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Ultimataniam 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 16)

Ultimataniam 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 16)

Posted October 4th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy



It's some deep stuff. Keep up guys, it all gets better.




-----| Chapter 16 |-----



“We’re almost there!” said the man.

The spaceship drifted through space, while Saturo, Draco, Chill, Uchiho, Lavender, Draelin, Vulgon and I stayed seated. We were in light speed, and were headed towards the Rock Planet.

I was looking out the window, watching how fast we were going when suddenly…


We were hit by something, and we suddenly were knocked out of light speed. I looked out the window and saw another spaceship, which was damaged just like ours was.

Both spaceships were going down. We were going towards a nearby planet.


“Phew.” Hamshere said, as Paulo drove the spaceship off the surface of the planet. “That was close. I didn’t see all those guards until we were about to enter the spaceship…”

“So the disk…?” Listy asked, looking at Corpse.

“Right. It’s filled with Ultims, so… I took it.” Corpse replied, “no worries though! I’ll give you part of it since you took part in the mission.”

“What’s in the suitcase?” Mehrunes questioned, looking at the suitcase in Corpse’s lap.

“Oh uh…” Corpse replied.

“DO tell.” Listy said.

“More Ultims.” Corpse replied, “for me, the ones in the disc I’ll give to you, after I transfer it into cash.”

“Okay…” Mehrunes replied.

“Yeah so now we shou--” Corpse was saying before he was interrupted.


The spaceship crashed, and they were knocked out of lightspeed. A red siren was heard, and the spaceship descended to a nearby planet.

“CRASH! CRASH NOW!” Paulo shouted from the pilot's room.

“We hit another ship!” Hamshere shouted, looking out of the window at another spaceship that was descending towards the white planet.

“NO KIDDING SHERLOCK!” Mehrunes yelled.


“Just try your best to land, Paulo!” Corpse said, “we don’t want to die!”

Paulo took deep breathes in the pilot’s room. “Okay, Paulo do this!”

“That’s the spirit!” Corpse shouted, “everyone else! Get the crash landing safety armor on! It has parachutes if we must abandon ship!”

“Way ahead of you.” Mehrunes replied, already wearing the armour.

“Yeah where were you?” Listy asked, also wearing armour.

“I was calming Paulo down.” Corpse replied, as he saw Hamshere and Rando had the armor on as well.

“Took ya long enough.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yeah, yeah.” Corpse said as he donned the armor.

They looked out the window while the two spaceships descended to the white planet. They saw that the planet was surrounded by a blue shield, with electricity running through it. The other spaceship was ahead of them, and when it went past the shield…

Electricity burst through the spaceship, and it had no power.

Then, the spaceship Paulo was driving passed through it, and the same thing happened.

“NO POWER! PAULO CAN NOT LAND!” Paulo shouted in horror.

“Okay. New plan. When we get close to the ground, we abandon ship.” Corpse said, “Paulo! Get some armor on!”


“OUR SHIP HAS NO POWER!” the man who we hired to take us to the Rock Planet shouted.

“I think we noticed.” Draco said.

“Well, do you have a way to make us LAND?” Vulgon asked the pilot.

“Yes, this ship can glide. So we’ll be fine.” The pilot replied.

“OH GOOD.” Vulgon sighed in relief.

Suddenly, something exploded in our spaceship!

“Uh oh.” said the pilot.

“Uh oh what?” Lavender asked.

“Engine just exploded. And our glider has been damaged.” The pilot said, “looks like we’re gonna crash.”

“Well that isn’t gonna be something new for us.” Draco commented.

“Except this time our spaceship is on fire, run out of power, and is going to explode when we crash.” Saturo said, counting with his fingers while he did.

“I can see that.” Draco said, “So is there anything that we can do or do we just wait till we explode?”

“Hmm. Let me think… OH I KNOW. HOW ABOUT WE THINK OF A WAY TO SURVIVE?!” Vulgon shouted sarcastically.

“That’s why I was asking if there was anything we could do!” Draco snapped back.

“How about we try and work together instead of arguing? Lets not do what Mehrunes and Vivo did before.” I said.

“Okay so what exactly can we do?” Draco asked.

“Maybe, we can jump off of the spaceship before it crashes.” Lavender suggested.

“You probably have heard this before, but the captain never leaves his ship.” the pilot said, as we began to get closer to the white planet.

“I thought that was for boats.” Draco said.

“It’s also for spaceships.” The pilot answered him.

“Okay then.” Draco said.

“Alright, well…” I said`, “we better think of something soon, otherwise we--”


The other spaceship behind us bumped into us, causing our speed to increase, and rapidly too, since we were so close to the planet.

“Well great now we have even less time.” Draco said, glancing out the window.

“Speaking of which, we are now in the atmosphere.” Saturo said.

“Which also means the ship is going to start accelerating even more.” Draco added.

“We’ll survive dis.” Chill said, finally speaking and not eating Nachos, “all we gotta do is be chill.”

“That may be hard considering the ship is on fire.” Draco said.

“Not that kind of chill, Draco-brah.” Chill replied.

“I was talking about your kind of ‘chill’ as well.” Draco said.

“Ya just ain’t chill in generalz.” Chill replied, “bahye da way, lookz lak we’re gona crash any time soon.”

“Oh, great.” Draco said.

“That also reminds me.” I said, “HOW exactly did we end up in this situation again?”

“I dunno, I think we somehow crashed into that other ship while we were in light speed.” Saturo replied.

“What are the chances of that. When we land, if we survive, we gotta find that other ship.” I said.

“Ya, they better got spaceship insurance!” The pilot said, “*SIGH* if only I could just say ‘like a good machine, if a teleporter was there’ and then teleport back home safely…”

“Uhh…” Draco said. “We’re getting closer to t--”

The impact was worse then ever. We all went flying in all directions. I didn’t see a thing. I felt weird too.

Was I dead? I couldn’t see anything but darkness… Maybe that’s it… This is death… But then, suddenly, I saw a bright light… Is this what you see when you’re dead? I slowly then opened my eyes. Turns out that the ‘bright light’ was a sun.

I looked around as I got up and dusted myself off. This whole place was white! And flat! There’s nothing here! At ALL!

I saw Chill, Draco, Lavender, Vulgon, Saturo, and Draelin. They were standing there, looking at me. I also saw Fireball and Zephyr next to them.

“Is everyone alright?” I asked.

“It wuz pretty hot, dude.” Chill said. “Luckily, I used mah chill powers and cooled us all off. None of us were touched!”

“Yeah, but where’s the pilot?” I asked.

“Still in the ship.” Saturo replied.

“*COUGH COUGH*” We suddenly heard coughing. We all turned and looked, and the pilot climbed out of the spaceship’s remainings. “Air! Yes, air!”

He then looked over at us. “Oh you’re all okay.”

“Yeah, you seem fine as well. Which is a good thing, by the way, if you misinterpreted it.” Vulgon said to him.

The man looked at us, as if he was counting us. “Weren’t there 8 of you before, not counting the cat and dragon?”

Wait… What? I looked around and started counting. Me, Chill, Vulgon, Saturo, Draco, Lavender, Draelin… He’s right.

Uchiho was missing.

“Where’s Uchiho?!” Draelin asked.

“Good question.” Draco said. “Maybe something happened during the crash.”

“Well… We gotta look for her then… Maybe she’s dead…” Saturo said.

“Well we won’t know till we look.” Draco said.

“Found ‘er.” Chill then said.

Then Chill leaped towards us from the spaceship, with Uchiho in his hands. He dropped her on the ground, and we saw… She was burned, a little.

“Well she’s not hurt too bad, that’s good. And she appears to be breathing.” Draco said, looking at her.

“She’s gona need some time coolin’ down.” Chill said, looking at her, “in da meantime, we better find out how to get off dis planet.”

“I also wonder what happened to that other ship, it looked like it was gonna crash too, especially after it rammed into us twice.” Draco said, looking at the sky.

“It crashed slightly after we did.” The pilot said, “we better look for it. Someone stay with the girl.”

“I’ll stay.” Draelin said, “along with Zephyr and Fireball.”

“Goodie. Now, everyone else, follow me.” The pilot said, as he then began walking.

We followed him. This place was empty. There was literally NOTHING at all, other than the flat white ground. It felt weird walking here…

“Man, what kind of planet even is this? It’s just seems like an empty void!” Draco said.

“That should be this planet’s name. The Void.” Vulgon commented.

Then, we spotted the other spaceship in the distance. The pilot approached it, with seriousness shown on his face. The rest of us just followed.

When we got closer, we saw that the spaceship was damaged, but it wasn’t on fire like ours was.
“HEY! YOU!” The pilot shouted, knocking on the side door, “GET OUT HERE! WE HAVE SOME THINGS TO SETTLE!”

The door then opened, and we spotted a man, with an orange beard.

“You better have Spaceship Insurance.” our pilot said.

“Insurance?” the man with the orange beard asked, “Paulo has insurance at someplace.”

“Well good. But um, do you have any food on board? Our food was burned in the crash.” The pilot said.

“Yes, yes, food.” The man with the orange beard (Paulo) replied.

“Aye, what is it?” another voice said.

Then, a boy our age appeared.

“Hello there, we need to team up to find a way to get off this planet.” Our pilot said.

“Okay. I’ll inform Corpse an--” the boy said, but he was interrupted.

“Did you say Corpse?” Our pilot asked.

“Yeah.” The boy replied, “I’m Hamshere.”

“Where is Corpse? Bring him out here!” The pilot said.

“What’s the matter? Do you and this ‘Corpse’ guy know each other?” Draco asked.

“I worked with him once before.” The pilot told Draco.

“Oh.” Draco said.

Then, I realized Hamshere was gone, and he returned with another man, who I am assuming is Corpse.

“Corpse!” The pilot said, “how you been?”

“Ah! Roiber! Long time no see!” Corpse replied.

“Looks like we had quite the accident. Somehow we ran into each other through light speed! Do ya mind if we come with you? Our ship has burned down to a crisp.” The pilot (Roiber) said.

“Alright. Well, we’re trying to get the communication system to work. It’ll take time. We can camp next to our ship in the meantime.” Corpse said.

“Alright.” Roiber replied turning to us, “someone go get the others who stayed behind. We’re camping here.”

“I'll do it!” Draco volunteered.

“Alright you go.” Roiber said.

“You will have to sleep outside, Roiber.” Corpse said, “you and everyone else.”

“Fine with me.” Roiber said, turning to us again as Draco walked back to find Uchiho, Draelin, Fireball, and Zephyr. “Help me set the tent.”


We finished setting the tent, and Draco had gotten Draelin and Uchiho to us. I was sitting outside with Saturo, looking around at this ‘void’. The sky was white, just like the ground. It was weird, how it was that empty.

Then, I got distracted. This boy with blue hair came out of Corpse’s spaceship, and shouted, “PURPLE PEN STICKERS!” and the boy came over to us. “HAVE YA SEEN MAH PEEN APPLE PENCIL!?”

“Rando, don’t annoy people.” Hamshere said, coming towards us.


“Ummm…” Saturo said confused, “what?”



“What is going on?” Draco asked, walking out of the tent to us.

“This guy, Rando, is--” I was saying, before I was interrupted by Rando.


“Umm, sure?” Saturo said, unsure.

MEHRUNES!” Rando screeched, “GET OUT HERE! Eating snow again is unfair u lose mah faction.”

Suddenly Mehrunes appears next to him. Yes, Mehrunes. What was he doing here?!

“RANDO STOP YELLING!” Mehrunes yells. “And stop eating the ground, it’s not snow!”

“No.” Rando replied. “The cow demanded entry, So I send him to u.”

“What th-” Mehrunes started, then he saw us and stops. “Oh hi.”

“What are you doing here?” Saturo asked him.

“That’s a good question. I have a better one. What are YOU doing here?” He asked back.

“Well, we were on the way to find my brother, but YOU guys crashed into us, causing both of us to crash on this deserted planet.” I explained.

“Thanks for that by the way.” Draco said, sarcasm laced into his tone. “Also because of the crash Uchiho has lots of slight burns as well.”

“It wasn't our fault we were driving the ship!” Mehrunes replied.



“Cheese.” Rando said.

“*SIGH*... You know what? I just need some time to myself.” Draco said, sounding very stressed before he started to walk away from the ship.

We just watched as he did.

“So…” Saturo then said, “maybe we should leave the camp, and actually try to find someone to help us.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” I said.

Before anyone else could say anything, the spaceship suddenly left the ground! It hovered ten feet above the ground.

“What?! They’re leaving us?!” I exclaimed in question.

Then, the spaceship took off into space, in light speed too. And suddenly, we heard some sort of explosion, and then the spaceship was coming back down. I looked closely, and I could tell that they had no power.

Then, it happened so fast.


The spaceship exploded. And we looked up in the sky and saw Paulo and Corpse with parachutes.

“No, their not.” Mehrunes replied.

“What?” I asked. “Oh right, yeah, they aren’t leaving us.”

“Well it looks like we’re stuck here. You can’t get off this planet, I guess it really is a void.” Saturo said.

“No, you can, just not effectively or easily.” Mehrunes replied. “Even if we can find the generator for that shield.”

“Which brings us to the topic of the shield.” Saturo said, “it doesn’t look like there is a generator anywhere, and the shield isn’t attached to anything.”

“So that pretty much permanently rules out electronic travel, so we need to know what it affects and what affect it has on us if we are going to pass through it.” Mehrunes added. “Unless we want to, like, teleport or something.”

“We can’t teleport off of planets though.” Saturo said, “it’s too far of a distance.”

“I said or something, whatever. We need to leave or we’ll die. This is a barren wasteland with nothing on it except white!” Mehrunes said. “So it affects ships, we know that but I do have those useful space suits in case it comes down to it, and ideas on how to leave?”

“Oh I almost forgot! Planet hopping! We should try that and see if we can pass the shield.” I said.

“That could work, but we’ll probably have to be careful.” Mehrunes replied.

“Lets try it.” Listy suddenly said, appearing.

“Mah snow! STAY AWAY!” Rando said, holding some ground.

“That’s not snow you know. It’s like this hard packed rock. How are you even picking them up?” I asked Rando.

“Wot?” Rando asked.

“*SIGH* He’s literally pure randomness, his powers are random and his life is random everything he does is random.” Mehrunes said.

“That explains his lack of intelligence.” I replied.

“It’s not a lack of intelligence as it is a lack of caring about anything. He’s fine if he tries real hard.” Mehrunes replied.

“*CRUNCH!*” Rando chewed on the rock. “Mmmm the flagpole of chicken meow yum yum.”

Then, Corpse and Paulo landed, and they took off the parachutes.

“Looks like we can’t escape now…” Corpse said, “we must go and find a settlement to help us.”

“Uhh, it’s void there’s nothing even under the stone, apparent by Rando’s eating.” Mehrunes replied.

“There must be a way though! Come on! While the ship cools down, let’s look around.” Corpse said. “We’ll split into two groups and each head in an opposite direction.”

“Corpse there’s nothing.” Mehrunes replied.

“I’m not giving up and stay here to starve.” Corpse said, “there may be something… I’m just not sure about it.”

“THERE’S NOTHING!” Mehrunes replied. “Look, I have an almost infinite supply of water and Chill and Saturo have food, of sorts we’re fine.”

“TOAST?!” Rando yelled.

“Well. Suit yourselves. I’m gonna go and scout the whole planet. I need food and water along the way s--” Corpse was saying before he was interrupted.

“I’ll come with you. If you can survive on spicy chips.” Saturo said.

“What about water though? I’m gonna need water as well.” Corpse said.

“Oh, Lavender can probably make fresh drinkable water. I’ll go get her!” Saturo said, disappearing into the tent.

Shortly after, he came back out with Lavender.

“Okay. We’re good.” Saturo then said.

Corpse then looked around, looking at every direction of the planet. It all looked the exact same. Nothing was different.

“Saturo and Lavender… Let’s hope we find something…” Corpse said, before turning to the rest of us, “good luck. Paulo, try to fix the ship.”

Paulo nodded.

“Alright… Time to get off this planet.” Corpse said, as he began walking with Saturo and Lavender behind him.

“Think they’ll find anything?” I decided to ask Mehrunes.

“Probably not, scans say there’s nothing for miles.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, I just hope they don’t get lost…” I sighed.

Alright, one more chapter to go. And then book 4 in the second series....
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