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Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 9)

Ultimataniam 5: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 9)

Posted November 27th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 9 |-----



Mehrunes stared at Draco. Draco stared at Mehrunes. Zephyr growled as he stared at the other dragon, rip-off of him. And the other dragon did the same. Fireball stared at the cat-like black thing that Mehrunes summoned. And the rip-off of Fireball did the same.

“What.” One of the tall guys simply said.

“So this is how it’s gonna work huh?” Fireball asked. “A 3v3?”

“Indeed.” The cat like thing said. “It seems we are being forced to duel 1v1 to 1v1 to 1v1.”

“Oh so you can talk to?” Fireball asked as he climbed down from Zephyr and onto the ground, “How nice.”

“Not really.” The cat thing said.

“I know.” Fireball said, before some small flames burst out of his mouth. “Now are we gonna fight or what!?”

“I guess.” The cat like thing said, frost emanating off him freezing the ground.

“Okay good, cause we were getting bored.” Fireball said as he then climbed on top of Zephyr’s head and they both glared at their new counterparts.

Mehrunes’s dragon roared and moved forward, while Mehrunes and the cat thing also advanced.

Draco smirked as the three of them did the same.

Zephyr and Fireball growled viciously. Plasma and flames exiting the corners of their mouths. The other dragon and cat thing were mimicking, only the cat had frost and the dragon wasn’t breathing anything special.

The air was around them was thick with tension.

“Well? Are we gonna get this show on the road or what?” Fireball asked before he started pointing at the crowd with his paw. “Clearly the spectators came for a show, and we’re clearly not delivering. I mean look at how bored some of them are!”

“Exactly!” One of the tall guys said.

Mehrunes put something on the ground, but he hid it from everyone. The second it touched the ground is seemingly disappeared.

“We’re doing it.” Mehrunes said. “You're just slow.”

Then, Mehrunes’s dragon roared and charged forward, ramming Zephyr with its armored head, knocking Fireball off although Zephyr looked fine, other than being surprised. The cat like thing had also ran up, and now faced a grounded Fireball. Mehrunes on the other hand, was throwing a huge mass of stars at Draco, planning something.

Draco watched the stars carefully, dodging any that tried to hit him.

“Someday you’re going to be a great fighter.” Mehrunes commented, as Draco was slightly sweating. “But you gotta work on your speed…”

Then, stars started to hit Draco, they were moving faster than before to prevent Draco from dodging or blocking.

Meanwhile, odd glowing cyan symbols appeared on Zephyr’s black scales as he then stood up on his back legs, towering over his dragon opponent menacingly. The other Dragon backed off a little bit, before launching a massive boulder from the ground with its paws.

Zephyr then easily caught the boulder and crushed it in between his claws, to show his strength before roaring at the other dragon.

Meanwhile (again) the cat and Fireball were circling around each other like they were in a standoff.

“So… It’s gonna be a battle between fire and ice huh?” Fireball asked.

“Yes I suppose.” The cat said, looking at both Draco then Zephyr. “It seems that we all appear to be having a power struggle. Let us start battle yes?”

“Indeed.” Fireball replied before he spat out a orb of flames at his opponent.

The other cat shot a stream of ice, and a hissing is heard as the orbs are gone, but there’s still a small about of frost on the ground.

“Huh. That ice of yours is pretty chilly isn’t it?” Fireball asked.

“Cool, right?” The cat smiled. “Your fire is pretty hot, though.”

“Yeah.” Fireball said as he smiled back, “Better be careful or else you're toast!”

“I would high paw you if we weren't enemies at the moment.” The cat smiled, as he shot orbs of Frost.

“Same here bruh.” Fireball replied as he canceled out the orbs of ice with his flame breath.

Meanwhile (Lotta meanwhile) Mehrunes and Draco hadn't done a whole lot, but Draco was looking rather hurt, and Mehrunes was not much better.

“Please say stuff. The crowd is bored without your quips.” Mehrunes said. “I never realized. Huh. I’m bored too.”

“Huh. And I thought you would be happy that I had shut up for a bit.” Draco said, finally talking.

“No… I like your chatter and I’m almost not sure why we hate eachother anymore.” Mehrunes said. “There’s not a lot else I have as an enemy I guess.”

“True, but don’t expect me to keep talking for long, I’ve learned some stuff from my other fights. Specifically not to talk as much, if at all. It helps me keep focused.” Draco replied.

“In a duel, I can see that.” Mehrunes said. “But this is an arena fight, we’re here to keep the crowd entertained, more or less.”

Suddenly Mehrunes smirked.

Draco was then quiet again and focused hard, sensing around him.

“Nothin to sense.” Mehrunes said, backflipping backwards, and looking to the roof. “You already know. One more minute.”

Draco then looked up at the roof.

Meanwhile with the Dragons… they were wrestling?

“TIME IS RUNNING OUT! YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS TO WIN!” The man in the bowl shouted into the microphone.

Mehrunes and Draco, wait. Mehrunes had his Dolfin cyborg thingy again!

“Not that thing again!” Fireball exclaimed.

“Then it’s time to wrap this up!” Draco said as he then absorbed his Ultimate Crystal and turned into his glowing plasma energy form.

As he did that Zephyr grabbed the other dragon and slammed him hard into the wall, knocking him out. While Fireball and the cat like creature were seemingly even until the cat like creature froze him solid!

“Looks like the score is even.” Draco said as he and Mehrunes stared at each other, waiting for the other to make a move.

“It’s not.” Mehrunes smirked, as the Dolphin made a happy noise.

Draco was quiet as he watched Mehrunes. Then, Mehrunes shot him, lots of times.

But Draco was still standing, somehow. Then, Draco became frozen in ice, I looked over and so was Zephyr somehow.

But then, Draco broke out of the ice, just in time to get hit by a mass of meteors crush him causing a mass of dust to appear.

“Draco you still standing or do I win now?” Mehrunes called into the smoke.

“*COUGH*” Draco coughed as the dust revealed him to still be standing but a bit more damaged.

“Yeah I think I win.” Mehrunes said, as he pushed Draco over.

“How perceptive of you.” Draco said, turning back to normal before he landed onto the ground. The two creatures Mehrunes had summoned had disappeared.

“I hope your cat and Dragon are okay, though.” Mehrunes said. “It’s about time we go.”

“Yeah.” Draco said as he got up using his wings to hover above the ground before he got Zephyr and Fireball out of the ice.

“Great. We lost.” Fireball said, clearly upset. While Zephyr looked ashamed of himself more than anything else.

“Oh what’s that?” The man in the bowl said, “there’s a winner! Well then, come on out winner and loser, from the same way you entered!”

The sound then had been turned off by the man.

“Dat wuz sorta cool.” said Chill, “but still boring.”

“The two people fighting sucked, that’s why.” One of the tall guys said, “at least it’s over now. We should get going.”

The two tall guys waved goodbye and left. The only other person still sitting with us was that guy in dark robes. He looked like he was in deep thought or something, like he was spazzed out.

“Wassup, dude. What did you think of da battle?” Chill said to the guy.

The guy didn’t reply.

“Ello?” Chill asked, waving his hand in front of the guys face.

“Hmmm?” The guy then saw us, turning to face us. “Oh, hello.”

“What did ya think of da battle?” Chill asked.

“Both fighters sucked. They need more training and strategy.” The guy said.

“Ya, dude, totally agreed. Dey really need to learn some more stuff.” Chill smirked and nodded. “I don’t though.”

“You look as that you need more training too.” The guy said to Chill.

“Nah. Chillin that chill like my chill self.” Chill smirked. “It’s also a coincidence that mah name be Chill!”

“Hello again.” I heard Mehrunes from nearby. “I didn’t think we were that bad.”

“You were definitely better than me, that’s a fact.” Draco said, from next to him. “Especially since this is the 23rd time I’ve lost to you this year!”

“You’ve gotten better, you just can’t block everything, but you try anyway.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well that’s because I’m too slow most of the time to dodge it! Same thing when it comes to attacking.” Draco said. “If anything I’ve gotten better by like 0.3%. Almost nothing.”

“Face it, you both aren’t that good.” said the guy to them, standing up from the bleachers. “Who’s training you two?”

“No one at the moment.” Draco answered.

“No one at all.” Mehrunes agreed. “Probably why we suck in your eyes.”

“We haven’t trained in a while, that’s probably why were so rusty.” Draco said.

“I mean unless you count feud fueled battle as training.” Mehrunes said.

“I don’t.” Draco said back.

“The fact that no one is training you is the reason that you aren’t doing that well in terms of fighting.” said the guy.

“Yeah. We know.” Draco said.

“So you admit it, not that you can’t.” The guy said.

“Uhh… yes?” Mehrunes asked. “We’re not good at fighting compared to you. Great. Thanks for the insult.”

Mr. Slithers hissed at Mehrunes.

“It’s not a insult. It’s simply called a helpful statement from someone else’s perspective.” The guy replied.

“It wasn't really helpful because we already knew.” Mehrunes replied carefully, as Mr Slithers looked at him. “But good to know other people think that way.”

“Anyway, we should probably go soon.” Draco said.

“Yeah.” Saturo agreed.

“Let’s go then.” I said, turning around.

“Oh by the way I’m gonna hunt down where Lagi and Ivory went soonish.” Mehrunes said as we all began walking towards the exit.

“Good luck with that.” Saturo replied.

“Probably wanna get healed first though.” Fireball said.

“Nah I’m fine, I’m not going yet and Draco’s hurt more, also he didn’t really hurt me bad enough to need immediate medical attention.” Mehrunes replied. “Draco your Dragon is sad.”

“I know, also… what do you mean I didn’t hurt you that much? You're stomach is bleeding like a fountain!” Draco said pointing at Mehrunes stomach which was bleeding a lot.

Mehrunes suddenly disappeared then appeared back with no wounds within a few seconds.

“Did you really have to disappear in order to do that?” Draco asked.

“What do you mean?” Mehrunes asked. “To heal? Yeah, I did.”

“Shat ap dudes.” Chill said, “yer conversation is borin me out.”

“Maybe you should chill.” Mehrunes smirked. “Our conversation doesn’t include you, so you don’t need to listen.”

Chill walked faster, leaving Draco and Mehrunes behind. Saturo joined him, and I decided to as well to get out of the building faster.

“Hey Draco meet ya outside the building.” Mehrunes said, before I saw him speed past us and slam out the doors.

We then had all made it outside. The building that Azalea had went in before, was in front of us. Lavender, Uchiho, and Draelin were not outside. They were gone.

“We missed em.” Mehrunes said. “I guess they're in the building.”

“If that’s the case then I think I’ll wait outside.” Draco said.

“We should all wait outside.” I said.

“What if their waiting for us to go in?” Mehrunes asked.

“They’re probably not. If we go in we wouldn’t know where to go so we should wait outside.” I replied.

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes said, sitting on a bench. “Draco you should find a way to cheer up you’re poor Dragon.”

“Well most of the ways that you can cheer Zephyr up probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do in a city.” Draco said, as he pet Zephyr on the head.

“Then ask him what he want’s, if it’s not city appropriate then take him out of it and do it.” Mehrunes replied.

“Okay then, Zephyr what do you want buddy?” Draco asked.

Zephyr then replied in some growls.

“Really? That’s what you want to do?” Draco asked.

Zephyr nodded before growling some more.

“Oh that too? Okay.” Draco said before he looked at Mehrunes. “He want’s three things. And they all involve you.”

*SIGH* What is it?” Mehrunes asked.

“One, He wants you to apologize for freezing him, he doesn’t like the cold.” Draco said.

“I didn’t freeze him that was this guy.” Mehrunes said, pointing at the cat like thing that suddenly appeared and was sitting on the ground next to the bench.

“Then you make him apologize, it’s your cat thing.” Draco said.

The cat thing walked over to Zephyr and said, “I am truly sorry for freezing you. It was only because we were fighting. Please forgive me.”

“What else?” Mehrunes asked.

“He also wants you to bring that dragon from before back, he wants to fight it some more.” Draco replied.

“And the last thing?” Mehrunes asked, as the Dragon appeared.

“He wanted to do this to you for some reason, I-D-K why.” Draco said before Zephyr walked over to Mehrunes and lightly whacked him in the face with his tail.

“Uhh…” Mehrunes said. “What?”

“Apparently that was practice.” Draco said before Zephyr smacked Mehrunes hard enough to knock him ten feet away from the bench.

“OW!” Mehrunes yelled from ten feet away. “THAT WASN’T NICE WHY’D HE DO THAT?!”

Mehrunes appeared back on the bench seemingly unharmed, but it was clear it hurt as his nose started to bleed.

“I-D-K. He just wanted to.” Draco said with a shrug.

“THEN ASK HIM WHY!” Mehrunes yelled. “An I thought there were no hard feelings…”

“Wait.” Draco said before he talked to Zephyr, “Apparently he did that because he never got a chance to hit you during the fight earlier.”

“So neither of your pets like me?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well Zephyr I’m surprised about, but not Fireball.”

“I’m still trying to find a way to make up to him.” Mehrunes replied. “Although I don’t think he wants to.”


“Nothing at all ever in the entire universe?” Mehrunes asked.

“NOPE! NOTHING!” Fireball exclaimed.

“Why?” Mehrunes asked. “Nothing ever? Not help, secrets, food, nothing?”

“Unless it’s catnip which he knows he’s not supposed to have, there probably isn’t anything you can give him.” Draco said.

“He won’t lothe me if I give him catnip? Seriously?” Mehrunes asked.

“DON’T JUDGE MY ADDICTION!” Fireball yelled.

“Don’t worry I’m not!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “I’m just kinda bummed you hate me and I can’t do anything about it.”

“What is… catnip?” The cat thing asked.

“......” Fireball was just silent as he and the cat thing stared at each other. “…YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT CATNIP IS!?!?!?!?” Fireball yelled loudly at the cat thing, which was startled by his outburst.

“No.” The cat thing said. “I don’t…”

YOU HAVE NOT LIVED THEN SIR!!!” Fireball said before he somehow got some catnip off of… Mehrunes? Before shoving it in the cat things face.

“Wait where’d you get that catnip?” Mehrunes asked. “AND WHY ARE YOU FORCE FEEDING IT T-” Mehrunes was then interrupted by the cat thing sliding on a ice slide that he made as he slid far away, screaming, “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“Gooood.” Mehrunes said. “That’s not gonna go badly.”

“I know right?” Fireball asked before he then ate the rest of the catnip and he and the cat thing started to zoom all over the place.

“Why did you have have catnip in your pocket?” Draco asked Mehrunes.

“I don’t.” Mehrunes replied. “That’s why I’m confused.”

“Boi.” Chill made that same movement with his hands that he did before. “This iz weird. All of us except for Draco-Brah and Meh-Brah are silent. We are watching Meh-Brah and Draco-Brah talk and fight or whatever dey be doin!”

“Good point. Let’s have a conversation dealing with the rest of us.” I said, glaring at Mehrunes and Draco.

“Oh so you guys do hate it when I talk.” Draco said, “ I knew it!”

“No. I never said that.” I said, “what I’m trying to say is that you’re just talking to Mehrunes! Talk to all of us! You too Mehrunes!”

“Yeah sure bring up some conversation then.” Mehrunes replied.

“AHEAHEHAHEAHEAHEAHEA!!” Fireball suddenly started laughing and dancing like a maniac, again.

“Yep, he ate catnip so…” Saturo said.

AHEAHEHAHAEHAHAHHAEA!!!” Fireball continued.

“Well at least the cat thing is doing better.” Draco said.

“What cat thing?” Saturo asked,

AHEAHEAHAEHAEHAH!!!” Fireball laughed, break dancing like crazy, crushing the cat thing until the cat thing disintegrated.

“Welp that’s nice.” Mehrunes said. “We should contain Fireball.”

WE SHOULD CONTAIN YOUR FACE!!” Fireball shouted at Mehrunes before continuing laughing like a crazed lunatic.

“I don’t think that makes sense.” Mehrunes said. “Anyone have an idea on how to contain Fireball?”



“OKAY GOOD IDEA!” Saturo yelled over Fireball’s voice.

Mehrunes then grabbed Fireball and disappeared. The silence was so nice… Shortly after a moment of silence, Mehrunes appeared back looking like his ears were hurt.

“Phew…” Saturo said, as people walked by and stared.

“That’s so much better.” Mehrunes said. “My ears were gonna start bleeding.”

“What the heck was that noise?!” said a familiar voice.

Then, in front of us, was him. The guy I was looking for. My brother Nushot. And next to him were Azalea, Lavender, Uchiho and Draelin.

“Draco’s annoying cat on catnip.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh.” Nushot said, “well, it’s no longer here, thankfully… Anyway, sup little bro? What’s brings you here to find me?”

“Well, first off… WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU EVEN DOING!?” I yelled. “Where do you go!? What do you do!? After I left Hindro, what were you doing?!”

“Uhhh… That’s private business…” Nushot replied.

“Okay first off, his dad sent him to find you… I guess.” Mehrunes said. “And second I’m gonna guess that it has something to do with Azalea as she knew where he was. So more conversation, I’m gonna step back outta this.”

After Mehrunes had said that, I stared my brother in the eyes.

“Well, fine I’ll just say it.” Nushot said, “I trained with dad, and I also got married to my lovely wife, Azalea.”

Wait… WHAT?!

Lavender smirked. “That means you’re my brother in law!”

“…” This was very awkward for me.

“Huh.” Mehrunes said. “Well whaddayaknow? I was right for once in forever. Funny. Either way did we need to forcibly take him back at gunpoint or just find him?”

“Also, what was it you said? Dad wanted me?” Nushot asked.

“Yeah. He wanted us to find you. We need to go back to Elec’s mansion to do something so… Yeah.” I said.

“Alright, then. Let’s get going.” Nushot replied.

To be continued in the next chapter.

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