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twenty five days until the end of the world - twenty five days remaining (swear warning)

twenty five days until the end of the world - twenty five days remaining (swear warning)

Posted October 10th, 2019 by Werty

by {]Kayla[}
in your mind. i mean, it's not like i'm real.

A/N this isn't supposed to be an actual book or anything, just something for me to write and update when I'm feeling stressed (writing really helps)

i hope you enjoy


twenty five days remaining


There is no stopping it, Emiah. Everything you know will collapse on itself. And where does that leave you? Dead, amongst the rest? Or friendless, alone, but alive, awake, amidst the chaos? Your clock is ticking. And so is that of the universe. There is only one fate you can reverse. Choose wisely.


A pair of black combat boots found their way, tumbling, from a closet. Ripped black jeans and a band t-shirt followed. A hair tye slipped around the wrist of a girl, trying to stay awake.


She rushed into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Snapping sunglasses onto her face, she swung out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, where she grabbed some toast and took off.


Emiah liked to stay hidden. She’d stay in the back, away from all of the drama. A loner. And she liked it that way. 


Emiah had friends, of course, but they were all distant. She didn’t have many classes with any of them. The only person she had more than two classes with was Joshua. And he was a different story of its own.


Emiah had been dating Joshua since the 4th grade. Now, of course, they were serious. A lot more serious than it had been, anyhow. 


Emiah was a loner, but she lived a normal life. Or so it seemed.


Emiah. Don’t go to school today. I mean it. There it was— the voice that had followed her around since the first grade. No distinct gender, nobody she knew— just a detached voice, trying to steer her away from something. The Big Picture, it warned her. 


“Thanks for your advice, but I’m okay.” She said out loud, climbing on to the bus.


You’ve made your decision. See you when the world ends, Em. That was clearly a false statement, considering the voice wasn’t something you could actually see, but Emiah just nodded.


“Okay. See you.” She replied, this time only in her mind. She sat in her seat, her bag next to her, her knees pulled up to her chin. She stared out of the window humming softly.


The bus pulled up to the school building, and the elementary students piled off. Emiah and the three others from the Junior High building watched them leave, chatting amongst themselves. Oh, how life was easy.


The bus set out again, this time pulling into a side road that took them along the back of the high school. The doors opened, and the eighth graders piled off of the bus. The bus couldn’t reach up the hill, for there wasn’t a road, so the four teenagers started the walk up the hill to the building for the junior high students.


I’m going to try again. Don’t go inside. Wait out here—


“Emiah!” It was Joshua, running around the building. He threw an arm around her with a sour laugh.


“Hello, Joshua.” She said softly, a small smile on her lips. It was just for show. She wasn’t feeling that good on that day at all. She followed him inside quietly.


This is it, I swear to you. You’re really gonna regret this. I can promise you that.


“Whatever.” She wasn’t in the mood for the voice’s shenanigans. She was going to get to class like she always did.


“You’re late, Miss Colby. Now sit down.” The teacher droned on with attendance. Emiah half regretted not listening to the voice. If there ever was a more boring day to skip…


I told you.


“Don’t get smug about it.”


Why shouldn’t I? I was right, wasn’t I?


“Shut up.”




The second to final bell rang. Emiah shoved her notebook and binder into her bag. She swung out of her chair, wished the teacher a good day.

Don’t go to study hall.


The voice shocked her out of her straightened mindset. She shook her head, sighed, and trekked through the hallway.


I’m not playing games, Emiah. Do not go to study hall.


“Why, huh? Why is it so important? Am I going to blow up the world by sitting in my seat? And besides, what are you going to do about it?”


You’re speaking out loud, you know. And other students are looking at you.


“Shit, you’re right.” Emiah muttered, this time much more quietly.


Aren’t I always?


“Didn’t I tell you to shut up earlier?”


That was earlier. Now it’s different.


“Well I don’t want to hear it. And that’s final.” She thought at last, swinging through the door into the classroom and into her seat. The voice stayed silent after that.


Emiah looked up. She had been working on a question response and her pencil had become too dull. She pushed in her chair and made her way across the room.


She reached the teacher’s desk and stuck the pencil in the sharpener. Her eyes wandered to the girl sitting in the nearest corner of the room. 


The girl’s screen had code on it. Emiah could make out what one line said:


{direct[days-left: 25]//_course_repeat_(world-blackout)//attempt:000000002//}


The girl perked up, as if she realized someone had seen her screen. She turned around, and looked Emiah in the eyes. She looked terrified.


Emiah turned around, confused. She went back to her seat. Whatever it is probably had nothing to do with her.


That’s what she thought until the girl stopped her at the end of class.


“Listen. Meet me behind the high school before school starts. There’s something I need to tell you.”


“Why should I? What’s so important? I just saw the code on your screen—”


“What’d it say?”


Emiah suddenly realized she knew the entire line of code. “Direct, days left 25, course repeat ‘world black—’”


“Stop!” The girl shrieked, terrified. “Don’t say it! They’ll know it, the word’s taboo, and they’ll realized I’ve hacked them! Just— meet me there tomorrow. Okay?”


You should probably do that.


“Not now, will you?”


“Okay,” Emiah replied, with no intentions of doing that. She then ran outside so she wouldn’t miss her bus.



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