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Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 10)

Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 10)

Posted December 1st, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 10 |-----



It still bothered me… How Nushot did so many things, counting getting married, and I, HIS OWN BROTHER, didn’t even know about it! What was this? This isn’t normal family behavior… Well, I guess because my dad’s a elemental master, that sort of makes sense. But still. It felt weird.

And Lavender started acting weird too. She’s acting like my sister… She is, I guess, my sister in law, and I am her brother in law… It was weird, still.

After we found Nushot, we had to find Fireball (He was apparently tied where Mehrunes had tied him, but Mehrunes didn’t find him there. We ended up looking for him ourselves) so we could please Draco and finally go to the Electric Planet. Fortunately, Nushot had a spaceship, and knew how to drive one. It was similar to the spaceship Roiber had, except it looked more Nushot-like.

We were now in space. Flying to the Electric Planet, and everyone was seated in seats. Nushot’s ship had seats in the sides, like helicopter’s in the air force. We wore seatbelts, Nushot said we had to, which is understandable.

There were five seats available on each side… I was sitting on the right side, in the middle. To my right were Mehrunes and Draco, and to my left were Saturo and Lavender. In front of us were Chill, Uchiho, Listy, Draelin, Zephyr, and Fireball (Fireball was on top of Zephyr and didn’t have to wear a seatbelt). Azalea had her own seat in the front, apparently she was co piloting Nushot.

“Ich are you okay? You were making a face.” Mehrunes said.

“No.” I replied, “it’s weird.”

“What is?” Mehrunes asked.

“Everything. You saw what I learned back there…” I replied.

“That’s not terribly weird.”

“Yes, but Lavender’s treating me differently now. It’s weird.”

“I haven’t noticed a difference.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, well, I already have. And I can tell it’s gonna be different in the future too.” I replied.

“Uh huh.” Mehrunes said. “I’m sure it’s fine.”

“Yeah, I never said it wasn’t fine… I just said it was weird…”

“I don’t think it’s weird.” Mehrunes said. “It’s perfectly normal, happens all the time.”

“Yeah, sure, it hasn’t happened to you. How would you know?”

Mehrunes just looked at me funny.

“I don't think I understand.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah. You don’t understand.” I replied to him.

“No I mean the question.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t understand that.”

“You never had suddenly have your friend become your sister.” I rephrased what I had said before. “So you wouldn’t know.”

“Well I mean sister in law is much different than sister, just think of her as a friend and it’ll be less weird.”

“Hard to do.” I replied.

“How so?” Mehrunes asked.

“When I think of my brother, I think of Azalea and then her. She kinda just popped up in my family tree now.” I answered.

“It can’t be that bad.” Mehrunes said.

“It’s not bad. I said it already. It’s just weird…” I said before whispering, “and the fact that Saturo also has a crush on her.”

“Yeah that’s gonna be awkward.” Mehrunes said back. “I bought a book on this at some point, I probably still have it do you want it sometime?”

“A book on what?” I asked.

People you know becoming family and how to deal with it.” Mehrunes recited.

“Boi.” Chill said to Mehrunes, doing the same hand gesture, joining our conversation.

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“Ich-Brah’ll beh fine.” Chill said, “just let em be.”

“Okay.” Mehrens said.

“What would be even weirder, tho, is if Listy suddenly turned out ta be Meh-Brah’s long lost sister or sumthin.” Chill said aloud, that everyone could hear him.

“I don’t have a sister.” Mehrunes said. “I’m almost 100% sure I’m an only child.”

“But it would be weird if dat suddenly turned out ta be.” Chill said, “maybe she’s yer cousin or sumthin.” I noticed that Listy looked… embarrassed.

“I don’t have cousins either.” Mehrunes said. “I’m pretty sure they died or are still on my planet.”

“How you sure tho, homie?” Chill asked.

“Because I’ve run DNA scans on all of you.” Mehrunes replied with a smirk.

“We’re all human, and have the same DNA, boi.” Chill said, smirking for some reason, “besides, yer scan don’ work correctly if dat’s so.”

“I’m tired of this conversation.” Mehrunes said.

“Ya wanna change et? Who should we talk aboutz next?” Chill asked.

“How about we talk about where Fireball is getting catnip?” Mehrunes suggested, as Fireball crawled over behind Zephyr’s neck to avoid us staring at him.

“Yeah… where exactly did you get that Fireball?” Draco asked.

“Well… you see… I’ll get in trouble if I tell you.” Fireball said in a slightly scared tone as he hid from our glances.

“How so?” Draco asked.

“It’s just better if you don’t know…” Fireball replied quietly. “I don’t wanna get exposed.”

“Fireball. Just tell us already.” Draco said.

“No.” Fireball replied.

“Maybe we should stop trying to force your cat to tell us where he get’s catnip.” Mehrunes defended Fireball.

“Since when do you care about where Fireball gets his catnip from?” Draco asked, a bit suspicious.

“Since when do you care about what I care about?” Mehrunes asked back.

“Since you started having an opinion.” Draco replied.

“I can tell you if you promise not to report me!” Fireball suddenly shouted.

“Why would we report you? It’s just catnip! It's a plant that can commonly grow anywhere!” Draco said.

“No… I react different on normal catnip… This isn’t regular catnip!” Fireball said, a bit hesitant.

“I’m gonna report you so hard.” Mehrunes joked.

Fireball suddenly leaped from his spot, and clawed Mehrunes’s face, leaving bloody marks. “DON’T. YOU. DARE.

“Yaknow that doesn’t really hurt.” Mehrunes said, throwing Fireball off him.

ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME, MISTER?!” Fireball threatened, his face looking angry and his claws being covered in bright orange flames.

“No.” Mehrunes replied. “Maybe? I dunno. No.”

“Just tell us where you got the catnip from already.” Draco said.

NOT UNTIL THIS GUY IS DEAD.” Fireball glared at Mehrunes, clearly angry…No, not angry. Enraged.

“That escalated quickly...” Draco said quietly.

“Chill, it was a joke.” Mehrunes said. “I’m not gonna report you.”


“Please don’t and/or don’t try.” Mehrunes said.

TOO BAD, UGLY FACE!” Fireball insulted, before hopping on Zephyr’s head, “YOU HAVEN’T SEEN MY TRUE POWER!

“And I’m sure you’re amazingly strong. Look mate, I don’t wanna fight you and I don’t wanna be enemies and I surely do not want to die and/or kill Draco’s cat. Either way is a loss.”


“So it’s still not that good.” Mehrunes snickered.

“Both of you are not helping my confidence right now.” Draco said, with a scowl.


Everyone else was silent, just watching them…

“TODAY IS THE DAY THAT MEHRUNES THE UGLY WILL DIE!” Fireball announced, looking like a proud leader standing on Zephyr’s head.

“Okay I think it’s time we calm down a bit.” Draco then said as he approached Fireball. He then snapped his fingers, and Fireball suddenly went to sleep.

“And just to be safe.” Draco said, “I think I should switch seats with someone while I hold this cat. Since sitting next to Mehrunes is clearly a bad idea.”

“Good idea. Switch with Chill then.” Saturo said, as Chill stood up after taking off his seatbelt before switching seats with Draco.

“Aye Fireball. I don’t wanna fight you but you're gonna anyway.” Mehrunes said. “SO maybe if I win you stop hating me. Eh?”

“Meh. The cat’s still asleep. He can’t hear you.” Draco said.

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes said. “Wouldn't have been worth it anyway.”

“Oh don’t be so sure, his naps are pretty short, especially for a cat. He’ll probably be awake in about five minutes.” Draco said.

“Yea? Ask him about that when he wakes up. I’m gonna take a nap as well.” Mehrunes said.

“I-D-K if that’s a good idea, he may try to kill you in your sleep.” Draco said.

“Will you let him?” Mehrunes asked.

“I-D-K. Depends on how determined he is to do it, I’ll try my best to hold him though.” Draco replied.

“He won’t be able to anyway.” Mehrunes said, closing his eyes.

“We’ll see about that…” Fireball said, already awake.

“Stop it.” Mehrunes said.

“No, ugly face.” Fireball replied, lying down on Zephyr.

“Please stop calling me that. I did nothing to deserve this.” Mehrunes said.

“Honestly, you deserve more than this. How could Listy like someone as ugly as you?” Fireball replied.

“I did nothing to you.” Mehrunes said. “Stop it.”

“You did everything, ugly face.” Fireball replied. “When I get a good chance, I’ll kill you.”

“What did I do?” Mehrunes asked. “That makes you want to kill me?”

EVERYTHING.” Fireball replied, his eyes wide open.

“I didn’t do jack squat.” Mehrunes replied. “I joked about reporting you, which I’m not, and I don’t even care about your catnip addiction. I exist which if you hate me for that too fudging bad. I did nothing to you.”

YOU DID EVERYTHING! I WILL KILL YOU FOR THAT!” Fireball shouted, his head bursting in flames.

“Can you at least list what I did?” Mehrunes asked, fiddling with a revolver.

YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, UGLY!” Fireball shouted.

“Should we get involved?” Draco asked me.

“No, I really don’t.” Mehrunes said, before I could even respond to Draco. “You do, so tell me please.”

I WILL NOT TELL YOU ANYTHING. YOU WILL DIE.” Fireball said, enraged as now his whole body was on fire, and somehow Zephyr was fine.

“I was asking if we should get involved earlier, but now I think if we do, it may risk our health.” Draco said to me.

“Fireball is mad at Mehrunes. Not us.” I replied to Draco, as Fireball was staring daggers at Mehrunes. “So we shouldn’t get involved or he might be mad at us.”

“Yeah I can see that now. But now what do we do? Unless we land soon Fireball may incinerate us if this keeps going on.” Draco said, using his wings as fans due to the sudden rise in temperature.


“Yeah, put him back to sleep.” I told Draco.

“Yeah but he’ll still be hot, we need to cool him down a bit.” Draco said, before he snapped his fingers again, putting Fireball to sleep.

Chill then shot ice at Fireball, putting the fire out without freezing him. “Dere mah homies. Fire iz out, ha ha Imma fireman.”

“Thank you.” Draco said before he carefully picked up Fireball by the scruff and held onto him, only this time he was using his gauntlets.

“Mehrunes, you’re gonna have to fight him.” Saturo said, “otherwise he’ll attack you and I don’t know what he could do… I have no idea what else Glare did to him…”

“Yeah, that may explain why Fireball is so mad about the ‘basic’ thing, he probably can do more then use fire and talk. But only Glare and Fireball know what that could be.” Draco said.

“I’m not sure… Who knows?” Saturo said.

“But something I’m wondering about is when Fireball was talking about the catnip… Does a different kind of catnip grow on the other planets instead of the kind on Aerth?” Draco asked.

“If ya ask meh, I would say sme scientist modified catnip to make et more of a drug.” Chill answered.

“So basically it’s like taking weed and turning it into like... ultra weed?” Draco said, a bit confused.

“Ya. I tink dat yer cat iz on drugs.” Chill replied

“Well clearly. If anything the effects have gotten worse and they’ve come with smaller and smaller doses. I mean, this time Fireball only had like half a leaf of catnip and he was doing the same as when he and Zephyr ate that whole patch from a few days ago!” Draco said.

“Hmm…” Lavender thought, “I think I know what Fireball was trying to say… But I’m not sure.”

“Whatever it is, even if he kills me I’ve got a backup plan. Which is good and bad for me.” Mehrunes said. “*SIGH* If he’s trying to kill me does that mean I can try to kill him?”

“I wouldn’t think Draco would be happy about it though.” Saturo told Mehrunes. “If you tried to kill his pet cat.”

“His pet cat tried to kill me first though.” Mehrunes replied. “Fine I’ll try not to kill him.”

“Ask Draco, I mean. He’s sitting with us!” Saturo said.

“I’m gonna assume that Draco does not want me to kill his precious cat.” Mehrunes replied, looking over at Draco.

“Yes I would prefer that.” Draco said.

“When are we gonna get to the Electric Planet?” Listy asked Nushot.

“Soon.” Nushot replied.

“Oh, that’s great!” Draco said.

“Sure I guess.” Nushot replied.

“It’s not good for me.” Mehrunes said. “At least I know he won’t kill me twice… probably not at all, but hey that’s just me.”

“I’m actually looking forward to seeing what Fireball can do.” Saturo said.

“I’m not because it’s aimed at me.” Mehrunes said.

YA SHOULD BE SCARED!” Fireball yelled, waking up all of a sudden.

“Oh boy…” Draco said as he tried to keep Fireball still.

“I kinda am.” Mehrunes replied. “Any chance you don’t wanna fight me?”

DOES SATURO HATE SPICY CHIPS?!” Fireball yelled in question.

“No.” Mehrunes replied, sort of frowning.

THEN THERES YOUR ANSWER!” Fireball yelled as he tried to escape from Draco’s grasp.

“Draco please hold him tighter.” Mehrunes said.

“It’s pretty hard actually.” Draco said.

OF COURSE IT IS! I’M STRONGER THAN YOU! I’m just holding back a lot because I don’t feel like escaping.” Fireball replied, before he stopped moving.

“If you're so strong then why can I knock you out by just snapping my fingers?” Draco asked.


“Also stop yelling. It’s unnecessary.” Draco said to him.

“SAY’S YOU! I THINK IT’S NECESSARY!” Fireball yelled back.

“Well then it stinks for you that I disagree.” Draco said, snapping his fingers and Fireball fell asleep again.

“Is it just me…” I started, “or do you think Fireball will learn how to not be put to sleep by Draco snapping later in the future?”

“It’s not just you.” Saturo replied.

“I’m surprised he hasn’t learned to by now.” Draco added.

“Imma not. He be a cat. Cat don’ know how ta not listen ta dere owner very well when dey be trained ta listen.” Chill said.

“Well most of the time Fireball listens pretty well. Mostly.” Draco said.

“He be gettin slightly better at not listenin ta you!” Chill said back.

“Yeah. I’ve noticed.” Draco said.

“But I reckon dat if ya tell em not ta kill Meh-Brah, he not gonna listen ta you.” Chill added.

“Most likely, because he hates him with a burning passion. Huh. That’s the first time I've made an unintentional pun.” Draco said, a bit surprised.

“Maybe ya should chill, Fireball.” Chill said to Fireball, who was still sleeping though.

“He can’t hear you Chill.” Draco said.

“I know. But ya made a pun, so I did too.” Chill replied.

“Oh. Okay then. Hopefully we get to the Electric Planet soon. I’m getting tired of having to put Fireball to sleep each minute.” Draco said.

“We’re landing now!” Nushot said from the front.

“WOOHOO!” Draco exclaimed in happiness.

“Booooo.” Mehrunes said. “Now I have to fight things and/or disappear into thin air.”

“No. You will fight it and not run, I wanna see Fireball fight when he’s mad!” Saturo said to Mehrunes while pointing at him with a finger.

“I can run if I want.” Mehrunes said, as Mr. Slithers looked at him. “I don’t really wanna die and expose something that needn’t be exposed. Or.. you know… die.”

“Well, we’ll see. I think Fireball will find you. Or when you decide to return, he’ll fight you…” Saturo said.

“Maybe I’ll just never return.” Mehrunes said, shrugging. “Maybe I’ll fight Fireball. We’ll have to see.”

“Fight him. Or, try to fight him. Or fight him, win or lose, and then maybe try again to apologize or something. You’re on your own.” Saturo said.

“Thanks a lot.” Mehrunes said.

I noticed a little blue and gold frog on his shoulder before it disappeared.

“Is Fireball awake yet?” Mehrunes asked.

“Nope.” Draco replied.

“I’m safe for now.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah…” Fireball said in his sleep, “for now…”

“Ironically I doubt he’s actually asleep.” Mehrunes said.

“Oh no. He already figured out how to not be put asleep by Draco! Maybe he fake sleeps to make us keep thinking that it still works!” I said.

“Hey Fireball, are you asleep?” Mehrunes asked. “Cuz if you are you won’t get the chance to fight me.”

Fireball snored in response.

“No I think he’s lucky.” Mehrunes replied.

Fireball snored louder.

“Nevermind I think you’re right.” Mehrunes said.

“What does Draco think?” Lavender asked, looking over at Draco.

“Hmm…” Draco said as he put his ear next to Fireball’s body. “Nope. He’s definitely sleeping.”

“Well… The cat owner has spoken.” Lavender then said.

“Well why haven’t we landed yet?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because we haven’t.” Chill answered. “AYE! HOMIE NUSHOT! WHY HAVEN’T WE LANDED!?”

“Because I’m searching for Elec’s Mansion.” Nushot replied.

“Dat’s why, Meh-Brah.” Chill said to Mehrunes.

“I really don’t wanna fight Fireball.” Mehrunes said. “It seems morally wrong.”

“Well keep in mind he wants to kill you so…” Draco started to say.

“Yeah I know, I’m gonna take the fight seriously.” Mehrunes said. “I would just prefer if he forgot, which he won’t.”

THAT’S RIGHT YA SON OF A BISCUIT!” Fireball yelled, waking up again.

“Please stop yelling.” Mehrunes said.

NEVVVEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!” Fireball yelled back louder.


“Oh. Then, I’ll stop yelling until we get out of the spaceship.” Fireball said, glaring at Mehrunes, “here that, ya ugly wugly weirdo?”

“Although I’ve stopped listening to your insults, yes I did.” Mehrunes replied.

“Your face insults me every time I lay my eyes on them.” Fireball said to Mehrunes.

“Can we get to Elec’s house?” Mehrunes asked, ignoring the insult.

“If I were Elec, I wouldn’t let a face like yours enter my house!” Fireball insulted.

“Is the only thing you can insult about me, is my face?” Mehrunes asked. “Dude my face looks fine.”

“Your face is hideous.” Fireball said.

“Try insulting something other than my face and my attitude and you’ll have some difficulty.” Mehrunes replied. “Now stop, it’s not disconcerting, you’re insults.”

“Yeah, but, brains aren’t everything. In your case, they're nothing!” Fireball said back.

“If I wasn't intelligent I’d already be dead.” Mehrunes said. “I dunno why you’re talkin though.”

“Blah blah blah!” Fireball said, “sorry, I don’t speak the language of ugly idiots who like to insult cute little cats.”

“And you may be ‘cute and little’ on the outside, but your reputation as a nice cat is gone.” Mehrunes replied.

“Nice cat is to nice people! In your case, you are not nice! I gotta treat you not nice, that means!” Fireball responded.

“I may have been a terrible person when we met, but people change and I am trying my best.” Mehrunes replied. “You won’t let that happen.”

“I’d give you a slap right now, but I don’t want to make your face look less ugly.” Fireball said.

“That’s not physically possible.” Mehrunes replied.

“Your bleeding face with scars and injuries as well as burned would look much better than your face right now.” Fireball glared at Mehrunes. “It’d be a pleasure for me to give you plastic surgery.”

“I don’t think you're trained.” Mehrunes replied. “I would much prefer to be friends, but an almost two year old grudge makes me hate you just as much as you hate me.”

“GREAT! WE CAN FIGHT THEN!” Fireball smiled an evil smile.

“Nah.” Mehrunes replied. “Maybe I’ll just leave and never come back.”


“I could just go back to my planet.” Mehrunes replied.


“Except I’m protected on my planet, I have friends there and family.” Mehrunes replied. “I don’t wanna fight anymore today, and I sure don’t want to have to fight you, win or lose and if I win NOT kill you because Draco won’t let me.”


“I called you basic once and didn’t mean it.” Mehrunes replied. “I’m not evil.”


“When I called you basic I was a terrible… er person and when I said I was gonna report you I was wholefully joking.” Mehrunes replied. “I would apologise, but you won’t take it. I would offer you anything, but you don’t want anything. So if anything you're just unwilling to accept me as a human being.”

OH YEAH?! WELL I-- Wait, what is ‘joking’?” Fireball was yelling before he asked.

“Umm… it’s kinda a cross of not meaning stuff and trying to be funny.” Mehrunes replied, looking in a dictionary. “‘Make jokes; talk humorously or flippantly’ says the dictionary.”

“Uhhh… I still don’t know what that is.” Fireball said.

“You know sarcasm right?” Mehrunes asked. “And you know humor? Well joking is kinda a cross of that. It’s not supposed to be taken literally, it’s supposed to be funny. Like insults only not necessarily hurtful.”

“I don’t know what any of that is!” Fireball said.

“Dat explainz da misunderstanding. Cat’s don’ know jokes.” Chill said.
“I guess so…” Mehrunes said. “The important thing is it’s supposed to be funny and I didn’t mean it.”

“Well, den know not ta joke wit Fireball.” Chill replied.

“Alright, we have landed!” Nushot said, leaving the pilot’s seat. “Let’s get going!”

To be continued in the next chapter.

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