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Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)

Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)

Posted November 10th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Book 5, chapter one!!



-----| Chapter 1 |-----



We had all escaped! After a while, after Jasper’s uncle, Citrine, decided that he was going to go meet the Ultimate Council to discuss that matter of the warship inside the planet, everyone else appeared! Saturo, Lavender, Rando, Corpse, Paulo, Draco, Listy, Fireball, and Zephyr had appeared inside the spaceship! Saturo said that Glitter was the one that they escaped with. Lucky for them. They kind of did escape the easy way, in my opinion.

The rest of us made a plan. Well, I was already trying to find Nushot, my brother, and bring him back to dad so we could train. Chill was coming with me, along with Saturo, Lavender, Draco (along with Fireball and Zephyr), Uchiho, and Draelin. Vulgon was going to the Rock Planet along with us, but is leaving us to find Vivofit and do his own thing.

Corpse, along with Roiber, Hamshere, and Paulo were returning to bounty hunting, so we were gonna drop them off at a canteen on any planet, where Roiber and Paulo could buy a new spaceship…

Mehrunes and Listy then decided they were going with me to find Nushot, after I told them that that was my goal.

Jasper was going with his uncle to the council to give them the files that Mehrunes and I found…

And Rando was going back with Hamshere and Corpse to bounty hunt. Yeah, that was the plan. Citrine was going to drop us off, at the Rock Planet, all of us basically. Dropping the Bounty Hunters at the canteen, and the rest of us to continue the search for Nushot. I can still sense that he’s on the Rock Planet, so I know that that is our destination.

Now, we were descending into the atmosphere of the Rock Planet, and the hunt continues.

“Good luck finding your bro.” Vulgon said to me in advance.

“Yeah, good luck finding Vivofit.” I replied.

The spaceship landed in the space station. The bounty hunters said their goodbyes, and off they went. The rest of us said goodbye to Jasper and his uncle before getting off.

Now, Saturo, Lavender, Draco, Uchiho, Mehrunes, Listy, Draelin, Chill, and I were left. When we got off, Citrine was off as well, to go to the Ultimate Council.

Everyone had big plans…

“Okay, so, Ich, where do we head?” Saturo asked.

“Hmmm…” I looked around, trying to sense the direction of which my brother is in. “I think, towards the mountains.”

“Uhh, which mountains?” Lavender asked, “there are many.”

“Yeah, could you be more specific?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well, I sense him more over that way.” I said, pointing at a direction. “But I also sense him slightly the other way.” I pointed to another direction, near the first one.

“So we go that way slightly towards the other way.” Mehrunes said. “This is super exciting.”

“Do you have to be sarcastic about almost everything?” Draco asked.

“No.” Mehrunes replied. “Do you have to criticize me on everything I do?”

“Hey! You criticize me on a lot of things I do!” Draco said back.

“Guys stop it.” Listy said.

“Oh trust me, I wish we could, but I doubt that’s gonna happen for a while.” Draco said before turning away from Mehrunes.

“I’m gonna take that as an insult to my social skills as well as my ability to change and direct it right back at you, then move on like nothing happened.” Mehrunes said casually. “Maybe you should calm down…”

“I’ve been trying too, but it’s been difficult.” Draco muttered spitefully.

“I’ll probably help you with that sometime later.” Mehrunes said. “ANYWAY. We should go find Ich’s brother so we can move on with our lives.”

“Chillin dat chill.” said Chill, “meaning’, y'all chill n’ stop fighting.”

“Yeah whatever.” Mehrunes replied. “We gonna go now?”

“Hopefully.” Fireball said, sitting on top of Zephyr’s head. “Because I’m bored.”

“I don’t think I can help you there.” Mehrunes replied. “Let’s go!”

“Yeah, but, I’m still trying to find the exact location we need to get to.” I said, “we don’t want to get somewhere we don’t want to be, we should get it right the first time.”

“Yeah. But can you do it while walking or do we have to play cards?” Mehrunes asked.

“Oh right, yeah, I can do it while walking. You guys can chat or something, I’ll be sensing and finding where Nushot is.” I said, and we all began to walk away from the Space Station.

“Hey Saturo, why are we finding Nushot again?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because Ich’s dad said to find him before we train.” Saturo answered.

“So you guys are finding people who can train you and I’m just not?” Mehrunes asked. “I’m just unlucky I guess.”

“Well you’ve probably met someone at least.” Draco said. “I definitely haven’t met anyone who could train me. And even if I did they probably wouldn't want to anyway.”

“Don’t beat yourself up about your power.” Mehrunes said. “Your powerful. Stop hating on yourself.”

“I know I’m not as powerful as you three that’s for sure.” Draco replied.

“*COUGH* Forgetin someone.” Chill coughed. “More lak people.”

“Okay you four.” Draco said, correcting himself.

“And everyone else too. Yer forgettin Listy and Lavender. So it’s Mehrunes, Ich, Saturo, Lavender, and me. Yer more powerful than Draelin and Uchiho though.” Chill said.

“Chill your not helping at all.” Mehrunes scolded.

“Imma corrected ‘em dough.” Chill replied.

“IT’S NOT HELPFUL!” Mehrunes shouted. “Trying to make Draco feel better, not worse.”

“Well I doubt there’s anything I can do that you guys can’t.” Draco said.

“The eye thing and the gauntlets we can't do.” Mehrunes replied.

“And how helpful have those things been exactly?” Draco questioned.

“Well you have to actually remember to use them.” Mehrunes replied. “Draco, if you don’t wanna be judged ya gotta make people not judge you by proving them wrong.”

“How is he gonna do that?” Listy asked.

“That’s what Draco has to find out.” Mehrunes replied.

“Ya, ya gotta chill, Draco-Brah.” Chill said.

“*SIGH* I just wish there was something I could do that would be really helpful.” Draco said, looking down.

“What about Uchiho and Draelin? They aren’t doing anything really that is helpful. You’re more helpful than them at least.” Saturo said.

“Harsh.” Mehrunes commented.

“Well Uchiho is the healer so she can be helpful.” Draco said.

“Then Draelin.” Saturo replied.

“Well she’s just my little sister. Heck I don’t know why we didn’t just leave her back at Elec’s mansion.” Draco said.

“You could challenge someone here to a duel.” Mehrunes said. “Someone about your level.”

“Okay and who would that even be?” Draco asked.

“Well you're not gonna fight Uchiho or Draelin, but Listy is barely better than you.” Mehrunes replied.

“Sure.” I said, I stopped walking and the others did as well, “I’m not really sure where to go now, so we can stop, you can duel or whatever while I try and find where Nushot is. He’s not here, in between these mountains where we are.”

“Okay but are you sure about this?” Draco asked uneasily.

“Well… we have a healer…” Listy replied. “So… I don’t know why not…”


“Well that was certainly a flashy way to start.” Draco said, both Listy and him a bit caught off guard by what Saturo just did.

“And probably a bit unnecessary.” Listy added. “We’re not in a stadium, you don’t need to yell at the few people here.”

Saturo just smirked.

“Anyway, time to get started I guess.” Draco said.

“Back off homies.” Chill said, and we all backed off from Listy and Draco, giving them some space, “give dem contestants some room!”

“This is funny.” Mehrunes said. “So much preparation away from official status.”

“And can I make comments in the fight? Like, ‘OH! And it looks like Draco has gotten back up! What will he do now?!’?” Saturo asked.

“I don’t see why not.” Draco replied.

“No reason not too.” Listy added.

“Alright, I will.” Saturo said, as Mehrunes took out some popcorn and Chill took out some nachos, “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”

“Okay, let’s see how this goes!” Draco said as he and Listy faced each other.

“Probably someone's gonna win.” Listy smiled.


“Oh sorry. I was joking.” Listy smiled back. “Les go Draco!”

“Just hope you can keep up!” Draco said back with a smile as his Draco Eye activated.

Just for show, Listy made a few rocks hurl themselves at Draco with a smile.

“Oh! It looks like Listy is starting off by going easy! Will she have to go all out soon!?” Saturo commented.

“Heh.” Draco smirked as he then blasted the rocks into dust with plasma.

“You still good?” Listy said, as she threw a plethora of medium sized rocks at Draco like she was bored with it.

“I’m good enough to deal with these!” Draco replied before he made his gauntlets appear and he destroyed all of the rocks with only a few punches. “You got any other tricks?”

“Many!” Listy replied, utilizing more rocks in a shotgun fashion, while some ground beneath Draco rose and shook to send him off balance.

“Agh!” Draco exclaimed before he dodged the rocks while trying to stay balanced.

“Oh! It seems that Draco is struggling!” Saturo commented.

“Okay then! Looks like I’ll have to try a new tactic!” Draco said, a smirk on his face as he started to charge energy.


This was interesting… And pretty entertaining. It distracted me from sensing Nushot, but that was fine, we can find Nushot after this.


“*SIGH*” Lycrus sighed.

Lycrus laid on the grassy hill with Lagi, trying to continue thinking, trying to remember his past.

“Do you think Ivory’s doing fine?” Lycrus asked Lagi.

But Lagi didn’t respond.

“Lagi?” Lycrus asked.

But Lagi didn’t respond either. He stayed silent.

“LAGI!? ARE YOU OKAY!?” Lycrus exclaimed.

Lagi didn’t respond. Something was up with him, like, like he had lost control. Like he had lost everything.

“What is going on?!” Lycrus exclaimed.


“Well done Gabe.” The voice said, “you have successfully gotten rid of the shamed one.”

“…” Gabe was silent, as he looked at Ivory’s dead body.

“How do you feel right now as of is?” The voice asked.

“… Something isn’t right. This wasn’t supposed to happen, was it? It was supposed to be a test for me, to see if my love for my own sister was true, to see if I am indeed true blood and a good brother…” Gabe said.

“That was part of it. Since the loss of something valuable… Our valuable item is gone. Therefore, she serves no purpose. She is no longer important. She was abandoned by this item. No one cares for her. Not even you, anymore.” The voice said.

“…” Gabe thought to himself.

“Lagi has also been abandoned, also has no care for him anymore. Now finish the task. Make it that Lagi and Ivory will never lead a new kingdom.” The voice said.

“Yes… I will obey you, since you are the First.” Gabe said.

“It wasn’t my choice. The one who cared for them, it was his. And he abandoned them. HE is asking you to do this. Not I.” said the voice.

“I do not understand.” Gabe replied.

“You do not have to. Many do not understand these things, including myself. But, those do not matter any longer. Finish the task.” The voice said.

Gabe nodded. He put the sword away, and walked over to Ivory’s dead body. A tear ran down his face, as he picked the dead body up.

“I will bring you back…” Gabe muttered, only he can hear himself, “somehow…”

Gabe left the tomb, as a blue figure in the darkness watched him.


“She’s… dead…” Lagi muttered.

“WHAT?” Lycrus asked.

“Ivory’s dead… I felt it… she’s dead…” Lagi said.

“…” Lycrus was silent.

Lagi had passed out, and somehow slowly began to disappear. Lycrus was shocked.

“LAGI! NOT YOU TOO!” Lycrus exclaimed.

But then it was too late. Lagi had disappeared. Lycrus is now alone. He curled into a ball and laid there, thinking to himself. Now that his friends were gone, he didn’t know what to do.


“There.” Gabe said.

Gabe set Ivory’s body inside a coffin. He set a spell on that coffin, before he then turned around, seeing Lagi lying down on the floor.

“Finish the next task. Then, you shall keep that sword.” The voice said.

Gabe walked over to Lagi, who had passed out. He looked back over to the coffin Ivory was in, seeing another coffin next to it, open.

“Sorry Lagi.” Gabe said, before he then stuck his blade into Lagi’s body.

Then, Gabe took Lagi’s lifeless body and put it in the coffin.

“Ahahaha… Yes, finally. The prophecy has finally been revealed!” The voice said.

The blue figure stepped out of the darkness, revealing himself. He was wearing blue clothing, and had a hood on. In his hands was a scroll.

“What is that?” Gabe asked.

“The scroll. This is the new prophecy, presented finally, after you had killed Ivory and Lagi, the new prophecy has been made.” The figure looked down at the scroll.

“Read it aloud.” Gabe commanded.

The figure read it aloud.


When the planet explodes, when the wars are over

A new king shall rise.

A new Queen shall rise.

A new servant, a new warrior, protecting the king and queen shall rise.

The Human Lagiacrus’s shall repopulate.

And are under the order of the King and Queen.


“Hmm.” Gabe said.

“This is interesting. I’ve never seen anything like this.” The figure said.

“Well, that does tell us that Lagi and Ivory will rule.” Gabe said.

“Yes. They shall.” said the figure, “they may not be true bloods, but they are the only ones left. We must repopulate.”

“When can they leave the coffins?” Gabe asked.

“As the prophecy spoke. ‘When the planet explodes, when the wars are over’. It is very clear. After this first Galactic War is over, they shall rise and become King and Queen. The only one I am unsure of is the new servant to them… It may be you, but I am unsure.” The figure said.

“… Maybe. There probably is a way to make them true bloods though.” Gabe said.

“You’ve done it. The Ancient Lagiacrus Sword, cannot kill a Human Lagiacrus. All that you have killed is the part that is not true blood. When they both rise, they will be our friends, and we will help the new Human Lagiacrus nation.” The figure said.

“… Somehow I doubt it. I doubt they’ll be any different when they come back.” said Gabe.

“No, but you have gotten rid of the genes in them that made them the way they are. All their children shall be true bloods.” said the figure. “But as of now, we shall wait.”

To be continued in the next chapter.
Dang. What a very simple prophecy..

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Not really.... a lot of sad

Not really.... a lot of sad things happened....


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