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Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 2)

Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 2)

Posted November 11th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 2 |-----




“Oh SNAP!” Chill said, munching on nachos.

“This is fun.” Listy said, before three blocks of earth appeared, one of them over Listy, and they shuffled themselves extremely fast trying to trick everyone's eyes.

“Hmm… interesting.” Draco said. “But let’s see what you think of this!”

Draco then shot up a ball of the energy he had charged before absorbing it.

For a few moments Draco glowed bright cyan, we could barely see him.


When we could see him again we saw that he had wrapped his scarf around his forehead like a headband and both of his eyes were a turquoise color.

“WOO! What do ya think?” Draco asked.

Suddenly, two slabs of earth flew at Draco from opposite sides and slammed together with him in the middle.

“Is that really all?” Draco asked, effortlessly shoving the two slabs away from him, destroying them in the process.

“Woah! Draco If I knew you could do this I would've fought you.” Mehrunes smiled mockingly.

“Hhaha very funny.” Draco replied.

“Actually I’m serious I just wanted to make fun of you at the same time.” Mehrunes said, while boulders where hurtling at Draco like the tiny rocks were before.

“Are you gonna use anything other than rocks?” Draco asked, destroying the rocks.

“Well that’s her main ability, other than plants.” Mehrunes said, smiling confidently. “So probably not.”

Suddenly, huge chunks of earth flew at Draco, like Listy was mad at him.

“Uh oh looks like I struck a nerve!” Draco said with a snicker, dodging the rocks.

“OH IT SEEMS LISTY IS MAD!” Saturo commented.

Rocks formed letters behind Draco, that said ‘dude. Do something.’

“Okay fine. I’ll do something.” Draco said before he vanished from sight for a few moments.

“Hey Draco where'd ya go?” Mehrunes asked, shoveling popcorn into his face. “You gotta hit one of the rocks bro!”

“Oh I already knew that. I just wanna make sure I hit them all!” Draco said from above us, and he was creating a massive ball of plasma above him.

“Hey man don’t disintegrate people.” Mehrunes said.

“Calm down, it’s cold plasma, it’s only a few thousand degrees celsius!” Draco said in a reassuring voice before he launched the ball of plasma down at the rocks.

Before the plasma could land, the rocks disappeared! In it’s place was a statue of Draco with a ball of Plasma above his head.

“Well that’s just rude.” Draco said as the plasma destroyed the statue. “But it wasn’t my good side anyway!”

Listy appeared a little away from the statue.

“HEY DRACO!” Listy yelled. “I have something to tell you!”

Listy waited for a reaction, but none came.

“I wasn't using my Ultimate Crystal!” Listy said, absorbing it while looking at everyone. “Come get some beating!”

“Uhh… You DO know I haven't absorbed mine yet right?” Draco asked, pointing at his necklace where his Ultimate Crystal was clearly visible. “See?”

“Yeah? Come get some anyway.” Listy said, a bunch of rocks and ground floating around her like a shield. “No one’s winning yet.”


“Okay then, you wanna go? Then we’ll go!” Draco exclaimed, absorbing his crystal as well before he seemed to charge more energy.

“OH INDEED SERIOUS!” Saturo added.

A huge boulder suddenly appeared behind Draco, and before he could hit it it slammed down on top of him.

Then suddenly two bright glowing objects erupted out of Draco’s back, seemingly cutting the boulder in two!


When we looked closely, Draco had a pair of what looked like turquoise wings jutting out of his back, made out of the same material as his gauntlets.

Suddenly, the ground shook and Listy was concentrating. A huge monster erupted from a nearby mountain, with glowing orange eyes made completely of rock! It roared as it sees Draco and charges at him.


The monster finally reached a floating Draco, and grabbed him, slamming him into the ground repeatedly.

“Thanks Saturo!” Listy yelled.

“*TSK* *TSK* It’s very rude to slam people you don’t know into the ground, Rocky. You should know that.” Draco said, wagging his finger, “Now for doing that you shall lose your hands!”

Draco’s wings then sliced the hands of the rock monster into little pieces, like his wings were made out of blades! The rock monster looks at his decapitated hands and does a sort of laugh as it floated back up and reattached itself.

“Draco! You can’t do that! It’s rude to cut off hands of monsters you don’t know!” Listy mocked, throwing huge chunks of rock at Draco while the rock monster is attacking him. “You’re outnumbered.”

“And you're underestimating me.” Draco said with a smirk as he then blasted the rock monster apart with plasma before he disintegrated all of its remains.

“Rude.” Listy said, as the rock monsters dust started to form back… somehow. “I thought this would’ve been even. Oh well. I have almost infinite tricks.”

Suddenly, Listy disappeared, then launched out of the ground and stabbed Draco in the chest with… Mehrunes knife?! And then disappeared back into the ground before Draco could do anything.

“ACK! OH NO! STABBING! MY ONLY WEAKN- All right that’s enough of that.” Draco said, acting all dramatic before taking out the knife and tossing it aside.

Then, the knife came back, stabbed Draco in the back once and then lodges itself back into Draco’s chest.

“OH!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “HA! Nice play Listy!”

“Oh no…” Draco said calmly before he took the knife and vaporized it with plasma.

Then, the knife came back! Somehow! And stabbed Draco twice before going back into his chest.

“DRACO!” Mehrunes yelled. “THE KNIFE IS ENCHANTED! It won’t ever come out until I take it out!”

“Ambush.” Listy said, punching Draco in the face with a mass of rock, before disappearing again. “Eventually I’ll find something.”

“HEY! That was uncalled for!” Draco exclaimed, finally taking the fight seriously.

“Dude you are probably actually better than me I gotta start trying harder.” Listy replied, punching Draco in the back of the head so hard the mass of stone breaks, before disappearing again. “SO, it was TOTALLY called for.”

“Grrr…” Draco growled. “You're not even really hurting me! You're just peeving me off!”

Then, a huge slab of earth flew upwards, and imploded into lava!

“Draco if you want a harder challenge then maybe you need a bigger challenge.” Mehrunes mocked, shoveling popcorn into his face while shielding us from the lava.


“PLACE YOUR GUESSES NOW!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “WHO WILL WIN? DRACO OR LISTY?! Wow this is really fun.”

“I vote Draco-Brah.” Chill said, raising his hand. “Who else vote Draco-Brah?” Uchiho and Draelin, along with Zephyr and Fireball raised their hands.

Draco looked furious as he got out of the way of the lava.

“I’m really, REALLY starting to get sick of this!” Draco said, glowing markings appearing on his wings and gauntlets before he vanished from view again.

“Draco! If you're so bored then maybe you should 1v1 someone else,” Mehrunes mocked both Draco and Listy. “But seriously don’t complain bro.”

But there was no reply, just silence.

“Looks like Draco has been mocked by Mehrunes, causing him to stay silent, and wanting to punch Mehrunes in the face!” Saturo said, “no wait! Both Listy AND Draco are looking at Mehrunes!”

“How do you know that Draco’s looking at Mehrunes? He’s vanished!” Draelin said.

“I have my ways…” Saturo grinned evilly. “ANYWAY back to the battle.”

“So what is this? Did you just accept that you were weak? Or do you just not want to fight people opinions because this has come outta nowhere.” Listy said.

Then we could hear a sound in the distance. And it was getting closer.

“What is that sound?” Fireball asked. “Do you know Zephyr?”

Zephyr shook his head.

“Does anyone know?” Fireball asked the rest of us.

“OI!” we then heard a voice.

They all turned and for some reason they saw Hamshere. “Hey Listy, Mehrunes!” He ran over to Listy and looked at Mehrunes at the same time. “Get up here Mehrunes, real quick.”

“Wait why?” Mehrunes asked, walking up.

“Yeah why?” Listy asked.

Hamshere took out 2,000 ultims. “We forgot to give you your money for accomplishing that one mission.”

“Oh right.” Mehrunes said, taking the ultims. “Thanks.”

“Half is yours, half is Listy’s.” Hamshere said, “anyway, now you got it, and you gotta share… Bye!” Hamshere disappeared past the mountains.

“Okay, so… where were we?” Saturo asked.

“I was losing.” Listy replied.

They then heard the sound from before again only it was even louder.

“And you said Draco was weak.” Listy said, disappearing into a mass of identical stone pillars.

Then from far away we saw a small glimmer of light coming closer and closer to us.

“Doo dee doo dee doo…” Mehrunes idled. “So how are you all?”

“Well, we’re all waiting for Draco to do something…” Saturo muttered.

“Draco better hurry up.” Mehrunes said. “I wanna turn too.”

Then, instead of waiting. Listy made a giant pillar of earth like it was a target.

“THIS IS BORING!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “Ich you find your brother?”

“No. I got distracted, so… I stopped looking.” I answered.

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes replied. “Draco! Hurry up!”

“Fine, fine, fine!” Draco said, who was suddenly behind us and had charged up a lot of energy.

“Go back into the battlefield!” Saturo said, “AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE BATTLE SHALL CONTINUE!”

“I’m losing really hard.” Listy said, suddenly behind Draco floating on a rock. “Looks like we’ll just have to see.”

Then Listy went back down and huge chunks of earth attempt to crush Draco to the ground.

“Yeesh what is it with you and wanting to crush me?” Draco asked as he effortlessly dodged all of the rocks before punching Listy away.

Listy was obviously bleeding from the blow and looked extremely mad.

“That was uncalled for.” Listy said, disappearing then flying up from the ground and punching Draco with a rock so hard a loud crack is heard.

Draco then was sent crashing into the ground, causing a large crater to form.

“Hey! Good job! That one actually hurt!” Draco said in a pleased voice as he rose from the crater.

“Maybe if you don’t fly like a coward I could do more like that!” Listy exclaimed, charging Draco and flying down on a platform of solid rock down on top of his head faster than gravity, crushing him to the ground with a loud crack again. “YOOOOOU ARE GROUNDED MISTER!”

“I WILL NOT BE GROUNDED! YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!” Draco yelled, shoving the platform off of him before flying into the air at super speed.

“Time to wrap this up!”

Draco then charged at Listy and axe kicked her hard into the ground, causing a large crater and covering the area in a thick dust cloud.

“I-I give.” Listy said.

“Hmm…” Draco said, clearing the area of dust by using his wings and saw Listy in the middle of the crater, lying on the ground.

“Uchiho that’s your cue.” Mehrunes said.

“Whew. Finally done.” Draco said, turning back to normal, except the wings remained on his back before he grabbed Listy by the hand and flew her over to the others. “Anyway let’s have you get healed now.”

Uchiho then healed Listy and Draco.

“Is it mah turn?!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “Because Ich doesn’t know where Nushot is and I wanna see if you're actually really good suddenly.”

“Don’t see why not.” Saturo shrugged. “NEXT UP WILL BE MEHRUNES! VERSUS DRACO!”

“Okay then. Guess I’ll figure out how to get rid of these wings later.” Draco said as he looked at his back.

“Ha.” Mehrunes said, standing up and facing Draco. “Let’s go for a second ‘Draco eye’ shall we?”

“Sure. We’ll see.” Draco said, a smirk on his face as his Draco Eye activated as they looked each other in the eyes.

“And I thought that was a good thing for you.” Mehrunes smirked and started to move around. “Yaknow, except for the almost dying part of it.”

“Yeah, a pretty harsh cost.” Draco said, starting to move around as well. “But I doubt it’s a cost I’m gonna pay for a long time!”

“It’s too bad you disturbed the nest.” Mehrunes said, pointing up to a mass of purple stars, not moving agitatedly. “This’ll be good.”


Mehrunes snapped his fingers and all the stars hurtled towards Draco, causing a cloud of dust on impact with him and the ground.

“Well this is definitely more exciting!” Draco said, leaping out of the dust cloud, seemingly unharmed.

“Maybe you should stop talking about how much stronger you got and pay attention.” Mehrunes said, blowing Draco up with the mines Draco just stepped on because he was talking.

“Fine, fine I’ll stop talking.” Draco said spitefully before he took his scarf and wrapped it around his face in a way that covered his mouth.

“I mean you don’t have to completely stop.” Mehrunes said, shooting Draco in the leg with a pistol. “Just pay attention.”

Draco didn’t reply, instead he punched Mehrunes five times before launching him into a nearby hill.

Mehrunes looked mad and he appeared in front of Draco and hit him in the head with the handle of his katana, before stabbing him twice and disappearing from sight.

Draco then took his scarf and wrapped it around where he was shot before looking around.


Mehrunes appeared behind Draco and shot him in the knee with the same pistol.

“THAT’S IT!” Draco said, grabbing Mehrunes before twisting his right arm in an … undesirable direction.

Mehrunes smiled and disappeared, appearing behind Draco and doing the same thing to him.

“GRR!” Draco growled, grabbing Mehrunes again, only this time he started to pummel him, kneeing him in the stomach and punching him in the face repeatedly before slamming him hard into the ground.

“This is a recorded message.” Mehrunes said, before a massive explosion occurred.

Mehrunes appeared nearby with a bowl of popcorn, mocking Draco by not actually being hurt somehow.

“Of course you would do something like that.” Draco said, clearly ticked off.

“You’re much better, I’ll give you that.” Mehrunes said, throwing the bowl of popcorn at Draco.

“Well thanks.” Draco said sarcastically, gently knocking the bowl away before it hit him.

Mehrunes threw one of the purple stars at Draco, and he tried to knock it away but the star dodged and hit Draco anyway.

“Okay now you’re just being annoying.” Draco said.

“You want me to try harder?” Mehrunes asked, shooting Draco in the knee again with his pistol.


“Well first of all, no.” Mehrunes replied, shooting Draco in the foot instead. “And second you haven't answered my question.”

“Fine then, no I don’t really want you to.” Draco said, “There. Happy?”

“Nope!” Mehrunes replied from behind Draco, grabbing his leg out from under him and swinging him around before slamming Draco into the ground indenting him into the rock. “Are you?”

“What do you think, smart guy!?” Draco snapped as he got up, only a little harmed.

“I think you should let me inspect your wings and gauntlets sometime.” Mehrunes replied from above Draco, shooting him in the other foot then crushing Draco’s head into the rock.

“Don’t how that was even related to the question but sure, maybe some other time.” Draco said, getting up again, still only a little hurt.

“Resilient guy aren’t ya?” Mehrunes said from in front of and behind Draco, both of them punching him. “I’ve got new tricks too.”

“Well what can I say? Losing all those times really helped my defence at least.” Draco said before he then unleashed a burst of plasma around him, destroying the two Mehrunes’s.

“Too bad your attack is a little lack luster.” Mehrunes said from above him, throwing him into the same hill as before, then charging at him.

“That’s just because you haven’t given me the opportunity to-” Draco said stop talking for a second before he knocked Mehrunes away with a single punch, “-to hit you.”

“And you still won’t.” Mehrunes said from behind Draco, slicing the back of his leg so it’s harder for Draco to stand.

“Well lets see how you like it.” Draco said, his wings slashing Mehrunes dozens of times.

“This battle is cool amIright?” Mehrunes asked from next to me. “Oop. I’m up.”

Mehrunes ran at Draco, with a purple barrier up in front of him, he jumped into the air and came down like a meteor, slamming into Draco causing an explosion.

“That’s it!” Draco exclaimed.

“What’s it?” Mehrunes asked, apparently invisible.

“Can I joinz da fight? And makes it two versus one?” Chill asked, eating nachos.

“Against who?” Mehrunes asked. “Who’s outnumbered here? What? No?”

“One of ye can chose meh.” Chill said, standing up.

“I’m gonna go for not right now, but I’ll keep it in mind.” Mehrunes replied, throwing Draco into Mehrunes’s popcorn bowl.

“Okay now I’m gonna show you what ‘it’ was.” Draco said before a bright cyan light erupted from him, blowing Mehrunes away before revealing Draco in his glowing cyan form from when he fought Listy.

“OH YES! NOW WE’RE TALKING!” Mehrunes exclaimed, absorbing his ultimate crystal and putting something on the ground. “Will you wait for uhh… three seconds for me?”

“Sure. While you're doing that I’m just gonna do this.” Draco said before he shined some cyan light of his wounds, somehow healing them completely.

Then, something made a loud noise and Mehrunes caught something that came in from space, it looked like a dolphin cyborg.

“Remember this?!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “Space Dolphin Machine Chain-Gun. Used to be useless, now it’ll level a mountain without having to reload. And it’s aimed at you!”

“…You know… I feel like I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to range and I don’t know why.” Draco said.

Mehrunes started firing and Draco tried to dodge but most of the bullets landed before he could react, shredding through his legs somehow missing everything else.

“Why would you aim there?” Mehrunes asked the Dolphin.

“Man good thing I can fly easily now or else not being able to use my legs would be a lot more devastating.” Draco said as he was floating above the ground using his wings.

Mehrunes fired some more while Draco was talking and had sufficiently damaged his entire body.
“Yeah I agree.” Mehrunes smirked, “Do ya wanna quit?”

“I’ll replace em.” Chill said, as we all stared at Draco who was on the ground, damaged.

“Yeah I’ma take that as a win.” Mehrunes said. “Fine, Chill. I don’t expect to win or lose against you, because you’re new.”

Mehrunes’s Dolphin made a dolphin noise then flew away. Chill got up, dragged Draco to Uchiho so she could heal him, and then walked up and faced Mehrunes.

“So…” Chill said, “how ya wantz ta do dis?”

“Without me turning into an ice cube.” Mehrunes replied, with a smirk.

“Okay Homie.” Chill said, turning to Saturo, “yo, mah boi, ya gotta say who’s verusing who.”

“Oh right.” Saturo said, “NEXT IS CHILL VERSUS MEHRUNES! FIGHT!”

“You’re defence will be better than Draco’s defence was, right?” Mehrunes asked, throwing some knives.

“Ya, Meh-Brah.” Chill said, freezing the knifes.

“Oh good. Can you also take more direct hits and have faster reflexes?” Mehrunes asked, shooting Chill in the foot successfully.

“I don’t really needz ta do dat.” Chill said, looking down at his foot, seeing cracked ice, “I don't bleedz.”

“That one’s new.” Mehrunes said, pummeling Chill with stars. “So you're made of ice?”

“Nah, I’m made of everyting dat other humans are made of.” Chill replied, “I just don’ bleed from tings that normal peepz bleed from.”

Then there were two Mehrunes, and one threw some bombs and the other threw some knifes.

“Well that’s really interesting.” One Mehrunes said. “I’ve never seen that.”

“Ya, so bombz an’ knifes wontz do nuthin.” Chill replied, as he let the weapons hit him.

Then there were four Mehrunes’s, moving in different directions, and they all had a sword that looked like it was made of something really hot.

“So I’m at a little bit of a disadvantage.” Mehrunes said, lashing out the sword towards Chill.

This time, Chill actually dodged.

“Oh noes, homie, ya found mah weakness. Fire or anytin hot, it melts ice ya know?”

“I thought so, although I rarely use these abilities so we’ll see how this plays out.” All of the Mehrunes’s swung their swords at Chill at the same time.

Chill leaped into the air, and took out his ipod and headphones as he then played some ‘chill’ music before he landed five feet away from the Mehrunes’s.

“Casually gonna duplicate slowly.” Mehrunes said, there were now ten and half of them had a fiery spear. “And assault you with heat.”

Then all the Mehrunes’s got serious, the ones with swords rushed Chill the the others threw spears at him. Chill casually dodged all the attacks, while whistling to his music.

There were now twenty Mehrunes’s, doing the same strategy still. But when the spears missed they didn’t disappear, they stayed there and Mehrunes just got another one.

“He can’t dodge forever.” Mehrunes said from next to me, eating popcorn. “He’s also not attacking. Here take my popcorn.”

Mehrunes gave me the popcorn and disappeared. There were at least forty Mehrunes now, only some of them were covered in the same stuff that the swords and spears were made of and chasing after Chill aggressively, and he was just dodging all of them casually.

“Stand still and fight!” One Mehrunes exclaimed.

There were too many Mehrunes to count, and they were all trying to attack Chill, while Chill just dodged every single attack somehow, while listening to his music and whistling along. Then, by pure luck a spear cut the headphones off from the phone.

“I’m gonna guess we’re in trouble now.” One Mehrunes commented.

Chill casually threw the broken headphones away, took out speakers, attached it to his ipod, and let the music play out loud.

“BY THE WAY CHILL!” Mehrunes yelled from next to me. “I’M SITTING OVER HERE! FEEL FREE TO FIGHT!”

The other Mehrunes’s kept attacking Chill, there was a ton of them and he was still dodging. Then they all disappeared except for one standing near Chill. He looked at Chill like the whole thing was just a test. He then threw a spear and nailed it almost on Chills foot, just an inch off.

“You wanna actually fight now?” Mehrunes asked over the music.

“I already wuz, Meh-Brah.” Chill replied.

“Not really.” Mehrunes replied. “You were just kinda doging everything.”

Then, Mehrunes appeared right behind Chill and punched him in the back of the head with one of the fiery gauntlets, and then appeared back where he was.

“If ye wanna fight, ye gotta fight den.” Chill said, looking unharmed, “ye keep movin’ around, so I ain’t fightin until ye actually fight.”

“I am fighting.” Mehrunes replied. “I don’t get what your talking about.”

“Ye gotta stop teleportin.” Chill said, “when ye do, I take no damage.”

“What?!” Mehrunes asked, slightly confused. “I don’t get it.”

“You gotta hit me straight on, and stay there, so that the impact takes place. I didn’t feel dat punch before, since ya disappeared afterwardz.” Chill answered.

“That does make any sense.” Mehrunes replied, holding the fiery sword. “But whatever.”

Mehrunes ran at Chill at a surprising speed, and slashed at him. Suddenly, Chill caught the blade of the sword.

“You keep confusing me.” Mehrunes replied, swinging another fiery sword.

Chill caught the other sword as well, with his other hand.“Mah chill hands have become colder den yer fiery swords.”

“Why?” Mehrunes asked, trying to force the swords out of Chills grasp, giving up and letting go, then stabbing Chill with a sword made literally of lava.

But the sword didn’t even enter Chill’s body, it was knocked right off like he was made of hard steel.

“Yer nut good with the element of fire and lava, dats why ya can’t hurt meh wit dem.” Chill said, snapping the sword in two.

“Fine. I’ll use solar instead.” Mehrunes replied, taking out a sword that looked like a solar flare. “Cause that’ll work better.”

Mehrunes then tried to stab Chill with the sword. But Chill froze the sword into solid ice, hard, cold, solid ice.

“Dat stuff is really chill.” Chill said, before he then froze Mehrunes into solid ice, “welp, I win, since Meh-Brah ain’t gud wit fire.”

Mehrunes broke out of the ice, and said. “I guess you do win.”

“Dat wasn’t even the coldest ice I got. If I did use it, ya would have frost bites all over ye, which is why I didn’t. Ya would die of coldness.” Chill said.

“G-G.” Mehrunes replied. “Did ya find your bro, Ich?”

“No, but I can continue to look for him as we continue to walk.” I said.

“Okay. Let’s go then.” Mehrunes said, starting to walk while eating popcorn. “We’ve gotta do it someday.”

Then we all got up and continued to walk.

to be continued in the next chapter.

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