly. Ever since Suri moved to my school in fifth grade after being adopted, I’ve always been second best to her in everything; I’m just number two, second-chair violin, and second place in every competition to her. Unfortunately, I can’t fix any of this. Why? Because she’s so unbeatable. I swear, I’m waiting for a new kid to come along and crush the living daylights out of her; I wish she could be second place for a change.

            “After listening to both sides’ arguments,” Miss Turner announces, “I have come to the conclusion that the side against animal testing has given the better argument.” A series of cheers and groans erupt. I narrow my eyes at smiling Suri Kingsley and her little friends. I roll my eyes and crumple up my papers. I’m worthless trash, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t mind Suri appearing like a goddess.

            The bell rings, and I collect my books, rising from my seat. Suri walks over to me and smiles. “Hey, Lilith, you did a really nice job!”

            I force myself to smile. “Yeah, you too. Congrats on winning.”

            She giggles her perfect bell-like giggle. “Thanks! Anyways, see you tomorrow!”

            “Yeah, see you,” I reply. Suri skips away and goes to talk with her friends. I, on the other hand, walk towards Farah Montgomery’s desk. Farah’s still gathering her books. She’s number five (still an Elite, one of the top ten students), but she’s a nice girl. She glances up at me through her wide wire circle glasses and smiles, flashing her braces. “Hi, Lilith! This was fun, right?”

            I smile. “Yeah, too bad we didn’t win.”

            “We’ll get ‘em next time,” Farah giggles.

            I sigh as I breathe out, “Yeah.” We leave the classroom to go to Orchestra. I would enjoy my sixth class of the day, if it weren’t for the annoying fact that I sit next to Suri. I thought I’d have a great time being in the Philharmonic Orchestra (or as some people call it, the “Big Cheese” Orchestra). However, I’m stuck flipping pages for Suri, while she plays all of her fancy solos.

            Suri smiles as I take the seat next to her. Geez, her music is all laid out nicely and everything. “Hey, Lilith,” Suri says. “Good job on the debate.”

            I snort, then cover it up with a cough. “Yeah, too bad we lost. You did well, too.”

            “Thanks!” Suri beams. “You know how we have that History test coming up in a few weeks?”

            “Um, yeah…” What’s she doing now? Testing me on if I’ve bothered studying or not? Well, guess what- I have been studying, and I’m gonna beat you so badly this time!

            “Well, I was thinking of getting together a few friends to study for the test and stay over for the night. Wanna come?”

            “When is it?”

            “I’ve only asked one other person, but it seems okay that we could have it next Saturday at 6:30? You know, not this coming Saturday tomorrow, but the one after that?”

            “Uh, I’ll check my schedule.”

            “Great!” Suri beams. Just then, Mrs Tam clears her throat and steps onto the podium, cueing everyone to put their violin in playing position. Suri winks at me as we start warming up. I personally can’t help but think, what did I get myself into?


            The next thing I know, it’s Saturday night. I nervously smile at my sister, who just glares at me from the driver’s seat. I’m sitting in the passenger’s seat next to her, but I feel like she’s like a mom lecturing a child that did something suspicious. “Aren’t I glad this is a sleepover,” she merely grumbles after a while.

            “Thanks for driving me, Devon,” I warble. I bet Mom paid her twenty dollars or more just for this ride. She thinks she’s all that because she’s a senior with a shiny new car, so she obviously wouldn’t drive me in her “precious little baby” for free.

            Devon, being the annoying sister she is, rolls her eyes as she pulls into the Kingsleys’ massive driveway. It’s shaped in a wide circle around an intricate fountain. Devon stops by the front door. I leap out of the car, grabbing my backpack, duffel bag, and sleeping bag. Mrs Kingsley greets me at the door. “Welcome, Lilith!” Her ocean blue eyes twinkle.

            I force my lips to curl upward. “Thank you for having me over, Mrs Kingsley!” I slip into the house with all of my belongings as Suri’s mom calls, “They’re in Suri’s room!”

            I’ve only been Suri’s house once the summer before sixth grade when Suri had this big “girls-only-yay-middle-school party”. Yes, that is what she had called it then. I’d even been jealous of Suri back then, who had more friends within her first six months of school than I’d had in my entire six years of elementary school.

            “Hey, Lilith,” Suri greets me as I enter her room on the third floor. I nod as I scan the room. The room was as wide as a football field, or possibly a yard smaller. Her room takes up the entire third floor. It hasn’t changed much since sixth grade. There’s still various Kpop and anime posters. Studio Ghibli stuffed animals have conquered her bed. Pictures of both the Kingsleys and Suri’s birth family are scattered along the neat shelves. The books are arranged in alphabetical order.           

            I thought there would be more people here because Suri has so many friends and girls that wish they were her friends. Instead, there’s me, Suri, Rory Joss (number four in our school), and Airlie Harlow (number nine). I’m slightly surprised Suri didn’t reach out to Farah, but on the other hand, Farah is such a loser. 

            “Is there anyone else coming?” I ask as I place my stuff on the floor at the pile of bags in the corner of Suri’s room.

            “Nope, just us!” Suri says, cuddling with Little Totoro. I wince as the little white bunny-like creature seems to attempt to escape from Suri’s grasp, but remains captive. Suri lies on her stomach on her bed, her binder in front of her. Rory sits, leaning at the foot of Suri’s wooden bed, her knees pointing to the ceiling. Her curly strawberry hair is in low pigtails resting on her shoulders. Her widow’s peak hairline is hidden by her red beanie. Her sparkling jade green eyes reflect the sparkling neon notes in her aquamarine binder. Next to her is Airlie, with her warm skin and, suspiciously artificial-looking, “natural” golden highlights in her light brown hair. Airlie isn’t looking at her notes with her shocking baby blue eyes, but at Rory’s notes.

            “Um, okay,” I say. “Well, what are we gonna do?”

            “Just study,” Rory replies. Then pauses for a moment before adding, “THEN PARTY!” I can’t help but think: great, what’d I get myself into?

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Wait..... PG-13!? I thought

Wait..... PG-13!? I thought they didn't rate books the same way they did with movies.


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Idk ppl here give warnings

Idk ppl here give warnings like "gore warning", "language", "pg-13", etc.

Posted by Lila Violet;) on Sat, 08/05/2017 - 21:43


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Thanks. Idk if thats good or

Thanks. Idk if thats good or not

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