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Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 3)

Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 3)

Posted November 14th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 3 |-----



“Well that’s a problem,” Jasper said, “this is Darth’s spaceship, so if we land in the space station, we’d be seen as the enemy.”

“Yes, you’re correct, Jasper.” Citrine replied. “What do you suggest we do then?”

“Are there any space suits on board?” asked Jasper.

“Hmm… Go search the storage room.” Citrine answered.

Jasper went to the storage room, to find a OS-3245 unit space suit. He took it, and dragged it to his uncle. “Do you think this would work?” Jasper questioned.

Citrine analyzed the spacesuit. “It may work. Try it.”

Jasper dragged on the shirt and pants (even though they were big on him.) and paused before the helmet. “You should go out of the room,” Jasper advised his uncle.

“You just gotta leave the spaceship. We’ll stop here.” the spaceship stopped moving, and was floating around in space. “Make sure to use a rope as well.”

Jasper went to the door, and pressed the button next to it. A shield appeared, cutting the room, so that oxygen remains inside. A small door opened to the right of him, with a rope to attached to it. Jasper hooked the rope to his spacesuit, and opened the door. He jumped out.

Jasper raised his hand, and tried to get attract metal. It’s not gonna work, he thought to himself. He pushed himself further from the spaceship. He waited for an asteroid. When he saw one in the distance, he raised his hand and focused. Tons of scrap metal flew towards him.

When this happened, Jasper went to work. He took the metal, and started to change the look of the ship. His idea was that if he changed the look of Darth’s army’s spaceship, they won’t attack them when they land on the Light Planet.

Through the window in the pilot's seat, Citrine gave Jasper a thumbs up. Jasper gave a thumbs up back, before continuing the job.

After Jasper finished, he entered the spaceship and put everything back.

“Great job, Jasper.” Citrine said, “now we land.”

The spaceship then descended into the atmosphere of the Light Planet. Citrine was careful as he steered the spaceship towards Bright City, towards the space station. He landed the spaceship, and he could already see someone in bright clothes walk up to the spaceship.

“Let’s go, Jasper.” Citrine said, getting up. Jasper also did.

Citrine left the spaceship, with Jasper following him. They bumped into a man wearing golden glowing robes.

“Greetings, sir!” said the man.

“Hello.” Citrine replied.

“What brings you here? And your spaceship is… interesting. Why so scrap-metal-ly?” The man questioned.

“We have been through a lot, sir.” Citrine said, “are you associated with the Ultimate Council in any way?”

“Indeed I am. I work under them.” The man replied.

Citrine took out the files he had gotten.

“We have some very important information that will change the tides of the war. The Ultimate Council will have the upper hand with these files.” Citrine said.

The man raised his eyebrows.

“You would like me to take it to them?” The man asked.

“No thanks, we would like to take it to them ourselves.” Citrine said, patting Jasper on the back.

“I see. Many do want to do it themselves.” The man nodded. “Very well. Follow me.”

“Before that, this spaceship we used, belongs to the enemy. We only made it look different so that we don’t get shot when trying to land.” Citrine said, “so please do take it and inspect the weapons, that will also help us.”

The man smiled. “Thank you very much! Now, you may follow me.”

They followed the man throughout the city. Their destination… The giant building in the middle of Bright City, with the big dome attached to it as well. This building was hardly unoticable, since it’s the biggest building in the city. Citrine and Jasper followed the man until they reached the gates.

There was a fountain in front of the building, and stairs that lead to the entrance, where there were two guards guarding the building, both with golden spears.

The man walked up the stairs, followed by Citrine and Jasper. When they made it, the guards let the man in, along with Citrine and Jasper.

“You may walk. Ultimate Owais is here at the moment.” The man told Citrine and Jasper.

Citrine nodded. He walked on the carpet, past jewels and all kinds of rocky goods, until he made it to the chairs, with Jasper behind him.

On one chair, there was a man sitting there, with brown curly hair and wearing white outfit with particle effects.

“I welcome you,” the man (Ultimate Owais) said, “what have you come to present to the Ultimate Council with?”

“We were stranded on a planet. But it’s a false planet, in fact, there was a warship, a giant one, not the normal size ones that Darth’s army has, in the middle of the planet.” Citrine said, waving the files in front of him. “Someone who was stranded with us found these files, and we brought them to you to see, so that the Ultimate Council can end the war.”

“May I?” asked Ultimate Owais.

“Yes. Keep them with you, and inform the other members of the Council of this.” Citrine replied, handing the files to Ultimate Owais, who then examined them.

“This is significant information,” Ultimate Owais said, “I have to reward you for delivering it!”

“No thanks. I do not seek any rewards.” Citrine said, “my nephew may want a thing or two, on the other hand.”

“What does one like you seek to have?”

“Hmm,” Jasper thought, “can I get a shield for my friend? He helped find this data.”

“Of course,” Ultimate Owais said. “Is there anything else you would like with that?”

“Hmm,” Jasper thought some more.

“Yes, that is within my power, but I could only give you a small amount,” said Ultimate Owais, clearly reading Jasper’s mind.

“Alright, that’s fine then.” replied Jasper.

Ultimate Owais then took out a small bottle, filled with this red-ish pink-ish liquid on the inside. He handed it to Jasper, who thanked him.

“And the shield you asked for.” Ultimate Owais handed Jasper a shield.

“There, may we leave now?” Citrine asked.

“Of course.” Ultimate Owais beamed.


“So, wait, Draco…” I said as we all continued to walk throughout the Rock Planet, past mountains, “you bought a bow on Ertin, but you never used it yet.”

“Well… that’s because I kinda lost it…” Draco replied from above me, he’s been flying this whole time.

“Oh, well that sucks…” Saturo said, “anyone seen Draco’s bow?”

“We haven’t.” Fireball said with Zephyr nodding in agreement.

“Wait why are you flying?” Mehrunes asked, avoiding the question.

“Well it’s because it hurts to use my legs. I wonder why…” Draco replied sarcastically while glaring at Mehrunes.

“Well maybe because there’s still bullets in your legs.” Mehrunes replied, smirking. “Anyway the bow thing. What did it look like again?”

“Well it was green and cyan and was you know… A BOW!” Draco exclaimed.

“You mean this bow?” Mehrunes asked, holding up a green and cyan bow.

“...... How long have you had that?” Draco asked.

“I’ve had it forever. I didn’t think it was your bow.” Mehrunes said.

“Why would you not think that?” Draco asked.

“Because you never asked if I had your bow so I assumed you still had it.” Mehrunes smirked.

“You mean for the past nine months that thing has been gone, you never noticed how I didn’t have my bow?!” Draco exclaimed.

“Also I didn’t care, because you don’t use a lot of the things you have I assumed the same for the bow, but I also assumed the bow I had wasn't yours.” Mehrunes smiled. “Vicious cycle, isn't it?”

And people wonder why I hate you so much.” Draco muttered.

“Aye! It’s not my fault!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “You lost it. I found it. And didn’t tell you I did.”

THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!!” Draco exclaimed.

“Well you never brought it up until now.” Mehrunes said. “So, I never told you. Therefore it’s your fault.”

“Actually, Ich brought up the whole bow thing.” Saturo said.

“Yeah, but Draco never did.” Mehrunes smiled. “No one else did either cause Draco never said he lost it. Therefor still Draco’s fault.”

“What do you mean I told no one?! I TOLD YOU I LOST IT LIKE FIVE MONTHS AGO!” Draco exclaimed.

“You didn't describe it though.” Mehrunes replied.

“Why would I need to?! IT’S A BOW!” Draco exclaimed.

“I have bows too and they look much different than this bow.” Mehrunes replied. “So you need to describe things.”


“Nope. Wanna know why?” Mehrunes asked.

“Why?” Draco asked.

“Because I wasn't paying attention when you got the bow, so when I found it I thought ‘huh free bow’ and when you asked me it slipped my mind.” Mehrunes said, taking out a cool looking cyan and green bow and handing it to Draco. “But you have it now.”

“Well thanks, just would’ve appreciated it if you had remembered earlier!” Draco said, some spite in his voice. “Anyway I’m probably gonna be flying for a long while.”

“Why?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because my legs still hurt remember?” Draco said, glaring at Mehrunes again. “Uchiho stopped it from bleeding, but the bullets are still inside! And she hasn’t learned how to make it stop hurting yet when she heals.”

“I can help with the bullets.” Mehrunes said. “Maybe the pain.”

“How so?” Draco asked.

Then all the bullets that were apparently in Draco’s legs fell out through Draco’s legs, without making any holes.

“I’m not gonna even ask how that works.” Draco said.

“It’s best not to.” Mehrunes replied, looking in his book. “By the way when we get to a place that I can get the spellbook Vulgon mentioned, I probably will.”

Then, Mehrunes said something and blue, basically particle effects, went into Draco’s legs.

“Is it starting to feel better?” Mehrunes asked.

“A little. Still aches a lot though.” Draco replied.

“It’ll get better faster at least though.” Mehrunes replied. “With no side effects as a bonus. ANYWAY anything else ye need?”

“Nope, nothing.” Draco said, “Hey Ich? Are we any closer to your brother?”

“I dunno…” I looked around and saw in the distance a city with skyscrapers and that sort of stuff. “But I have a feeling we should go there and… Well, for instance, eat. Like, real food.”

“Yeah, good idea. I’m starving!” Draco exclaimed.

“Yeah, Mehrunes… Can you use your Ultims that you have to share with Listy to buy us all a meal?” I asked.

“Oh Mehrunes is gonna pay? I don’t have a problem with that.” Draco said, a smile on his face.

“It’s not mine that I have to share, it’s 1000 Listy, 1000 me.” Mehrunes replied. “I’m gonna go with no…”

“But why not?” Draco asked.

“Because I have other things to spend money on.” Mehrunes replied. “Suck up to someone else.”

“Dude, I seriously doubt a meal for each of us is gonna cost all of your Ultims, unless we’re eating somewhere super fancy. And besides. If it were to cost to much we’ll just get something else to eat anyway.” Draco said back.

“Nah.” Mehrunes replied.

“Granted I guess it doesn’t help to ask you anyway since you can summon popcorn for yourself at will.” Draco said.

“Also I’m tryna get that spell book.” Mehrunes said.

“Good for you. Anyway looks like we’re almost to that city.” Draco said from above us, pointing in front of him.

“Wait a minute… HEY DRACO WHERE’D YA GET THE WINGS ANYWAY?!” Mehrunes suddenly exclaimed.

“Well actually… They just kinda showed up when I was fighting Listy so… I don’t really know. All I know is that their cool, help me fly really well and they have feathers that are literally blades.” Draco replied while shrugging. “Wasn’t really planning on them to show up, I didn’t even know they existed but hey! I’m not complaining!”

Looking around, we can see so many people doing their own thing. It all seemed so peaceful… I guess the war hasn’t came here, which is a good thing.

“So, Listy…” Saturo then said, “how about you buy us a meal then?”

“Hey guys… Maybe I should start walking. People are starting to stare at me.” Draco said in the background as some people started to stare at him.

“Draco, shut up, I asked Listy a question.” Saturo snapped at Draco.

“Yeesh okay. Calm down.” Draco said, backing away a bit as well as going up higher.

“Now, Listy, answer my question.” Saturo glared at Listy.

“Uhh… Um…” Listy stuttered. “Su-sure?”

“Wise decision.” Saturo smirked, “now let’s choose a restaurant. Who wants to pick? There are many choices.”

“You pick.” Mehrunes replied.

“Hmmm…” Saturo looked around at all the restaurants, “how about that one? It’s fast food.”

“I don’t mind.” Mehrunes replied.

“What kind of fast food?” Listy asked. “Draco what do you think?”

“Hmm… Well it would cost the least.” Draco replied, suddenly walking on the ground.

“Your legs feeling better?” Mehrunes asked, rhetorically.

“Well kinda, I mostly came down because people wouldn’t stop staring at me.” Draco replied, wincing as he walked. “Granted it doesn’t really matter anyway since I don’t know how to get rid of these wings anyway. I sure hope I can learn to make them vanish when I don’t need them.”

“Yeah I guess.” Mehrunes replied. “Probably the same way as all the other things.”

“Maybe. Who knows! Maybe I’ll get more things besides just the wings and these.” Draco said, making his gauntlets and Draco Eye appear. “Annnd the people are staring at me again. *SIGH* Great.”

“Well maybe you should stop being so odd.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Hey it’s not MY fault I have gauntlets, bladed wings and a flaming eyeball!” Draco exclaimed, making his Draco Eye and Gauntlets disappear. “Anyway does anyone vote against going to the fast food place to eat?”

No one raised their hand.

“Okay glad we’ve decided.” Draco said.

“Let’s just order to go then. Listy, go on in and buy something for all of us.” I said, “and then we leave the city and continue looking for Nushot.”

“Uhh, kay.” Listy replied going through the door.

We waited for a while (five minutes to be precise) until Listy walked back out with a bunch of bags.

“That was really cheap.” Listy said, handing everyone a bag of their own, with a smile.

“Alright, that’s good.” I said, “let’s keep moving then.”

We walked throughout the city until we then made it past the whole thing.

“Why did that take as long as it did?” Mehrunes asked.

“What?” I asked, as we then exited the city and were back on the road past many more mountains.

“I dunno. What?” Mehrunes smirked.

“I don’t know either. But it looks like it’s getting dark. We should rest, maybe make a fireplace and sleep and continue searching in the morning.” I said, stopping and collecting nearby wood to make a fireplace with.

“Good idea.” Mehrunes said, somehow having 7 beds and one was for a cat and another for a dragon. He set them down around where I put the wood. “We all agree on that?”

Chill leaped onto one of the beds and closed his eyes, to fall asleep. Saturo and Lavender also did the same, along with Uchiho and Draelin. Fireball was fast asleep, and Zephyr was napping.

“Well.” I said, after I finished making the fireplace, “goodnight.”


Everyone was asleep, except for Listy and Mehrunes.

“Phsst.” Listy whispered. “Mehrunes.”

“What?” Mehrunes whispered, although they were right next to each other conveniently enough.

“I have a question.” Listy whispered.

“Lemmi guess, you're gonna ask if I ‘know’.” Mehrunes whispered back. “And I’m gonna vaguely say yes and we’re gonna do that.”

Listy blinked, confused. “Yeah. How did you know?”

“Because I know,” Mehrunes whispered. “That you like me.”

Listy blushed, but it was relatively dark, although there was a fire.

“And then your gonna ask if I feel the same.” Mehrunes predicted.

“Well… yeah…” Listy blushed more.

“Yes.” Mehrunes said.

Listy blushed so hard and wished she wasn't blushing.

“You're not very talkative tonight.” Mehrunes whispered.

“And you’re awfully insightful for someone I assumed had no idea.” Listy whispered back.

“Neither one of us are very good at this at all.” Mehrunes whispered. “Plus, everyone is asleep. So we’re safe. Therefore I’m safe to say, yes.”

“How did you know I was gonna ask that?” Listy asked.

“Because I’m good at predicting anything other than what happens to this party.” Mehrunes replied. “Their kinda unpredictable.”

“Wait so does that mean we’re officially a thing?” Listy whisperer-asked.

“Yep.” Mehrunes replied. “But no one else needs to know that if you don’t want them too.”

“Okay… I’m not sure yet.” Listy whispered. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” Mehrunes replied.




To be continued in the next chapter.

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