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Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 6)

Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 6)

Posted February 10th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 6 |-----



“Uchiho!” Draelin cried and ran up to her.

I silently looked over at Draco, who had been watching from the back this whole time. I could see that his eyes were watering, his rage building up inside.

So much rage in fact, that his attack boosting form activated only a second later, and he didn’t even have his Draco Eye activated yet until it showed up!

“Yo.” Mehrunes said, also walking up. “You go get em.”

“Come on. More deaths will follow up.” Anthony said.

“She’s really… dead?” I asked Draelin.

Draelin didn’t even look back. She just sobbed.

“She’s dead. I stabbed right through her heart. Tsk tsk.” Anthony said. “That should teach ya, ta not just stand there.”

Draco then ran at Anthony, attacking him. But Anthony slapped him, knocking him all the way over next to Uchiho…

“Pathetic.” Anthony said. “Give me a real fight.”

Before I did anything, I flew over towards Draco and Uchiho. Uchiho’s wound looked painful… There was… Argh. I couldn’t look. But… she’s dead… She really is dead… And I didn’t even know her that well since she barely talked…

“AND HIS NAME IS…” I heard it… But it stopped. I knew who it was. I turned, and there, behind Anthony, was him. The son.

“John Ceno…” It said that in a dark deep voice. And there was John Ceno… Staring daggers into his father's eyes. The two of them looked at each other, not saying a word.

Then John Ceno raised his hand, and pointed at Anthony before he motioned his hand like he was slitting his own throat. His eyes… They bothered me. They weren’t blue like normal… They were dark red. Blood red.

The two of them stared at each other. I stood where I was, next to Draco and Uchiho, with Draelin crying over Uchiho. Lavender was with Saturo too.

“Dad.” John spoke, sounding much different than usual.

“What’d I tell you?” Mehrunes asked, smirking.

“Is it true…” John said, “what you said to them?” He looked over at us, his red eyes reflecting light.

“Yes.” Anthony responded. “Everything is true. And I don’t care for you or your mother. I left you because of that.”

“You killed mom on purpose?”

“Of course I did!”
“I see. What a shame.” John suddenly appeared right in front of Anthony. “Then I shall avenge them all.”

John suddenly disappeared, appearing with his elbow right at Anthony’s stomach. We heard a loud cracking sound… A piece of Anthony’s armor fell off.

“Oh sweet.” Mehrunes said.

“My armor.” Anthony looked down, “you broke part of my armor. This is hard material. Very hard.” He looked at John with uncertainty. But when he did, he just got a big punch to the face.

“I wanna help but I don’t wanna get in Johns way.” Mehrunes said.

“That’s probably a good idea.” Listy commented from next to him.

John then kept on the punches, all towards different parts of Anthony’s body. Each area he punched, more of the armor broke off. Wow, he was stronger than he showed he was…

But then, Anthony spread out his hands, knocking John back and away from him. John did a perfect backflip and landed, not taking his eyes off of his dad, not even for a millisecond.

“Woot woot. Go John.” Mehrunes said, chowing down on popcorn.

“How could you eat popcorn?!” Listy exclaimed.

“…” Mehrunes looked almost confused. “What?”

Listy rolled her eyes. John smirked.

He then was surrounded with a red aura. He leaped into the air, and a red fist exploded out of the ground and hit Anthony up, and John slammed him to the ground before he appeared on the floor and kicked him in the back, breaking more of the armor. But then they both were flung a mile up in the sky. After a few moments, while we just stared up, Mehrunes said something.

“These pretzels still suck.” Mehrunes said, bowls of popcorn surrounding him as he was eating pretzels from a bowl.

“Then don’t eat them!” Listy said.

Mehrunes puts the bowl of pretzels on Listy’s head.

“Why do I put up with you?” Listy asked.

“Because I did it first.” Mehrunes replied.

“I can’t believe you. Someone died and you’re all just like, acting like nothing happened.” Lavender said to Mehrunes.

Mehrunes shrugged.

“She’s dead. Nothing we can do about it.” Mehrunes said. “It’s best to move on.”

“B-but still.” Lavender said.

“But nothing.” Mehrunes replied. “Remember what you knew about her fondly. That’s the best we can do.”

“……” Draco was just quiet as he sat on the ground, facing away from the rest of us, tears in his eyes.

“Even then. You all are taking this better than Draco.” Mehrunes said. “And frankly, I know you all think I’m kinda mean… but… pretty sure poor Draco had a thing, and so he’s probably gonna need comforting or something.” Mehrunes threw his popcorn at me, I caught it, and he walked over to Draco, giving him a little pat on the shoulder.

“……” Draco was still quiet as he sat there.

“…” Mehrunes said. “I’m sorry, Draco.”

“……” Draco still didn’t say anything.

Mehrunes just sat down next to Draco and didn’t say anything else. Then, suddenly, the two Ceno’s came crashing down. Anthony had his hand placed on John’s face, and they crashed into the ground. Anthony got up, and John was stuck where he was, trying to get up. But he couldn’t. It was like his energy was drained.

Anthony dusted himself off. “Hmph.”

“Well fudge.” Listy said.

“I guess you were right. My son’s still here.” He looked over at John. “I don’t want him dead, however. You guys, I’m not done with.” He cracked his fists.

“So wait… you’re making us attack you why again?” Listy asked.

Anthony didn’t say anything, but he put his hands together like he was charging something.

“What.” Listy looked confused.

“He’s charging something. We better not get hit by whatever it is.” Pixel said.

“Well… yeah…” Listy agreed.

Anthony then had a giant ball of… some material. It looked rather hot. And it was huge. “Well then, this should end you all.” Anthony said, “then I’ll collect your crystals after you are dead.”

“We’re not done.” Mehrunes said, particles floating around him, and he was standing up, looking at Anthony. “Time for a show, wouldn't you agree Draco?”

Draco just nodded as he stood up next to Mehrunes and activated his armor and his rage technique.

Mehrunes raised his hand, and stars appeared around Anthony and exploded within a second. The dust wore off, and Anthony was fine, standing there with the large ball right above him.

Draco then fired a large beam of red plasma, hitting Anthony directly in the head, causing a big cloud of dust once more. Mehrunes pitched in immediately after, basically raining a few hundred stars down on Anthony, but they looked different, they were glowing twice as bright…

“I don’t think stars and plasma will do much. I mean, look at that ball. It is stars and plasma. It’s only giving him more energy.” Pixel said, pointing when the ball suddenly got bigger.

Mehrunes just looked mad, and punched his hands together then into the ground, causing a purple beam to shockwave out towards Anthony, and I noticed Listy drop a boulder on Anthony too.

Anthony flew up higher, and all the attacks that went at him disappeared and the ball got even bigger.

“*Ahem.*” Mehrunes cleared his throat. “We gonna do something?” I noticed the particles were gone.

“I’m just waiting for it.” I said. “I know he’s not gonna throw it at us. Because I can easily dodge. And he’s smart enough to know what to do.”

“What is he gonna do?” Mehrunes asked, annoyed.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. But he’s flying up high. Maybe he’s gonna destroy something big.”

“Like what?” Mehrunes asked.

“How should I know?” I replied. “Because I don’t.”

Mehrunes shrugged.

“He’s not charging an attack.” Pixel then said, “he’s charging to get energy. Like when you attacked him, he only absorbed it and gave himself more energy. That giant ball is a ball of energy. He’s probably going to use it on himself and give all the energy in order for him to use more dangerous attacks.”

Then Anthony appeared back where he was earlier, with the giant ball above his head. He then absorbed it, just like Pixel had said.

“He’s sparing us.” Pixel said, “that’s why we’re not dead. He only killed one of us.”

“Well…” Mehrunes said. “That’s good right? Don’t make that a bad thing.”

“It is a good thing.” Pixel replied, “but the question is why is he still here if he’s not going to kill us? Besides, if he wanted to he could have us all dead in a microsecond.”

“Then why aren’t we dead?” Listy asked.

“Because he doesn’t want us to die.” Pixel shrugged.

“You’re right.” Anthony said. “I don’t want you to die. I can’t kill any more people anyways.”

“You ‘can’t’?” I asked.

“It’s all over. The war has ended just a second ago.” Anthony said, “meaning I must return. Bye.” He then just disappeared. He was gone. I couldn’t sense him nearby.

“The galactic war ends I guess.” Saturo said.

“Wait, wha-” I just realized Saturo had awoken from when he got knocked out cold. I also looked around for John, but didn’t spot him anywhere.

“He was strong…” Saturo said, “and he killed Uchiho… That’s… terrible.”

Saturo walked up towards Uchiho. Then he looked back.

“Mehrunes. You said you could revive people back on that weird planet.” Saturo said, “prove it. Now.”

Mehrunes didn’t move.

“Do it.” Saturo said, “bring her back.”

Mehrunes just stared at Uchiho, then glanced around. “Can’t.” Mehrunes simply put.

“Well then. What do we do with her body?” Saturo asked. “Bury her? Should we have a funeral?” He turned to Draco. “What do you want to do?”

Draco just looked at me. A nasty look was on his face.

“Draco?” Mehrunes asked. “You good?”

Draco still had the nasty look as he looked at Mehrunes.

“I don’t know. What do you think?” Draco said, holding back a sob.

“I think,” Mehrunes said. “That you’re grieving.”

“Wow. How perceptive of you.” Draco said, still trying not to burst out in tears.

Mehrunes was flipping through a book. “Yes I know right.” Mehrunes said. “I thought so. But hey you appear mad slightly.”

“Glad you noticed.” Draco growled, taking a few steps towards Mehrunes. His sadness slowly became anger.

“I didn’t.” Mehrunes said, still looking at his book, leafing through quickly. “You know?”

Draco looked madder now. All the rest of us, including Tango and Lauren, just watched the two of them. Tango was eating a piece of fruit and glaring at Mehrunes. Draco just sat down on the ground and crossed his legs, his veins flourishing with rage.

“Oh good.” Mehrunes slammed his book shut.

“No, seriously. What do we do with her body?” Saturo asked. “Should we bury her? And where? And also, where did Draelin go?”

“We’ll bury her.” Draco replied.

“Where? Just right here?” Saturo asked.

“Unless you know where an actual graveyard is then yes. Right here.” Draco replied.

“Okay, well…” Saturo said.

I then used the wind and dug out a hole. “There. Who wants to be the one to bury her?” Everyone just looked at Draco for some reason, who looked as depressed as ever.

“Bruh.” said a voice. We turned and spotted John, who probably got back up just now. “It’s easy.” He picked up Uchiho and put her in the grave and buried her. “See? Now, we need a gravestone. LISTY. Do that.”

“Buh-what?” Listy asked.

“What?” John was confused. “Just, make a gravestone.”

“Uhh…” Listy said, as a stone arch rose from the ground. “O-okay…”

“Now anyone have something we can write with?” John asked. “Or no one wanna write on the gravestone?”

“Dunno. Ask Draco. He should write a message on the gravestone.” Saturo pointed at Draco.

“Look let’s do it later.” Mehrunes said. “Draco be grieving and I want off this planet.”

“We do it first. Then we can all leave.” John said.

“It’s done. There’s a grave.” Mehrunes said, coldly.

“Still.” John said. “Just a stone isn’t enough… Or maybe it is. Doesn’t really matter anyway. Anyone have anything else to say?”

“We could leave now. I guess.” Saturo said.

“Alright. Follow me to the spaceship.” John replied, he began walking but then stopped and looked over at Tango and Lauren. “You should come with us. Since your house is gone.”

“Okay…” Tango looked sad about his house. “What about you, Lauren?”

“I guess I’ll come.” Lauren sighed. “Can Bella come, too?”

“Yes. She has nowhere else to go. Draelin would probably like her tagging along. Since she lost her other friend.” John said. “Yeah, lucky for you all that I showed up.”

“Sure. Lucky.” Mehrunes said. “Whatever floats your boat.”

“It’s not a boat, it’s a spaceship. It doesn’t float either. It flies.” John said. “Anyway. Come on.”

to be continued in next chapter...

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