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Ultimataniam 6: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 10)

Ultimataniam 6: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 10)

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by QuartzMaster
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This is history. There is more to it than what is shown. 




-----| Chapter 10 |-----



“Ughh…” Lagi and Ivory both awoke. They found themselves in a dark place, a dark and tight place… Inside the coffin.

“I-Ivory? Where are you?” Lagi yelled.

“Well, good morning… Wait, what?! Why are they awake!?” A voice was heard.

Suddenly, the lids of Lagi and Ivory’s coffins were ripped off. They spotted an older guy with brown hair in front of them, with a blue monster looking sword at hand. It was none other than Gabe.

“Well, good morning your majesties.” Gabe greeted them as they stepped out of their coffins.

“What?” Ivory asked.

“It has not happened… The war is still on-going… This…” A figure wearing a blue hood was up ahead in front of a stone stool. “Forget it. It has happened now.”

“Magic!” Lagi yelled.

“Yes, it is magic.” Gabe smiled, “not sure what kind, but its magic.”

“Okay, please explain to me what is happening here!” Ivory demanded.

“Well, the prophecy spoke of your awakening after the planet explodes, and the war ends. However it did not happen, and you have awoken before that. The prophecy is no use. I have already disposed of it, and now… We can begin.” The blue hooded figure walked forth next to Gabe.

“Begin what? Ivory growled.

“Building the new kingdom. The new empire. You two are crowned king and queen.” Gabe said.

“Great. I guess. So, what do we do? Get ourselves a magic city builder?” Ivory asked.

“No, we’re not doing that yet. Because there’s no one to live in the city yet.” Gabe said.

“First you must reproduce, then we can build the city. So until then, no city for us.” The blue hooded figure said.

“Oh great… of course… already forcing us to do this.” Lagi mumbled.

“Uh, question. Why are you making us do this now?” Ivory asked.

“You do not have to do it now. When you are rea--” The blue hooded figure stared off into the distance, before he suddenly backed off.

“What is it?” Ivory asked.

“On second thought… It’s better to do it now.” The blue hooded figure said.

“And I thought this day couldn’t get any worse…” Ivory muttered.

“Okay, why are we supposed to obey you? I don’t think we know you.” Lagi said.

“I am your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather.” The blue hooded figure said.

“That… wait, both of ours? Or just one of ours?” Lagi asked.

“Both. The kingdom used to be only one. But then it split into two because they wanted to get more land, and because they wanted to live somewhere else. That’s how the two clans formed.” Gabe said, “the Acrus and Stone Clans. But they both are the Human Lagiacrus Nation.”

“Well, great. Now what do we do? Because… I don’t really want to do that right now. Hey, maybe we talk about why that guy’s still alive even though he’s that old, if he is who he claims to be.” Lagi said.

“Remember? Magic.” Gabe said.

“So, he was selfish and kept himself alive while he didn’t use it to save anyone else? Not even the ones he loved most?” Lagi asked.

“He is more Lagiacrus than human. And the real Lagiacrus race live for a long period of time.” Gabe said, looking at the hooded figure, “I wonder how our race even started.”

“It’s called, ‘someone was weird and made a crossbreed.’” Ivory sighed.

“No. We are not a crossbreed. We are a species of our own.” The hooded figure said.

“And, how were we made? A lab experiment? Are you sure you’re not the product of a Lagiacrus and a human? How did all of this happen? I would like an explanation.” Ivory demanded.

“I was alive before lab experiments even existed. Also long before Ultimate Crystals and great power was even discovered. Long before the Ultimate Council even was created to bring balance to the galaxy and protect it.” The hooded figure said.

“Still doesn't give me a clear explanation.” Ivory growled.

“The explanation itself is not clear. I was made the same way as everyone else was made. My own species… I do not remember much from those days.” The hooded figure said, “I prefer not to think about it. It makes me feel older than I really am.”

“Okay. So, you just popped into existence. There are humans, and Lagiacrus’s. You just so happen to be some of both? Strange, but kinda plausible.” Ivory sighed.

“Yes, indeed it is. I do not know the reason behind it, but it was how I was created. After I discovered it myself, how I was both a human and a lagiacrus, that’s when I decided to call our species the Human-Lagiacrus.” The hooded figure said.

“Neat. Now, what do we do? I’m getting bored. I could just take another nap.” Ivory yawned.

“I suggest you start reproducing now. Our enemies are plotting as we speak.” The hooded figure said.

“Enemies?” Ivory asked.

“No… Our enemy. But, I sense more than one.” The hooded figure said.

“It’s the WaterBreathe Clan.” Gabe sighed.

“Oh, so you mean the two people left?” Ivory asked.

“Most likely. They are near us. We must travel away from them. It would do us better off leaving the planet.” The hooded figure said.

“Well… then, give me a few minutes first.” Ivory said.

“No, we will not leave at the moment. I must go and spy on the enemy and find out their plans. If they get near us, then we should leave.” The hooded figure said.

“Sounds good.” Lagi said.

“But now since the enemy is plotting… We should not take the chances. You should reproduce now before they strike.” The hooded figure said.

“Okay. One: no. And two: reproduction isn’t that fast.” Ivory growled. “So, what are we supposed to do instead?”

“Start the reproduction process. I know it is not fast. So we could at least have two twins of the opposite gender born before the enemy strikes.” The hooded figure said.

“I’m pretty unwilling to do that right now.” Ivory said.

“Uh, as am I. Could we just, uh, play a board game or something?” Lagi asked.

“We don’t have board games. And it does us much better off for the reproduction process begins. You can do it in human or lagiacrus form. Both will work just as efficient.” The hooded figure said.

“But they refused.” Ivory growled.

“We need more of our kind. We are low, obviously.” Gabe said. “Why do you not want to do it?”

“One would think that at the age of fourteen, you wouldn’t do something like this.” Ivory sighed.

“Uh, no, not really that is true. But in our case, we need this to rebuild our empire.” Gabe said.

“Not. Right. Now.” Ivory growled. “I completely refuse to do this. Unless there’s something better in it for me then seeing you happy with what you’ve done, I refuse.”

“We have done nothing yet. And there is nothing wrong with reproducing, it is how we were created. I myself was in the same position as you, since I was the very first.” The hooded figure said.

“Yes, I get that you were once in this position. But trust me. It just seems wrong to do it now. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that you can do to make me do this now!” Ivory roared.

“You can just do it as a lagiacrus and lay a bunch of eggs. That’s much easier.” Gabe said.

“Did you not just hear me?” Ivory asked.

“There is nothing wrong with it. I don’t know what you’ve seen or whatever made you think it’s wrong, but it isn’t wrong at all.” Gabe said.

“Still, no.” Ivory sighed.

“Just tell me what it is that makes it seem wrong. I do not understand it.” Gabe said.

“It just seems immoral or something.” Ivory sighed.

“Where are you getting the idea of immoral? Because it is not immoral.” Gabe said. “Not even one bit immoral.”


“That’s not within our power. And, I do not want to make you do it. Making you do it, is immoral. Doing it on your own is not.” The hooded figure said.

“Well, unless you can give me a good reason, other than that it will save our race, I might consider it.” Ivory sighed.

“Are you letting up?” Lagi asked.

“They have reasons and evidence. And the brutal truth is too much for me.” Ivory sighed.

“Just get it over with.” Gabe said. “Just do it, and then we can keep the eggs safe and hide them from the WaterBreathe.”

Ivory looked down. She nodded, and turned into a Lagiacrus.

“Thank you.” Gabe said.

“O-okay… I… I guess…” Lagi mumbled as he turned into a Lagiacrus too.


“Well, letz den get ta findin Lagi and Ivory!” Chill said.

Chill, Mehrunes, Listy, and Draco walked towards an electric spaceship not far from the mansion. It was the same very spaceship that Shock had stole that one day to go to the Planet of the Witches. The four of them stood outside the spaceship.

“Meh-Brah you drive.” Chill said.

“Why?” Mehrunes asked.

“Cuz I only trustz you to drive.” Chill replied.

“That’s nice.” Mehrunes replied. “Did Lagi or Ivory have any questions related to me?”

“Yeah, they asked who you were.” Draco said with a snicker.

“Doubt it.” Mehrunes replied. “More likely forget you.”

“We had to keep reminding them what your name was.” Draco said.

“…Listy?” Mehrunes asked.

“PHHT Draco’s lying down on the ground.” Listy said. “They didn’t know who I was that’s about it.”

“Yeah, we did have to explain to them what your nickname was.” Draco said.

“Well yeah, they never heard Chill come up with that.” Mehrunes said.

“Da nickname I chose wuz Meh-Brah. Dey only used da Meh part.” Chill said.

“Yeah I got that.” Mehrunes replied. “Anyway I was gonna try to get them anyway, but my trackers malfunctioned. Note to self, waterproof for deep sea.”

“Ha!” Chill laughed, “anywayz we should get into da spaceship. We’ve been standing outside et fer a bit too longz.”

“Fine.” Mehrunes said, walking on the ship, Listy close behind. “Then hurry up.”

Chill and Draco walked into the spaceship as well. They all took a seat.

“I wonder what Fireball and Zephyr are doing right now.” Draco said as he took a seat next to Chill, “and Draelin…”

“I don’t care what they’re doing. I have at least two more important things to do.” Mehrunes replied coldly.

“Huh… I guess that’s true…” Draco said. “Well then start the engine already.”

“I think you’re deaf, it is started.” Mehrunes replied, as the spaceship took off into the air.

“You didn’t have to say it in that tone you know.” Draco said.

“Yes I did.” Mehrunes replied. “Wanna know why?”

“Why.” Draco said in a annoyed tone.

“Because I am trying to fly, so stop whining.” Mehrunes said with a hint of annoyance.

“You still didn’t have to say it in that voice, again.” Draco said.

“Whining. Quit it.” Mehrunes said.

“I’m not whining!” Draco said.

“Then you’re being annoying in a way that I dislike.” Mehrunes said. “It’s not a good idea to annoy your driver.”

“You’re annoying me!” Draco shot back.

“Shh. Whining.” Mehrunes replied.

“…” Draco was silent as he stared at Mehrunes, a look of spite on his face.

“Thank you.” Mehrunes said. “We’ll be at the water planet soonish. Prepare for whatever Lagi and Ivory got themselves into.”

Their spaceship then made it closer to a giant planet covered in water.

“Waitz, Saturo-Brah only knowz where Lagi-Brah’s home be!” Chill said.

“Hey! I know too!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “I was there with Saturo when he went there in the first place.”

“Oh okay, den less go!” Chill said as the spaceship descended into the Water Planet’s Atmosphere.


Dad was going with us… Which was a good thing. Because, I’m not really sure about this… Fighting the President, who has power in both ways. Over the people, and literal power in terms of fighting…

I had a very big feeling that something was going to go wrong. Something was gonna happen that would… Not be good. I can’t explain it more than that.

Dad borrowed an Electric Spaceship from Elec. He said they were somewhat faster than other spaceships, mostly because they don’t run out of power. They were built with Electric Stone from the Electric Planet, which is how it powers up.

At this very moment, we are in the spaceship on the way to Hindro. Saturo and John were with us, coming along. We all sat behind my Dad, who was driving the spaceship. He immediately activated something when the spaceship had left the Electric Planet.

“This way we can’t be spotted.” Dad explained.

“Oh yeah, that thing. Makes the spaceship invisible?” John asked.

Dad nodded.

“Right.” Saturo said, “so, um… How are we gonna do this?”

“You have to get attention first. So I’ll take you straight to the government building.” Dad said.

“Oh boy…” Saturo muttered, “why are we supposed to do this? Why can’t YOU do it? You’re an elemental master, you’re better off doing it!”

“This is good for training, and it also… Will somewhat make you famous. Think about it, you are also correcting the wrong.” Dad said.

“But why us?” Saturo asked.

“Because you are from Hindro. I am not.” Dad said.

“Wait, you’re not?” I was shocked.

“No. I am from the Wind Planet.” Dad said, “I decided Hindro to be the planet you get raised on because of your mother.”
I was silent as I thought about this for awhile. “So… you met Mom on Hindro?”


The spaceship then had arrived… The planet Hindro was just up ahead in front of us, orbiting the sun. Our spaceship, invisible, entered the atmosphere. We flew past many cities, including the small town Hilman that I live in (Hilman is just a few miles away from the capital), until we reached the capital city… And there was the government building, surrounded by fences.

“I’ll pick you up when you’re done.” Dad said, “good luck.”

“Wait, you want us to jump out of the spaceship?!” John asked, “lit.”

The back door of the spaceship opened. John approached it and looked down. It was like skydiving, jumping from a helicopter except way cooler.

John jumped, and Saturo jumped right after him. I followed, instead of jumping I flew down and landed on the ground in seconds. Immediately, I was seen. Next to Saturo and John, guards and people in suits saw us.

“Report, we have intruders.” guards already began taking out walkie talkies and informing everyone that we were here.

John ran at them and beat them up… He broke the walkie talkies in the process as well… “Take us to your leader. Take us to President Keyon.” John spoke to the guard he was holding by the shirt.

“Stop this immediately!”

We turned and spotted that the President had already came himself. He had the same brown hair as I had seen on TV… The same suit he wore… John stared daggers at him.

“Did you see that?” John asked him spitefully, “I beat up all of yo guards. Easily. Wanna know how?” John took out his Ultimate Crystal and waved it mockingly in front of the President’s face. “I used my Ultimate Crystal. I’m an Ultimate.”

As Saturo and I were dead silent, the President stared back at John. “We will handle these matters inside.”

“I’m not going anywhere with a crazed lunatic and a liar such as yourself!” John yelled.

But looking around… I spotted that the four of us were inside a room. An office. A president's office.

“Take a seat.” The President sat down at his desk and looked at us.

John was shocked that we had suddenly appeared in here. But instead of saying anything, he sat down while grunting. Saturo and I took a seat as well.

“You see…” The President began, “you are young. You know nothing about how the galaxy works, or how the universe works. Power is very valuabl--”

“Yeah yeah, whatever. I know that.” John interrupted, “you brainwashed all of the people of Hindro! My friends, my family… Almost everyone!”

“Yes, except for you who are Ultimates. I did brainwash you as well, but it did not work as anticipated. Your Ultimate Crystals gave back all the memory as if nothing had happened.” The President said.

“Yeah, you failed.” John said.

“Yes, but because of that…” The President said, “I must exterminate you. This world does not need to know the truth about Ultimates. They do not need to know about these overpowered crystals, or the overpowered council, or of other planets in the galaxy.”

We all were silent, waiting for him to continue.

“They are cowards, and they must remain cowards, uneducated.” The President said.

Then John lost it. He chucked the desk at the President, but the President just dodged it.

“The Ceno family are cowards.” The President was just making John angry. “The Kanshiro family are also cowards.”
“No they’re not!” Saturo began to lose it too… This was not good.

“Yes, your two families are normal. They know nothing about Ultimates.” The President said, before looking at me. “However, I cannot say the same to you, son of the Master of Wind. Your ancestors come from the Wind Planet.”

Wind Planet…? I never have been there… Thinking about it makes me want to go there…

“I’m gonna expose you! I’ll reveal the truth!” John said.

Suddenly, metal sheets surrounded the whole room. We were trapped.

“Then, you will not escape here alive.” The President said, as he then floated in the air and chucked all the furniture aside.

John smirked. “It’s about time you said that. Show me what you got!”

John ran at him and attempted to punch him. However, the President blocked it with his hand quite easily. He looked into John’s eyes, before he threw him back against the wall. “You are a coward as well.”

John looked angered. “Your time is up…” He said violently as he walked towards the President. “My time is now…” Then John disappeared. “You can’t see me…” The President then moved a millimeter forward. “W-what?!” John appeared behind him, looking astonished.

The President chucked him back into the wall. “ICH! SATURO! DO SOMETHING!”

“Okay…” Saturo took out his electric axe.

The President saw it, and smiled. Saturo ran at him, in a quick speed, and actually landed a hit on him. The President went flying into the wall.

“We need to work together.” Saturo said.

I spotted John, next to us, looking quite surprised at what Saturo had done. Because he couldn’t land a hit, while Saturo did first try. Speed is the key, obviously.

“Hmm, you are different. I guess I’ll have to try to kill you.” The President then took out a sword.

“Well then, give it a try!” John said.

“Why should we even wait?” I then said, “let’s just use all our power and defeat him now!”

I then shot a wind beam straight at the President, and it knocked him back. But then he just floated in the air. I then picked up Saturo and chucked him at the President, and Saturo made a shockwave that paralyzed the President.

“IN YO FACE!” John shouted at him. Then John picked me up and chucked me at the President, and I then used the wind and made dozens of mini-tornado’s that all hit the President at the same time.

“Your attacks are weak.” The President said, “I’m wasting my time. I should end this immediately, I have other duties to do, more important than this.”

“So you’re saying that ending us, who know the truth, is not important? You’re changing what you are saying right now.” John said.

The President didn’t reply to that. Instead, he somehow brought all of us into the air, floating out in front of him. Darkness then began to form under our feet and slowly was growing.

“What is this?” John asked.

The darkness then hit our feet, and I could feel something in my head… Like, something bursting. Something exploding. Something BIG exploding.

But then we dropped onto the floor. The President looked terrified. He then deactivated the metal sheets around the room, and walked towards the window.

John then took advantage of this and leaped onto him, crashing through the window in the process. The sound of the glass shattering, suddenly caused Saturo to follow behind.

I flew out of the widow, seeing John and the President fighting down in the yard. Saturo then appeared next to them.

“Stop the fighting now!” The President demanded. He knocked Saturo and John back before he suddenly entered a spaceship that suddenly appeared. He then looked out upwards.

This caused me to look back. I looked up at the sky and… I saw a giant black warship, that looked like it was charging something. The spaceship the president was in took off. And in its place landed another spaceship, specifically the electric spaceship that my Dad was in.

“Get in! NOW!” Dad yelled at us.

“What!?” John and Saturo asked him in question.

“The planet is going to explode!” Dad yelled, “Darth’s Army is here! And their target is this planet!”

Wait… WHAT?!

“I… I can’t leave now!” John said, “my mom… She’s still back at home!”

“A-and… and my parents too! They’re still here!” Saturo added.

“There isn’t much time!” Dad said, “we have to go NOW!” Dad forcefully pulled all of us into the spaceship and immediately took off.

It was only a matter of seconds before we were already outside the planet. I looked out of the window at the War Ship. Moments later, it shot something. It was black, so it was hard to see… And it made its way to Hindro in less than a second. And then, you could already guess what happened next.

The planet exploded. All the pieces of Hindro went in all directions, one even hit our spaceship.

John and Saturo were staring at the remains silently. I could feel their sadness… This was a terrible loss… A whole planet… Many have died. Over a billion people.

The spaceship drifted away in space as everyone was silent. Saturo and John sat down next to me, and we all had a moment of silence… With sadness, lots of it… I was sad for another thing too… My mother, I don’t know where she is… Could she have been there, on Hindro? Thinking about it made me just as sad as Saturo…

Looking back at Saturo, I changed my mind. Saturo was crying. John wasn’t, but Saturo was.

“I’m sorry about your parents, Saturo.” Dad then spoke, ending the silence. “We couldn’t have done anything…”

Saturo didn’t reply. He just kept crying… I have never seen him like this.

“And I’m sorry about your mother, John.” Dad said.

Yeah… John was an only child. He lived with his mother, because his parents divorced… I don’t know any more than that, because John hasn’t told me.

The rest of the ride was nothing but silence and tears… Until we finally arrived at the Electric Planet…

I decided to call that day, the day of sadness…


To Be Continued!

there we go. the next book will come soon

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