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Ultimataniam 4: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)

Ultimataniam 4: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)

Posted October 7th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy







-----| Chapter 1 |-----



Corpse had just left awhile ago. Five minutes ago to be precise, with Saturo and Lavender with him. I hope they find something because I’m starting to get hungry and sick of this planet void.

Uchiho and Draelin were inside the tent with Roiber and Listy. Vulgon, Chill, Hamshere, and Paulo were trying to fix the spaceship. Fireball and Zephyr were napping beside the tent.

And I sat there, with Draco, Mehrunes, and Rando. Mehrunes put ‘Banana Duck Tape’ over Rando’s mouth, and now he’s fast asleep.

“Is… is this actually a void?” I asked. “It’s weird… It’s all empty, and there’s no life here or anything at all. And the shield that prevents you from escaping…”

“I guess that explains why I’ve never heard of it, anyone who has gotten onto this planet may never have gotten off to tell anyone.” Draco said.

“Great. So we’re gonna die here.” I said sarcastically.

“Nice enthusiasm.” Draco said.

“Nice sarcasm ignoring.” Mehrunes replied.

“I know he was sarcastic.” Draco said.

“Then don’t mock.” Mehrunes replied.

“Hey you’ve mocked me before!” Draco said to him.

“Touché.” Mehrunes replied, somehow eating popcorn again. “But we probably can get off this rock we just have to try harder… or something.”

“Well it’s definitely gonna be hard, unless we can make a spaceship that doesn’t need electricity to function.” Draco said.

“Which is gonna be hard, since we are kind of doing nothing.” I added. “Maybe after Paulo gets the spaceship running again, we can use to to travel through the planet.”

“Speaking of Paulo, what’s with his English? Does he not know it very well?” Draco asked.

“No, he doesn’t.” Mehrunes replied, still eating popcorn.

“Wait a sec… where did you even get that popcorn anyway?” Draco asked.

“Hmm? Oh right. It’s a spell!” Mehrunes replied. “It’s good.”

“Anyway this place is really starting to give me the creeps. It reminds me of a dream I had once.” Draco said, shuddering a little.

“Maybe you’ll be hunted by a creepy you, that’s bent on killing you with a knife.” Mehrunes teased.

“That’s not funny.” Draco said, punching Mehrunes in the arm with his gauntlet lightly, causing only a little pain.

“Yeah, well if you’re so creeped out about nothing then you may as well tell us why.” Mehrunes said, eating popcorn. “Already got popcorn!”

“I was gonna say, what was your dream?” I asked Draco.

Draco shuddered a little again. “Well it started with me in a place just like this, I started to walk around, and after I awhile I found some of you guys, though not in the way I would hope too…”

“‘Hope too’?” I asked.

“Well first I saw you Ich, only you were…” Draco shuddered again, “you were hanging from a rope, by your neck.”

“Ouch.” I said, I felt a little scared because I knew sometimes dreams can be warnings or they tell the future.

“Remind me to come with you on any trips you have out here.” Mehrunes said to me.

“Well actually next I saw you Mehrunes. And you weren’t in a good situation either.” Draco said.

“Was he also hanging?” I asked.

“Oh no instead I saw him limp on the ground, half of his body gone with a knife stabbed in his forehead.” Draco said, shuddering once again.

“How convenient…” Mehrunes replied.

“That’s worse than mine…” I shuddered, “I don’t want to see that…”

“Should I stop or should I keep going?” Draco asked.

“Ya wimps! Keep going!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Yeah, okay, who else was there?” I asked.

“Well next was Saturo.” Draco said. “His was actually very strange…”

“What was his?” I asked.

“Well he looked like he had been electrocuted to death and his head was gone and a weird black substance was leaking out of where it used to be…” Draco explained.

“Oh so your dream was about that thing you saw forever ago in the dream world.” Mehrunes replied.

“No, it wasn’t, also next to Saturo’s body there was something written in the substance.” Draco said.

“No yeah, weird black stuff and a knife, it’s the evil you thingy.” Mehrunes said. “I wouldn't worry about it.”

“No, the black stuff was different. I would know Mehrunes, it was MY dream.” Draco said. “Anyway the message read: ‘3 down, 3 more to go’.”

“When exactly did you have this dream?” I asked.

“A couple of weeks ago actually…” Draco said.

“Who could be this guy killing us in your dreams?” I asked.

“I never found out, but about the message, there was three other people in the dream.” Draco answered.

“It could possibly be someone who hasn’t been discovered yet by us, but is out to get us.” said a voice.

We turned and spotted Vulgon.

“According to what I’ve learned about dreams, this could very likely be the future. But if you dreamed it, that means it’s possible to change it if you figure it all out.” Vulgon said, sitting down with us.

“Well there was one more message, and it’s the one that makes me scared…” Draco said nervously.

“What is it?” Vulgon asked.

“Well it said…” Draco shuddered again. “It said ‘This is all your fault.’.”

“Then… that could be a sign that you did that…” Vulgon said, scratching his chin as he thought.

“B-but I would NEVER do that! WHY on earth would I do that?!” Draco exclaimed in a scared tone.

“Who knows. Maybe you change in the future, and dislike that change, so that message ‘This is all your fault’ is you in the past.” Vulgon shrugged.

“…” Draco looked very scared. “I think I need to lie down a bit.” He then lied down on his back.

“I’d rather think that Draco doesn’t become evil and do that in the future…” I said, “although I doubt he could…”

“Ha…” Mehrunes said. “It’s entirely possible. He’s had one of the worst childhoods, I’m surprised he’s not evil.”

“Well thanks for that.” Draco said bluntly from his position.

“But it could be someone else who did that. And just to make you feel bad, the killer wrote that note. If you dream anything else, let us know, so we can try to put the puzzle together.” Vulgon said.

“Oh yeah I just remembered, I never told you who the three other people were.” Draco said.

“Which, you should right now.” Vulgon replied.

“Well they were Lagi, Uchiho and also Folly, which I thought was weird at first…” Draco said.

“And what happened to them?” I asked.

“Well Lagi was in his Lagiacrus state but all there was his head skewered on a wooden stake, also there was another message next to it.” Draco replied.

“Which said…?” I asked again.

“It said: ‘Looks like I got to him first.’ Which I thought was strange at first.” Draco replied.

“Probably a reference to something we don’t know about yet or at all.” Mehrunes said.

“And Uchiho looked like she had been burned to death.” Draco added.

“Oh no…” I muttered, “t-that’s the first thing that happened…”

“But the burns were much, MUCH worse than what she had experienced in the crash, I could barely recognize her body in the dream.” Draco said.

“Stop procrastinating or… lollygagging and get on with it.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay and Folly had his wings ripped off and a large hole where his heart would have been.” Draco said.

“Alright so question.” Mehrunes said. “To determine cause and time of death, there needs to be further detail, can you do that?”

“Well there were some small details for each of you.” Draco said.

“Since it’s a dream, there wouldn’t actually be ‘death’ unless you see signs in reality.” Vulgon said.

“Shut up Vulgon, I’m trying to prolong our potential death!” Mehrunes said. “Dreams can be detailed, it’s not even your dream.”

“As a matter of fact, it is.” Vulgon said, “I had the same exact dream.”

“Wait you did?!” Draco exclaimed.

“Yes, I had it before I went to the Bounty Canteen to catch a ride, when you guys showed up.” Vulgon replied. “And I’ve come up with some conclusions… Which was based on another dream I had…”

“Do tell us your rational explanation for what we wish are figments of your imagination.” Mehrunes said.

Suddenly Rando sat straight up, ripped the duct tape off his mouth and said, “HAHA MEHRUNES IS SCARED!!!”

“No I’m not!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“YESH! YA USE BIGGER WORDS WHEN U THINK UR ABOUT TO DIE!” Rando shouted. “HAHAHAHAHA! Cheese snow be yummy but it pains my cat, the flagpole will be avenged washing cow!”

“SHUT UP!” Mehrunes yelled at Rando.

“I had not the dream one. You were all dead like living cheese! Two cats went into a bar and said I went into flagpole!” Rando said before he fell asleep again.

“…Well that just happened.” Draco said, almost completely speechless.

“Yeah. It’s annoying…” I said.

“Okay, another question. Was Rando their and dead?” Mehrunes asked.

“No, Rando was not there.” Vulgon said, then he hesitated, “.....he wouldn’t have the smarts to… listen…”

“Ambiguity… you hesitate.” Mehrunes said. “You lack creativity. Try again to answer the question, will you? Also that doesn’t make sense…”

“I haven’t told you my other dream, which brings the dream Draco and I had… It ties with it, it makes it make sense.” Vulgon said.

“It makes sense already.” Mehrunes replied. “As a side note, way to make this conversation about you.”

“Mehrunes just be quiet and let him talk.” Draco said.

“No! You be quiet! I’m tired of all the nonsense about this planet! The nonsense about dreams and whether or not their real! It’s preposterous! Folly isn’t here, nobody has a knife and quite frankly how could Ich be hanging by his neck on nothing?!”

“Do I have permission to punch him again?” Draco asked, sounding aggravated.

“Yes, and harder this time.” Vulgon replied.

“Okay!” Draco said, making his gauntlet appear and punched Mehrunes ten feet away from them, knocking him out cold. “There, all done. Now please continue.”

“Okay, well…” Vulgon said, “based on the other dream I had, I think I know what’s going on…”

“What is it?” Draco asked.

“There was a familiar voice… It spoke to me, and said, ‘Do you want, more power? Do you feel, weak?’.” Vulgon said. “And then the voice started to laugh.”

“Spooky.” Draco commented.

“And then, I saw Nix. You remember Nix? Yeah, I saw him, and he was walking away.” Vulgon replied.

“And then what?” Draco asked. “What happened next?”

“The voice spoke again, it said ‘You can become something greater’.” Vulgon said.

“Wonder what that could mean.” Draco said, thinking.

“And then after that, I saw one part of Darth’s army.” Vulgon replied.

Rando then sat up, looked over at Mehrunes who is still knocked out, looked at Draco, and stayed eerily quiet.

“There’s more to the dream, but I don’t remember it…” Vulgon replied.

“Wut?” Rando asked. “I missed a lot.”

“It’s okay, anyway I wonder if any more dreams will happen. Because we have very little to go on.” Draco said.

“When he’s waking.” Rando said in a steady voice, “he’ll be mad…”

“So? He’s almost always mad at something!” Draco said.

“I must speak quickly while the option is available.” Rando said. “Evil forces are at play, and warnings have been placed. We know more than we let on, and you may have to force info out. Do not falter when faced with death, and you will prevail. Make no mention of this to him… MEHRUNES.

Then Rando fell asleep.

“......” Draco was quiet.

“Sounds like he isn’t all that random.” I said. “But, I didn’t get it. What does he mean?”

“Heck if I know!” Draco exclaimed.

Mehrunes then woke up, and he was mad.

“Oh hey you're awake.” Draco said.

“YEAH AND-” Mehrunes stopped, and said. “You all look confused… why?”

“Reasons.” Draco replied.

“Yes, reasons.” Vulgon agreed.

“Okay, so apparently you won’t tell me, so I’m going to guess it’s a riddle or something.” Mehrunes said. “Can I help…?”

“I don't know, the riddle has one rule.” Draco said.

“Well, first I should tell you my dream…” Vulgon said, “There was a familiar voice… It spoke to me, and said, ‘Do you want, more power? Do you feel, weak?’ and then it started laughing. Then I saw Nix walking away, with a frown on his face, before seeing Darth’s Army.”

“Well… learning from my mistakes I’m going to say that it’s probably a future vision type thing, collaged into one.” Mehrunes replied.

Suddenly, Rando sat up and said, “RIDDLES ARE COOL! WE SHOULD DO ONE cheese I’m not not not not not not tired.” Then was really quiet.

“Okay…” Mehrunes said. “Anyway it’s a thing that happens, that you see the future in little clips. So! This riddle, what is it?”

“I don't know.” Draco said.

“Well you had it while I was knocked out so it’s at least semi-private. So… maybe do it again?” Mehrunes said, before cringing.

Suddenly, Vulgon’s eyes widened.

“Huh?” Draco said, confused.

“Don’t do this.” Mehrunes said. “I refuse.”

“I remembered the other part of the dream… The voice said something… It said, ‘Evil forces are at play, and warnings have been placed. We know more than we let on, and you may have to force info out. Do not falter when faced with death, and you will prevail.’ Exactly what Rando had repeated…” Vulgon said.

“Well I don’t believe that Rando said that, but I can help with the meaning.” Mehrunes said. “Evil forces at play is obvious, as is the warnings it would go along with the dreams. We know more than we let on, might mean that either someone we know is hiding info, purposefully or subconsciously, forcing info out could enforce both. And do not falter when faced with death could go along with the dreams, the creepy Draco thing and trusting our allies, shoot first questions later mentality.”

“So u?” Rando asked Mehrunes, eating some rock.

“Uhh…” Mehrunes said, hesitating. “I dunno what… you’re talking about.”

“Hmmm...” Draco said, thinking.

“Hmm? No hmm!” Mehrunes exclaims. “Did… did Rando actually say that? The riddle thing?”

“Yes, he must have somehow heard it like I did, in a dream or something…” Vulgon said.

“Well I will admit I know more than I let onto, but tha-” Mehrunes said, before Rando interrupted him.

“IT’S UUUUUUU!” Rando yelled. “Snow yummy.”

“Rando that’s not snow!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“I found a thing!!!! Yummy snow must move!” Rando shouts, as he dug in the rock like it was made of butter.

“Rando, go back to sleep.” I said, “I still want to discuss this ‘dreams’ thing.”

“THERE’S A THING!” Rando shouts, still digging.

“Eh, he’s not hurting anything.” Mehrunes said. “Anyway… we still have pretty much nothing.”

“Was he serious when he said he found something or no?” Draco asked, pointing at Rando who was still digging.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes replied. “Never can tell.”

“Neither can I.” I added.

“Well, I think we should do something… About the dreams…” Vulgon said.

“Well duh.” Mehrunes said. “I can use a spell to detect evil forces… other than that I dunno what to do.”

“GUYS LOOK!” Rando shouts. “THE THING IS HERE!!!!!”

“What do you mean?” Draco asked.

“He mean’s he found a thing.” Mehrunes replied.

“Do you have to be a smart Aleck about everything?” Draco asked.

“I was answering your question.” Mehrunes replied, walking over to Rando. “What did you find?”

“THE THING!” Rando shouted.

“What is the THING?” Draco asked.

“Why don’t you come look?” Mehrunes said.

We came over and looked at what Rando called ‘the thing’. Apparently it was nothing, just that white powder.

“What is it?” Mehrunes asked.

Rando looked at the hole, and said, “BUT IT WAS THERE!!!!”

“Sure it was.” Draco said.


“I think he's gone crazy. Or at least more crazy.” Draco said.

“Actually it almost makes sense. Black goo, a crashed ship death promise, a knife…” Mehrunes said. “Unsettling at best.”

“Maybe he’s seeing things.” I said.

“Guys! We were told there's an evil presence! That warnings are in place! It want from me not believing to all of you! And frankly… there’s nothing. No other ships no horizon… don’t you think that maybe other people have crashed ever?! AND THERE’S NOTHING! I’m gonna sit down, and scan the planet for a presence of evil if I pass out it’s because there is one and it’s terribly strong.” Mehrunes exclaimed, before he walked a short distance and sat down.

“Cheese i-” Rando started before he’s interrupted by Mehrunes screaming in pain before passing out cold.

We all looked over at him, and were silent.

Rando coughed, and said, “Told ya so.”

“Um… So Mehrunes had sensed an evil presence?” I asked, slightly uncomfortable.

“Much stronger than he mentally prepared for.” Rando replied. “Remember he said he might pass out? Yeah he also screamed in pain which could mean anything really.”

“Okay then.” Draco said.

“So we’re essentially dead.” Rando said. “In theory.”

“What’s all the screaming about?” I heard a voice behind me.

We turned our heads and spotted Listy.

“Why is Mehrunes out?” Listy asked. “And why is there a giant hole?”

“Ah yes, Mehrunes has sensed a great evil and is now unconscious.” Rando explained. “And the hole was me, I was looking for evil.”

“Oh… WAIT WHAT?!” Listy yelled in question.

“He claims he found a spaceship covered with black goo, I think.” I said.

“Yes, this place appears to be evil.” Rando said. “We should get off this barren rock ASAP!”

“Well, I hope that Corpse has found something.” I said.

“Current knowledge would suggest no, but I suppose anything is possible.” Rando replied.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?!” Listy exclaimed.

“Well, Draco and I had a dream, more like a nightmare, and we saw people we know dead.” Vulgon said.

“Uhhhnn.” Mehrunes groaned.

“And Mehrunes?” Listy asked. “I don’t understand what that is about.”

“He was looking for evil with some sort of spell, and he did say if it’s strong evil he’d pass out.” I explained.

“And he screamed and passed out so it’s really strong… got it.” Listy said.

“I can’t… feel… my arms…” Mehrunes groaned.

“You should rest.” I said to Mehrunes, “let’s wait and see if Corpse gets back…”

To be continued in the next chapter.

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