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Ultimataniam 4: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 10)

Ultimataniam 4: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 10)

Posted November 1st, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 10 |-----



“Woah.” Vulgon exclaimed.

Jasper had opened the bag, and was now looking at the files. Roiber and Vulgon were looking at them as well.

“This… this is… The planet is a warship!” Jasper exclaimed.

“AWESOME!” Vulgon exclaimed.

“No! That’s bad!” Jasper said, “that means that Darth’s army is… here… and… probably looking for the survivors that didn’t get sucked up…”

“Relax. We could find something useful around ‘ere, spaceships probably.” Roiber said.

“But what about the shield?” Vulgon asked.

“Since this is Darth’s army, their spaceships are probably designed to be able to pass through that shield surrounding the planet. So if we can get one of those… we can escape.” Jasper said.

“YES!” Vulgon exclaimed, “and then I can finally go to the Rock Planet.”

“Right, you paid me to get you there.” Roiber said, “except, well, I didn’t get you there.”

“It’s fine.” Vulgon said, “it wasn’t your fault. You still get your money.”

Roiber smiled.

“Now we just gotta get down with the others.” Jasper said.

“And how are we gonna do that?” Vulgon asked.

“Well, this file says that the white acid thing is called Malicon. And it’s dangerous in liquid form, but safe in solid. We just gotta make it into solid.” Jasper said.

“Hey, this file…” Vulgon said, looking at another file, “it says here that you can heat it up in liquid form, and it’ll turn into gas! But the gas isn’t dangerous!”

“Perfect.” Jasper said.

Jasper then took out his backpack, and began to build something.

“Whatcha buildin’, kid?” Roiber asked.

“Basically, a metal surfboard. I’ll light the bottom with flames, and then we can stand on the top. We can slide down the whole slide, but you gotta be good at balancing.” Jasper explained, as he was building it.

“No worries, I’m good at balancing.” said Vulgon.

“Same here.” added Roiber.

“Good.” Jasper had finished making the board.

He lit the bottom with flames.

“Get ready to jump, you must land perfectly on the board.” Jasper said.

“Can do.” Vulgon replied.

Jasper then threw the board under on the liquid Malicon, and it suddenly began to turn into gas! Jasper hopped onto the board, followed by Vulgon and Roiber who succeeded.

The board sped down the slide.

“WOOHOO!” Vulgon shouted, “THIS IS AWESOME!”

“ARGH! My ears!” shouted Roiber, “keep it down, will ya!?”

“Sorry bro.”

They continued sliding down, and the Malicon turning to gas behind them made it look cool.

“We’re gonna have to be very careful when we stop.” Jasper said.

“Can do.” Vulgon replied while smirking.


I made it back. Back to the room where Mehrunes was waiting. I landed at the door, and entered, seeing Mehrunes there, reading that book of spells and enchantments of his.

“Hey Mehrunes.” I said.

“Hey. Just reviewing some spells.” Mehrunes replied, “while you were gone. Good to go.” He then made the book disappear.

“Okay, let’s keep making our way down.” I said.

“You didn’t take anyone else down?” Mehrunes asked, looking behind me. “*SIGH* Oh well. Let’s go.”

“Yeah, I can’t carry all of them.” I said, as I left the ground. “Let’s go.”

I began flying downward, and Mehrunes next to me, gliding.

“I don’t think we’re even close to the very bottom.” I said.

“No, we’re not.” Mehrunes replied. “I doubt we’re even half way.”

“Maybe we can stop at the next door we find.” I said, “and we might find something that tells us how far we are.”

“Well of course we’re gonna stop, probably partially because of the gaming type instinct to explore everything possible. And we will probably find something either way.” Mehrunes said. “I just hope it’s the jail cell Jasper talked about.”

“Yeah, where hopefully, Draco, Paulo, and Listy will be in.” I added.

“As well as Fireball and Zephyr.” Mehrunes replied.

“And then, maybe, if possible, Jasper’s uncle.” I added.

“Don’t tell Jasper, but I doubt it. In fact I doubt Jasper could have survived here with no food or water.” Mehrunes replied. “I have my suspicions about everything and everyone.”

“Am I suspicious?” I asked.

“Like I said. I have some about everyone. I have less for you than I do Jasper, while still having one or two.” Mehrunes replied. “So don’t worry about it. Although, how do you, Saturo, and Draco know each other?”

“Well Saturo was my friend since pre-school. We met Draco when we found Lime on our planet, Draco was picked up by Lime, to get more power, when Saturo and I just came because we thought it might be fun.” I said, “we didn’t realize what we had stepped into by making that decision.”

“No joke.” Mehrunes replied. “By the way, anything new happen while I was away bounty hunting?”

“Oh right, yeah. I found out that my dad is the Master of Wind.” I said.

“So then why was your brother training you instead of your dad?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t really know, maybe because he didn’t think I was ready. He told me I was ready now though.” I replied.

“Phht. I could have told him that!” Mehrunes kinda chuckled. “People like to underestimate other people, you were good awile ago.”

“Well, I’m not as good as him. He’s the best at using wind!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah I know. So compared to him you were bad.” Mehrunes said. “We’ve not found a door yet. I’m starting to wonder why there are doors in a drain.”

“Hmm…” I said, “maybe because he’s my dad, would my genes allow me to become very powerful?”

“I don’t think genes have anything to do with it.” Mehrunes replied. “Although it might. I’ll find that out later.”

“Ah well.” I said, “it was weird though, that my dad was the Master of Wind all along. It made sense why he was never home though, I don’t know about my mom…”

“I don’t know what your talking about.” Mehrunes said.

“Well, my parents were barely home when I was a kid. Nushot basically, raised me.” I explained.

“At least you had someone.” Mehrunes growled. “No really why is there still nothing? I’m getting impatient.”


Suddenly, what seemed like three people on a surfboard, zipped right past us, well, under us. I looked forward and realized…

“Hey, was that… That was the others!” I exclaimed.

“So… they weren’t on surfboards?” Mehrunes asked. “Must be… Glitter right?”

“No, it was Vulgon, Jasper, and Roiber. They’re on a board with fire on the bottom. They’re now ahead of us.” I said.

“GREAT.” Mehrunes replied. “Then go faster.”

“But you can’t, you’re gliding!” I said. “I’m flying slow so you can keep up!”

“I have a rope, if you grab it you could probably drag me along with you.” Mehrunes replied. “ALSO IF THEY'RE ON A BOARD, WHY IS IT NOT BEING DESTROYED?!”

“No idea. Let’s ask them when we catch up. Give me the rope.” I said.

Mehrunes threw the rope at me and I caught it.

“There.” Mehrunes replied. “I’m ready when you are.”

“Okay, I’m gonna fly real fast.” I then began to fly faster.

Slowly, my speed was increasing. My hair was going crazy because of the speed, and so was Mehrunes’s hair. I haven’t flown this fast before, good thing I could do it first try.

“I THINK I SEE THEM!” I shouted, because at the speed we were moving in, Mehrunes wouldn’t hear me if I speak normally.

“GOOD!” Mehrunes shouted back, although I could barely hear him. “THAT’S GREAT ALTHOUGH I CAN’T HEAR YOU VERY WELL!!!”


Mehrunes somehow threw another rope so it goes ahead of me. But it missed, and the tip of the rope fell onto the liquid malecon, and disintegrated. Mehrunes let go of the rope, and let the rest of the rope disintegrate.

“DIDN’T WORK!” I shouted.

“I HAVE MORE IF YOU WANT!” Mehrunes shouted back.

“LET ME THROW IT!” I yelled.

Mehrunes threw another rope to me, and I caught it. I then yelled, at Roiber, who was obviously in the back because he was bigger, “ROIBER! CATCH THE ROPE!”

His head turned around, and put out one arm to catch the rope. I threw it at him, and luckily, he caught it. I gripped the rope tight and stopped flying so fast. Now I was being dragged, the same way Mehrunes had been before.

YAAA BOI!!!” Vulgon yelled.

“THIS IS NOT COMFORTING!” Mehrunes yelled.



Vulgon said something back, but it wasn’t heard, because he didn’t yell it this time. For some reason, I felt that our speed was increasing.





“AHHH! THE GAS IS IN MY EYES!” I yelled, because I sort of started to climb the rope to get closer, and the gas hit my face.




GET READY TO JUMP!!!” Jasper yelled.


It all happened so fast. The board seemed to hit something, but I couldn’t see it because of the gas. I felt myself launch into the air, and WAM!

I hit something, and fell. I groaned, rubbing my eyes so I can see again.

The drain had ended, and we were in a white tiled hallway with what I think is an elevator at the end of it. Roiber, Vulgon, Jasper, and Mehrunes were on the ground, getting back up.

“That was less than fun.” Mehrunes said. “Now what?”

“Ow… my head…” Roiber held his head, it seemed he was wounded in the, well, not really a crash but you know…

“Are you okay?” Mehrunes asked. “You look fine to me.”

“No… it hurts…” Roiber let go of his head, and we see red liquid all over his hands and head, “dang, I’m bleeding.”

“Ouch. We need something to wrap your head with… I got something.” Jasper said.

Jasper took out his backpack and began to search through it.

“Dude, what is your backpack like seriously it’s almost impossible to have everything in a backpack.” Mehrunes said.

Ignoring Mehrunes, Jasper extended his hand even further into the backpack, and soon his whole arm is inside, before he managed to pull out a medical cloth of some kind. “Duck down a little,” Jasper requested, as Robier ducked down a little.

Jasper began to clean the injury, as Roiber grunted in pain. He then wrapped the medical cloth around Roiber’s head.

“Is that better?” Jasper asked.

“If the blood isn’t going anywhere.” Roiber replied.

“Then yes,” Jasper said.

“Why did you have that?” Mehrunes asked.

“If you’re a child all alone in a city, you gotta have items like these,” he said as he gestured towards his backpack.

“I have all sorts of questions from that alone, but I’m gonna ignore them and move on.” Mehrunes replied. “So are we gonna do something or not?”

“Going through that elevator doesn’t seem like a good idea. Since this is a warship. We gotta come up with a plan.” Vulgon said.

“Thank you for that wonderful insight.” Mehrunes said. “Do you have a plan?”

“Yes. To YOLO and enter the elevator.” Vulgon smirked. “Worst can be, we are caught and are killed. What could go wrong?”

“Okay… I… you are terrible.” Mehrunes said. “Like 100% terrible. Like you are the worst person here.”

“Well, you can’t think of anything better!” Vulgon replied.

“Then at least phrase it like it’s a good idea.” Mehrunes replied.

“No, I mean, I want you to attempt to think of something better at least.” Vulgon said, “that’s why I said that.”

“And why do you think I avoided your challenge? Because I don’t care.” Mehrunes replied. “We’re in a room with an elevator. The only other thing to do is go through the wall or something like that.”

“Its obvious that you DO care.” Vulgon said, “come on, think of something. Prove that you do have good plans.”

“Uhhhh no.” Mehrunes replied. “Again. Don’t care. I can say you're a terrible person for any reason I want and then deflect your insults. I don’t care.”

“Okay, that’s just mean.” Jasper joined in.

“No, it’s not. Okay it might be but there is nothing else in this room.” Mehrunes said. “There can be no other plan unless we are missing something.”

“You said you don’t care. So why don’t you leave us?” Vulgon said.

Mehrunes looked at Vulgon like he was blind.

“We’re like 50,00,000 miles down a hole, first of all. Second of all, I would if I didn’t know any better, but I do. AND you mistake me when I say I don’t care, I mean I don’t want to partake of your challenge.” Mehrunes said.

“Well then be clear about it. So no one takes it the wrong way.” Vulgon replied.

“Yes yes.” Mehrunes replied. “CAN WE LEAVE NOW?!”

“How do we leave?” Vulgon asked, “the elevator? Seems to go down to me.”

“We are currently in the process of figuring out how to leave, down appears to be out.” Mehrunes replied. “So I guess… we go down. By the way where is that bag Ich gave you?”

“In my backpack.” Jasper said.

“What is it enchanted or something?” Mehrunes asked.

“Technically, in a way, yes.” Jasper answered.

“How so, since it’s technically.” Mehrunes asked.

“I think, because it sort of has more space inside than what you see.” Jasper answered.

“Yeah so your backpack is a reference.” Mehrunes replied. “Great. Can we move our A-F-K… ness… to the elevator?”

“Yeah, we should get moving.” I agreed.


Roiber had apparently already pressed the button, and the elevator opened. It was empty, which was good, and all of us entered it.

“Okay… Let’s see the… Wait! This button says ‘Prison’!” Vulgon exclaimed.

Mehrunes pressed the button.

“Maybe, it takes to where those who got sucked up are at. That is, if they didn’t disintegrate.” Roiber said.

“If they disintegrate, why is there a prison?” Mehrunes asked. “Sheesh, why can’t you be positive?!”

“Because I’m more electron than an proton.” Roiber replied.

“If anything, then Saturo should be negative all the time.” Vulgon joked.

“Then Draco would be on another level of pessimistic.” Mehrunes added.


“Oh we’re here.” Vulgon said, and the elevator opened.

“YO!” said a voice.

We looked, and saw that there WAS a prison. And there were jail cells all over, but more importantly… In front of us, standing, was Chill.

“Hi Bob didja find the others?” Mehrunes asked.

“Oh I’m sorry, Bob ain’t ‘ere, Meh-Brah.” Chill smirked.

“Dang. I guess no one here can help ‘cause I don’t know you.” Mehrunes replied, with a smirk.

“Chillin’ dat chill, like a chill n’ cool dude.” Chill replied. “Dere are others down ‘ere, they’re being helped out by dis cool yellow clothed dude.”

“How nice.” Mehrunes replied. “Why don’t we go meet him.”

“Yes, good idea.” Jasper agreed.

We all walked out of the elevator, and followed Chill. We passed by guards, who were knocked out, and frozen…

“Ah hello.” we heard a voice say.

In front of us, we spotted Hamshere.

“Great.” Mehrunes said. “Other people?”

“Yeah actually. Uchiho and Draelin, being taken out of the cell right now. Citrine found a way to escape, and helped all the rest of us.” Hamshere replied.

“Citrine!? That’s my uncle!” Jasper exclaimed.

“G-G fer you. We still have missing persons.” Mehrunes said. “Where is everyone else?”

“There isn’t anyone else.” Hamshere replied, as we all continued walking down past cells behind Chill. “That’s all of us.”

“Draco’s group though!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “They were sucked down too!”

“They aren’t here.” Hamshere replied, “we’re the only ones here. No one else, other than, well, dead bodies.”

Then, we spotted a man with yellow clothing, unlocking a cage, which had Uchiho and Draelin inside. Uchiho seemed to be doing better, after being burned.

“Well I know they should be in the complex.” Mehrunes replied, heading back to the elevator. “There’s no way.”

“You can wait for us at the elevator, don’t go alone.” Roiber called out to Mehrunes.

“Whatever.” Mehrunes replied.

Then, Uchiho and Draelin came out of the cage, and the man in yellow smiled. He turned to face us.

Jasper seemed too stunned to say anything as he stared at his uncle. Tears started to flood his eyes.

“Roiber.” Roiber stuck his hand out for a handshake, “nice ta meet ya. Citrine is it?”

“Yes.” the man (Citrine) shook Roiber’s hand.

“Aha. Kiddo’s glad ta see ya.” Roiber patted Jasper on the back. “Pretty good kid, he helped us a lot.”

“Good… He’s been trained well.” Citrine said, nodding. “Can’t say I’m not proud.”

Jasper stood silent.

“Let’s not waste anytime, let’s go find a spaceship, and get outa here.” Vulgon said, “Mehrunes is waiting.”

“We must be careful, not to alert the army.” Citrine said, and we all began to walk back to the elevator.

“Duh.” Roiber replied.

We then made it back to the elevator, and see Mehrunes waiting in front of it. “You all finally done with your reunion?”

“There was no reunion.” Vulgon replied, pushing the button.

“Only dat kid sorta cryin, tryna be chill.” Chill added, and we all entered the elevator.

“Figure of speech.” Mehrunes replied, with an eyeroll. “Were we gonna go?”

Citrine pressed a button without a label, but a picture of a spaceship on the button. Maybe it leads to the spaceships.

“Why are we going there?” Mehrunes asked. “We have two parties unaccounted for.”

“We don’t know where they are. So… we can’t get them. Meaning we’ll just escape ourselves.” Roiber replied.

“Harsh.” Mehrunes said. “If I had to guess, they’ve both found their way down here by now. One way or another.”

“It’s crowded in here.” Hamshere commented. “And someone farted.”

“Always with the fart comment.” Mehrunes replied.

“Since we don’t know where the others are, can’t we just look for them?” I asked, as the elevator continued moving.

“Probably.” Mehrunes replied. “But some of us don’t want to.”

“Cuz it’s risky.” Hamshere added.

“And that’s stopped you when?” Mehrunes asked.

“When I figured this is Darth’s army we’re dealing with. I don’t wanna take any chances, ya know?” Hamshere replied.

“Since when? You're a bounty hunter!” Mehrunes said. “Oh nevermind.”



“We’re here.” Roiber said.

At the door, there were two guards, both with some sort of gun, who looked surprised to see us. Roiber suddenly elbowed one in the face, took the gun, and shot the other one.

“Go! Get a spaceship quickly!” Roiber shouted, as he shot any other guards in view.

We all rushed out of the elevator, following Citrine. Citrine leaped onto a spaceship, and entered it, before he activated it. He then began shooting the other spaceships, to make sure no one follows us.

The back of the spaceship was open, and Chill, Roiber, and Hamshere jumped in. And I flew in as well, and Mehrunes suddenly appeared in there too.

I looked back, and see Uchiho and Draelin, caught by guards. However, Jasper took out the guards, grabbed them two, and leaped into the spaceship as well.

“Is that everyone?” Roiber asked.

“Technically, no.” Mehrunes replied. “Other than that probably yes.”

“Alright. Citrine, close the back!” Roiber shouted, entering the spaceship fully.

The back closed, and the inside of the spaceship was the same as the other spaceship that was owned by Darth’s army that we were in. Citrine was driving it.

“Alright. I presume that this spaceship is designed to pass the barrier. Let’s find out.” Citrine said.

The spaceship flew through a gap, that was open to go up. Suddenly, we see that there are fans! Right in our path! That’s what the bottom of the fans is, the spaceships!

One problem, that the fans were on. Citrine though, went right through the tiny gap in between the blades of the fans, over and over and over again.

“For a second, I was worried.” Hamshere commented.

Then, we had passed all of the fans, and were now going at normal speed up towards the shield. After we reached the shield… Citrine was going to activate light speed.

I watched Citrine, and then I saw that he activated lightspeed. At the speed of light, we disappeared. When he deactivated it, we see we are in space above the planet.
“YES!!! ESCAPE!” Vulgon exclaimed.

“Bout time.” Roiber said. “Now I can go home.”

It was silent for awhile. Chill sat on a chair in the back, with Uchiho and Draelin, while Hamshere sat across from him. I stood up next to Citrine, along with Roiber, Mehrunes, and Jasper.

“I have something to show you, uncle.” Jasper said, taking out the bag with the files from his backpack.

“Bruh.” Mehrunes said. “Are you about to take credit?”

“Nope.” Jasper replied, as Citrine took a look at the files.

“Oh wow.” he said, “this is some pretty important stuff. We gotta take this to the Council.”

“Right now?” Jasper asked.

“Yes. No time to waste.” Citrine said. “We bett--”

He was interrupted by a voice behind us. More like multiple voices behind us.


The army surrounded us. Lavender, Corpse, Rando, and I stayed put on Glitter. I had the feeling Glitter was up to something.

Before the army even attacked us, Glitter made a shockwave and paralyzed some of them. Then, he zipped away. When he stopped, we were in some sort of prison, and we see Paulo, Draco, Listy, Fireball, and Zephyr inside a cell.

“HAI!” Rando yelled at them, then immediately clapped his hand over his mouth and looked sad as Corpse glared at him.

“Oh. Hi.” Listy said. “Where did you just come from?”

“From a place where we were surrounded by an army. But Glitter got us out of there before anything bad happened.” I answered. “If he wasn’t here, we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.”

“Well I suppose that’s good.” Listy said.

“ZZzz…” Draco snored, who was asleep on the floor of the cell.

“At least your here.” Listy said, shaking Draco to wake him up. “WAKE UP!”

“Zz… Ashph! ZZz…” Draco continued to sleep.

DRACO!” Listy yelled, shaking Draco violently.

“Ah… go away I’msa sleeping.” Draco said, flicking Listy in the foot before falling back asleep.

“You suck.” Listy said, slapping Draco twice. “WAKE UP! We’ve been captured and now have company!”

“*SIGH* Fine I’ll get up.” Draco said sleepily as he got up off the ground and put his scarf on (Which he as using was a pillow before). “Oh hi guys. How are you?”

“They said they just escaped from the army.” Listy said. “So. I’m gonna guess better than when they were cornered by the army.”

“Oh okay. So do they have a way out of this cell we are in?” Draco asked, very calm.

“Glitter I’m gonna guess.” Listy replied. “Other than tha- wait why are you so calm?!”

“What? Is something wrong?” Draco asked, still very calm about the situation.

“Yes. We’re on a military base.” Listy replied. “There’s a lot wrong.”

“Oh okay.” Draco said, still calm before walking over to the cell bars. “I wonder how strong these bars are anyway...”

“I dunno. It’s a base of sorts so probably significantly, but it’s also old and there’s no one down here so I guess I don’t have any clue whatsoever.” Listy said.

“Hmm… I wonder…” Draco said, absorbing his Ultimate Crystal before making his Draco Eye and gauntlets appear.

“It might have security on it Draco!” Listy warned.

“Well I don’t see a keyhole or card slot anywhere so we don’t have many options.” Draco said, somehow still very calm. “Besides Glitter of course.”

“Your calmness is reassuring and unnerving at the same time.” Listy commented.

“Thanks?” Draco replied, a bit confused before he put his hands onto the cell bars and closed his eyes.

“Uhh…” Listy said. “You can do it!”

“You know, there might be security, so let’s just use Glitter instead.” I said.

“Well at least you suggested something.” Draco said, returning back to normal.

Then, Glitter flew through into the Cell.

“Get on.” I said. Glitter also grew a bit in size, and became a bigger Griffin, so everyone could fit on him.

“Already am.” Draco said, still calm and sitting on Glitter’s back.

“Umm, get Fireball and Zephyr on too. And wake up Paulo.” I said.

“Okay I’ll do that.” Draco said as Fireball and Zephyr walked over to Glitter

Paulo was snoring, fast asleep.

“Heus Paulo excitare, nos relinquens!” Draco said in Latin.

“An illud mane…?” Paulo mumbled in his sleep.

“SURRIGO!” Draco yelled.

“*GRUNT* Licuit!” Paulo got up.

“You guys sleep heavier than me.” Listy said, on Glitter.

Paulo saw that we all were on Glitter, and got on as well. Since Glitter was bigger, all of us fit on his back, including Zephyr.

“Okay, now, I don’t really know what Glitter’s plan is, but I can tell he is up to something.” I said to the others.

“Maybe ask him.” Listy replied.

“S--” I was about to say, but then realized…

We were back on the surface of the planet. We were no longer underground.

“Oh hey, we’re back up.” Lavender said.

“Since when?” Listy asked.

“Since now if you didn’t notice.” Draco replied.

Then, we see a spaceship. Yes, a spaceship. It was escaping, leaving the planet, at a fast speed too!

“I’m gonna guess that’s what Glitter is up to.” Listy said. “Unless he can just leave.”

“That should be our way out.” Corpse said, “GLITTER! SOMEHOW GET INTO THAT SPACESHIP!”

And off Glitter went. In a millisecond, we were on top of the spaceship.

“No, INSIDE!” Corpse exclaimed.

“This is definitely not good.” Draco said, a little less calm, but still calm.

“He’s trying!” I shouted.

But then, the spaceship had already gone past the shield… And we just slipped right off of it.

“Well good thing we have you two at least.” Draco said, when Zephyr and Glitter caught those who almost fell.

“At least you tried.” Listy said. “There’ll be more ways out.”

I then realized, Glitter was charging something.

“We still have hope of escaping, Glitter’s up to something!” I told the others.

“I wonder what?” Draco said.

“Probably something new.” Listy said.

“Wow. How insightful of you.” Draco said.

“Sheesh you don’t have to be mean.” Listy said.

“Keep in mind you were the one who slapped me twice less than five minutes ago.” Draco commented.

“You wouldn't wake up!” Listy replied.

“All you had to do was just have Fireball wake me up.” Draco said.

“He’s right you know.” Fireball added.

“I thought you were asleep.” Listy replied. “I didn’t want to wake you up, you hold a grudge forever.”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t know, you didn’t tell me.” Listy replied calmly. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Guyes.” Rando said, looking at Corpse making sure he wasn't gonna kill him. “Stop f-fighting…”

“How long is Glitter gonna take to charge this thing?” Lavender asked.

“I dunno… Maybe a bit…” I replied.

“I hope not for long.” Listy said.

“Well we just have to wait.” Draco said, suddenly very calm again.

“The spaceship has already gone into lightspeed, and is far.” Corpse said.

“Then ask Glitter what he’s doing.” Listy said.

“Oka--” I was then interrupted, by Glitter, who suddenly was on the move again. We see ourselves, inside something.

“Wat?” Rando asked.

“Where are we?” Draco asked.

“Take a wild guess.” Listy replied.

“Okay…” Draco said. “Are we in a carrot rocket? A pillow submarine? A cardboard plane? We could be in a sandwich made of couches for all I know! Why would you ask me to guess?!”

“We’re in that spaceship that we saw earlier. In the trunk.” Corpse said, as everyone got off of Glitter, who shrunk and entered my pocket.

“Well that’s a relief. But now what do we do?” Draco asked.

“Depends on who’s driving the ship.” Listy replied.

“Stay put.” Paulo said.

“What if this is our friends?” Listy asked.

“If it is, then we can exit. Until then, I’ll see if I can find out who else is in here.” Corpse said, walking to the door, as the rest of us breathed in suspense.

To be continued in the next chapter.

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