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Ultimataniam 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 15)

Ultimataniam 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 15)

Posted October 2nd, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 15 |-----



“What’s your Identification Number?” asked a man.

Corpse turned and looked at Hamshere, who looked at him. Then, Corpse took out an ID he stole.

The man looked at it.

“You’re good to go. Make sure you clean those hallways good. Don’t forget to put the caution signs, unlike LAST TIME.” The man said, his voice thick with sarcasm, “I slipped that time and hit my head! Oh how fun that was!”

Corpse and Hamshere entered the building. They had dressed up as janitors, and had mops with them to clean the hallways.

“Okay, now we have to get to the vault. When we get there, we’ll break in, get everything on this disc, and then get out. I already told Paulo to pick us up behind the building.” Corpse whispered.

“Sounds good, Captain.” Hamshere replied.

“You should check on Rando.” Corpse said, “while I enter the vault.”

“Do I have to?” Hamshere whined.

“If you want your money, yes.” Corpse replied.

“Ugh.” Hamshere growled. “Fine, I’ll go check on him.”

“He should have made it inside, but the sensors say he isn’t. He’s on the way to the back building.” Corpse said.

“Alright… And then?” Hamshere asked.

“Come to the vault with him, and then we’ll do the job, and Paulo will pick us up.” Corpse answered, “and then we give the disc, and get our money.”
“That sounds good. I’ll be going then.” Hamshere said, as he then walked through the hallway away from Corpse.


Mehrunes teleported himself along with Listy and Rando back behind the building. They were gonna try again.

“Okay, maybe not the vents this time.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, that was kinda a bad idea.” Listy replied.

“Turtle.” Rando said.

“Hey remember Lagi?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah…” Listy said.

“We should make a distraction wif turtles.” Rando said.

“No.” Mehrunes replied.

“To lata!” Rando replied.

“What?” Listy asked.

“Der are tudles in teh place now.” Rando replied.

“No, there’s not.” Mehrunes said.

“Y?” Rando asked.

“Because we’re in the place, hiding behind some convenient cover.” Mehrunes whispered back.

“Wait what?” Listy whispered. “How are we not being seen?”

“We’re invisible.” Mehrunes replied.

“Wut.” Rando said.

“Let’s just go.” Mehrunes whispered.

Mehrunes, Listy, and Rando stood up and headed for a nearby hallway.

“Can they hear us talk?” Listy asked.

“No, we can just hear each other.” Mehrunes replied.

“How convenient.” Listy said.

“I know right? I forgot I had magic for awhile, I could have done a lot more if I hadn't.” Mehrunes said.

“WAIT SO I CAN YELL?!” Rando yelled.

“Yeah, but just in case, don’t.” Mehrunes replied.

“Nuuuuuuuuuuu.” Rando said. “Mah purple orange flagpole 22?”

“No.” Listy replied.

“O gud!” Rando said.

Mehrunes Listy and Rando were already walking down the hallway.

“Where's the vault?” Listy asked.

“I-D-K.” Rando said. “Indiana doughnuts from Kansas.”

“Wouldn’t that be I-D-F-K?” Listy asked.

“Actually probably not as abbreviations like that typically leave out words like that.” Mehrunes replied.

“Wut?” Rando asked.

“Nevermind.” Mehrunes said.

“Wait can’t they see invisible people when they're near the vault?” Listy asked.

“AI, can you short out the detection systems near the vault, and make it seem like it was just a fatal error?” Mehrunes asked.

“The Vault Detection Systems are advanced, it will take a long time for me to hack through the system.” The AI replied, “speaking of which, I won’t be able to do it, unless you connect me to the security system.”

“And where would I do that?” Mehrunes asked.

“It appears that the system has already been shut down.” The AI replied.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied.

“So what do we do?” Listy asked.

“We go to the vault and assist the other two.” Mehrunes replied.

“What if their plotting against us?” Listy asked.

“Well, then we’ll double-cross them back.” Mehrunes replied.

“Is that the vault?” Listy asked.

“No, that’s- What?! No! That’s a janitor!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Ohh.” Listy replied.

“AAAAnd he’s coming this way, we just need to dodge him.” Mehrunes said.

“RANDO!” The janitor shouted, running towards them.

“WAT?!” Rando shouted back.

“Wait, can the janitor see and hear him right now?” Listy asked.

“Yeah, but not us.” Mehrunes replied.

“Why?” Listy asked.

“Because eavesdropping and its a random janitor and this could be important and what-not.” Mehrunes replied.

The janitor then got close enough, and they could see it was Hamshere.

“Rando!” Hamshere shouted, “where are the other two? You were supposed to stick together!”

“O.” Rando said. “Uhh. Mah purpose is telling me to stay red nuget!”

“Uhh it’s Hamshere.” Listy said.

“Yes, I can see that. I have eyes.” Mehrunes replied. “My argument still stands, we probably can’t trust him anyways he’s a pro, he could probably con or kill us and steal our cut.”

“IS ET A problem?!” Rando asked.

Hamshere face palmed. “Dude. We gotta get to the vault. We apparently have opponents who want the same thing we do! Come quick so we get the money!”

“OKEY!” Rando yelled, following Hamshere.

“Whelp he didn’t even try.” Mehrunes said running after. “Hurry up.”

“Okay…” Listy said following. “Can we uncloak?”

“Already have.” Mehrunes replied. “YO HAM! WAIT UP!”

Hamshere turned his head and spotted Mehrunes and Listy. “Oh there you are. Come on, we have no time to lose. Someone else is after the same thing we are. It’s turned to a competition, whoever gets it first gets the money.”

“Yeah I’ve met the guy, not too nice, claimed he was cleaning the vents, was kinda hard to believe.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yes, now we need to hurry.” Hamshere said, taking out a pistol, “it’s time to take action. If we sound the alarm, and turn invisible, our opponent will be in trouble.”

“Easy peasy!” Mehrunes said. “I can do both.”

“Wat.” Rando said.

“AI! Sound the alarm!” Mehrunes said.

“We have other ways to do that though, funner ways.” Hamshere said.

As they walked down the hallways, they spotted two guards. Hamshere shot one of them with his pistol, which shot a red laser.

“Sound the alarm!” The other one shouted.

“YEAH! YOU GO DO THAT!” Hamshere yelled.

A second later, a siren was heard as red lights filled the hallways. Hamshere turned to Mehrunes.

“Turn us invisible now, Mehrunes. And then we get to the vault!” Hamshere said.

“We already are invisible so let’s go.” Mehrunes replied.

“Alright.” Hamshere said, before running through the hallways.

“So…” Listy said, as she, Rando, and Mehrunes ran along with Hamshere. “It’s not that I hate running, but can we just teleport to the vault?”

“Why do you always want to teleport?!” Mehrunes complained.

“We can’t teleport if we haven’t been there before.” Hamshere said, “so we have to get there manually.”

“Dang it.” Listy said.

“Do you know what the defences on the vault are?” Mehrunes asked.

“No, but Corpse is inside already, he disabled the defences.” Hamshere replied.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied.

“It feels like this area is lasting forever!” Listy said.

“We’re relatively slow going right now, there’s a lot going on.” Mehrunes replied. “We’ll be done here soonish.”

“If someone were to write a story about this, they should just skip to the part where we get to the vault, so it doesn’t get boring.” Hamshere commented.

“Too bad we’re too boring and lead such a normal life, or else we would probably be narrating and doing something more interesting.” Rando said. “Whew. Cheese purple no 4th ball no moar WHEEEEEE!”

“Are we there yet?” Listy asked.

“Yes.” Rando said.

“Really?” Mehrunes asked.

“No. It’s still like, three more turns.” Hamshere said.

“SKIP!” Rando yells. “SKIIIIIIIIIIP. Stupid purple powers nevah not not working dang.”

Suddenly, they were in front of the vault, which was locked tight.

“YAY!” Rando yelled. “I found a pineapple peeeeeeeen.”

“Welp, now what?” Mehrunes asked.

“Don’t you have a thing that you can do where you walk through things?” Listy asked.

“Uhh, yes…” Mehrunes replied.

“Dis ez boring.” Rando said.

“Indeed.” Listy said.

“No really, open the stinking vault before we lose.” Mehrunes said.

“Wait, we need to wait for a bit.” Hamshere said.

“Y?” Rando asked.

“Because, Corpse will open it, but he needs to do it in a way that the security won’t active again.” Hamshere replied.

“But we’re under an alarm already!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“But they’re not after us. Our opponent is being chased by them.” Hamshere said, “and we’re invisible so…”

“Ugh.” Mehrunes replied. “Fine.”

“Can you hurry up?” Listy asked.

“Tell that to Corpse.” Hamshere said.

“CORPSE! HURRY UP!” Listy yelled.

“I don’t think he can hear you. The walls are soundproof.” Hamshere informed Listy.

“And also we’re muffled from everyone else anyway.” Mehrunes added.

“Potato.” Rando said.

“DO IT FASTER!!!” Listy yelled again.

“He won’t hear you, Listy.” Hamshere said.

DO IT FASTER!!!!” Listy screamed.

“LISTY STOP!” Rando and Mehrunes both yelled.

“Yeah, just STOP.” Hamshere agreed.

“It’ll happen when it happens.” Mehrunes said.

“Waiting is boring.” Rano says. “SKIP IT!”

“I wish!” Mehrunes said. “Time travel is technically illegal without a permit, of which we do not have.”

“Wait really?” Listy asked.

“Yes.” Mehrunes and Rando replied, obviously annoyed.

“Why? Is there a larger problem with time travel, I mean unless you’re going back in time the worst thing you can do is live forever, so wouldn't there be a rule where you can’t go back in time, because when you time travel you leave the time you’re in so if you go forward you have just literally skipped some time!” Listy exclaimed.

“Uh…” Mehrunes said, slightly confused. “I guess you’re right…”

“Wat.” Rando said.

“Can you not?” Mehrunes asked.

“I dun feel gud…” Rando said.

“Sucks.” Mehrunes replied.

“O-M-G I’m so bored.” Listy said.


Suddenly, the vault exploded! The door was half gone, and the walls were no longer there.

“Well that takes care of that.” Mehrunes said.

“Well let’s get this over with.” Listy said.

“Wa-er is Corpse?” Rando asked.

“Ugh.” Mehrunes said, walking up to the vault door. “I dunno.”

“Wat?!” Rando exclaimed, walking up too.

“NO way!” Listy said running up.

“Haha.” Mehrunes said. “CORPSE?!”

“Aren’t we still invisible?” Listy asked.

“No. HAM! WILL YOU HURRY UP?!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“I’m right next to you.” Hamshere replied.

“U go 1th hammy.” Rando said.

Hamshere then walked past the exploded vault door, disappearing in the ashes.

“I hate rubble.” Mehrunes said, before saying some magic, making all the ash smoke and rubble pile neatly in a nearby hallway. “Better.”

“How did you do that?” Listy asked.

“It’s a spell. Doesn’t affect living things though.” Mehrunes replied. “Where is Hamshere?”

“I duno ima go en!” Rando yelled, before pretending to charge in with footsteps making him some like he was running in.

“Stop them!” shouted a voice.

Mehrunes and Listy turned and saw guards, with giant guns laid on their shoulders pointing at them. They fired, and two missiles shot towards the two of them.

Mehrunes shot both missiles with what looked like electricity, and both of them fell to the ground disarmed and completely out of momentum.

“Bye.” Mehrunes said, before he said some more magic and the floor rose up as a giant wall blocking them from the guards.

Mehrunes, Listy, and Rando turn and run into the vault. Then, they spotted Corpse and Hamshere, and Corpse had a suitcase with him.

“Corpse let’s go!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “The floor wall won’t hold them for long!”

“We’re exiting from a different path! Paulo will pick us up!” Corpse replied, before he ran the opposite direction with Hamshere behind him.

“These people are terrible.” Mehrunes says, running after.

“Now you say that.” Listy replied, also running.

“HAY WAIT FER MEH!” Rando screeched, charging after.

“NO!” Mehrunes yelled.

“Too bads.” Rando replied. “I is here.”

“Good for you.” Listy said.

“Welp I hope this is over.” Mehrunes said.

“It’s probably not.” Rando said.

They walked through the vault, and then they made it to a wall, which had already been exploded. Corpse walked out, and then a spaceship landed in front of them.

“Are we done here?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes. Now we will go.” Corpse said, entering the spaceship, as the others followed.

The spaceship then took off into the sky.

To be continued in the next chapter.

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