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Ultimataniam 7: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)

Ultimataniam 7: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)

Posted January 4th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 1 |-----



The spaceship slowly descended to the water. It flew above it, gliding across the surface of the ocean.

“So Meh-Brah…” Chill said impatiently, “where dey beh?”

“Why you askin me?” Mehrunes asked.

“You’ve been ta Lagi-Brah’s home before. So, ya should take us dere.” Chill said, “only problem doh is dat dis spaceship no go under watah!”

“Well, I have my spacesuit that I’ve configured to also go underwater, you guys are in trouble though.” Mehrunes replied.

“Then you go alone and get them.” Listy said. “We can wait here.”

“Yeah fine. I have more but sure.” Mehrunes said. “There goes Lagi’s lack of home. West we go…”

“Okai, babye Meh-Brah fer now. Draco-Brah beh asleep fer sum reason…” Chill said, looking at Draco who was sleeping on his seat. “Bah, just go already Meh-Brah!”

“Well I’m trying to make it float above the water and open the hats to get ou- oh for pete's sake.” Mehrunes said, as the spaceship was stopped. “I dunno if we’re even there.”

“Well… Iz da home in da west ocean?” Chill asked, leaning on Draco’s chair, “coz we be above da west ocean.”

“I don’t know how you can tell.” Mehrunes said, suddenly wearing his space suit as he looked out of the window down into the ocean. “But we went west from Lagi’s home and I can see some ruins so sure.”

“Dat be et, probably.” Chill said, “I’ll be co-pilot ‘till ya get back.”

“Don’t blow anything up.” Mehrunes said.

“I can’t, I be too chill.” Chill replied.

Mehrunes then teleported out of the spaceship, as he was now above the spaceship. He looked down at the ruins, before he then dived into the water and began swimming towards the ruins.

The water suddenly moved, and waves pushed Mehrunes straight to the ruins, specifically towards a hole… Mehrunes then saw a passage underground, surrounded with chunks of stone.

“Good. Weirdness.” Mehrunes thought. “Mystical magical weirdness. This is gonna be fun… magic waves want me here. Fine.”

Mehrunes swam to the hole and swam downward into it. Mehrunes then saw a light in the distance, coming from above.

“Ah crud…” Mehrunes thought.

Mehrunes then made it to a shallow area… His head exited the water, seeing a door in front of him.

“Why.” Mehrunes asked rhetorically. “Here goes nothing.”

Mehrunes tried to open the door. He succeeded, and he saw a hallway in front of him with more doors to the side. At the end of the hallway was a fireplace.

“Uhhh what?!” Mehrunes thought. “WHY?!”

A small fire was lit at the fireplace.

“Cute fire I guess.” Mehrunes said. “Hey Sentinal you wanna help some?”

“Well the fireplace looks suspicious if you ask me.” Sentinal said to Mehrunes telepathically.

“It does but what am I supposed to do, blow it out or find more?” Mehrunes asked.

“Let’s get a closer look…”

Mehrunes walked closer to the fireplace.

“Yeah… There’s a trigger behind that wall. Trigger it and something will happen.”

“Good to know.” Mehrunes said, blowing out the fire.

“It doesn’t seem that that worked. Try making a bigger fire.” said Sentinal.

Mehrunes summoned a few more logs then set them ablaze creating a large fire. Then, that triggered something. The fireplace suddenly dropped, and a deep hole remained where it was.

“Why is it always a hole?” Mehrunes asked, looking into the hole.

“This is hidden, so… The builder of this temple has many secret areas.”

“Great. What’s in the hole?” Mehrunes asked.

“Let’s find out.” Sentinal replied.

“I don’t wanna.” Mehrunes said, jumping into the hole.

When he landed, he spotted a blue hooded figure in front of him.

“You're not… You aren’t the WaterBreathe. Good. Who are you?” The Blue hooded figure asked.

“I could ask the same question robed man.” Mehrunes replied. “Yeah I’m lookin for a uh Lagi and Ivory. Have you seen em?”

“Hm, you’re a friend of theirs?” The blue hooded figure asked.

“I wouldn't really say friend, I barely talked to them but I’m not gonna kill them so sure friends.” Mehrunes said.

“Very well… Lagi, Ivory. You have a visitor.” The blue hooded figure walked over with Mehrunes behind him.

Mehrunes saw in front of him a guy with a tail, with brown hair and a blue monstrous sword on his back. He also saw Lagi and Ivory… The three of them seemed to be collecting these colorful eggs. There were fifty of them.

“Huh. You know, I don’t wanna know.” Mehrunes said, alerting Lagi and Ivory of his presence more.

“O-oh! Hello.” Lagi said.

“Yay. Visitors.” Ivory sighed, “well, at least somebody came.”

“And is that somebody not a good somebody?” Mehrunes asked.

“I wouldn't say that you're a bad somebody. But, who cares. Are any of the others coming?” Ivory asked.

“No. you’re like a mile underwater I’m the only one.” Mehrunes replied. “What have you been up to? I left before I could see you.”

“Uh… stuff.” Lagi said.

“Yeah. Let's just go with stuff.” Ivory said.

“You’re avoiding the question and you have eggs.” Mehrunes slammed his hand into his face. “Why did I agree to any of anything ever to get to this position. You know let’s just go. If Mr. robe man will even let you.”

“Uh… no. We have to safely store them.” Ivory said.

“Isn't that something Mr mysterious can do?” Mehrunes asked, looking at the other guy with the sword. “I came down here to get you, literally didn’t even have to. Also wish I didn’t but that’s another can of beans.”

“Well, we're sorta busy at the moment.” Ivory sighed. “Maybe you could meet Gabe?” Ivory pointed to Gabe.

“According to Listy, ‘Gabe’ stabbed you.” Mehrunes replied.

“Don't bring that up.” Ivory growled.

“I was also told if I had trackers on you bad things would happen. Whatever. I wanna leave as soon as possible so hurry up with your egg nonsense so I don’t have to be in a room with a guy with a robe and a sword and a stabber.” Mehrunes said.

“These eggs are not nonsense! They are very important!” Ivory roared. “They were a pain to get out though…”

“Yeah yeah I don’t need a description. Hurry up.” Mehrunes snapped. “Or I can and will leave you behind.”

“Fine then. If you really want to, leave. Send someone else in about one hour.” Ivory sighed.

“No one else can come down here.” Mehrunes said, calming down. “Alright. I’ll wait, until you are ready. You don’t mind do you?”

“Just as long as you don't become a constant annoyance.” Ivory growled.

“Alright.” Mehrunes replied sitting down. “F-Y-I, you should stop growling. It could hurt your throat. And it’s a little disconcerting and rude.”

“I really don't care.” Ivory said.

Mehrunes didn’t say anything, instead he was sitting silently against a wall.

“You know…” Gabe said, finally speaking, “if you want to go, Lagi, Ivory, you can. Your job is done. I can look after the eggs.”

“Oh. Well, thank you, Gabe. Make sure to alert us immediately when they start to hatch, I want to be there when our race begins to grow.” Ivory said.

“Also, if you get put in danger, or need anything, make sure to come back here.” Gabe added.

“We will. And thanks for everything. I’m sorry if I was a little… rude and disrespectful towards you? I just want to thank you for watching after all of them.” Ivory said, very sincere.

“It’s fine… We’re all good now.” Gabe replied, “you can go now.”

“Yeah, thanks. Well Mehrunes, get ready. We’re ready.” Lagi said.

Ivory stroked a white egg and whispered something to it before handing it to Gabe. “Take great care of this one. I can feel something… amazing about it.” Ivory whispered to Gabe, who nodded. She then walked over to Mehrunes. “Up. Show us to your ship or whatever.” Ivory demanded.

“You’ll soon learn that demanding stuff from me get’s no nowhere.” Mehrunes replied. “Sadly, I was going to do that anyway. Is there an exit to this place or do we have to go out the way I came in?”

“Probably leave the way you came in.” Lagi said. Lagi walked over to the bottom of the hole and snapped his fingers. A platform of water appeared that was big enough for all three of them to stand on. Lagi and Ivory walked onto it and waited for Mehrunes.

“Am I allowed to tell other people about this… egg thing… or will you kill me?” Mehrunes asked with a smirk.

“Depends. What will you tell people about it?” Ivory asked.

“Take a guess.” Mehrunes said.

“That we have fifty eggs that are waiting to hatch.” Ivory guessed.

“Whatever. I’m gonna guess your eggs are non-conversable and move on.” Mehrunes said, walking onto the platform. “By the way, you guys are weird.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Lagi said. He snapped his fingers again and the platform raised into the air, taking them to the hallway.

“Huh. I thought I burned these doors.” Ivory muttered. “Anyways, tell anyone anything about the egg thing… well, depending on what you say, I might do something bad. Say anything negative about them… terrible things will happen.”

“What will happen?” Mehrunes asked as they walked through the hallway to the door that led back to the sea.

“Depends on what you say.” Ivory sighed.

“Well give me an example then.” Mehrunes said.

“No.” Ivory said. “You’ll have to figure out what happens yourself.” Ivory opened up the door. “Also, after you.”

“No please after you.” Mehrunes replied with a smirk.

“Why do you want me to go first?” Ivory asked.

“Because.” Mehrunes replied. “I dunno. You’re the one who swims better than literally most things ever.”

“Do you want me to do the simming? Because I could carry you if you wanted me to.” Ivory said.

“Just tryna keep up.” Mehrunes replied, backing through the door. “You comin or what?”

“Yeah. Sure.” Ivory said as she pushed Mehrunes into the water and then dived in. Lagi followed them.

Mehrunes silently swam upwards, swiftly, but not compared to Lagi and Ivory. Soon they all reached the surface, and the ship was nearby.

“Finally. Spacecraft.” Ivory sighed.

“Okay. How do we get in?” Lagi asked Mehrunes.

“How do you think mister?” Mehrunes asked. “If the door is shut, and the windows don’t open and I got out, how do you suppose we get in?”

“I dunno. Teleportation?” Lagi asked.

“Bingo.” Mehrunes replied, swimming closer to the ship.

“Why didn’t you do that when we were underwater?” Ivory asked as she followed Mehrunes closer to the ship.

“He probably has to be close or something.” Lagi said as he swam closer as well. “Now, Mehrunes, do your thing.”

Suddenly, the three of them were in the ship.

“I’m back!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “And I brought company, did you make cookies yet?”

“Cookiez were eaten alreadyz.” Chill said.

“And they were delicious!” Draco exclaimed.

“So, the cookies are more important than the two people that’ve been lost for way too long?” Ivory asked.

“Apparently.” Lagi sighed.

“Well I was asleep.” Draco said. “Meh or Chill could’ve just woke me up.”

“What would that have done? I don’t believe you breath underwater.” Lagi said.

“And still, no, ‘hello’ or, ‘you’re back!’ or anything of the sort.” Ivory sighed.

“Cuz et ain’t dat long.” Chill said, “we metz just awhile ago in da realm thing.”

“But that was a realm. Not reality.” Ivory said.

“So? We still saw you. Talked to you.” Draco said.

“Well, a hello still would have been nice.” Ivory muttered. “Now, I need to rest. It’s been a long and hard day.”

“Yeah. I’m just gonna lay down here on this nice seat here and-” Lagi said, as he collapsed on the floor of the ship, instantly falling asleep.

“That happened.” Ivory sighed. “Now, let’s get out of here.”

“What do you think I’ve been doing?” Mehrunes asked. “I’ve been flying this whole time, THIS SHIP IS GREAT!”

“Huh. I thought you were eating more cookies.” Ivory said as she took a seat.

“We never had cookies.” Mehrunes said.

“Chill and Draco just said that they were delicious.” Ivory said.

“It’s called rolling with a joke.” Draco said.

“Oh. I thought you were being serious.” Ivory sighed. “Now, please don’t rock the ship too much. I still get space sick on the occasion.”

Then the ship shook violently a couple of times, and Mehrunes snickered.

“S-stop that!” Ivory yelled, starting to look queasy.

“Well Draco liked it. He’s asleep.” Mehrunes replied. “Whatcha gonna do if I don’t stop?”

“Well, I have quite a few ideas on what I can do if you do it again.” Ivory sighed. “Now shut up and fly this thing.”

“Yeah, you can't bark orders and expect that they follow out.” Mehrunes said. “DRACO! WAKE UP!”

“AGH!” Draco exclaimed as he woke up. “Yeesh, why is there so much jet lag for me? I KEEP FALLING ASLEEP!”

“Because. You seem to have something in common with Lagi.” Ivory said.

“How so?” Draco asked.

“You’re both weak?” Mehrunes asked, with a chuckle.

“You both fall asleep on spaceships.” Ivory laughed, before realizing what Mehrunes had said. “Okay that’s it. We get off this ship I do something horrible to you.”

“Ha ha very funny.” Draco responded with a growl to what Mehrunes said.

“So insulting Lagi and Draco make you wanna do something bad to me?” Mehrunes asked Ivory.

“It’s probably just the Lagi part.” Draco said.

“Have fun.” Listy said. “No murder.”

“Lots of murder.” Ivory growled. “I will paint the mansion red with his blood.”

“Well that escalated quickly.” Draco said.

“Nah. It could get much, MUCH, worse.” Ivory snickered.

“No. I could do worse.” Mehrunes said. “I have this thing whe- oh wait spoilers.”

“I likez spoilerz.” Chill said.

“Nah. No spoilers for you.” Mehrunes replied. “Although I prefer the path of non murder, so Ivory if I beat you, I don't wanna see any murder happen.”

“I’ll kill if I want to kill.” Ivory sighed. “Now please, just get us back.”

“Yeah we’ll be back in like ten seconds this ship appears abnormally fast.” Mehrunes replied.

“Finally.” Ivory sighed. “LAGI! WAKE UP!”

Lagi stretched and yawned as he stood up. “So uh, five seconds?”

“Yeah.” Ivory said.

“Da Elec Planet be in front of us, Meh-Brah ya know where Elec’s Mansion be, right?” Chill asked.

“Yeah. I’ve been there enough times.” Mehrunes replied.

“Okai den, les go.” Chill said, “deres sumthin I wantz ta do after I finds Saturo-Brah.”

“Set a timer for like… ten seconds again and we’ll be at Elecs mansion.” Mehrunes said.

“Careful, don’t crash. Ten secondz is not dat much fer landin.” Chill said, as the spaceship was descending into the Electric Planet.

“I said we’d be there, I.E. able to see it. Not necessarily be landed and out.” Mehrunes replied.

“Could you quiet down, please?” Ivory asked.

“No. Suck it up.” Mehrunes replied.

“No.” Ivory growled.

“Well you can’t order me around anymore than I can order you around.” Mehrunes replied. “I’m sorry but I’m having a conversation and giving you some info about stu- MR. SLITHERS, HOW DID YOU GET HERE?!” A small green snake was suddenly wrapped around Mehrunes’s neck.

“KILL HIM!” Ivory roared.

“NO.” Mehrunes yelled.

Mr. Slithers looked at Ivory and flicked his tongue.

“Hello there snake.” Ivory said. “Could you please squeeze a little harder around his neck?”

Mr. Slithers shook his head.

“Oh. I understand.” Ivory sighed.

“Okay… anyway there’s the mansion.” Mehrunes said.

“I thought you knew.” Chill replied.

“I did. That’s why we’re here.” Mehrunes replied. The spaceship landed in front of Elec’s Mansion, in the front yard. “There, Chill you can do… whatever you were gonna do. Everybody off! Please.” Mehrunes added please when Mr. Slithers hissed at him.

“Finally. Well, I’ll be in a room. Sleeping.” Ivory sighed, “Open the hatch or door or whatever.”

“Yeah I did just now, hey I thought you were gonna paint the mansion with my blood or something.” Mehrunes said, standing up.

“I would. But to be honest, I’m just too tired to right now. I’ll get back to it next time you insult Lagi or the eggs.” Ivory sighed as she walked out of the spaceship and into the mansion.

“What eggz?” Chill asked.

“Oh yeah, they had colored eggs and I think I know why and I didn’t need to know that.” Mehrunes replied. “Cuz they said they were their eggs and I wanted to leave ASAP.”

“Coolz. You gotz eggs!” Chill followed Lagi and Ivory and patted them on the back, “what kindz are dey?”

“Uh… colorful ones.” Lagi said.

“Dragon? Chicken? Wat do dey hatch? Or do dey just normal eggs dat you can eatz?” Chill asked.

“You know,” Mehrunes said, also following with Listy and Draco, having parked the spaceship. “I’m gonna guess Lagiacrus eggs.”

“Uh… good guess. You got it right on the spot. Now, please never mention this again.” Lagi said, starting to sweat.

“Oh, koolz. Lagiacrus eggs.” Chill said, “never heard of dem. Wut are dey?”

“Well… too bad. Lagi and Ivory are half Lagiacrus take a guess SEE YA!” Mehrunes yelled, running away laughing like a maniac.

“Please. Forget you heard anything about those eggs.” Lagi pleaded.

“It’ll be much better for all three of us. Me, you, and Ivory. Much much better.” Lagi then ran towards Ivory as Chill shrugged and walked away towards the mansion.

“Okay. Why did Mehrunes just run away laughing?” Ivory asked.

“We kill him in his sleep. Okay?” Lagi asked.

“Done.” Ivory growled.

“No. You don’t.” Listy growled menacingly from behind them.

“I second that statement.” Mehrunes said, appearing next to Listy.

“It’s two to two. We can do it if we want to anyways. And we have good motive as well.” Ivory growled.

“Except we are just as capable, if not more.” Listy said.

“And what happened Lagi, with the pacifist thing?” Mehrunes asked.

“Pretty sure I never called myself a pacifist. And if I ever did it wouldn’t have been near you.” Lagi growled.

“Bruh. I mean you were nice, and now you have the idea to attempt murder.” Mehrunes said.

“Yes. I might be a bit harsh right now, but hey. You just told a secret that is really, really sensitive. I just need either a promise that you’ll never do it again, or you not being able to tell it again.” Lagi growled.

“It’s not a secret until you don’t allow the flow if it.” Mehrunes said.

“Basically, you never said he couldn't tell anyone.” Listy said.

“See you in the night…” Mehrunes said, disappearing.

“Have a good nap!” Listy said cheerfully, walking away.

“If they stay there, I'm leaving.” Ivory growled.

“Agreed.” Lagi sighed.

“That’s not very nice.” Listy said, only a few steps away. But she stopped walking. “Hmm… but if you like, I can get Mehrunes to forget the egg stuff as well as most of today, sound good?”

“How exactly would you even do that?” Draco asked from above them as he was flying since they got off the ship.

“I have my ways Draco.” Listy said, smiling.

“Of course you do.” Draco said.

“Could nobody ever mention the egg thing? Please?” Ivory asked.

“Yeah. Please. It's embarrassing and I would prefer nobody talk about it.” Lagi said.

Listy had already left, and Draco did too.

“Wow. Of course we're talking to nobody.” Ivory sighed.

“Well, I'm taking a nap. Let's go.” Ivory sighed as she walked towards the mansion’s front door, followed by Lagi.

The door opened by itself, and a familiar person appeared in front of them.

To be continued in the next chapter...

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