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Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 11)

Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 11)

Posted December 5th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 11 |-----



Nushot had landed his spaceship right inside Elec’s Mansion… Apparently there was a landing area on the roof! We had all already exited the spaceship. The butler had greeted us, saw that we had returned. He led us towards the training room where my dad was.

Right now, we were about to enter. We were right outside the door, all of us, at least until Saturo opened the door.

“Oh!” I heard my dad’s voice immediately, “you succeeded! Well, then. Those of you that want to train, come on in.”

I walked into the training room… It was empty, only with walls around it that had electricity running through it. The ceiling was at least a hundred feet from the ground!

I walked over to Dad, who was standing there waiting. Nushot had come along with me… When I turned my head to look back I saw that Mehrunes, Saturo, Draco, and Chill had come along to train. Meaning that Lavender, Azalea, Uchiho, Listy, Draelin, and Draco’s pets were inside. Mehrunes must be happy that Fireball didn’t come… He doesn’t have to fight him right now.

“So, you six are going to train?” Dad asked.

“I definitely am! In fact I probably need it the most!” Draco replied. “Because I’m pretty bad at the moment.”

“Ya, Draco-Brah sucks.” Chill said.

“The main problem is that I’m much slower then any of my opponents so I have trouble landing and dodging attacks.” Draco said.

“Lots of people have that problem.” Dad said, “but then you can master it by training. So, we can begin now.”

“Yes, sir!” Draco said with a nod.

“Before we begin, you will fight each other, so I can see where you are strong and where you are weak. Understood?” Dad said, looking at us like we were the army and he was the general.

“Understood!” Draco exclaimed, looking both very nervous but also excited.

“I should stop picking fights all the time, this is too tiring.” I heard Mehrunes mutter to himself.

“There are six of you. Choose who you want to fight… Let’s see, Saturo you can choose first.” Dad said to Saturo.

“Hmmm…” Saturo said, looking over at Chill, Draco, Mehrunes, Nushot, and I. “I’ll fight Mehrunes. I haven’t fought him before.”

“Oh good.” Mehrunes said. “Don’t use Glitter, that would be cheating, Saturo.”

“Okay. Come on out Glitter.” Saturo said, before Glitter came out of his pocket and landed in front of us.

“Can I choosez now?” Chill asked my dad.

“Yes. You can.” Dad replied.

“Den I choose Nushot-Brah. I wantz ta see how gud he iz.” Chill said, looking at Nushot. “So dat means Ich-Brah is fighting Draco-Brah.”

“That sound okay to you Ich?” Draco then asked me.

“Sure. Let’s see what you got.” I replied. “But first, let Saturo and Mehrunes go.”

“That’s fine.” Draco said as he then sat down.

“Give them some space.” Dad said as he floated off the ground, “everyone else back off.”

We all backed off, giving Mehrunes and Saturo some space.

“Fight when you’re ready.” Dad said to them.

“Okay.” Saturo took out some spicy chips (Party size of course) and began eating them.

Mehrunes just looked at him for a second, and then he threw a knife and cut the bottom of the chip bag open, spilling them.

“Are we gonna fight or not?” Mehrunes asked.

Saturo picked the spicy chips off the floor and began eating them. “Yikes, they taste electric.”

Mehrunes just facepalmed, and a mass of his purple stars crash down on top of Saturo, apparently still causing a dust cloud even though we’re inside.

Saturo then appeared behind Mehrunes with his axe out. “So we’re gonna actually fight now?”

“I suppose.” Mehrunes said, spinning around and knocking Saturo back.

“Alright.” Saturo said, “should I hold back then? No? Okay.”

Saturo made a giant shockwave, and it hit Mehrunes, paralyzing him.

“Sorry.” Saturo said, before electricity and lightning surrounded him as Mehrunes was struggling to get up. “This is a form, called the ‘Source’, it makes me extremely fast. So, you can’t touch this.”

“Good to know I need better insulation.” Mehrunes replied, disappearing and appearing back upright. “I’d like to test that speed theory, though.”

“Go ahead.” Saturo replied.

Suddenly, a massive ‘blanket’ of stars crash down, and neither Saturo or Mehrunes appear to have moved until the dust that came up cleared.

“None of them hit me.” Saturo said. “Moved out of the way and moved back.” Saturo then appeared behind Mehrunes. “See? I’m fast like this. I’m the source of electricity! And this is the electric planet, so the electricity in the planet makes me more electric. I’m unbeatable by you.”

“I don’t have the speed to hit you, great I get it.” Mehrunes replied. “Draco would have less luck, you mind not going the speed of light so we can have a fight instead of a drag race?”

“Nah, because this way I’d win.” Saturo then disappeared again, and was in mid air. He used his axe and hit the ground, causing it to shake and electricity to go everywhere. It hit Mehrunes, and electrocuted him again.

Mehrunes said something which I guess would be a spell, and all the electricity discharged from him and he got up. But after that, electricity surged through him and he fell to the floor again.

“Okay, that’s kind of unfair.” Nushot said, “this is the electric planet, Saturo is basically the strongest out of you.”

“Juuuust a lot.” Mehrunes replied, disappearing again and appearing upright.

Saturo then made another shockwave, knocking Mehrunes on the floor again.

“Okay, okay…” Dad said, “round over, Saturo wins. Draco and Ich’ll go now. Get up there you two.”

Saturo picked up Mehrunes and moved him out of the way. I walked up to where they were and Draco did the same.

“When you’re ready.” Dad said to us.1

“Alright.” Draco said, activating his gauntlets before taking a deep breath. “Just stay calm Draco. You can do this.”

“I’ll go a bit easy on you.” I said.

“Thanks.” Draco said before he got into a fighting stance. “You ready?”

“Whenever you are.” I replied.

“Well then let’s begin!” Draco said, stepping forward a few steps.

I immediately blew him back a few feet with the wind.

“Very well then.” Draco said before he charged a ball of plasma in between his hands. “How about this?”

He then shot out a medium sized beam of plasma straight at me. I used the wind and shot it right back at him.

He absorbed it, however.

“Huh. Well, what else are you gonna throw at me?” I asked.

“Well if you want.” Draco said before his wings appeared. “I can take that literally.”

Draco then launched dozens of the sword-like feathers at me and they approached from all sides. I jumped into the air, and the sword-like feathers hit each other, missing me.

“I assumed you would’ve done that.” Draco said, suddenly above me, he then promptly spiked me into the ground.

“I haven’t really fought that much… I’m really out of shape.” I said, laying on the ground. “But I still got something up my sleeves.”

I then shot a beam of wind at Draco, knocking him all the way towards the ceiling.

“Oof. That one stung a bit.” Draco said before he slowly descended from the ceiling.

I then shot multiple beams of wind at Draco, knocking him back into the ceiling.

“Fine then. I’ll stay up here.” Draco said before he shot some beams of plasma at me.

I shot beams of wind at them, causing both beams to disappear. I then got up, and flew up towards Draco, and was now facing him in the air.

“So you definitely have the advantage up here.” Draco said to me.

“Yeah. Cuz I can use the wind to my advantage… And air.” I replied.

“Yep, now then.” Draco said as he charged up a big ball of plasma in between his hands.

I used the wind, and made it all move towards Draco, moving him towards the other direction pretty quickly.

“Oh I’m not gonna shoot this at you. That would be silly.” Draco said before he then absorbed the ball of plasma, causing him to glow cyan again.

I then blew him all the way towards the other side of the training room, which was over two hundred feet long.

He landed on the wall with his feet, nullifying the impact. He then kicked off of it, electricity surging through his feet, as he flew right at me.

“Uh oh.” I said, I had to think of something quick.

“Let’s see how you like this!” Draco exclaimed before he kicked me with his electrified feet in the stomach, shocking me a bit.

I was flung back all the way to the other side of the training room. I used the wind to slow myself down.

“That was good, actually.” I said. “I really do need training… Because I barely fight that often, I’m out of shape.”

“By the way, there appears to be something on your shirt.” Draco said, pointing to where he had kicked me.

I looked down at my shirt and saw little bolts of lightning.

“Hmm…” I then took the lightning and put it in a wind beam before shooting it at Draco.

Draco then took the electricity remaining on his shoes and shot that with a plasma beam at me. Our beams hit each other, and that’s when I made the beam bigger, causing it to absorb the plasma and hit Draco.

He landed on the ground, causing a tiny crater.

“Well that hurt a bit.” Draco said as he stood up.

I then started spamming a lot of giant wind beams at him.

“I’ve still got one move I haven’t shown you!” Draco said before his eyes glowed bright cyan and a giant ball of plasma appeared in his hands. “?????? ?????? ??????!” I had no idea what it meant. It was probably in a different language.

Then he shot out an enormous beam of plasma that was in the shape of a chinese dragon that then passed right through my wind beams and hit me directly. This caused a giant dust cloud to envelop the whole room.

Soon the dust cleared away and both Draco and I could see each other.

“To be honest, that hurt.” I said. “But I’m not going hard on you anyway.”

“I can tell.” Draco said.

“Yeah, otherwise you would be wrecked by my F-5 tornado.” I replied.

“I was wondering if you were ever gonna use that.” Draco said.

“This room is too small to fit one…” I replied.

“I know.” Draco said casually.

“Well, what do you say? Just call it a tie?” I asked.

“Sure. Sounds good to me.” Draco said. “It’s a tie.”

“Alright.” Draco and I then made it back to the others. “It’s a tie, we decided.”

“Dat meanz et’s time fer meh ta verse Nushot-Brah!” Chill exclaimed.

“You have fun with that.” Draco said as he sat down again.

“Good luck to you.” Nushot said as he walked over to where we battled earlier. “You’ll need it.”

Chill smirked. “I’ll just beh chillin, den.”

“Your move first.” Nushot said to him.

“Nah. I’ll be chillin dat chill raght ‘ere.” Chill said.

“Alright, then.” Nushot said. He suddenly was surrounded by thick air. Mini-tornadoes appeared next to him, and headed towards Chill.

Chill looked pretty chill about this. He jumped over each tornado, one by one. He then shot a blast of ice at Nushot, but Nushot deflected it.

Nushot then flew into the air, and summoned more mini-tornadoes and shot them towards Chill. Chill smirked and jumped over them as well, and charged some ice before shooting a giant beam at Nushot.

Nushot shot a giant beam of wind back at him, blowing all the ice everywhere and making the ground slippy.

“You’re not bad.” Nushot said.

“Neither are you.” Chill replied. “But I gotz sumthin you would probably struggle againstz.”

Chill then did something, and there were two of him. He cloned himself. He then gave the other Chill a boost into the air, and then one Chill hit Nushot with an ice beam, freezing him, while the other in the air smacked him down into the ground, cracking the ice and injuring Nushot.

“Yikes.” Nushot just got back up and levitated five feet from the ground. “I’m going easy on you… Want me to go hard?”

“GO SUPPA HARD MAH HOMIE!” Chill exclaimed.

Nushot smirked. “Okay then.”

Suddenly, Chill gasped. His face slowly turned red. “Can’tz… Breathe…” He then collapsed onto the floor. “OKAY OKAY. I GIVE UP.”

Then, air entered Chill’s lungs… Wow, I did not know Nushot could do that… That is pretty OP…

“You win… You win, Nushot-Brah.” Chill said. “G-G…”

“Well that’s terrifying.” Draco said from where he was sitting, a shocked look on his face.

“I need to know how to do that. Then I could beat Draco for real.” I commented.

“If that’s the case then I’m never fighting you again.” Draco said to me. “Ever.”

“Note to self, get better at holding breath…” I heard Mehrunes mutter again.

I smirked. With this ability, I would be overpowered as well!

“Great we’ve kinda sorta not figured out strengths and weaknesses now what?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well we’ve learned that you need to wear rubber more often at least.” Draco said.

“And we’ve learned that you can’t even win a battle against someone who is rusty.” Mehrunes snapped.

“If you expect me to be hurt by that, then clearly the almost two years we’ve known each other has taught you nothing.” Draco said, unfazed by Mehrunes comment.

“We’ve know each other for two years? Feels like longer.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well almost two years.” Draco said.

“That doesn’t help your case.” Mehrunes replied.

“Who said there was a case?” Draco asked calmly. “I thought this was a conversation.”

“The case man.” Mehrunes replied, suddenly holding a briefcase. “I dunno I don’t see a case I guess it’s just a case of randomness.”

“We should really start seeing our results now?” Saturo said. “And by that I mean, have Ich’s dad tell us how we did? What our weaknesses is?”

“Sure.” Mehrunes replied.

“Alright, Dad. Tell them how they did.” Nushot said.

Dad flew down, he was in the air the whole time. He faced us all.

“First fight was against Mehrunes and Saturo…” Dad said, “the results ended with Saturo winning. He had an advantage because this is the Electric Planet, and he also had insane speed. Therefore, Mehrunes, your weakness is speed. Saturo, your weakness is undetermined.”

“Yeah I know.” Mehrunes replied.

“Draco and Ichoo…” Dad said, “Ichoo, you have a lot of training to do. You barely could dodge or take the attacks.”

“I want to learn what Nushot did!” I said.

“…That is a dangerous tactic…”

“I would be careful.”

“Nushot’ll teach it to you, I have other things to teach you.” Dad said, “now, Draco… You are slow. And you’re incapable of dodging attacks.”

“I know…” Draco said.

“Well. Now I can tell you what is going to happen.” Dad said, “you have one week. In this week I will train Ich, and the rest of you can train if you’d like. Otherwise you can do whatever. Elec is busy doing something, and I will stay at his home for the week… Go and get comfortable. Get some rest. After this week of training, we will do something dangerous.”

“Tell them about it later! Get some rest, all of you.” Nushot said, pushing all of us out of the training room. He slammed the door behind us.

Saturo, Mehrunes, Draco, Chill, and I stood there.

“Well, I don’t know ‘bout you, but Imma go ask da butler fer a room.” Chill said, before he disappeared into the hallway. That left Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes and I.

“I have a room already… Next to Elec’s. I’ll see ya later.” Saturo then joined Chill in leaving. That left Mehrunes, Draco, and I, standing in front of the training rooms doors.

We were all awkwardly silent for a moment… And then Mehrunes broke the silence.

“This is not productive.” Mehrunes said, as he turned around and started walking. “I’m gonna get a room and see where Listy went off to.” He then disappeared into the hallway.

Draco and I were the only ones left.

“…So what are you gonna do?” Draco asked.

“I don’t really know.” I replied.

“Oh, good. That means we’re in the same boat.” Draco said.

“Maybe we should go and get rooms too.” I suggested.

“Yeah. Let’s do that.” Draco said with a nod.

“You go on and do that… I want to check something real quick.” I told him.

“Check on what?” He asked.

“Something.” I replied, “it doesn’t involve you, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“…Okay.” Draco said, looking a bit suspicious before he walked through the hallway and disappeared.

Then, I tried to open the training room doors, but they were locked. I could hear voices inside… Probably my dad and brother.

I pushed my ear against the door, to try and hear what they were saying.

“You think that’ll be enough time?” I barely heard Nushot say.

“Plenty.” Dad had replied and said something else afterwards, but I could barely understand since it was so quiet.

“He’s pretty powerful… I don’t think Ich could do it, not even with someone else’s help.” Nushot said.

“He can.” Dad had replied, and again I couldn’t hear what else he said. But then he said something else louder. “-Ulysses Keyon…”

What. I had no idea what this was about. So I continued listening.

“When will you tell them?” Nushot asked.

Dad said something else, but I didn’t catch it. But then he said something loud and clear, and I caught it immediately.

“When they’re ready, they’ll take on the President of Hindro.”


To Be Continued!

Yes this is the last chapter for book 5. Book 6 coming soon

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