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Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 4)

Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 4)

Posted February 4th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 4 |-----



Boom. An explosion… The memories came back all of a sudden. I saw myself floating in space, watching my planet get blown up. I could feel it, Hindro, it felt… Well, dead. Not pleasant.

Next to me, floating in space, I could see Saturo and John. There faces were the same as the day it happened… The tears froze from the coldness of space.

And just as it began, I heard a laugh before it was all over.


I yawned and awoke, looking around me, realizing it was a dream. I almost panicked because I didn’t know where I was, before I remembered I was in Tango’s house. But being here reminded me of my home back on Hindro, because there was an alarm clock next to my head, reading the time.

I didn’t bother looking at the time because it didn’t matter, it was different than the time on any other planet anyway. But, I guess you could say I slept in.

I got out of the bed and opened the door, heading downstairs immediately (I had gotten a room upstairs). I saw Tango at a table, a vine curled up in his arms, with a bowl of fruit in front of him. Next to him was someone I hadn’t met, who I’d assume was Lauren. Lavender was with them, as well as Listy and Mehrunes.

I assumed everyone else, Saturo, Pixel, Talsa, Uchiho, Draco, and Draelin were asleep. But then I changed my assumption when I spotted Draelin outside playing with that other girl, Bella. Uchiho apparently was with them for some reason.

“Morning.” I said. “Where’s Saturo?”

“He’s still asleep.” Lavender said back.

“No I’m not.” I heard Saturo’s voice say from behind me. He sounded much different… He wasn’t talking with his usual happy tone.

“Oh. Hey there.” I said.

Saturo just walked past me and sat down next to Lavender, eating some fruit. Seeing the way he acted, I thought he may have had the same dream I had. I sat down as well and ate some fruit.

We just ate silently, waiting for someone to speak up and start a conversation.

“Hey uh.” But it wasn’t someone at the table who spoke. We looked over and it was Uchiho. I was surprised, because she rarely talks. “Lauren, the girls wanna go to the hills and play there. Is that okay?”

“Yeah. Will you be going with them?” Lauren asked, sounding like it should be fine.

“Yeah I’m going with them.” Uchiho said. “What time do they have to be back?”

“Just by lunch time works.” Lauren replied.

“Okay.” Uchiho left the house and went to the girls, who then left towards the hills, which were covered in healthy looking grass.

The rest of us just sat there, silent again.


Uchiho walked behind Draelin and Bella, as they were headed straight to the green grass. Draelin and Bella looked excited for some reason, they were just happy to be there. Uchiho knew Draelin was happy to find someone her age.

“Wow… This hill is green.” Draelin said, “very green.”

Bella giggled. “That’s because of Tango!” She exclaimed, excitedly.

“He did this?!” Draelin sounded shocked.

“Yeah. Tango asked me if there should be more plants and I told him yes, so he grew all these little berry bushes! It’s so fun to watch! It only takes him, like, ten seconds!” Bella gulped in some air, after saying so much in one breath.

“Really? Where are they?” Draelin asked, “I wanna see them!”

“They’re not on this hill!” Bella laughed. “They’re on that hill!” She said pointing to a hill on the other side of Tango’s house.

“Aww… Well is there anything on this hill worth seeing?” Draelin asked.

“Well…” Bella began. “There is something.” Bella smiled, mischievously. “On the North side of this hill there’s an old mineshaft…”

“Oooh! An old mineshaft! That sounds pretty cool!” Draelin said, but then she saw something in the middle of the hill. It was a pink flower, blooming. “Hey! I thought you said there were no plants on the hill!”

“Well, I didn’t think there were!” Bella said, defensively. “I’m pretty sure he would have let me watch if he grew something. He knows how much I love to see it.”

Draelin walked over to get a closer look. “Wow, its so pretty!”

“Yeah it is.” Uchiho agreed, as the three of them were looking at it closely.

The flower then suddenly began to darken, becoming gray and leaning.

“I disagree.” said a voice. The flower then fell over and turned to dust. The three of them looked back and see a man with dark crystal armor on. “Now it’s pretty. Don’t ya think?”

“W-who are you?” Draelin asked.

“My names Anthony.” said the man. “And you girls look like the perfect target to practice some dangerous moves on.”

“W-what?” Bella asked.

“Ah, it’s nothing. Just, bein a General during a war, I don’t always get the time to experiment. My army’s back at the spaceship, and I’m taking some time off.” Anthony said, “ya know, little girl corpses are a wonderful sight, aren’t they?” He smirked.

dannng welp
to be continued in the next chapter...

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