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Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 5)

Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 5)

Posted February 8th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 5 |-----



Down the stairs, and down again and again. “It’s hidden for safety. Has high security.” Gabe had said.

“Oh.” Lycrus followed Gabe.

They then made it to the room where the lagiacrus were at. Gabe scanned his hand and the door opened. Inside were Lagi and Ivory, along with the lagiacrus.

“Well, you…” Lagi started before he saw Lycrus. “Hey there. Haven’t seen you for a while, huh?”

“Yeah! You disappeared. I had no clue where you went.” Lycrus replied.

“I don’t know where I went either. But I’m here now, aren't I?” Lagi said.

“Yep.” Lycrus said, “wow though… look at all of them…” He looked at the lagiacrus.

“Yeah. Fifty.” Lagi said.

“Fifty?! That’s a lot! How can you watch every single one of them?” Lycrus asked.

“Well, there’s one on your back.” Lagi said, pointing to the lagiacrus crawling up Lycrus’s back.

“Oh hello there!” Lycrus greeted it, picking it up in front of him.

The lagiacrus tried to bite his face, so he dropped it slowly on the ground.

“They don’t really know what’s food and what’s friend yet. Just family.” Lagi sighed.

“Yeah, I guess I don’t have a tail.” Lycrus said, “hey how come Ivory’s so silent?”

“Do people usually talk when they’re asl- oh wait. I did that once nevermind.” Lagi laughed quietly. “She’s asleep.”

“Well… Are you spending all your time in here?” Lycrus asked, “how do you not get bored?”

“Children never let you get bored.” Lagi laughed. A lagiacrus then jumped onto Lagi’s head and stood on their hind legs, roaring quietly and cutely while looking proud and powerful.

“So you keep them in here for safety?” Lycrus asked.

“Yes.” Lagi answered.

“What’s dangerous out there that they need to be kept safe for?” Lycrus asked.

“Waterbreathe.” Lagi sighed. The lagiacrus on his head was now on all fours, staring straight at Lycrus.

“Waterbreathe? What is that?” Lycrus asked.

“It’s another clan that neighbored us on the Water Planet. They didn’t like us that much because of our physical state and being. They blame us for a lot of things, and wanted war. They want us extinct.” Gabe explained.

“What he said.” Lagi said. The lagiacrus jumped off of Lagi’s head and was now slowly crawling towards Lycrus.

“If it’s a war, then why don’t we go fight and win?” Lycrus asked. “I’ll help!”

“They have an army. These babies are all the army we have.” Lagi sighed.

“Then… do we have anyone who could also be in our army?” Lycrus asked.

“Not sure people would want to join a small war when the whole galaxy war thing is currently happening.” Lagi sighed.

“On the news it said the war’s about to end.” Lycrus said, “so maybe after…?”

“Who knows. I mean, really all the people that we would get would be Draco, Ich… Saturo… Mehrunes… Listy… anyone else that I forgot…” Lagi said. The lagiacrus was now at Lycrus’s feet and started to climb his legs.

“Oh I see. I don’t know who any of them are though…” Lycrus said.

“Friends.” Lagi explained. “Out on some important mission or whatever. Seems like this is about the… seventh or eighth time now we’ve been separated for a while now.” Lagi sighed. The lagiacrus was now sitting on Lycrus’s shoulder.

“Hello there.” a voice said at the door. They turned and spotted the butler. “I’m just here to inform you, you can do whatever, go wherever you want.”

“Well, I’d rather stay here with Ivory and the kids.” Lagi said. “But thanks.”

The butler then disappeared out the door.

The lagiacrus was staring into Lycrus’s brain. Into his soul.

“What is this baby doing?” Lycrus asked.

“Looking into you.” Lagi said.

“Why?” Lycrus questioned.

“Why not look into someone random that just walked into your home?” Lagi asked. The lagiacrus was staring deeper into Lycrus now.

“I guess so…” Lycrus replied, “well, I should probably go now then?”

“If you want to. Otherwise you could stay for a while.” Lagi said.

“Have you eaten anything? I could bring some food.” Lycrus replied.

“Well, I haven’t. They have though.” Lagi said. “That would be great!”

“Alright! What do you wanna eat?” Lycrus asked. “Ice cream? Tacos? Brownies?”

“Hm… tacos sound good.” Lagi said. “Thanks again.”


“So…” The table was silent. I tried to start a conversation.

“You all are remarkably quiet.” Mehrunes commented. “Which is unusual. Which makes me think something happened.”

“Something probably did happen. We’re all tired.” Saturo said, yawning.

“Yeah, Meh.” Listy said, tiredly.

“I don’t feel tired at all.” I said, “well, Tango, we should plan for what we’ll do to escape.”

“Okay.” Tango replied.

“I’m gonna go outside.” I said, getting up, “anyone want to come along?”

“I would like to keep my neck, yes.” Mehrunes said, standing up.

“I’ll come too.” Lavender said.

“I’ll join then.” Saturo added.

We exited the house silently. This part of the planet didn’t look like a prison. Saturo yawned and stretched.

“I’m awake now.” He said, his eyes all the way open.

“So then what should we do?” Lavender asked.

“Well for one we could get Listy to stop spying and join us.” Mehrunes said.

“Good idea.” I said, “Listy, come out.”

“How did you know?” Listy asked, clearly confused.

“Because you’re wearing boots.” Mehrunes replied, as Listy walked up to us. “Now what I think we should do is make sure the other group of girls are okay, as this is the planet of prisons.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure they’re okay.” I said, “I don’t sense any possible threat near us.”

“Better safe than sorry.” Listy said.

“I guess we can double check. We’re not doing anything important at the moment.” I shrugged. “Where did they go?” I then pointed towards a hill. “There.”

“Well then let’s go!” said Saturo.

We all walked over to the hills. When we arrived we spotted the girls, but they weren’t alone. There was a man with them, armored with dark crystal armor. Familiar armor.

“Who’s that?” Mehrunes asked.

“No clue.” Saturo shrugged. We walked closer.

“I’m gonna guess, now it’s a guess, this guy is bad.” Mehrunes said.

We were then close enough, and we could see that the girls looked terrified. The man turned around, facing us. For some reason he looked familiar.

“Oh, why hello there.” said the man.

“Good morning to you too.” Mehrunes said.

“Would you like to join us?” The man asked, “there’s always more room for extra corpses.”

“Oh good you’re one of those people.” Mehrunes said. “No I think I’ll pass, but I would prefer to take the small terrified ones.”

“Nonsense. You all will stay. Ultimate or not.” The man replied.

“Who are you?” Saturo asked.

“I am Anthony.” said the man, “a general.” Anthony was now looking at Saturo and I. “Say, you’re from Hindro, am I correct?”

“H-how did you know?” Saturo asked, as I was shocked as well.

Anthony smirked. “Simple. It’s gone, am I correct? Blown up. I blew it up. It was a worthless planet. Filled with cowards.”

Saturo looked mad. I could feel rage building up in me as well… This guy, blew up Hindro? Was it true?

“You two. Calm.” Mehrunes said. “Rage won’t do you anything.”

“Rage does everything for you.” said Anthony. “It solves all problems.”

We all just stared at him.

“Should I repeat my name?” Anthony asked. “I am General Anthony Ceno, from Hindro. My pathetic wife and son I had destroyed along with the planet. It’s a shame you two weren’t there to get destroyed along with it.”

I was getting mad, I could not stay calm. But, ANTHONY CENO!? THIS WAS JOHN CENO’S DAD!? I knew that John told me once that his parents divorced and that he lived with his mother… But I never knew that… that his dad was a general.

“But, John isn’t dead…” Saturo whispered.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes whispered back.

Then Draco suddenly appeared behind us.

“So this is where you guys went.” Draco said, while looking at the general, “You guys always find the most interesting and deadly looking people.”

“…” Saturo was silent as he looked at Anthony.

“This guy did something really bad didn’t he?” Draco asked.

“He’s the one who blew up Hindro. He’s also John Ceno’s dad.” I answered, glaring at Anthony who just stood there with a smile.

“Ahh… That explains it.” Draco said.

“Also he wants to kill your sister among other people.” Mehrunes added. “Basically he’s being mean.”

“I assumed so.” Draco said, oddly calm despite the situation.

“Nonsense. I’m not killing anyone.” Anthony said. “I’m killing everyone. Especially you Ultimates. You’re crystals will be mine.”

“But they’d be useless to you!” Lavender said. “Why would you want our crystals? You have one!”

“Once an Ultimate dies, depending on how it dies, the crystal becomes a normal crystal. And the crystal is the hardest material in the universe, we call it Ultaniam. And, because of its density, it is very valuable, no?” Anthony said.

“Nope.” Mehrunes said.

“It can be sold for quadrillions of ultims. Many are after them. However I’m getting them for a different reason.” Anthony said, “now shall we begin?”

“Nope!” Mehrunes replied, disappearing but then suddenly appearing again.

“You can’t run. You’ll have to fight.” Anthony said. “Heh. Show me what you’ve got. Don’t disappoint me.”

“Listy.” Mehrunes said.

Suddenly, two stone jaws came up from the ground and snapped over Anthony, the went back down underground.

“Hey you actually did it this time.” Mehrunes smirked, as Listy punches his arm.

“Yes, congrats.” Anthony said from behind them, clapping.

“It’s a real shame, I forgot my ultimate crystal.” Mehrunes said. “It’s also a shame no one else is doing anything at all.” Mehrunes snaps and stars rain down on Anthony as Mehrunes looks at us expectantly. “DO. STUFF.”

“Yes I advise that as well.” Anthony said from behind Saturo. “The more of you fighting, the greater advantage you have.”

“Is your son John Ceno? Because he’s still alive.” Mehrunes said.

“Sure he is.” Anthony replied.

“He’s okay. Was a little sad and mad watching Hindro explode I assume.” Mehrunes said. “Always screams his name. It’s annoying.”

Anthony just shrugged. Suddenly, electricity appeared behind him, hitting him, but it seemed it didn’t have any effect.

“Try that again.” Mehrunes said, leaning in to whisper. “But maybe use ‘The Source’ because that did nothing.”

“Rage needs to be built, I see.” Anthony said. “Let’s build some.” He stuck his hand out, and an explosion suddenly happened.

I followed my ears to see that… Tango’s house just blew up.

“T-they’re still in there!” Lavender shouted. “Everyone else!”

“No.” Pixel suddenly appeared, next to him was Talsa, Tango, and Lauren. They were safe. Tango also had some vines wrapped in his arms. “Talsa got us out just in time.”

“Interesting.” Anthony said. “Now, we have some more Ultimates here.”

“You talk too much.” Mehrunes said.

“Because I don’t want this to end just yet. Talking is what I shall do.” Anthony said.

Tango looked mad. Very, very mad. He looked around and realized who had blown up his house.

“Shame they got out in time. Tsk tsk.” Anthony shook his head, looking at Talsa, as Tango fumed. “But then that gives me the opportunity to experiment some more.”

“Not good.” Pixel said, “we should get out of here. Problem is we can’t.”

“No one is making it out alive.” Anthony said.

“Especially you.” Tango snarled.

“Ah, I’m starting to like this kid.” Anthony smiled. “See, if you’re like him you could possibly make it out alive.”

“I…” Saturo said from next to me, “will end you where you stand.”

“Perfect. Now you just have to do it.” Anthony said. “Now, do you wanna go all out? Cuz you can. I’m not gonna.”

We all just stood there. Anthony looked at us.

“Come on. I want some action.” Anthony said.

We all remained in our places. Anthony then suddenly lifted his hand, and Lauren’s little sister Bella floated up in the air, looking scared.

“Do something or she explodes.” Anthony threatened.

Suddenly, a giant full blast of electricity made its way straight at Anthony. But he blocked it with a hand, but set Bella down in the process.

“Good.” Anthony said, “now do more than just that.”

Saturo then activated his ‘source’ thing, and was surrounded by electricity. Whatever happened next was so fast, I couldn’t tell what was going on. But I knew they were fighting.

Saturo then appeared next to me, panting, still looking angry. But then, he suddenly collapsed onto the floor.

“Saturo!” I shouted. He was out cold.

“Come on, who’s next?” Anthony picked up Bella again from where he was. “This time, not explode, but daggers everywhere.”

“NOBODY MESSES WITH MY SISTER!” Lauren shouted, before shooting a beam of light at Anthony’s face and causing water to shoot from the ground under him, trying to drown him.

“Good, good.” Anthony floated slowly until his head was out of the water. “Now do something there.” Daggers suddenly appeared all around Bella.

“You will pay for what you did.” Tango glared at Anthony, causing vines to shoot up and grab the daggers by their handles.

“Not a bad move.” Anthony said, “but what can you do to protect her from this…?” A giant hammer made of some weird material appeared above Bella.

“No squishing my sister, either!” Lauren shouted, shooting a beam of water full of sand at the hammer, trying to dissolve it. The hammer disappeared.

“Well done!” Anthony replied, “now what next?” He looked at us. “No?”

“How about you fix my house?” Tango asked, smiling at Anthony. “Or let us go?”

“Neither.” Anthony said. “Your house will stay destroyed. And you’re not going anywhere.”

“Why does my house need to stay destroyed?” Tango asked, calmly.

Anthony shrugged. “No particular reason. Just because I said so.”

“Oh. That’s an interesting reason.” Tango replied. “But if you think it makes me mad you’re wrong.”

“There’s no need to be mad. We’re having fun, aren’t we?” Anthony smirked. “Now, come on, let’s keep going.”

“Fun? Sure. But I’d still like my house back.” Tango wasn’t at all frustrated.

“No house for you. Walk the streets and be homeless.” Anthony said, “now bring it on, you guys are all boring.”

“Actually. I wouldn’t be homeless. It wouldn’t be too hard to rebuild that myself.” Tango replied, calmly. “But it would be easier with some help. And I noticed you said that I would walk the streets. Makes me think you think we will make it out of this fine.”

“Please stop talking.” Mehrunes said.

Anthony then picked up Bella again. “Talking or death. You choose.”

“Not you.” Mehrunes said. “I barely know who that is. And, I’m still not mad.”

“I don’t need you to be mad. I just need to you attack me. With all your power.” Anthony said, motioning his finger towards Saturo who was out cold. “Like he did.”

“So you need us?” Tango asked, giving Mehrunes a ‘we’ll talk later’ look.

“Somewhat.” Anthony replied.

“Aww. Lookit that. The big bad general needs a couple kids.” Tango smirked.

“A couple of kids who are Ultimates, who possess some of the hardest and most dense mineral in the galaxy.” Anthony smirked. “Now, hurry up.” Bella floated over next to Anthony, who had an evil smirk on his face.

“These pretzels suck.” Mehrunes commented, eating out of a bowl of pretzels, clearly not paying attention.

“Good.” Lauren was fuming now. “You deserve it.” She finished, shooting water into Mehrunes bowl of pretzels. Mehrunes took a bite anyway.

“Hey their better now.” Mehrunes said, putting the bowl of soggy pretzels on Laurens head. “Also wet.”

“I hate you.” Lauren growled, dumping the pretzels everywhere.

“Perfect. A civil war.” Anthony said, finally speaking, “now, then. Does anyone care about this little girl?”

Mehrunes threw a bowl of popcorn in Anthony's face. Anthony didn’t even blink.

“Yeah. We care.” Lauren was fuming. “She’s not even an ultimate! Leave her alone!”

“Good and bad point.” Mehrunes facepalmed.

“Well? Someone come and take her then.” Anthony said, “or things will get bloody.”

“For you?” Tango asked, hopefully.

“For everyone.” Anthony replied.

“Including you?” Tango mocked Anthony.

“Yes. I said everyone.” Anthony replied, smirking.

“So you would get hurt or die too?” Tango continued mocking Anthony.

“Not die, but hurt, yes.” Anthony replied, smirking again.

“Great.” Tango smirked, flicking his wrist upward and signaling a half dozen vines to lunge from the ground, towards Anthony’s neck and wrists.

They grabbed on, and tightened. But Anthony didn’t budge. A second later, Bella was in his place, getting choked by the vine! Tango flicked his wrist again and the vines pulled away, taking Bella with them.

Suddenly, Bella was taken back into the air, slowly pulling away from Tango’s vines. Tango struggled, pulling Bella towards him with the vines, until he successfully did it. It was me, helping him using the wind. Bella flew into Tango’s arms. I then gave Tango a thumbs up.

“Thanks.” Tango shot an appreciative at me.

“I see someone decided to do something now.” Anthony reappeared.

I charged a ball of wind in my hand, disappeared and reappeared above Anthony and threw it at him. He just caught it like a baseball. But that wasn’t it.

I then reappeared again in front of him, and threw a lot of punches and kicks, and disappeared rapidly all around him doing that.

Then I charged up a beam of wind, disappeared all over the place and then shot it straight at him from all directions, above, bottom, everywhere. It then actually hit him, but after the dust wore off, Anthony appeared looking untouched.

“Very good! Better then what everyone else did!” Anthony clapped.

Then I summoned mini tornadoes and they went straight at him. And at the same time I repeated the same combo I used before. And I was charging a giant beam of wind at the same time I was doing this combo, and when it was done, I launched it at him, just when I was a millimeter away.

Anthony went flying into the air. He stopped himself and looked down at me, ten feet from above. “You actually landed a hit on me. Wow.” He then floated back down. “And that kinda hurt.” He then just pushed me back, and I slid all the way next to the knocked out Saturo. “I don’t even wanna hurt you. I’ll save you for last. We’ll go weakest to strongest.”

He then looked over at the back, towards Pixel and Talsa. “Though, I am interested to see your abilities first.” He then looked Talsa in the eye. “Can’t speak eh? You’re under a spell.” Wait what? She’s under a spell that doesn’t let her speak…? That does explain why she was silent.

Suddenly, Talsa moved her hands, until words were formed in the sky. They read, “SAVE ME FOR LAST. I DON’T FIGHT UNTIL EVERYONE HAS FALLEN.”

Anthony smirked. He then picked up Draelin from afar and began choking her without even touching her. “We’ll start with a weak one then.”

Talsa lifted her hand up, pointing to where Draelin was, and with the flick of her wrist, Draelin was back on the floor, stopped from being choked.

“How about this then?” Anthony then picked up everyone, except for Talsa, and choked them. I even struggled for breathe. He was obviously testing Talsa.

“DO NOT TRY AND ANGER ME.” The sky now read. Three seconds later, we all were back on the floor, safe from being choked.

“Fair enough. This got boring. Let’s create some drama.” He then reached  out, brought Uchiho towards him and stabbed her point blank in the chest. Blood dripped, as he tossed her aside.

to be continued in the next chapter....

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