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Ultimataniam 4: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 11)

Ultimataniam 4: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 11)

Posted November 8th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 11 |-----



The sound of water flowing was heard by Ivory. She swam through the ocean, until she spotted her home, destroyed, in front of her in the distance.

She swam towards it, thinking to herself the same thoughts she was thinking before in the ice cream shop.

“No.” she then heard a voice, but it wasn’t very clear, as it echoed.

“Who is that?” Ivory asked.

No one replied.

“Really, who said that?” Ivory growled.

No one replied again.

“Must have been a current or something…” Ivory muttered as she got closer. “Man… this place is a wreck. I can’t believe I lived here a year ago.”

When she made it there, everything was broken, shattered. No one was here.

“I understand.” said an echoing voice.

“Who is that?!” Ivory growled.

No response again.

“Who is saying that?” Ivory growled as she swam around her home.

“Yes, that is it.” the voice echoed again.

“Yes is what?” Ivory asked.

No reply once again. Ivory then saw a passage underground, blocked with chunks of the buildings. Ivory turned into a Lagiacrus and started smashing through it. After awhile, the building chunks were destroyed. There was a small hole leading underground. She then turned back into a human and swam down the hole.

Then, she saw a light in the distance, coming from above. Ivory swam towards it. Then, she exited the water, and was on land. In front of her was a closed door, out of the water. Ivory walked out of the water and opened the door.

Inside she saw a hallway, with many other doors.  “Why does this happen to me?!” Ivory roared. At the end of the hallway was a fireplace.

She walked down the hallway, trying to decide which door to take. She opened the first door to the right.

Inside was a prison, with dead bodies inside the cells.

“Happy.” Ivory sighed as she slammed the door and went to the other side of the hallway and opened that door.

In there, there was also a prison. Inside though, were skeletons.

“More happiness.” Ivory sighed as she slammed the door and walked towards a random door. She opened it.

Inside was another cell. With more skeletons and dead bodies inside.

“Dang. Never knew that we had a prison in our basement that's above ground.” Ivory sighed. She walked to another random door and opened it up. “Fifth time’s a charm.” She sighed.

And again, inside was a prison. “Why am I even here?!” Ivory roared. “I'm just trying to find my dad!” Ivory walked down the hallway, not opening the doors but rather burning them and walking on.

Then, when she burned them, she also saw the fireplace across the hallway at the same time. The fireplace didn’t look like a normal fireplace…

Ivory walked over to it and lit it up. But nothing happened, the fire just made warmth, and was bright.

“I'm done with this place! I just want to find my dad!” Ivory roared as she sent a wave of fire down the hallway.

Then, that triggered something. The fireplace suddenly dropped, and a deep hole remained where it was.

“Now we're getting somewhere…” Ivory said as she jumped down the hole.

After she landed, she saw a cell next to two gravestones. Inside that cell was Gabe, the real Gabe.

“What are you doing here?” Ivory asked.

Gabe ignored, his face buried in his palms.

“Gabe, what's wrong?” Ivory asked.

Gabe continued to ignore.

“Gabe. Tell me why you are here and what is wrong with you!” Ivory demanded.

Gabe still didn’t answer.

“Did you just now learn that they’re dead?” Ivory asked.

Gabe still did not answer. He stood silent.

“Gabe, I swear if you don’t answer me, I’ll get in there and slap you in the face until you answer me!” Ivory threatened.

Gabe took one hand off his face and motioned it at Ivory, telling her to stay back, while the other hand was still in his face.

“Why? Why do you want me to get back?” Ivory asked.

Gabe then lied down on his back.

Ivory took three steps towards Gabe. “What is wrong with you right now?” she asked.

“Back! Stay BACK!” Gabe panicked, and got up as he yelled.

“Well, at least you can talk. Now tell me, what’s wrong? And why do I have to stay back?” Ivory asked.

“Back up… first…” Gabe said.

“Fine.” Ivory sighed as she took five steps back.

“Good…” Gabe muttered, “don’t get too close…”

“Now answer me. Why do I need to stay back?” Ivory demanded.

“Dad’s not acting the same…” Gabe said.

“But, he’s dea-… oh. So he does talk like Lagi’s dad.” Ivory sighed. “What’s different?”

“I was talking to him earlier… and I was telling him exactly what happened…” Gabe said, “but… he’s…”

“Yes?” Ivory asked. “What is it?”

“I mean, look at me! I’m in a cage!” Gabe exclaimed. “You can probably guess from that!”

“I don’t understand how you got in that cage. Dad’s dead.” Ivory sighed. “And I assume you’re going to tell me how you somehow were trapped in there by him.”

“Not by him.” Gabe said, “his guards…”

“Guards?” Ivory asked.

“That’s why you gotta stay back, or else you’ll trigger them.” Gabe replied.

“What do you mean by his guards?” Ivory asked.

“Dad is dead, but his consciousness is still here, in this temple, since his body is buried here.” Gabe said.

“I still don’t understand what his guards are.” Ivory said. “Tell me. Explain.”

“Okay. You, Lagi, and I are not the only Human Lagiacrus’s alive. The guards are too.” Gabe informed Ivory.

“Got it. So, how do I get you out without angering the guards?” Ivory asked.

“I have no idea.” Gabe replied, “but I do know if you get closer, something bad will happen…”

“So, I can’t explain that we’re his children and they’ll let you out? Or did you try that?” Ivory asked. “Also, what was mom like?”

“… she is actually dead, you can’t talk to her.” Gabe said.

“I know. I’m just asking you.” Ivory said.

“Ah. Well… she… well you resemble her a lot.” Gabe said.

“Okay.” Ivory said. “Could you go into more depth?”

“Like what?” Gabe asked, “I mean, what do you want to know?”

“I don’t know. I never met her, other than when I was a baby, so I just want to know a bit about her.” Ivory sighed.

“Yeah, well… there’s not much to tell, other than she acted a lot like you, just mature.” Gabe said. “And not as violent.”

“Oh. Well, I wonder where that violence came from…” Ivory muttered. “Anyways, how should we handle this situation?”

“Oh…” Gabe thought for a moment, “j-just do it… trigger it, and l-let me die…”

“If you want me to.” Ivory sighed as she walked towards Gabe’s cage.

“WHO DARES ENTER MY TOMB!?!?” A loud voice roared, and the place shook.

“I believe that you’re my dad. And so I’m your daughter.” Ivory said.

“Ah, Ivory, my dear. What brings you here?” The voice asked.

“Well, I was hoping I could get a talk with you. I mean, Lagi can talk to his dad whenever he wants to, and I wondered if I could as well.” Ivory said.

“Yes, it’s part of our culture to have this tomb, where our consciousness is put so that future leaders will be able to know how the past leaders led their civilization.” The voice said. “What was it you wanted to talk about?”

“I don’t really know. Maybe about why Gabe is stuck in a cage?” Ivory suggested.

“GABE. He has betrayed our kind, and must face the punishment!” The voice barked.

“I guess so. I understand.” Ivory sighed. “Well, is the punishment just getting trapped in a cage? Or is there more to it?”

“He is to die a very painful death.” The voice said.

“Okay. I’m fine with that. He tried to kill some more people.” Ivory said.

“Though, he claimed he did not do what evidence has shown he has done. He claims that he was brainwashed. Phht.” The voice said.

“Same story he told us. Wait, no. It was the guy who put the spell on him who told us that story. He might be telling the truth.” Ivory said.

“Where is his evidence?” The voice asked.

“Gabe’s or Dakrus’s?” Ivory asked.

“Where is the evidence that Gabe did not do all the bad things that we saw him do?” The voice questioned.

“He did do it. But he was under control of somebody else. I still blame him though.” Ivory said.

“And why do you still blame him?” The voice asked.

“Because you are.” Ivory sighed.

“That is an illogical reason.” The voice said, “I am not you, and you are not me. You must have your own reason to blame him.”

“Well, I would hate to miss out on watching a painful death. And also, you’re my dad. I’m supposed to follow you and do whatever you want.” Ivory explained.

“But then again, he is your brother.” The voice said. “And do not watch painful deaths, for it will only bring pain to yourself.”

“A brother who got his mom and dad killed. And most of his race.” Ivory said.

“It was not him.” said the voice, “he is not responsible for the death of our race.”

“So why the heck is he still locked up in a cage?” Ivory growled.

“Because, this is all a test. And you FAILED.” A cage suddenly locked up around Ivory.

“Great.” Ivory said.

“You were to pass the test and escape with your brother. But you are not the caring daughter Gravel raised you to be.” said the voice.

“Y-you’re not dad?! Who are you?!” Ivory roared.

“Gabe told you, didn’t he?” The voice questioned.

“He only said that he talked with dad for a little. And that he was put in the cage by his ‘guards’.” Ivory growled.

“He was off by a bit. It is not ‘guards’. It’s, the one, keeper and the one who started all of this.” said the voice.

“I don’t understand any of this right now.” Ivory growled. “Explain.”

“At the moment, Gabe’s cage is gone, along with Gabe, as you can see.” said the voice.

“I can see that. I’m not blind.” Ivory growled.

“And I am the first.” said the voice.

“You expect me to understand that?” Ivory asked.

“I am called ‘The First’. For, I am the first Human Lagiacrus.” said the voice. “My real name being Lagiacrus, Lagi or Lagia for short, in which many were named after me.”

“Okay. So, do I get to go now that history class is over?” Ivory asked.

“No. You have failed your test. You bring shame to the Human Lagiacrus’s.” said the voice.

“What can I say? It gets hard when it gets confusing.” Ivory sighed.

“And it is in your blood that you can understand. You unfortunately do not. Meaning you are even more of a shame, then the shamed one before you.” the voice said.

“So, I get detention reviewing the history of our race or something? Or science figuring out what’s wrong with my blood?” Ivory laughed.

“No. We get rid of those who are not normal.” the voice said, in a serious voice, not jokingly at all.

“Goodbye repopulation.” Ivory sighed.

“Yes. Abyss and Gravel wanted you and Lagi to rebuild the Human Lagiacrus world, however, I extremely disagree. You and Lagi are nothing like you are supposed to be, yet alone they expected you to be leaders?!” The voice said.

“And it’s your fault it won’t happen.” Ivory sighed.

“Yes. I will stop you from building a new Human Lagiacrus world. Instead, I will have someone else be the leader, who has the blood of the real Human Lagiacrus’s.” said the voice.

“What will you do? Raise the dead? Create life?” Ivory asked.

“No. I will have Gabe lead.” the voice said, “he has the true blood. He has power. He has mercy. Mercy is extremely important, even more important to family, which you have failed to show.”

“Lemmie guess. You hid some other female away in some dark cave and are going to take them out to repopulate.” Ivory sighed.

“No. You are the last of the females.” said the voice.

“So, you’re still going to have a problem with population.” Ivory sighed.

“No, that problem has been resolved.” said the voice.

“How?” Ivory asked. “Because if I remember correctly, there must be a male and female to reproduce.”

“Yes, that is indeed, correct.” said the voice.

“So how is that problem solved?” Ivory asked.

“It’s simple. Clones.” said the voice.

“You’re a horrible person. No, you don’t even deserve to be called a person.” Ivory sighed.

“It is partly true. I am not a person.” said the voice, “and no, it’s not what you are thinking. I am not cloning you.”

“So what? You think you have the power to read minds?” Ivory asked. “Because that’s not what I was thinking.”

“Some might think that is what I meant when saying ‘clones’, those some who are watching us closely, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, of everything that has happened.” said the voice.

“So… are you just going to talk to me? Or, am I going to die of ear bleed?” Ivory asked.

“Oh I am not talking to you. You are not worthy of hearing my voice, you are shameful.” said the voice, “you are to be destroyed.”

Suddenly, Gabe appeared in front of Ivory’s cage.

“What are you doing here?” Ivory asked.
Gabe doesn’t answer, he just stared at Ivory.

“As I have said before, we get rid of those who do not show that they are true blood.” The voice said, “and now, Gabe, do your job.”

“You know, the only reason I failed this test was because Gabe asked me to alert you of my presence.” Ivory sighed.

“No.” Gabe said, “what I asked you was part of the test.”

“And I followed your directions.” Ivory said.

“But you failed the next part.” Gabe replied.

“What was the next part?” Ivory asked.

“The part where you thought you were speaking to dad. You failed that part as well as the part after that, when speaking to the first.” Gabe answered. “You also failed to show respect to our ancestor.”

“I don’t care. They’re dead.” Ivory said.

“No. The First is not dead. He is living.” Gabe said.

“Good for them. I still don’t care.” Ivory said.

“You do show no respect, and show no pride for your race.” Gabe said hesitantly as he nodded and took out a long blade from his sheath, “I apologize in advance for what I’m about to do. But then again, you don’t care.”

Gabe’s blade then burst with blue energy. The handle of the blade was a Lagiacrus’s head.

“This is the Ancient Lagiacrus Sword. It belongs to The First. I shall use to get rid of you, since you don't ‘care’.” Gabe said, holding the blade out in front of him, “goodbye Ivory. You’re the most shameful out of all of us.”

And just like that, Gabe’s blade struck into Ivory.


To Be Continued!

thats end of book 4 in the second series
book 5 comes after!

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