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Ultimataniam 7: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Prologue)

Ultimataniam 7: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Prologue)

Posted January 3rd, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here is book 7 in the second series, prologue! Dang, this series is long and going very far.

Also, this book is called the Planet of the Witches. So, this actually has a prologue and here it is.





-----| Prologue |-----



“No…! Please, have mercy! I beg of you!” Begged the man.

“You may have the pleasures, Talsa.” announced Mother Relatra, handing the weapon to me. It was clear of what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to kill him.

I slowly advanced towards the man, until I was two feet away from him. I raised the weapon, ready to strike as all my fellow sisters were watching closely. I struck, full force, but not at the man. I had struck the floor, leaving a big dent. My sisters gasped.

“Kill him.” Mother Relatra repeated bluntly. I stood there silently, not listening to her.

“You are disrespecting me.” Mother Relatra said, “I said, kill him.” Her voice sounded violent and threatening.

I rested my hand on the weapon, and picked it up. Man, it is heavy, I thought. I got ready to swing yet again, however, this time when I swung, I threw it directly at Mother Relatra. Aimed right at her face.

Everything suddenly stopped. Green particles surrounded Mother Relatra’s angered face, as well as the weapon. “How dare you. Take her away.”

Two of my fellow sisters surrounded me and forcefully grabbed me before pulling me away. I saw afterwards Mother Relatra, heading towards the man herself and beheading him.

I then realized where they were taking me… The dungeons.

After heading down the stairs, we entered the dungeons… There was a cage there, an empty cage, reserved for me.

Violently, my two sisters threw me into the cage before locking it. “We’ll decide what to do with you later.” They then left me alone there in the dark…

Yep, to be continued in chapter one.

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