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Ultimataniam 7: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 5)

Ultimataniam 7: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 5)

Posted January 13th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 5 |-----



“Where are you two going?” Elec asked, standing in front of Lagi and Ivory who had been walking towards the mountains.

“Away from this place.” Ivory sighed. Lagi nodded.

“Why would you do that?” Elec asked.

“Three constant annoyances that seem to target us.” Lagi said.

“Hmmm? I don’t recall having any annoyances in my home. Did you complain to the Butler?” Elec asked.

“One. Mehrunes. But he's getting a little better. And then two and three, both of Draco’s pets.” Ivory explained.

“You should have complained to the Butler. He’ll handle all these things smoothly.” Elec said, “his room is on the first floor, near the dining room. You know, the room that says Butler.”

“Somehow, I doubt he would be able to help.” Ivory sighed as she turned back around and continued walking.

“Oh no you don’t. We still have much training to do.” Elec said, snapping his fingers. They suddenly had all appeared in the training room. “Last time you only learned how to become the source. Now you must learn much more strategies and fighting techniques using electricity.”

“Should a mother have to learn all this?” Ivory asked. “Also, you did nothing to try and save us so I don't see how you would want to suddenly help.”

“Pardon?” Elec asked.

“Pardon what?” Ivory asked. “Mehrunes didn't tell you? I thought he blurted to everyone.”

“Mehrunes? I’m sorry, I was not home most of the time. I was busy. You should have spoke with the Butler, he is the one in charge when I’m gone.” Elec said.

“You're not the only one who just got here.” Lagi said.

“But please explain. ‘Save’ you?” Elec asked.

“Did… well, nevermind. I guess you missed the whole period of time where we were both kidnapped.” Ivory sighed.

“Kidnapped? Wait, was it… Is this the whole hunted by Lagikiller thing?” Elec asked.

“That's about half of it.” Ivory sighed.

“Ugh… I feel so bad that I wasn’t there to help you… You see, I was caught up with Darth’s Army and all…” Elec said, sounding sincere and sympathetic.

“Please. Don't mention it. It just led to a bunch of bad stuff. And weird stuff.” Ivory sighed.

“Yeah, I thought you were here the whole time. I assumed you took trips to the mountains a lot since I found you doing that.” Elec said.

“Nope. We were being put into near death situations. In fact, I should have died about three times.” Ivory laughed. “How am I laughing about this?”

“Because you’re alive and breathing.” Elec laughed. “I’ve been in so many near death situations as well. More than you have. Being the Elemental Master of Electricity in the WHOLE galaxy isn’t a very easy task.”

“Have you ever been killed by your brother?” Ivory asked.

“No, because if Aqua did kill me while training, I wouldn’t be here right now. Besides, I’m an elemental master so I’m not killed very easily.” Elec replied.

“Well, neither am I, I guess.” Ivory muttered. “Can we get back to our trip to the mountain?”

“No. Because, you are killed very easily. So, in order for that not to happen, you must train.” Elec said. “Saturo is way ahead of the game, but you two are so far behind.”

“And you expect me to care that you think I'm weaker than Saturo? Even if I may be, has he had his back snapped in half and walked it off?” Ivory asked.

“Just sayin, usually there is competition between peers.” Elec replied.

“I've started to re-think some of my life and future decisions. I sort of just want to live a calm life as queen while watching over my fifty current children.” Ivory sighed. “So please, I'm not into competition.”

“I’m sorry… ‘Current children’?” Elec asked.

“Fifty eggs.” Ivory said. “We have fifty eggs.”

“You’re fourteen years of age! That is not suitable for being a mother.” Elec said. “You have no experience. You won’t be able to raise them.”

“Does anyone have experience with their first children? And hey, it's already done. So stop trying to act like a parent to me and let me go home. Because I'm getting sick of all of this.” Ivory growled.

“What I meant was that you have no experience as in growing up and maturing into an adult.” Elec said, “and, no. I promised both your fathers that I will look after you. I am your current guardian, so, this mansion is your home. That is why your room is labeled with your names.”

“So, you met our fathers, they told you that when they die, you get us no questions asked, and we go along with it happily? I'm not sure they thought it through. I would much rather learn how to grow with one of my own race than with you.” Ivory growled.

“First off, that is EXTREMELY rude and disrespectful.” Elec sounded very disappointed. “And, I think I now understand. You have met them, haven’t you? I can tell. Your parents warned me of them… There’s something about this ‘first’ that is suspicious…”

“Him, my brother, and Lagi are the closest I have to a family. I have a future to fulfill, and I would rather I work towards that than learn how to make a lightning rod out of my body.” Ivory growled.

“Yes, yes, I understand. But, you’ve met this ‘first’ person? How do you know he’s even a Human Lagiacrus? Have you seen his tail?” Elec asked, “I don’t even need to hear your response. The answer is no. Because, he doesn’t even have one.”

“I honestly don't know how you think you have the authority to assume that my family isn't even the same race.” Ivory muttered.

“I DON’T THINK, YOUNG LADY!” Elec shouted, he had lost it. Electricity surged through the room. “I know more than you do about your kind. I have helped your race progress. I worked with your kingdoms.” Electricity was generating around Elec.

“Is now the time to complain to the butler?” Ivory laughed.

Elec looked her in the eye. One would see lightning bolts in them. “Take me seriously, Ivory. I am not the Master of Electricity for no reason. I do not make jokes, I am full on serious. If you do not do the same, I will trap you underground and never let you go.”

“And then do what, explain to everyone else that we just left and went home or something while you trap us underground to starve, completely lying to them? Leaving fifty children without parents? More people would suffer than you seem to let on.” Ivory sighed.

“Ivory. You need to learn respect before speaking again.” Elec said, as he made something appear, closing Ivory’s mouth shut; preventing her from speaking.

He turned to Lagi.

“Hi.” Lagi said.

“Hello Lagi.” Elec replied, and all the electricity disappeared.

“I did the math, and at least fifty-seven people would be extremely to very troubled if we die. Most of them depending on Ivory.” Lagi said.

“That is the reason I’m trying my best to keep you two alive.” Elec replied.

“Ivory seems to think that she's better off with her family then you.” Lagi said.

“Indeed she does. And I do not trust who she calls her family.” Elec said. “Because, one, her brother is dead. And two, the first lagiacrus couldn’t be alive at this time period.”

“Uh, we both got good reasons to counter both of those statements.” Lagi said.

“Then do tell.” Elec said.

“I'm not sure I want to. You're being mean to us.” Lagi said, looking at Ivory, who nodded.

“Yes, this is a bit to my dark side. We all have a dark side.” Elec said. “But, do tell. I need to look more into this, so what are your reasons?”

“I'm not going to talk until you give a truthful and sincere apology to Ivory.” Lagi said.

“Yes, I do apologize for my dark side.” Elec nodded.

Ivory looked at Elec with a look of dissatisfaction. “She wants more than the simple, I'm sorry.” Lagi explained. Ivory nodded.

“Taking it literally, I did not say ‘I’m sorry’ but said ‘I do apologize’.” Elec laughed. “But, I do, deeply, apologize for my dark side. I shouldn’t take out my anger on you, I should save it for the enemy.”

Ivory made a, ‘keep going’, gesture with her hands.

“That is the end to it. I do not wish for you to learn more about me at the moment, it should be taken gradually.” Elec crossed his arms.

Ivory shook her head and pointed to the object over her mouth.

“Ah, yes. When you learn respect.” Elec said.

“Question. How will she learn respect if she can't even respond respectfully or whatever?” Lagi asked.

“Right, when you decide to be respectful. Make an oath to respect those who are older, wiser, and especially the ones more powerful than you; the enemies that is.” Elec said.

Ivory then shot a beam of fire into the floor. She did this many times, until it spelled out a message. ‘I will, once you take this off of my face and apologize about my family.’

Elec removed the object on Ivory’s mouth.

“About time… oh, sorry. Was that kind of language, disrespectful? Like everything else I apparently do? I'm sorry. Now, please, apologize about my family.” Ivory said.

“Your family no longer lives, Ivory.” Elec said.

“I have a brother, once dead but revived. And we both have the first.” Ivory growled. “Now apologize.”

Elec snapped his fingers and they suddenly disappeared. They found themselves in a familiar area, with two graves.

“Ahem.” Elec said.

“Oh, hello Elec. Didn’t see you enter.” A voice spoke.

Lagi and Ivory were silent.

“Greetings, Abyss. I have come to ask for more information.” Elec said, “about the ‘first’ and Gabe.”

“Well. The ‘first’ is no longer the first. He dropped by earlier, but changed into something different… I believe he is the leader of what is called the A.H.L.A. in other words, the Anti Human Lagiacrus Agency of some sort. I have heard of it before in the past, during the wars. Apparently, it was created when the WaterBreathe had gone down in military. They had kept secret and grew in power, achieved Ultimate Crystals, and all while we had no clue. Now they have… Well, the leader came to me. That told me that they have begun the hunt, once more.”

“Interesting… What about ‘Gabe’?” Elec asked.

“I believe he is dead. He was killed by, who I now believe, is the leader of the A.H.L.A. years ago.”

“Interesting.” Elec said, looking over at Lagi and Ivory.

“It was Dakrus… he revived Gabe.” Ivory mumbled. “He's alive… he's my brother…”

“Dakrus? Oh yeah… He escaped my staff.” Elec said, “right. That guy. He was the cause of the genocide and everything. Abyss called me for help so I trapped that guy in my staff. Apparently he somehow escaped it.”

“I… I think I remember.” Lagi muttered. “He was broken out or something and then fused with the Nogarg. I don't know all the details.”

“What? Lagi? My son, when did you get here?”

“He was here the whole time.” Elec said.

“Funny how you don't acknowledge my being here… and you do with him.” Lagi growled under his breath.

“Oh. I didn’t sense you there. And your power is low, and energy is low. Elec’s is high so I sensed it immediately.”

“You expect me to use that as a reason? I'm weak so I'm not worth your attention?” Lagi asked, talking louder now.

“You teleported here. I sensed Elec first because of his energy, and I thought he was alone. If you came alone I would sense you. Elec’s energy is a distraction.”

“And energy is not a term of power. It’s a term of energy.” Elec added.

“I just took a nap, what can I say? And you just threatened to pretty much kill us, what can I say? Of course your ‘energy’ would be higher than ours.” Lagi growled.

“Yeah, growling has become a thing hasn’t it? I should growl like you.” Elec growled.

“It seems better for the half-monster to growl when they're angry, rather than the human threatening their pretty much adopted children, if that's what I'm remembering.” Lagi said.

“Heh, I like how you think I’m a human.” Elec smiled.

“Oh wow, you're about to reveal some amazing secret about yourself. I don't care.” Lagi said.

“I don’t either. Because I’m not going to talk about that. It’s not the topic.” Elec said, “so… the topic was Gabe. He was revived by Dakrus… And Dakrus was using him for his evil schemes. And Gabe, that means, is right now an adult? We should take a visit to him.”

“Great. Change the topic after bringing up a new one. And as you tell people not to change topics. Very respectful.” Lagi sighed.

“Changing topics isn’t a bad thing. It varies though.” Elec said, he then snapped his fingers and they suddenly were somewhere else.

Gabe, was sitting down on the floor with his eyes closed. When they had appeared, his eyes opened.

“Oh, so you have been revived. Hello Gaberus.” Elec said.

Gabe stood up. “Hello. I don’t think we’ve… met. Who are you?”

“I’m Elec. Master of Electricity.” Elec shook hands with Gabe.

“The master? Nice. I’d like to learn some moves from you if that’s possible.” Gabe said.

“It can be arranged.” Elec smiled.

Gabe looked over at Ivory. “Hi, little sis.”

“Help us he’s taking control over our lives.” Ivory said.

“Umm, your lives are being taken control of in the first place, to be honest. You never volunteered to be king and queen. You were put into that.” Gabe said, scratching his head.

“I know. But this is different.” Ivory said. “I think we need your help to um… convince him to let us stay here.” Ivory said.

“Stay here? Honestly, I’ve grown bored. Hey Elec. Can I move into wherever you’re living?” Gabe asked, and Elec nodded. “Nice. Well, looks like I’m moving in.”

“Gabe… what about the eggs?” Ivory asked.

“Well, first off… Elec, are you the same Elec that we were told about?” Gabe asked Elec.

Elec nodded. “Yes, I remember when we met, but you were a child.”

“Great! And you live somewhere secure?”

“Of course.”

“Perfect. Make a spot, a spot where no one can get to but us. We’ll move the eggs there.” Gabe said.

“But where are the eggs right now?” Ivory asked.

“Well, the first went out to spy on the WaterBreathe and, well… He put them somewhere.” Gabe said.

“Oh no…” Elec muttered.

“Y-you… I…” Ivory started. “They're gone.”

“No, I just don’t know where he put them. He said he put them somewhere secure around here.” Gabe said.

“Gabe…” Elec said, “Abyss believes that the first went to him and exposed that he was actually the leader of the WaterBreathe, just undercover.”

“W-what?” Gabe asked.

“The first is dead. He can’t have lived until now! He was alive before Ultimate Crystals were discovered!” Elec exclaimed.

“T-then… T-the eggs!” Gabe panicked.

“All fifty… d-dead… h-how… could you let him take them and murder them?!” Ivory roared.

“H-hey…! I didn’t let him!” Gabe said, “besides, I… kept two of them. Two that reminded me of you two.”

“You still let forty-eight of them die… I trusted you…I TRUSTED YOU! AND THIS HAPPENS!” Ivory roared. She was crying, crying too hard to focus on anything.

“Wait a second, are these the eggs?” Elec asked. Behind him were fifty colorful eggs. “I found them underground.”

“I… I trusted you… I apologized to you… and this… they are gone now…” Ivory muttered, collapsing on the ground. “I-I… t-trusted…”

“Ivory! They are okay! They're all here!” Lagi said, picking Ivory up and carrying her to Elec.

“They were underground. Beneath this very temple.” Elec explained, “I sensed them after awhile, they are almost ready to hatch.”

“A-all… gone…” Ivory cried, “they're all gone…”

“I had put them somewhere safe but the first moved them somewhere else without informing me. I didn’t realize that… He had tricked me.” Gabe said, “but thank you Elec.”

“Wait… if the first had the perfect opportunity, why aren't any of them smashed?” Lagi asked.

“That is a very good question.” Elec said, “I assume he has other plans.”

“All… dead…” Ivory cried, suddenly collapsing on the ground, unconscious.

“Great.” Lagi sighed.

“We… we should move now to your home, Elec. The first won’t know what happened or where they are. If he doesn’t know you.” Gabe said.

“I’m sure he doesn’t. And also, we should stop calling him something that he is not. Let’s go with the leader of the WaterBreathe.” Elec said.

“Sounds good to me. Although I’m pretty sure its Carter.” Gabe said, “why don’t we just go with Lagikiller?”

“That works too. It doesn’t matter.” Elec said, “now where do you want the eggs?”

“Someplace safe. Where no one can access but us.” Gabe said.

“Then I’ll have to make some arrangements. Let me contact the butler real quick…” Elec looked like he was speaking to someone telepathically. “Alright, it’s been made. And only you three can enter.”

Elec then snapped and the four of them disappeared, along with the eggs. They were in a hallway, with only one door, that seemed to have a handscan.

“Very secure technology.” Elec said, “it’s been set that only you three can enter. And, I might add, we are below the mansion. There are many floors. I’ll show you how to get down here later.”

Gabe walked towards the door and scanned his hand. The door opened upwards, and inside was a small room; that could fit two hundred eggs. It had a small pond in it; it was like the habitat of the Lagiacrus.

“Wow. You got this all made in seconds?!” Gabe was surprised. The eggs were also already in there.

“Yes, the butler helped.” Elec nodded. “It’s been a long day… Lagi, you should take Ivory and go to sleep. Make sure to lock the door so no one comes in and annoys you. Gabe, I’ll show you to your room.”

“I think I'll sleep in here, with Ivory.” Lagi said, walking into the room with the eggs with Ivory in his hands.

“Reasonable. And you, Gabe?” Elec asked.

“I’ll do the same.” Gabe said, “tomorrow you can show me my room.”

Elec nodded. “Very well then.” He turned to leave.

“Goodnight.” Lagi called out to Elec.

“Goodnight.” Elec then disappeared. The door closed, and Gabe, Lagi, and Ivory were in the room with the eggs.

“This… has been an exciting day.” Lagi sighed.

“Yeah…” Gabe sighed, “a bit rough. But at least it turned out to be okay in the end… I’m just glad the eggs are fine.”

“Yeah. So am I. But Ivory had a really rough day, I'm surprised she made it this long.” Lagi said.

“I didn’t like how she blamed me, when it was Carter’s fault.” Gabe said, “that… was the worst. Although I am very mad at myself for not seeing that that was Carter all along.”

“Yeah. But she got into some trouble with Elec. I hope it's all better now though…” Lagi said.

“Hopefully.” Gabe said, “I… I admire Elec. And what he’s doing.”

“Yeah, so do I. It's just that… well… he can be scary, and mean. So I'm warning you, don't disrespect him.” Lagi sighed.

“Oh I’ll be fine… When one admires someone, they would respect them… But I would see how he’d get mad… Usually the enemy disrespects, so when a friend does it is hard to control anger…” Gabe said, lying down on his back in the middle of the eggs.

“Well, I'm tired. Goodnight.” Lagi said, gently setting Ivory down and then laying down next to her.

“Yeah… I’m tired too. Goodnight.” Gabe replied.

They all then drifted into sleep.

They be ruuuuudddeeee bruh.
To be continued in the next chapter....

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