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Ultimataniam 7: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 4)

Ultimataniam 7: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 4)

Posted January 10th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 4 |-----



A spaceship descended into the atmosphere of Tranquish, the planet with those witches. Flying across the dead environment, it landed next to a forest, with trees that were surrounded by corpses. The spaceship’s engines shut off, a guy with blond hair exited it.

Looking around, he shivered. His memories when he crashed onto this planet the first time haunted him; it was like a hole in his heart. He recalled when he was captured by the witches who attempted murder on him, only then he was saved by a younger witch who was against their doings.

He had escaped with that young witch. He learned from her more about the witches; he heard all the complains. He even heard about what they did to her, as punishment.

“It’s okay, Pixelen…” He thought to himself, “you got this…”

Pixel never thought he was going to return to this planet. But after he had been cursed back at his boss’s lab, he knew the cause of it. With the help of his boss, he determined when the time was right for him to take off; specifically to find out how to get to this planet since it was not on any maps.

Walking through the woods, Pixel shivered. He wanted to help his friend… He knew what happened to her, because she had told him when she escaped with him off of Tranquish in the first place. But it was not too long before two of her sisters had set out to find her to bring her back… only to succeed in doing so. Pixel had lost all contact with her…

Until he was cursed. He had a vision about it, about what happened to her. His boss had told him the right time and position to go when he had awoken; according to a powerful wizard. The powerful wizard was correct; Pixel had made it.

Pixel kept walking through the woods, thinking to himself, “what happened to Talsa?”

He then suddenly hid behind a tree. Up ahead was one of them… One of the sisters of Talsa. And of course, she was armed.

Pixel took a peek to see if she was still there, and she was. He had to move smoothly. He searched around in his bag for his Ultimate Crystal and put it in his pocket; keeping it handy and to use it when he needs to. Then, he searched around in his bag for a machine that his friend Cris had helped him make; a machine that makes one invisible.

The way it worked was you put it on your head and it would make a barrier surrounding your body; preventing the eye from seeing it. Pixel put it on and activated it. He then became invisible.

After taking a deep breath, he stepped out. The witch heard the movement, and quickly used her bow and aimed it at where Pixel had made sound. But she didn’t shoot him, since she couldn’t tell he was there.

Pixel then cautiously walked away from the spot, without making any noise. The witches aim didn’t follow him, and he was thankful for that.

He then continued walking until he had passed right by the witch. He then made a run for it into the temple, only then finding himself falling into a deadly trap.


“Nice for you to pay a visit.” said a voice.

The cloaked hooded figure dressed in blue walked around the two gravestones. Clearing his throat, he then spoke.

“It has been awhile. And you seem to have died.” The hooded figure said.

“Yes. The virus had killed me off, eventually.” the voice replied.

“It does seem so. So then. The Legendary Sword of the WaterBreathe. It caused that. I must get it back into my hands then.” The hooded figure said.


“You heard nothing. I just want some information.” The hooded figure said.

“W-what? Don’t you already know all that I do?”

The hooded figure took off his hood along with the blue cloak, tossing it aside. Revealed was a white cloak and a hood, along with a white mask with circles.

“I have not finished the task. Killing off the Human Lagiacrus race.” The figure said, “you seem to know nothing. Then I shall head away back to my people.”

“You’re th--!” Before the voice could reply the figure had teleported away.


Ivory was sleeping on her bed in her room that she shared with Lagi. She was having a good nap when she suddenly felt that she was not alone. Something was tapping her on her shoulder.

“Who is it?” Ivory yawned. “Go away.”

“Nah I wanna bug you!” A high pitched voice replied.

“Nah.” Ivory yawned as she turned over.

She then felt something poking at her nose.

Ivory sat up and growled. “Who is it?”

“It’s me!” She saw an orange kitten on her bed.

“Who?” Ivory asked. “I don't know anyone named me.”

“I’m Fireball! And I realized that I knew you and that you were back!” The orange kitten replied.

“Oh yeah. You're Draco’s annoying pet.” Ivory yawned as she laid back down.

“I don’t say I’m annoying. Only when I’m on catnip.” Fireball said, “which, speaking of that… Wanna help me get some? I need someone to open the front door so I can go get some and come back.”

“No. Take some felvine instead.” Ivory sighed.

“What’s that?” Fireball asked.

“Felines of all kinds can't resist the stuff. It's pretty much catnip, but ten times more effective.” Ivory explained, sitting back up. “And the best part is, I know how to mass-produce it.”

“Oh I’m not trying to get catnip… I’m trying to get something else… It’s catnip, but not catnip.” Fireball said, “besides, I’m not interested in that. And you’re confusing. What is felines?”

“A cat is a feline.” Ivory sighed. “Also, Mehrunes probably broke into my stash of the stuff and gave it to you. Am I on the right track?”

“No. The right track is getting up and helping me get to the shops so I can find that special catnip.” Fireball said.

“Just take some felvine. It'll be better.” Ivory sighed.

“Then give me some!” Fireball said.

“Lemme get to my stash. Stay here.” Ivory muttered as she walked out of the bed. She went into the cabinet full of Lagi’s snacks and pushed a bunch of them away. She then pushed aside the back of the cabinet and there was a safe. Ivory took out the small safe and put it on the floor. “In here, is some of my felvine. This is just a free sample. If you ever want more, it'll cost you a little. Understand?”

“Okay.” Fireball opened the safe. Or at least, attempted to. But it was locked. “OPEN IT!”

Ivory turned the safe away from Fireball and typed in eight digits on the keypad. The safe sprang open and she turned it back to Fireball. Inside was a small pile of yellow leaves. “Go. Wild.” Ivory yawned. “Out of my room. If you don't like it, I'll help you with your plain catnip.”

Fireball covered his nostrils with his paws. “IT SMELLS HORRIBLE! WHAT IS THIS!? WHERE DID YOU GET IT!?”

“Oh yeah. This is the cat repellent. Get out.” Ivory growled as she tossed some of the leaves at Fireball.

“ICK!” Fireball sprung back. “GET THAT STUFF AWAY FROM ME!”

“Shut up!” Ivory hissed. “Now leave. Or I'll give some to Draco when he gets back.”

Fireball then spit fire at the leaves, burning them. “HA!”

“That was my sample. Not the stash.” Ivory sighed. “And anyways, the stuff grows everywhere around home.”

“That stuff grows underwater?” Fireball asked as he leaped onto Ivory’s pillow.

“Sometimes.” Ivory said. “But sometimes… when a cat smells too much of it, it starts growing out of their nose. And then, it slowly spreads across their whole body, until they are suffocated by it. So I suggest you leave before it takes you over.”

“YICK! THAT’S DISGUSTING!” Fireball looked like he was gonna vomit, “*URP* UGGHH, *HACK*” He then coughed a hairball onto Ivory’s pillow.

“Pick that up and get me a new pillow, or I will set a bit of it next to you while you sleep.” Ivory growled.

Fireball coughed some more hairballs before replying. “HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PICK THOSE UP WITH THESE?!” He waved his paws in the air. “CATS CAN’T DO THAT!”

“Get. OUT!” Ivory roared.

“Out where?” Fireball asked, examining his hairballs.

“Out of my room, or I can and will personally see it through that you never climb those stairs again.” Ivory threatened.

“You can’t threaten a cat!” Fireball said, “especially not one that… Okay, fine it’s no longer a secret, I AM A MUTATED CAT, actually I think everyone knows that. Glare modified my DNA!”

“And I wasn't supposed to know that already?” Ivory asked.

“Wait a minute… Since I’m not a normal cat, that cat repellent won’t work on me! IN YO FACE!” Fireball laughed.

“You said it yourself. You hate the smell of it. That means it works.” Ivory snickered.

“It just smells bad. Like Draco’s armpits.” Fireball snickered. “In fact, I thought you had took normal leaves and rubbed it against his armpits.”

“I'm not going to comment on that. Now please, leave before I follow up on my threat. Or straight up eat you.” Ivory sighed. “I'm very tired.”

“And I’m bored. And I’m not edible. AND I’M FIREBALL!” Fireball leaped into the air and was floating in mid air. He suddenly became a legit fireball.

“Cool. Can I control you now?” Ivory asked.

Fireball turned back to a cat. “No. You can’t! Cuz I’M FIREBALL! NOT YOU!

“I don't care. Shut up, leave, and don't come back. Okay?” Ivory asked.

“You haven’t opened the front door for me. That is why I came in the first place!” Fireball said, “you see I can’t reach the handle slash unlock it… And I have paws.”

“How did you get in here then?” Ivory asked.

“The door was open. Duh.” Fireball replied.

“Fine. Only if you promise never to touch my door or step foot slash paw in this room ever again.” Ivory growled as she walked out the door.

“Okay I promise!” Fireball said, “and I have paws so I can’t cross my fingers!”

“You don't even have fingers in the first place!” Ivory said. She walked down the stairs to the ground floor, followed by Fireball. She walked until she reached the front door. She opened it up and stood to the side.

“Thanks, now BYEEEEEE.” Fireball ran out, apparently hopping onto Zephyr who conveniently happened to be there. They both sped off into the distance.

“Finally got rid of that nuisance…” Ivory muttered as she closed the door and walked to the kitchen.

She spotted Lagi on the floor, sleeping. And in front of him were spicy chips spelling out ‘Sup Lagi’.

“Should I bring him to the bed? Or let him see the chips?” Ivory asked herself. “I'm gonna clean the hair balls up…” Ivory walked over to the stairs, went up them, and entered her room. She looked at the multiple hairballs. She snapped her fingers and they all lit on fire, but didn't burn the pillow. When they were all gone, she climbed back into the bed and fell asleep in seconds.

“AHAEHEAHEAHEAHAEHEAHEAHAEAEH!!!” She suddenly heard loud laughing.

“NO!” Ivory roared as she slapped herself in the face hard enough to knock her out. Fireball was in her room, break dancing like a crazed lunatic on top of Zephyr.

“TECHNACLY, AHEHAEHAHE, I’M NOT, AHEHAEHAEH, TOUCHING, AHEAHEHAEH, THE DOOR OR FLOOR, AHEAHEHAHAE!” Fireball tried to speak as he continued laughing. It was not long before Fireball realized that Ivory had knocked herself out.


Zephyr had a mischievous smile as he walked forward to the knocked out Ivory. He then began charging.

“OH, AEHAEHEAHHEA, THIS IS GONNA, AHEAHEHAEHA, BE SO, AHEHAHEAHE, COOL, AEHAEHAHE!!!!” Fireball said as Zephyr continued charging.

After awhile, Zephyr was done charging. So, he then chomped onto Ivory’s arm, letting electricity and plasma surge through her body, and making her wake up.

“If… this room… was big enough… I would eat you two… alive…” Ivory muttered.

“AHEAHEAHEEHAEAHAHEEA!” Fireball laughed at that like a joke as Zephyr let go of Ivory’s arm, which had teeth marks in them.

Suddenly, the door burst open and Lagi was in the doorway. He was glaring into Fireball’s body as he sent a stream of water at Fireball and Zephyr.

“YOU CAN’T, AHEAHEHAEH, TOUCH THIS!” Zephyr flew up into the air, and the water hit Ivory. Fireball then laughed harder, this was hilarious to him. “AHEAHEHAEHAHA!”

“I'm done with this place.” Ivory growled as she walked out of the room and down the stairs. Lagi nodded as he followed her. They left the mansion when they got to the front door, and started to walk back towards the mountains from before.

“Oh hello there, Lagi, Ivory.” They heard a voice say from behind them.

“Who. Is it?” Ivory growled, clenching her fists.

She and Lagi turned around and spotted someone who they hadn’t seen for a long time… Elec, the Master of Electricity.

To be continued in the next chapter...

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