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Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 7)

Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 7)

Posted February 11th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

oh boy... where do I start..... 

oh i cant spoil anything. but be cautious.... since well, someone died. and more may come

whatever heres the chapter



-----| Chapter 7 |-----



Well. Uchiho’s dead. It was weird though… I was knocked out, and the moment I regained my consciousness, I see Uchiho get stabbed to her death. Not a pleasant sight to see just when you wake up.

And before that… With the general guy. I wasn’t happy with the outcome, and income. This was not… what I wanted. But more about that later. I’m just happy no one else died. That guy could have killed us all. But he let us live, but killed Uchiho. Question is, why? I wasn’t awake, so… I had no clue. When I asked someone, they told me he was messing with those who can’t fight to get us to attack him. Well… Why does he want us to attack him?

Lots of questions went through my mind as I was seated. We all were seated right there in the spaceship. John wasn’t driving it. The other guy that usually was with him, I think his name was Hunter, he was driving.

I also wondered where Glitter was. He disappeared when our spaceship was stolen. Did he go after it…? Maybe he did. I don’t know for sure.

“So. To the Electric Planet?” John then asked.

“Yeah.” Ichoo replied, looking like he was thinking about something. “The Electric Planet.”

We also found Draelin before we had went away. Ich had to force her to come with us. She was pretty depressed by Uchiho’s death. I looked over at Ich. He did not look his normal state. He looked bothered. Maybe because of the death too…? Mehrunes looked normal though. He probably could just get over it quickly. Uchiho didn’t speak that often anyway. She was with us, but she avoided us. All the time. Maybe that’s why, cuz she wasn’t dear to him at all. Like, if Listy died it would have been different. That’s my assumption.

“You guys look grim.” Mehrunes said.

“What do you expect?” I asked. “They haven’t been through this.” Then something hit me straight in the face. Ich wasn’t even that… troubled when Hindro blew up. Yet he looked troubled now. Not because of Uchiho’s death. It was something else. I could tell.

“Draco.” Mehrunes said. “You still mad?”

Draco didn’t seem like he had even heard Mehrunes. He was just staring at the wall.

“DRACO!” Mehrunes yelled.

Draco still was staring at the wall. There was a bit of a glazed look in his eyes.

“I think we should leave him.” I said to Mehrunes.

“Haha.” Mehrunes said. “No I’m good. Draco!”

Draco was still staring at the wall.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes said. “He is seriously depressed.”

“Uh huh.” I nodded.

“Meh.” Mehrunes said.

“So uh, somethings bothering Ich.” I whispered to Mehrunes. “Not the death. Something else.”

Mehrunes glanced over at Ich and turned back. “I think you’re right.” he whispered back.

“I’m wondering what’s wrong.” I whispered.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes whispered. “It might be something he doesn’t want to be addressed about, though.”

“I dunno… But I’m curious.” I said.

“You can go ask.” Mehrunes replied. “It won’t hurt.”

“Okay…” I looked over at Ich, “hey Ich, what’s troubling you?”

He looked back at me. “You really want to know?” I nodded. “Then, in the other room. John, is that alright?”

“Yeah, go ahead.” John replied, not turning around.

Ich got up. “You come too Mehrunes.”

“Alright.” Mehrunes said, standing up.

We followed Ich to the other room. It was a slightly smaller room with a table attached to the wall. It was like the dining room. Ich sat down, and Mehrunes and I did the same.

“Okay.” He addressed. “So, you don’t know about it, Saturo. You were in your room. It was Mehrunes and I who were out there. With Lagi and Ivory. On the mountain.”

“Okay?” I asked.

“Yeah so you won’t understand much. You can join in the conversation whenever you’d like to.” Ich said. “But anyway. Mehrunes, remember that circle masked guy?”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied. “Right after Ivory threatened to throw fireballs at my face.”

“Yeah. That guy. He was there.” Ich said. “I sensed him when we got onto John’s spaceship. I even turned around to check. He was near Uchiho’s grave. He was waiting for us to take off. When we did, he was right at the grave.”

“I think that’s called stalking.” Mehrunes replied.

“Who in their right mind would stalk a dead person?” I asked.

“He wasn't stalking. Maybe he was, until she died.” Ich said, “but that’s not what I’m getting at. He was after Lagi and Ivory. But then he was there with Uchiho. So then. Uchiho rarely speaks to us. What exactly is Uchiho? If that guy’s there…”

“She doesn’t speak to us ever. Maybe she was hiding something.” I started thinking. “But if that guys after Lagi and Ivory… And he was with Uchiho… Nah, Uchiho doesn’t have a tail. She’s not one of them.”

“I mean… how much research have you done on human-lagiacrus creatures?” Mehrunes asked. “Frankly we can have no idea what she is, anymore, without experimentation or research.”

“So we can’t find that out. She’s dead.” Ich face palmed. “Why did we agree on burying the body there…”

“I mean…” Mehrunes said. “I could try and get it back…”

“I don’t know if we could, I mean, how would we explain it to the others?” I asked.

“I guess, if we did it correctly, we wouldn't have to.” Mehrunes suggested.

“I dunno… What would we tell Draco?” I asked.

“He wouldn't have to know.” Mehrunes said. “It’s sneaky, and might feel wrong. But they, probably, wouldn't approve.”

“So… This is dangerous in a way. It’s Lagi and Ivory’s enemy. I think they called him Lagikiller.” Ich said, “he’s who they are up against. And since they are against him, I am as well.”

“See, now I’m a little bothered.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t think that’s Lagikiller. He may be, but we shouldn't jump to conclusions, better safe than sorry but he could be anyone.”

“Lagikiller is who they said was their enemy. He never was killed or anything. But I’m sure that circle masked guy is after them.” Ichoo said. “He may not be Lagikiller, but he’s after them. That, I know, as a fact.”

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes replied. “But I will comment we’re kinda being meddling meddlers.”

“Kinda. But it’s a total different thing.” Ichoo said. “We are part of this.”

“Right. Do you have a plan?” Mehrunes asked.

“Somewhat.” Ichoo said, “I don’t know what Lagi and Ivory are planning. In fact, if you ask me, I doubt they plan anything. They can’t protect themselves, not from what’s coming up. They need us. We can fight.”

“Yeah. No joke.” Mehrunes replied. “We get back we can see what happens when Listy fights the two of them. Spoiler alert she’s gonna win.”

“Wait, why is she even gonna fight them?” I asked.

“She’s not. I was agreeing with you in my own way.” Mehrunes replied. “So let’s hear your plan.”

“Well. I need to go to them. The enemy.” Ichoo said, “I need to know exactly what we’re up against…”

“Right and how do you plan on getting to them?” Mehrunes asked.

“Ya know. Ivory’s brother. If we find him.” Ichoo said, “he knows the enemy. I’m pretty sure. He can take us to them.”

“But… Aren’t they underwater?” I asked. “We can’t breathe underwater!”

“We’re Ultimates. We can learn.” Ichoo said. “Ivory’s brother could probably teach us.”

“A lot of this is based around Lagi and Ivory co-operating…” Mehrunes smirked.

“Then we need them to cooperate.” Ichoo sighed. “They probably won’t. They’re selfish in a way. They don’t care about a lot of other things.”

“Then we’ll make them co-operate MY way.” Mehrunes replied. “We’ll give them the option first, then if they don’t…” Mehrunes punched his palm to emphasise.

“Okay then… I guess you could do that. But it isn’t dangering them, but us too. So, they must cooperate. Otherwise they’re killing us off.” Ichoo said.

“How do you… Know all that?” I asked.

“Well. I saw it all for about a second… When I looked at the masked figure, from the spaceship. A vision or something…” Ichoo explained.

“A vision…?”

“Yes… I guess you could say I foresaw the future. But, we can prevent it. If, Lagi and Ivory cooperate.” Ichoo said. “Elec’s Mansion is safe for the babies. But, they got something new with them, and Elec, the Butler, everyone strong in the mansion will be distracted. They could kill them all off in an instant, and then come after us. We need to move everything, we need to change our location.”

“To where? Where are we going to go?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t know. Somewhere where they wouldn’t expect us to go.” Ichoo said, “to the Water Planet. Right where we picked them up last time.”

“So technically we’ll be right next to the enemy?” I asked.

“We need to know who we’re up against so I can plan further. But… Other than that we’re good.” Ichoo said.

“That’s good.” Mehrunes replied.

“Maybe we should head to the Water Planet without them first.” I suggested. “I still do remember slightly where it is.”

“I could sense them and know their location, probably.” Ichoo said.

“I feel like the sooner we get to Lagi and Ivory to help them not die, the better.” Mehrunes said.

“We should split up. Maybe?” Ichoo suggested. “Not sure if its a good plan… Maybe, we should prevent it from happening first. How about that?”

“Sounds good to me. We should go to the enemy with someone who knows… Like Ivory’s brother.” I said.

“And who’s gonna go to Lagi and Ivory?” Mehrunes asked.

“I can do it.” Ichoo said, “because they don’t like you, Mehrunes. You can come if you want. Because you’re protecting them. I’d probably need you too. You can fight well. Saturo, you should come too.” Ichoo then closed his eyes. “Well. That’s not good. Time is running out. After that circle masked dude leaves the planet, the vision tells me it happens in about… An hour from now!” Ichoo then got onto his feet. “NO! THAT’S NOT GOOD! WE’RE IN SPACE! TIME IS DIFFERENT! MEHRUNES! TELEPORT US THERE! RIGHT NOW!”

Mehrunes did a small action, and then grabbed us.

“One teleport comin right up.” He then focused. “Dang it. I need way more energy since we’re far.”

I then activated the source, making energy rapidly. I set my hand on Mehrunes’s shoulder, transmitting the energy into him. “Now?”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied.

Then we disappeared, teleporting from across the galaxy. We then found ourselves in a small room with a bunch of baby lagiacrus everywhere. There was also a big dude with a tail, I assume is Ivory’s brother, and a guy with a red scarf that looked like Ivory’s brother. Then there was Lagi and Ivory themselves. Ivory was asleep.

“How did you get here?” Lagi asked.

“At the… expense of my energy…” Mehrunes replied slowly.

“Doesn’t explain a thing.” Lagi sighed.

“Teleportation. Ich explain.” Mehrunes said, slowly still.

“You’re in danger, so we came as fast as we could.” Ich said.

“What kind of danger?” Lagi asked.

“The kind where you and everyone in here get DEAD.” Mehrunes replied. I used the source that I had on to restore Mehrunes’s energy.

“Sounds serious. Would you like to hold for a few minutes while we hook up with a danger helper?” Lagi asked.

“Nice.” Mehrunes replied. “Look we have to leave. You don’t have any choice as long as… no you really don’t have any choice.”

“Great. Another situation where I have no choice but to leave someplace and do something. Against my will at that.” Lagi muttered.

“It’s your own fault you’re both weaklings.” Mehrunes replied.

“Is it my fault that for the past… I don’t even know, I’ve been on the run from too many people?” Lagi asked.

Ivory’s brother walked up to us. “Tell about this danger.”

“Dunno, Lagikiller?” Ich asked.

“WaterBreathe.” Ivory’s brother said. “What about them?”

“Yeah. So, we’re in a time crunch and frankly I don wanna deal with any of this. There was a guy on the mountain stalking these two,” Mehrunes gestured at Lagi and Ivory. “And now was next to Uchiho’s GRAVE and so we don’t know who they are but they suck and are everywhere and Ich had a vision about how they kill all of you so, you happy? No? Don’t care.” Mehrunes finished madly.

“I’m staying here.” Lagi said.

“There’s an easy way and a hard way. At this rate you’re taking the hard way.” Mehrunes said, cracking his knuckles.

“Yes. You are taking the hard way.” Ivory’s brother said, “so what he had a vision? How do we know thats true? He’s not a WaterBreathe nor a Human Lagiacrus. You aren’t involved.”

“Finally somebody agrees…” Lagi muttered under his breath.

“And you’re not even in a position to argue. YOU COME. AND LIVE. STAY AND DIE.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t care which. Choose one.”

“Did you know that there are fifty little ankle biters in this room?” Lagi asked. All of the lagiacrus were glaring at Mehrunes, some were growling.

“If you don’t believe us then you’ll see in a bit.” Ichoo said. “Because. They’re here.”

“Okay then. So why don’t you all go skedaddle to the kitchen.” Lagi said. Suddenly, a dagger swung right by Lagi’s face and smashed into the wall. In the middle of the room, appeared a figure, wearing armor and a blue headband.

“WaterBreathe.” Ivory’s brother said.

“Huh. I thought that was Draco.” Lagi said.

“Heh.” The figure spoke and grinned, “long time no see, Gaberus. And, Lagi and Ivory are here too. And the babies. Good.”

So that was Ivory’s brothers name… Gaberus.

“Okay, should I know you?” Lagi asked.

“Nope. But from here on out, you should.” said the figure, “besides, I’m going to be the one to kill you all, here and now.”

“Uh huh. Fun fact, if I remember correctly, the human body is about 80% water. And you’re up against somebody who can manipulate water to their will.” Lagi said.

“Idiot! They’re WaterBreathe! They can do the same!” Gaberus shouted.

“Huh. Okay. So should I be tearing them apart already?” Lagi asked.

“After this, yes.” The figure then was right next to Ivory, who was still asleep on the ground. A dagger was right above her head. “So, let us continue the genocide, shall we?”

honestly, lagi and ivory are idiots. What do you think?

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