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Ultimataniam 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 6)

Ultimataniam 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 6)

Posted September 8th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here is the next chapter.


I hope some people actually read this. So I am not wasting my time.... either way I will write and share it. 




-----| Chapter 6 |-----



We were all in the limo waiting. Laro was talking to his workers about watching something… I think I overheard him saying ‘beast’. Not sure what to think about that.

But soon he finally came. He greeted us with a smile and away we went onto the highway.

None of us said anything. It was ‘akward silence’.

“Dude, I swear she likes you.” Krydret suddenly said.


“You gotta ask her, dude. Literally, have you seen her when she looks at you? Ask Glitter. He’ll agree with me.”

“I don’t like you right now.”

“Just ask Glitter!”


I looked down at my pocket. Glitter was just laying there, waiting for something to happen so that he can come to the rescue.

“Hey Glitter.” I said telepathically, “ummm… Uhhh…” I hesitated. “Ummmm…” I knew I couldn’t do this.

“Umm Saturo? Why are you blushing?” Lavender asked.

Great. This is getting worse… Thanks a lot Krydret.

“You’re welcome. Heh Heh…”

And it makes things even worse is that she’s sitting next to me.

“Why is who blushing?” Lagi asked.

“Saturo.” Lavender replied.

“But why?” Lagi asked.

“I have no idea.” Lavender answered.

“So Saturo, why are you blushing?” Lagi asked.

“Ummm…” I said, hesitating.

“Yes?” Lagi asked.

“UMMMMM…” I said.

“YES?” Lagi asked.

I wanted to jump out of the limo right now. “N-no reason.”

“Saying no reason is no reason. Answer.” Lagi said.

“I d-did…” I replied, “there’s n-no reason…”

“I said that saying no reason is not an answer.” Lagi said. “Lavender obviously wants to know, so please, speak.”

I stood silent. This was horrible…

“JUST! DO! IT!!!” Lagi yelled.

“No.” I said.

“YES!” Lagi yelled.

“Speak up, boi.”


“Forget it. I’m not speaking.” I then said.

“Okay then. Forgotten.” Lagi said as he turned around.


Then, I looked outside the window, sighing in relief. And for some reason we passed right by some sort of campsite next to the highway. There was a fireplace, beanbags, and… Wait…

I swear I just saw Ich. With Draco and Mehrunes too… And some other guy…

“Guys.” I said, “I think we just passed by…”

“Yes?” Lagi asked. “Lemmie guess, Ich and everyone else.”

“YES!” I yelled, “WE’VE FOUND THEM!”

“I think we found them trying to find us.” Lagi said. “STOP THE CAR!”

But no one heard us. Laro was sitting up front.

“Well, let’s try and find them sometime soon after this. Or maybe try and contact them right now.” Lagi suggested.

“We’ll see…” I said.


“So… The girls are taking forever…” I said, munching on some of Chill’s nachos.

“No kidding. I thought they passed us.” Mehrunes replied sarcastically.


Suddenly, a limo drove right by us. I caught a glimpse of it too.

“Oh hey, look, a limo.” I said, bored.

“Hey limos aren’t exactly… commonplace.” Mehrunes replied. “Who’s in it, could you tell?”

“No, the windows are black. You can only see outside, not inside.” I said, “but I bet it’s some Ertin celebrity.”

“Uh-huh. I’m getting impatient I’m gonna be right back.” Mehrunes replied, teleporting away, therefor disappearing.

The rest of us sat there, listening to Chill’s chill music. I thought about what we’d do when we finally find Saturo for a couple of minutes… Then Mehrunes was back.

“So…?” I asked him.

“Well the girls declined a lift, I’m out of popcorn temporarily and I found some Boom Juice.” Mehrunes replied. “Here’s the question, do ya want me to bring the girls anyway?”

“Hmmm…” I said, “sure. They are far behind anyway.”

“O-kay.” Mehrunes replied, teleporting again.

“Hmm… I wonder where Saturo and the rest are.” Draco said afterwards.

“Yeah, I can sense him… He’s near.” I replied, “he is in the capital city.”

“Huh. He’s closer then I thought.” Draco said.

“Yeah, and we are headed to the capital city.” I said back.

“But we can’t go until Mehrunes gets back with the girls.” Draco said.

“Or can we?” Chill commented.

“Well it wouldn’t be very nice of us if we just leave before they get back.” Draco said.

“Why are these girls important?” Chill asked.

“Well because they’re our friends! That’s why!” Draco said. “Right Ich?”

“Uh, sure.” I replied.

“What do you mean ‘Uh, sure’? Do you not care?” Draco asked.

“Well the goal is to find Saturo. To reunite the, ‘team’.” I explained, “and if the girls join the team, then I guess they’ll be our friends.”

“Since when was there a ‘team’? And since when does that dictate if they’re our friends or not?” Draco asked.

“I don’t really know.” I replied. “I’m just too focused on finding Saturo right now… Sorry for sounding… Selfish.”

“Well it’s good that you're sorry.” Draco said. “Hopefully Mehrunes will be back soon.”

“Hopefully.” I replied.

“I wonder how it’s going for him anyway. Hopefully the girls aren't being TOO stubborn.” Draco commented.

Then, Mehrunes appears with the girls, and a knife in his chest. “Well they're here now.”

“Clearly. Also you're bleeding all over the ground.” Draco said.

“Yes I know.” Mehrunes replied.

“Okay good that means you haven’t lost THAT much blood.” Draco said.

“Uchiho should heal you.” I said.

“Captain obvious one and two.” Mehrunes replied.

“THAT’S SARGENT OBVIOUS ONE AND TWO TO YOU SIR!” Draco exclaimed. “But seriously though have Uchiho heal you. It looks like a quarter of all your blood is on the ground.”

“Yeah, Meh-brah.” Chill said, “you should chill.”

“Hey Uchiho I’m gonna pull the knife out here could you heal me when I do?” Mehrunes said.

“Okay.” Uchiho replied.

“Question: Who stabbed you?” I asked.

“Not important.” Mehrunes replied, suddenly jerking the knife out.

Uchiho then healed the wound.

“It seems kind of important actually.” I said, “seriously who stabbed you?”

“Funny thing, I don’t actually know.” Mehrunes replied. “Might’ve lost a little too much blood to really care.”

“Okay…” I said, eyeing the girls, “the only one who could’ve done it… Listy. She’s the type. Kehori doesn’t know how to fight and where could she have gotten the knife? Draelin is 10 years old and she’s still a child! Uchiho healed you, so it obviously wasn’t her. So that leaves you, Listy.” I looked at Listy, acting like some detective or officer.

“Wow this is also my knife so insult to injury.” Mehrunes replied.

“Sorry.” Listy replied.

“So you admit it?” I asked Listy.

“No I’m just sorry.” Lity replied.

“Meh-brah!” Chill yelled, “you stabbed yerself!?”

“No.” Mehrunes replied. “Why would I do that?”

“Cuz if da girl ain’t do it, then you the last suspect.” Chill said.

“Look just because logic said it was Listy and she denied you’re led to believe it?” Mehrunes replied. “People have the capacity to lie you know.”

“Okay then. Everyone answer honestly.” Draco said, “Who stabbed Mehrunes in the chest with his own knife?”

“You expect that to work?” Mehrunes questions.

“I didn’t.” Listy replied.

“It was worth a shot.” Draco said calmly while shrugging.

“We should get dis guy who can read minds.” Chill said, “he can tell us who the culprit is.”

“Look I really don’t care who stabbed me.” Mehrunes said.

“Well we kinda do.” I said.

“Does it really matter?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes.” I replied. “It matters because someone caused harm upon you.”

“And with your own knife too! It’s not good when someone can do that and you don’t notice.” Draco added.

“And if it wasn’t any of the girls, then it could be someone out to get you.” I said. “Maybe someone is trying to kill you. Someone you don’t know.”

“If only we had a dramatic stinger. But whatever.” Draco said.

“We should now get back to what we were doing.” I said.

“Yah mate.” Chill replied. “Let’s go to wherever you’re goin.”

“Who is that?” Draelin asked.

“I’m Chill.” Chill replied.

“Okay? And you are…?” Draelin asked.

“I told ya already. Chill.” Chill answered.

“It’s literally his name.” I told her.

“Also he calls Mehrunes Meh-brah. It’s funny!” Draco said with a snicker.

“Yea, Draco-brah.” Chill replied.

“Oh yeah he does that to us as well.” Draco added

“Not to me.” I said.

“Sure ‘bout dat, Ich-brah?” Chill asked.


Akward silence.

“Anyway we need to decide on how to get everyone to the city efficiently.” Draco said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah.” I said. “Any ideas?”

“Hmm… We could have some people ride Zephyr there.” Draco suggested.

“But we don’t want to attract any attention.” I said, “the people on Ertin aren’t Ultimates, they’re normal people. At least most of them.”

“Except, Ich-brah, you’re forgetting that there’s this swag war goin’ on.” Chill interrupted, “people already know of Ultimates’s existence.”

“Not on Hindro.” I said.


“Nevermind.” I said, “any other ideas?”

“Hmm…” Draco thought.

“The capital is thirty minutes away by car.” Kehori said, “does that help?”

“Well it means that if we go by foot it could take over an hour for some of us.” Draco said.

“How about we walk and think?” Uchiho suggested, “so we don’t waste any time.”

“Soundz gud.” Chill said, packing up all his stuff (beanbags, the ipod, and the bowl of leftover nachos). “Ready to go.”

“Alright, let’s walk and think then.” I said, as we began walking to the capital.

Like, in 5 chapters, things wil get INSANE. So look forward to that. Some people might die.

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Hey, cool chapter. I love

Hey, cool chapter. I love the character names! You seem to rely a lot on dialogue to move the story along, which is okay in super short bursts but not the best for longer pieces like this, so try and throw in some more filler action if you can. Have characters move subtly or make random gestures. Also describing the setting as it changes helps a lot.

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Posted by AstraMendaxRe on Mon, 09/18/2017 - 19:26
Yeah, I add detail and

Yeah, I add detail and describe every once in awhile, but I mostly focus on the characters and plot. Mehrunes is based off of a real person, so I try to make him just like him. That's why I add a lot of dialogue. 

I plan to go back when I'm a senior and add a lot of detail to everything, when I have more vocabulary.


And wow, the more I look at it, the more I realize that Chill's name fits him so well. XD



Thank you so much for commenting! I rarely get comments, only like 1 per month! So thank you so much!


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