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Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 8)

Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 8)

Posted November 23rd, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 8 |-----



The sound of the waves echoed. Lagi and Ivory were lying down next to the beach, asleep. An old man with a white beard and a bald head walked towards them. He poked their feet with his staff, waking them up.

“What?” Lagi yawned.

The man said nothing, he only poked Ivory with his staff.

“I’m awake.” Ivory yawned. “Who was poking me?”

The old man looked at them both.

Ivory saw the old man and stood up. “Why did you wake me up?” Ivory growled. “And why am I not…”

“Wait… I thought I was on a hill.” Lagi muttered.

“Mm, indeed.” the old man said, clenching his staff.

“So, why am I on a beach?” Lagi asked.

“That is a very interesting question, child.” The old man answered, “you must find the answer yourself.”

“Then why are you here?” Lagi asked.

“That is yet another question you shall answer yourself.” The old man answered.

“Cryptic. I don’t do that well.” Lagi sighed.

“Wait. Really. Why am I not dead? And why are you with me?” Ivory asked.

“I think we need to find the answers.” Lagi said.

Ivory just sighed. “You really trust this random man that comes out of nowhere, don’t you?”

“Yep.” Lagi said. “Now, where should we look to find the answers Mr. old man?”

The old man tapped his chest with his hand. “Within.” He said.

“That makes no sense. We’re supposed to look inside of us to figure out why we’re on a beach?” Ivory asked.

“Knowledge is power.” The old man said. “Power is knowledge.”

“So. You aren’t going to be much help I see.” Ivory sighed. “Honestly, I only see one solution. This is some sort of dream. I was never killed, and Lagi is somehow here as well.”

“But I felt you die. And anyways, we should try looking inside now. And in books, because books give you knowledge and knowledge is power.” Lagi said.

“Don’t care. I just need to find a way to wake up.” Ivory growled as she started to pace.

The old man walked the opposite direction, towards a boat at the shore.

“Are you gonna take us somewhere on your boat?” Lagi asked.

“No.” the old man smiled, “but if you would like to come along with me to the other island, you may.”

“Sure.” Lagi said. “Come on Ivory!”

“Fine.” Ivory sighed as she followed Lagi to the boat.

The old man began pushing the boat towards the water, but the boat didn’t move. The old man pushed, trying to get the boat moving, however, it didn’t move.

“Here, let me help.” Lagi said. He turned into a Lagiacrus and pushed the boat with his head.

The boat made it into the water, and the old man jumped onto it. Lagi turned back and jumped into the boat. Ivory sighed as she got in as well.

The old man put the sail on, and took his paddle and began paddling. The boat moved away from the shore, and was heading farther into the sea.

“Hmmm…” The old man said as he paddled. “You’re the ungrateful one.”

“What did you say?” Ivory asked.

“Ungrateful.” The old man repeated.

“How so?” Ivory growled.

“Look at yourself.” The old man said.

“How do I look ungrateful?” Ivory growled.

“Ask yourself.” The old man said, “look on the inside.”

“Great. A dream that is trying to recreate what just happened to me.” Ivory sighed.

“And what just happened to you?” Lagi asked.

“Too long of a story to tell.” Ivory said.

“Oh…” Lagi sighed.

“What makes the difference of a dream, and the real world?” The old man asked as he paddled.

“Well, if this were the real world, I would be dead. This is something I don’t want to think about. I just want to wake up.” Ivory growled.

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” said the old man.

“I’m done with this.” Ivory sighed as she dove out of the boat and went underwater.

“Education. Learning. You must learn to understand how things work. Otherwise you cannot live, you cannot survive in this galaxy.” said the old man to Lagi, “your friend is ungrateful of what she has. You can see how she is always sighing, growling. Never grateful.”

“I understand.” Lagi said.

“Yes. No matter what may happen, there is always hope. Always.” said the old man.

“Always.” Lagi repeated.

“Indeed. Your friend needs help. Are you close to her?” The old man asked.

“Somewhat.” Lagi said. “I’m not sure.”

“If you are willing to, you should help her. Or she’ll perish.” The old man said, “she’ll be lost and not knowing what to do.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her alive. She is the last female of our race…” Lagi said.

“Living alone isn’t enough. You must appreciate what you have. Be grateful. Otherwise you’re living in sadness. No one wants to live a sad life.” The old man said.

“Trust me, she can change. I’ll help her. She won’t live a sad life. I’ll try and help anyone who is.” Lagi said.

“Very well. Now, what is it you seek?” The old man asked.

Lagi thought for a little bit. “I’m wondering where we are? Like, the real world, or the dream world, or some sort of afterlife, or something like that.” Lagi asked.

“Aha.” The old man replied, “we are somewhere, somewhere real. If it feels real, then it is.”

“Then, we’re in the real world? Because this place feels plenty real.” Lagi said.

“We are in reality. Reality for I. It may not be reality for you.” The old man replied.

“Well, wherever we may be, I’m sure there will be a way back to my friends. If they remember us… we haven’t seen them for so long.” Lagi sighed as he looked down.

“True friends remember.” The old man said, “if whoever are your friends are truly your friends, they will remember you.”

“Well then, they should remember me.” Lagi said.

“If you are certain they are your friends.” said the old man.

“And I am.” Lagi said.

“Very well then… if that is so, then they may remember you. What is it that you also seek?” The old man asked.

Lagi thought a bit more. “Well… do you have a home anywhere around here? I get the feeling I might be here for a while.” Lagi asked.

“This whole place is my home, young one.” The old man said, “I travel all over this place!”

“Oh. Well then, could I travel with you?” Lagi asked.

“Yes, you may.” The old man replied.

“Okay!” Lagi exclaimed.

“What about your friend? You should bring her back up here. She does not want to face the sea monster's down there.” The old man said.

“I should. Even though she is a sea monster herself.” Lagi said. He dove into the water. Lagi swam around until he found Ivory swimming under the boat. “Ivory. You should come up. There are sea monsters down here.” Lagi said.

“Yeah. I know. I saw a few.” Ivory sighed. “But no. I'm not going anywhere with someone who speaks in life lessons.”

“Then why are you following him?” Lagi asked.

“I'm just following you.” Ivory said.

“Oh. Well, still. Come up.” Lagi said.

“Maybe. I'll think about it.” Ivory said.

“Oh… well, come up if you're ready. Also, if you need help with anything, I'll be here.” Lagi said as he swam up into the boat.

He saw the old man, still paddling. “We are almost there.”

“Okay. She said she'll come up soon.” Lagi said.

“Mmmm… I didn't quite catch your name, young one.” The old man said.

“Oh! Sorry. My name is Lagi.” Lagi explained.

“And what of the ungrateful girl?” The old man asked.

“Her name is Ivory.” Lagi explained.

“I see.” The old man said. “I am known around here as the wise old man.”

“It suits you.” Lagi said. “In a very literal way.”

“Indeed it does.” The wise old man smiled. In the distance they spotted an island, with a large mountain in the middle of it. “We are near.”

“Woah. That place looks cool.” Lagi said as he stared in awe.

“That is a safe island. The other islands are dangerous, such as Skull Island.” The wise old man said, “this island has no name. If you would like you may give it one.”

“Maybe I’ll think of one when we get there.” Lagi said. “I’ll think about it…”

The wise old man paddled and soon the boat had made it to the shore. The old man got off the boat and set foot onto the sandy beach.

“I like sand. It feels strange.” Lagi said.

Then, a big wave came out from the water. Ivory was standing on it. When the wave washed up on the shore, Ivory was standing on the sand. “Well, we’re here I guess. What’s this place’s purpose?” Ivory asked.

“What are the purposes of islands?” The wise old man asked back.

“How should I know?” Ivory asked.

“This place’s purpose is the same purpose as any other island.” The wise old man said.

“And what is that?” Ivory asked, tapping her foot against the sand.

“To separate from the sea. It is land after all.” The wise old man answered, “it is there for those who cannot live underwater.”

“Okay. And why are you here?” Ivory asked.

“To nap.” The wise old man said, “you have seen how weak I am… I’m growing older, and I need my rest.”

“Well then, nap.” Ivory sighed.

“Once we get to the village, I shall.” The wise old man began walking further into the island.

“Woah, a village? That’s cool!” Lagi said as he followed the wise old man.

“Why do you follow him?” Ivory muttered as she followed Lagi.

“Because. He’s experienced and wise and probably knows more than us. Duh.” Lagi said.

“True… true…” Ivory muttered. “I just hope that we can get out of this place soon.”

Then in the distance they could see a small village.

“We’re almost there!” Lagi shouted in excitement.

“Yay.” Ivory sighed.

But then they saw a horse. A white horse, walking over to them, blocking their path to the village.

“Hello horse!” Lagi said. Lagi walked towards the horse.

“You might not want to touch a wild animal.” Ivory said.

“I know what I’m doing.” Lagi said as he held his hand out.

The wise old man watched. The horse looked at Lagi, but didn’t do anything.

“He likes you.” The wise old man said, “may as well introduce him. This is Geoff, he’s a horse from the village.”

“Hello Geoff. My name is Lagi.” Lagi said as he stroked the horse.

“Why horses…?” Ivory asked herself.

Geoff turned around and neighed.

“He is offering us a ride to the village.” The old wise man said, “I politely reject. But you?”

“Sure!” Lagi said as he jumped onto Geoff’s back. “Come on Ivory!”

“Fine.” Ivory growled as she walked over to Geoff and mounted it.

“Away!” Lagi yelled as he pointed towards the village.

Geoff neighed and was off towards the village.

“This is amazing!” Lagi yelled.

They then reached the village, and there was a wall surrounding it. Geoff made it to the gate, where there was a guard.

“Hello there.” Lagi said to the guard.

“Hello.” The guard said back, “you’ve befriended Geoff?”

“Yes.” Lagi said.

“You would like to enter the village?” The guard asked.

“Yes.” Lagi said.

The gates then opened, revealing buildings and people inside.

Lagi looked around as Geoff entered the village. “Wow. This place is cool.” Lagi said.

“No. It’s tropical.” Ivory sighed.

“So?” Lagi asked. “It can still be cool.”

“Whatever.” Ivory growled.

“What should we do?” Lagi asked.

“Maybe find a place to sleep.” Ivory suggested.

“Hey Geoff, do you know anywhere where we can sleep?” Lagi asked.

The horse shook his head. He then neighed, and walked over to a barn where there are other horses in the fences.

“Oh, you live here?” Lagi asked.

The horse nodded.

“Okay then.” Lagi said. Lagi slid off of Geoff and Ivory did the same. “Thanks for the ride.” Geoff wandered into the barn.

“Talking to horses. Great job.” Ivory laughed.

“What’s wrong with that?” Lagi asked.

“Nothing. It’s just that we don’t know where the hotel is.” Ivory sighed.

“Well, we ask people. Duh.” Lagi said.

“So, who will you ask?” Ivory asked.

Then, Geoff returned with a man wearing a hat. “Hello, you must be Lagi and Ivory!” The man greeted.

“Yes. How did you know our names?” Lagi asked.

“Geoff told me.” The man patted Geoff on the back.

“That makes sense.” Lagi said. “Do you think you could show us to a hotel or inn or something of the sort?”

“Yes, I could. But, do you have any money on you? If not then you cannot stay at the inn.” The man said stroking his black very short bearded chin, “you can stay at my house though, if you’d like.”

“I don’t think we have any money. We’d be happy to stay at your house!” Lagi said.

“Thank you.” Ivory added.

“Alright then when it gets dark, come back here to the barn. My house is right behind the barn!” The man said, turning around, “you have a couple hours to do whatever! Explore, check out the village, whatever you want!” The man smiled and entered the barn with Geoff.

“Thank you!” Lagi said as he looked around. “So, what should we do?”

“I don’t know. Eat?” Ivory suggested.

“No money.” Lagi said.

“We find food then. We hunt like the predators we are.” Ivory said.

“No hunting. But maybe foraging.” Lagi said.

“Fine. Still hunting. Just not for animals.” Ivory muttered.

“Excuse me.” they then heard a voice say from behind them.

They turned around, and spotted a boy. Not just any boy… This boy had brown hair and wore a gray shirt with brown pants. He had a red scarf on as well… It was Lycrus.

“Yes?” Lagi asked. “Oh man… Lycrus?!”

“Hello again.” Ivory said.

“What?” Lycrus asked. “‘Again’? This is our first meeting.”

“Lycrus. It’s us. Lagi and Ivory.” Lagi said.

“We met in that dream world place.” Ivory said.

“Odd, you do know my name… But I have not met you before this!” said Lycrus.

“Well, we’re friends. I don’t know why your memory got wiped again, but we know each other. Trust me.” Lagi said.

“Uhhh, no. Never heard of you, never met you before. My memory is fine.” replied Lycrus. “You said your names were… Lagi and Izory?”

“Ivory.” Ivory growled.

“Oh, I apologize.” Lycrus said, “Ivory. Gotcha.”

“Don’t forget.” Ivory growled.

“I don’t forget things. I have good memory.” Lycrus said. “In fact, I remember what I had for breakfast last month!”

“Well, I don’t know what’s happening in this place. But I just want to find a way out.” Ivory sighed.

“Maybe Lycrus can help.” Lagi said.

“Can you?” Ivory asked.

“It’s easy. You walk to the gate, and walk out. Duh.” Lycrus said.

“Not out of this village. Out of this world! Out of wherever this place is! Because something isn’t right!” Ivory roared.

“Well, it’s impossible to leave the world… I have no idea what you are talking about, it’s confusing. ‘This place’?” Lycrus replied.

“He’s no help.” Ivory sighed.

“Hey, you’re just being confusing.” Lagi said. “Well, we woke up on a different island, and an old man took us here. We have no idea where we are, and it feels like this place might not be our world. Our dimension or whatever. This place feels alien in a strange way.”

“And I was being confusing?” Ivory muttered.

“What he said made sense. I don’t know much about where you came from, but I do know a place that might have answers.” Lycrus said.

“Could you take us there?” Lagi asked.

“Yes…” Lycrus answered.

“Thank you.” Lagi said. “Now, where is it?”

“It’s not in the village. It’s out in the wild… If you want, we can go tonight…” Lycrus said.

“Okay.” Lagi said.

“First, I have to get some stuff. You can too if you want, follow me.” Lycrus said, turning around and walking.

“Okay.” Lagi said as he followed Lycrus. Ivory followed them without saying anything.

They made it to a blacksmith, where Lycrus entered, followed by Lagi and Ivory. Inside were a bunch of weapons.

“We’re gonna need these.” Lycrus said, taking a sword and a shield.

“Swords and shields together are somewhat offensive to our race.” Ivory said.

“Race?” Lycrus asked.

“Nevermind.” Ivory sighed. “Well, we have our own weapons.” Ivory snapped her fingers and a sword appeared in her hand.

“Oh. Alright, well, then we should go.” Lycrus said.

“Okay.” Ivory said.

“I’m ready.” Lagi said. Lagi had a frying pan in his hand.

“What is that?” Ivory asked.

“A frying pan.” Lagi said. “I found it on the ground.”

“I thought you… why don’t you just make a giant axe or something like you did last time?” Ivory asked.

“Oh. Right.” Lagi said. “Still keeping the pan.” Lagi put the frying pan down with the swords and walked out of the armory. “I’ll be back for you.” he said to the frying pan.

“So, where to?” Ivory asked.

“Follow me.” Lycrus walked out of the blacksmith.

Lagi and Ivory followed. They walked through the city, past countless of buildings until they made it to the gate. They exited the village, the guards said nothing.

“So, is it a person? A talking tree? What are we looking for?” Ivory asked.

“I don’t know. All I know is that we need to get to a cave.” Lycrus answered as they walked.

“I like caves.” Lagi said.

“Good.” Ivory said. “Maybe it would be in that huge mountain?” Ivory pointed to the mountain.

“Or maybe it’s right there.” Lagi said as he pointed to a frog.

“That’s… a frog.” Ivory sighed as she facepalmed.

“Lycrus, is that the cave?” Lagi asked.

“It’s where Ivory said it would be.” Lycrus said.

“Oh. Then let’s go to the mountain.” Lagi said.

They then had made it towards the mountain. It was steep.

“Do you have climbing gear?” Lagi asked. “Or can you still fly?”

“What?” Lycrus asked, confused.

“When we first met, you were able to fly.” Lagi said. “But maybe you’re just some sort of parallel universe Lycrus, who we never met. And that can’t fly.”

“Yeah… you’ve got an imagination…” Lycrus said.

“Whatever. Do you have climbing gear? Because that looks steep.” Lagi asked.

“We don’t need climbing gear.” Lycrus answered.

“Why?” Lagi asked.

Lycrus knocked onto the wall with his knuckle, and the ground shook. A small passage opened in the middle of the mountain.

“That’s convenient.” Ivory said.

“Lead the way!” Lagi said to Lycrus.

“Actually, this is where I’m going to stop. You can go on ahead alone.” Lycrus said.

“Okay. Thanks for the help.” Lagi said as he ran into the passage.

“Goodbye.” Ivory said as she followed Lagi.

“Bye.” Lycrus said.

After they entered, the passage closed itself. It wasn’t dark. There were torches hanged up onto the walls of the passage.

“Ominous.” Ivory said.

“This place is lit.” Lagi said.

“What do you think we’ll find?” Ivory asked.

“Answers.” Lagi said.

“Well, let’s find them fast.” Ivory said as she started to sprint down the passage, with Lagi trying to catch up.

They then reached a staircase, going downward.

“Let’s go.” Lagi said as he started jumping down the stairs. Ivory followed him.

Soon they reached a door.

“I’LL OPEN IT!” Lagi yelled as he threw the door off of its hinges.

Ivory stared at him. “That… was unnecessary.”

“Too bad. I did it anyways.” Lagi said. Lagi ran past the empty door frame, with Ivory chasing after him.

They made it into a room, with stone structures inside.

“Statues.” Lagi said. “Statues everywhere.”

“Is this the answer place?” Ivory asked.

“Probably not. There’s probably more.” Lagi said.

“Then let’s find it.” Ivory said as she walked through the room.

She continued walking but then stopped. In front of her was a brown-haired boy with dark robes. He had a wooden staff/stick in his hands as well.

“Hello there.” Ivory said. Lagi walked up behind her.

“Who are you?” Lagi asked.

“Who are you?” The boy asked back.

“I asked first.” Lagi said. “You answer first.”

“No thanks.” The boy replied, “I don’t trust strangers.”

“Oh. That’s acceptable.” Lagi said. “My name’s Lagi.”

“Where’d you come from, and why are you here? You answer, then I will.” The boy said, “that way I know you are trustworthy.”

“Well, I appeared on an island near here and was taken to this island by a nice old man, and I’m here because Lycrus told us that we could get answers here.” Lagi said.

“What about her?” The boy asked, looking at Ivory.

“I have the same story.” Ivory said.

“Okay. So that means we’re on the same page.” The boy said. “My name’s Flip.”

“Hi Flip.” Lagi said. “I’m Lagi. That’s Ivory.”

“Good to meet you. My top priority is leaving, sorry if that offends you in any way. I’m just here because he dragged me along.” Ivory said.

“No, you came yourself. You just wanted answers to leave the planet.” Lagi said.

“Oh right.” Ivory said. “Anyways, how do we leave this place?”

“I don’t know. I’m on the same page as you. I woke up here, and I wanted to leave. An old man gave me a ride, took me to the village, where someone told me that I would find answers here.” Flip said.

“Oh. Well, maybe Lycrus was lying.” Lagi said. “Maybe this is all just a trap and we’re trapped here.”

“I don’t think so. Someone else told me the same thing. If he were lying then that means everyone in the village is lying.” Flip replied.

“Well, maybe they don’t want us to leave. Or maybe this is a prison. Maybe they don’t like us.” Lagi said.

“Finally. A good idea.” Ivory sighed.

“Yeah! See!” Lagi said as he started dancing.

“So, what do we do with our current situation?” Ivory asked.

“Considering all the different possibilities, we should look around.” Flip said. “We might find some answers.”

“You take that side of the room, I’ll take this side. Check the statues first.” Ivory said, running off to one side of the room and inspecting the statues.

Lagi was still dancing.

“Lagi, stop dancing and start searching.” Flip said before he went off to search.

“Okay!” Lagi said as he started looking around at the ground. Lagi’s eyes immediately caught something… It was a button. “I found it!” Lagi yelled as he stepped on the button.

“Good job.” Ivory said.

Suddenly, the ground shook. Lagi apparently was standing on a circular plate, which began to twist and move, revealing a hole. Lagi had gotten off of the plate so he wouldn’t fall into the hole.

“I don’t see the bottom.” Lagi said.

“Probably because you’re looking at me.” Ivory sighed.

“Oh. Yeah.” Lagi said as he looked down at the hole. “I don’t see it.”

Ivory snapped her fingers and a line of fire fell down the hole, lighting it up. They still couldn’t see the bottom.

“It’s obviously deep. And dangerous if someone falls.” Flip looked up at Lagi and Ivory, “who wants to go first?”

“Where did Lagi go?” Ivory asked.

“WHEEEEEEEE!!!” Lagi yelled from the hole.


“I’M FALLING!” Lagi yelled as he was falling further down the hole.

“Now what?” Ivory asked.

“Well. We wait, and if he dies, then we climb down the wall cautiously. If he lives, we jump.” Flip said.

“How would we know if he dies?” Ivory asked.

“Dunno. That’s the part I’m trying to figure out.” Flip replied.

“Well, I’m sitting down.” Ivory sighed as she sat down.

“Good idea.” Flip sat down as well before yelling into the hole, “HELLO LAGI!? CAN YOU HEAR ME!?”

“I’M IN SOME WATER! IT’S OKAY!” Lagi yelled from the bottom of the hole.

“Ah. Well, I don’t feel like getting wet today.” Flip said, “IS IT DEEP!?”

“JUST A SECOND!” Lagi yelled as he dove underwater. Lagi came back up. “No. Only about five feet.”

“I’m going down.” Ivory said as she jumped down the hole.

She fell before she suddenly splashed into the water. She then got her head out of the water. It was dark down there, except for the giant door on the land, which had two torches next to it.

“Oh, hi Ivory! So glad you could join me down here!” Lagi said.

“Flip! Come down here! There’s a door!” Ivory yelled.

“Done.” They spotted Flip in front of the door.

“How?” Lagi asked.

“Open it.” Ivory said as she walked out of the water and towards the door.

Flip analyzed the door. “Doesn’t seem to open normally. We need a key of some sort.”

“Done.” Lagi said as he rose his hand. An orb or water flew towards the keyhole and went in. Then it turned. But nothing happened.

“Water won’t open it.” Flip said, “you guys fell down the hole too fast. I levitated down, so I caught glimpse of a key.” Flip took out a gold key.

“Good job!” Lagi said. The water poured out of the keyhole. “Open it up!”

Flip put the key inside the keyhole and twisted it. The door unlocked, and Flip cautiously opened the door. Inside was a hallway, with a dark figure sitting down in the middle, like he was meditating.

“Scary.” Lagi whispered.

“I’ll go first. You can stay behind me.” Flip said.

“Got it.” Ivory whispered as she slowly followed Flip.

Flip slowly walked into the hallway. Lagi and Ivory followed. The dark figure was sitting there, looking at the ground. Flip looked at the figure, analyzing him.

“What is it with you and analyzing things?” Ivory whispered.

“I’m determining if he’s dangerous or not. Determining all the possibilities that might happen when I approach him. Determining all my plans and backup plans if all goes wrong.” Flip whispered back.

“Okay.” Ivory whispered. “You make the first move.”

“Still analyzing.” Flip whispered back.

“Got it.” Ivory whispered.

“…” Flip continued analyzing. “Alright, I got a plan.”

Flip suddenly threw the staff in his hand right at the dark figure. It went right through the dark figure’s head.

“Was that the plan?!” Ivory whisper-shouted.

Flip didn’t reply. He sprinted at the dark figure, and punched him. However, he went right through him.

“Hrmm?” The dark figure made a sound.

Flip then did a big backflip back towards Lagi and Ivory, landing it like a ninja. The dark figure had opened its eyes, glowing red, and floated up in the air as he stared down at them.

“Ahahahaha.” The dark figure said, “greetings. I did not see you enter.”

Flip stood silent, staying in his very position as he stared deeply into the dark figure’s glowing red eyes.

“Probably because your eyes were closed.” Lagi said.

“Hmph.” A smile appeared on the dark figure’s face.

“Was I right?” Lagi asked.

“As a matter of fact, no. I was busy deep in thought.” The dark figure said.

“OH.” Lagi replied.

“And it seems you have appeared. I must pause my deep thought. It’s now time for your doom.” The dark figure said.

To be continued in the next chapter.

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