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Ultimataniam 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 13)

Ultimataniam 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 13)

Posted September 29th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 13 |-----



“D-dad!?” I exclaimed.

I was surprised. Right in front of me, in fancy cool clothes, was my dad!

“So this is your dad?” Draco asked.


“Well. I guess I’ll have to explain to you, but now is not the time. More importantly, what are YOU doing? You should be at school!” Dad said.

“Yeah, problem.” Saturo joined the conversation, “the government found us, so we had to run away.”
“And Mom said I could!” I said. “I could see she wanted me to in her eyes before I even asked!”

“So that’s why you came back.” Draco said.

“Now, you haven’t answered MY question.” I said, looking my father in the eyes.

“*SIGH* Well, you know how I was always busy when you were a child… I had work, and I wasn’t lying, it was work. Elemental Master work.” Dad said, “I became the Elemental Master of Wind shortly after you were born. And I was busy because of that.”

“That certainly explains a lot… Then why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.

“Well, you were supposed to stay on Hindro. You weren’t supposed to leave.” Dad said. “Or become an Ultimate yet.”

“Except I did… Because Hindro was boring!” I shouted.

“I understand that.” Dad agreed. “But I certainly am glad you left and obtained your Ultimate Crystal. You are now ready, you shall become my student, alongside your brother Nushot.”

“Wait what?”

“Yes, you are now ready to train.” Dad repeated. “And I see that Saturo is already being trained by Elec.” Dad smiled at Elec, who smiled back.

“And I suggest that we allow them to go on missions together.” Elec said, “so they aren’t lonely in this.”

“Yes of course.” Dad replied. “Anyhow… I see you’ve made other friends, son.”

“Yeah, this is Draco, Chill, Lavender, Draelin, and Uchiho.” I introduced my dad to the others. “Problem is… They got nowhere to go.”

“Oh yeah. Forgot about that.” Draco said.

“It’s no problem. They can stay here for awhile.” Elec said.

“What about me though? I wanna stay too.” I said.

“You can stay.” Dad told me, “I’ll just have to train you here.”

“I suggest that we make an area for them to train, which they live in at the same time.” Elec said, “I know exactly where that could be.”

“Very well then!” Dad said, “we’re going to move you somewhere else to live at until you have passed all the training!”

“That doesn’t sound bad.” Saturo commented. “Since we’re together.”

“But you still will be given missions, just like Glare gave you. Missions allow you to experience more than just training. It’s been proven to be the best form of testing. All masters do it.”

“Okay neat.” Draco said.

“However…” Dad said looking at the rest. “Do any of you have any masters?”

“Well no I don’t.” Draco answered.

“Ain’t got any reason fer mahself ta get a master. I’m too Chill.” Chill said, eating Nachos.

“I’m being trained by Aqua. Otherwise, I’ve learned a few things from my older sister.” Lavender said.

“Wait, you have a sister?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah, I do as a matter of fact.” Lavender replied.

“ANYWAY.” Dad said, “those of you who don’t have masters need a plan.”

“Imma just chill with ya homies. I’ll be going once I get what I came for in the first place.” Chill replied, still eating nachos.

“So what should our plan be?” Draco asked.

“That’s your own decision. What do you want to do?” Dad asked Draco.

“Hmmm…” Draco thought. “Gimmie a bit of time to think about that.”

“You’ve got plenty.” Dad said, “in the meantime… We should get started right away.” Dad turned to Elec. “Where is the place you suggested?”

“It’s not on the Electric Planet, it’s located on Ertin, somewhere where people rarely go.” Elec said. “But I’ll have to speak with the owner.”

“Who’s the owner?” Draco asked.

“I do not know yet. I’ll have to meet him.” Elec answered. “I know the landlord, but I do not know who owns the building himself.”

“Oh okay.” Draco said. “When will we leave?”

“‘We’ won’t leave. I will go by myself to check on it. The rest of you will stay here and do something else.” Elec replied.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Draco said.

Elec then walked away. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Goodbye.” Dad said.

We watched until Elec disappeared from our sight.

“Now, he is gone.” Dad said, “I have a small mission for you.”

“What is it?” Saturo asked.

“You will go and find Nushot, Ich’s brother.” Dad said, “you have no information about where to find him. You’ll have to figure that by yourself.”

“That could be difficult, granted that’s probably the point.” Draco said.

“Yes, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. That should be an easy task.” Dad said. “Now, I’ll be in the training room, training. Do not disturb me UNLESS you have brought Nushot.”

“Okay.” Draco said, sounding a bit scared.

Dad then walked away towards the training room. Obviously, our mission had already begun.

“So what’s the plan exactly?” Draco asked.

“We gotta comez up with one, homies.” Chill said. “What does we think?”

“Maybe we can just look for his energy, and then follow it.” Saturo suggested. “How does that sound?”

“Sounds reasonable. Let’s do that.” Draco said.

“Alright, well.” I said, “we gotta search for his energy… I don’t remember how, but… we could try.”

“Then let’s try!” Draco said enthusiastically.

“Alright.” I said. “Aye, Gemil. I need your help tracing my brother’s energy so we can find him.”

“Alrighty Ich, all ya have to do is close yer eyes and focus. Think about your brother at the same time and then you will slowly know where to go.” Gemil replied.

“Sounds pretty easy.” I said, “okay, guys, I’ll track my brother down. Gemil said it’s easier for me to do it since I know him the best.”

“Sounds chill ta meh.” Chill said, “go ahead and dew it Ich-brah.”

“Okay, it’ll be faster if you’re silent.” I said. And after I did, everyone went silent. I closed my eyes and focused.

I thought of Nushot, I thought of the times we’d spent together when I was younger. I thought of the time he stood up for me when I was being bullied.

And then, boom. I could feel where I needed to go. It was like there was a line leading me to him, just out in front of me.

“Any luck?” Saturo asked.

“Yes! I know where to go!” I exclaimed, “come on follow me!”

Without thinking twice, I ran down the stairs towards the front door, with the others following behind. I walked out of Elec’s mansion, and looked up at the sky above.

“So, he’s in space? Or is he just up in the sky?” Draco asked.

“He’s not on this planet.” I said, “we need a way off of here.”

“Hmm… do we have access to any ship at all?” Draco asked.

“Nope.” Saturo said. “We got nothing.”

“Last time Shock took one of Elec’s spaceships, but that’s far from here, and I don’t remember which way it was.” Lavender said.

“Well then what do we do?” Draco asked.

“We need a spaceship.” I said.

“Well yeah I know but I mean WHERE?” Draco said.

“That’s the problem.” I replied. “That’s what we are trying to solve.”

“Hmm…” Draco thought.

“Any ideas?” Saturo said, as all of us made a circle. It was Saturo, Lavender, Draco, Uchiho, Draelin, Chill, and I, along with Glitter, Zephyr, and Fireball.

“I’m still thinking.” Draco said.

“Well we need ideas quick!” Lavender exclaimed.

“Well do you have any?” Draco asked. “Because I still got nothing.”

“Nope.” Saturo, Lavender, and I all said at the same time.

“Well at least I'm not the only one.” Draco said gloomily as he sat down.

“Howz ‘bout we go and get another bounty hunter from da space station ta give us a ride, homies?” Chill suggested.

“That could work.” Draco said. “Does anyone object to that idea?”

“It actually sounds pretty good. That’s how we got here anyway.” I said. “Then we should get going to the space station.”

“Okay then we’ll ride there on Zephyr and Glitter like before then!” Draco said.

“Good idea. Ride with the same people.” Saturo said, before Glitter leaped out of his pocket.

“Right.” Draco said as he climbed onto Zephyr’s back, along with Uchiho and Draelin.

I climbed on Glitter with Saturo, Chill, and Lavender. “Let’s go.”

Then, with extreme speed, Glitter flew across the planet. We were now back at the space station, the same one we had left in the first place.

“Okay now to find someone who is willing to fly us wherever we need to go!” Draco said, hopping off of Zephyr.

“Exactly.” Saturo said, as we all got off of Glitter, who returned into Saturo’s pocket, “too bad we don’t have Mehrunes here to do all the talking…”

“Eh. We should be fine.” Draco said with a shrug.

“Really? Well then, you will do the talking, Draco.” I said to him.

“You know that’s not what I meant when--” Draco said, before Lavender interrupted him.

“Well we kind of decided already. You’re gonna talk.” Lavender said, as all of the rest of us (including Zephyr and Fireball) nodded in agreement.

“…Why do you guys do this to me?” Draco asked.

“Because we can.” Uchiho replied.


“Well, we kind of did.” Draelin said, “besides, what’s wrong with you doing the talking? I would think my older brother would be fine with it, it’s not a big deal.”

“Well it is when you’ve spent thirteen years on a planet where everyone refuses to talk to you! I don’t know how to convince someone to do something at all!” Draco said.

“Soundz like ya need ta get sum practice, then, Draco-brah.” Chill said, “this seems lak a good time ta practice.”

“Okay and how exactly are we gonna do that?” Draco asked.

“We could go to the bounty canteen here.” Lavender said, “and then you can ask someone to give us a ride, for 50 Ultims.”

“Something tells me this could take some trial and error.” Draco said gloomily.

“Maybe, but it’s to boost your ‘convincing’ skills.” Saturo commented.

“And my confidence as well I guess.” Draco said. “*SIGH* Lets just get this over with.”

“Yeah, now, let’s practice it. Go ask someone where the Bounty Canteen is.” Lavender said, as we began to walk through the space station.

“Okay.” Draco said before he walked over to a middle aged man, “Excuse me sir, could you tell me where the Bounty Canteen is?”

“Ah, it’s right down there, young man.” The man replied, pointing down past dozen’s of spaceship's, “it should be next to the clothes shop.”

“Okay thank you!” Draco said before he walked back over to us.

Lavender clapped. “Good job! That wasn’t bad, you were probably mistaken about yourself.”

“Well don't get too happy, that wasn't exactly ‘convincing’ I was doing there.” Draco said.

“Well, yes, but you still did good.” Lavender said, “anyway, let’s get going to the Bounty Canteen.”

We then began to walk towards the direction that the man had told Draco the Bounty Canteen was.

“Oh boy, here goes.” Draco said as we walked into the canteen.  

We followed him. There were a bunch of people, all with weapons. It was loud, and people were laughing and having fun.

“Okay, who should I ask first?” Draco asked as he cautiously looked around.

“You’re on your own now.” Lavender replied, “the rest of us are gonna stay silent.”

“Oh. Yay…” Draco said.

The rest of us were silent, waiting for Draco to make his move.

Drao then nervously walked over to a small group of people at a table who were talking to each other.

“U-uh excuse me!” Draco said to them.

All of the people at the table turned and looked over at him.

“I-I was wondering if any of you could help us find my friend’s older brother.” Draco said nervously while pointing at me and the others.

“Oh yeah? And what will you do for us if we help you, huh?!” said someone at the table.

“W-we could pay you 50 Ultims if you do.” Draco said.

“Did somebody say 50 Ultims!?” a voice shouted from behind.

Draco turned his head and spotted a man, with a excited look on his face.

“Uhh I did, why do you ask?” Draco asked, a bit nervous.

“What do ya want for 50 Ultims?” The man asked back.

“Well we want to find my friend’s older brother. Who is somewhere in space.” Draco answered.

“Ah, so ya need a ride. Where is da--” the man was saying, but he was interrupted by a loud sound.


We all turned, and spotted a guy, who had just slammed 50 Ultims onto a table. The guy was wearing a black sweatshirt, with his hood on, as well as jeans.

“50 Ultims for anyone who will give me a ride to the Rock Planet.” said the guy.

The man looked over at Draco, and then back at the guy. “Sorry kid, ya didn’t give me enough details on where ta go.”

He then walked away towards the other guy.

“That is a big problem.” Draco said to me.

“Why can’t we just go over to the guy and ask him to take him with us?” Saturo suggested.

“Okay let's do that.” Draco said.

“Lead away, you are gonna ask, Draco.” I said to him.

“Okay.” Draco said before he walked over to the guy. “Excuse me sir, would you mind if we tagged along with you when you fly to the Rock Planet?”

The guy turned around, and took off his hood, revealing his face. We then realised it was someone we knew… It was Vulgon.

“Oh hey.” Vulgon said, “what are you guys doing here?”

“Well we’re trying to find Ich’s brother Nushot, why are you here?” Draco asked.

“To get a ride.” Vulgon replied. “And sure, you can come along if you’d like.”

“Okay thanks! By the way, where’s Vivofit? Usually you two are always together.” Draco said. “At least whenever we see you that is.”

“No idea.” Vulgon replied, “last time I saw him, we were on a mission to take back a base.”

“That's also the last time Mehrunes and I saw you.” I said.

“Wonder what happened to him…” Draco said.

Vulgon then turned to the man who Draco was talking to before.

“Alright, you’re gonna give me a ride to the Rock Planet?” Vulgon said, sliding the 50 Ultims across the table towards the man.

“Yes, it’ll be my pleasure.” The man replied, “follow me.”

The man walked out of the Canteen. Vulgon followed him, and so did we.

“Lucky for you…” The man said as we walked back to where the spaceships were, “my spaceship’s big enough to fit that thing!” He was talking about Zephyr.

Grrr…” Zephyr growled to Draco.

“Zephyr said he doesn’t like being referred to as a ‘thing’.” Draco said, translating what Zephyr had growled.

“Ain’t we all? We all are things!” The man replied.

“He meant that it sounded like you were calling him an object, not an actual living creature.” Draco said.

“So what?” The man replied.

“Nevermind.” Draco said. “Let’s just go.”

We followed the man, until we reached the spaceship.

“So why do you need to go to the Rock Planet anyway?” Draco asked Vulgon.

“Well, I told Vivofit the last time I saw him that we’d meet there.” Vulgon answered.

“Ah. Okay.” Draco said. “How long should it take to get there anyway?”

“Depends.” Vulgon said, before turning to the man, who was doing something to the spaceship, “hey! How long will it take to get to the Rock Planet?”

“Not too long. This baby’s pretty fast.” The man replied, and I then realized he was cleaning the outside of it.

“Oh that’s good.” Draco said. “How much longer till we leave?”

“In a bit.” the man replied. “In the meantime, ya’ll can take a seat inside.”

Vulgon nodded, and entered the spaceship. We followed, and what we saw was the exact same thing as we saw in the past spaceship, that belonged to Shutter. They had the same kind.

Vulgon took a seat, and we all sat as well.

“Now hold on tight!” The man shouted, as he entered the spaceship.

To be continued in the next chapter.

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