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Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 8)

Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 8)

Posted February 16th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here is the next chapter, prepare for some action






-----| Chapter 8 |-----



See, I knew it. I knew it was gonna happen. Here it is happening in front of me this very second. The enemy was right next to Ivory, with a dagger about to strike. I was here to protect. So, that’s what I did.

I used wind and brought the dagger from the enemies hand and into mine.

“Heh. I guess this won’t be as easy as I thought.” the enemy said, stomping his foot on Ivory’s face and pressing hard.

“Ivory’s gotta wake up after that, right?” Mehrunes asked. “And lemme tell ya she gets pretty mad… nevermind she’s just always mad.”

“Doesn’t seem she woke up.” said the enemy. “So, no.”

“So uh, could you take your foot off?” Lagi asked.

“Sure I guess. Since that did nothing.” The enemy took his foot off of her face.

“So, want a taco?” Lagi asked, holding two tacos in his hands. “Maybe just talk this over and reach a peaceful compromise?”

“Heh, that’s not how it works. No peace. This is war.” The enemy said, taking out another dagger.

“Why does it have to be that way? Why can’t we just talk this out?” Lagi asked.

“Because we’re enemies, and because you’re monsters and all that.” said the enemy, grabbing a baby lagiacrus and putting the dagger near its neck. “This is war.”

“NO!” Lagi roared, throwing out his hand and shooting a huge stream of water at the enemy.

The water hit, passing through and after the water disappeared the enemy remained in his spot.

“Didn’t Gaberus tell you? I’m WaterBreathe. Water won’t effect me.” said the enemy, smirking.

“Oh so you think you’re smart?” Lagi asked, walking towards them.

“Get back Lagi.” Saturo appeared in front of him, “water isn’t effective. But, electricity is.”

“This isn’t some game on the internet, this is reality. If you think about it electricity would make the water more dangerous.” Lagi said.

“Exactly! So electric water would hurt him, but not the baby lagiacrus since they are naturally electric! See what I’m saying?” Saturo whispered so that only we would hear him and not the enemy.

“Yeah. Sure. On two and a half, we both go.” Lagi whispered back.

Saturo nodded. “And Ich’ll get the baby out of there if he tries to dodge or anything. Then we can continue the attack.”

Lagi nodded as well, looking straight at the enemy. Saturo was probably waiting for Lagi to count to two and a half.

“Uh, one.” Lagi said, “Two… th- GO!”

Saturo and Lagi ran at the enemy, Saturo generated electricity in his hands, appeared behind the enemy and zapped him. Lagi made a large ball of water and held it in his hands, and then electrocuted it and threw it. The enemy was paralyzed, while the baby lagiacrus was unharmed. I then used the wind and brought the baby lagiacrus over to the others, and then took all of them into the air and made a barrier around them.

The enemy was on the ground, sparks of electricity around him.

“You never should have put a fork in that toaster. Or had a toaster in general.” Lagi said.

The enemy put his hands together, said something, and then got up like he was unharmed. “Lagiacrus have electricity. They are our enemy. Of course we’ll have something to fight electricity with.”

“Oh that’s cool. But do you like rocks?” Lagi asked.

“Sure, rocks are cool. They’re very useful for crushing babies.” The enemy said. “And having blood splatter everywhere.”

“Yer really weird.” Mehrunes said, his arms crossed impatiently.

“And who’re you? Oh wait. Nevermind. I see who you are.” said the enemy.

“No ya don’t.” Mehrunes replied.  “You see as much as everyone else does.”

“You are Mehrunes.” said the enemy.

“Or so you’ve seen.” Mehrunes replied. “It is not hard to find names, as you were spying.”

“No, I haven’t been spying.” said the enemy, “we know you all since you are enemies too. Our leader is the one who informed us with all the information.”

“You only know what you’ve been told, you’ve been told lots. It’s awfully bold.” Mehrunes rhymed.

Lagi suddenly picked up a nearby pebble and threw it at the enemy. The enemy laughed at him.

“That guys pathetic.” said the enemy. “I don’t even wanna kill him!”

“He is pathetic, I will not lie.” Mehrunes said. “But currently, he’s my ally.” Mehrunes was still rhyming, and I noticed he was shaking.

“So uh… can you leave now? Also Ich could you bound them in wind or whatever?” Lagi asked.

“What kind of question is that?” I said, “they are the enemy. They will not leave until we are dead.”

“So… do we kill them or mind control them or what?” Lagi asked.

“This is war! Either I kill you, or you kill me!” shouted the enemy.

“What he said then.” I nodded my head at the enemy.

“So… how are we gonna do this? Use their own dagger on them? Suffocation? What?” Lagi asked.

“Stop asking questions.” Mehrunes said.

“This isn’t a battlefield, but you can consider it the beginning.” Gaberus said, “focus on protecting, Lagi. I’ll focus on attacking.”

“Uh, Ich just… just put them in a solid barrier of wind and then throw the knife.” Lagi said.

“Still, I know this guy. He can do stuff. Stay with the babies.” Gaberus said.

“Well first off lemme test something.” The enemy took out a dagger and threw it at my barrier. It just stopped when touching the barrier, sticking like it was taped to it. “Oh I see…”

“Yeah. Okay I’ll protect. Now Ich how bout you make that knife hit them instead of float there?” Lagi asked.

“What?” I asked back.

“My thought exactly.” Mehrunes replied. “Also how many daggers do you have?”

“He’s not gonna answer that.” Gaberus said, looking over at the enemy.

“Meh. Ya never know.” Mehrunes said, suddenly throwing a dagger at the enemy. “Daggers are commonplace for me.”

The enemy caught it.

“So I guess I’ll just sit here then.” Lagi said, sitting down.

“Whatever.” Mehrunes said. “Yo weirdo enemy. We done talkin yet? Cuz I’m bored.” Mehrunes bowled purple bombs at the enemy's feet.

“Actually.” The enemy said, as water surrounded the bombs. “This was not the plan. I came ready to fight Gaberus, not three other people. I am outmatched here. So, I’m going to retreat empty handed.”

“Good. Get out of here.” I said.

The enemy waved goodbye. “Then see ya later.” He then ran through the wall, and disappeared.

“I need one of those buttons you can press that says ‘That was easy’.” Mehrunes commented.

“Yeah, ha! Just our being here made him run! After he saw we could fight.” Saturo laughed.

“He’s probably gonna come back with reinforcements.” Mehrunes said. “But yeah. Lagi you need to get stronger.”

“Not just that,” I added, “but we need to move away from Elec’s Mansion, since they know our location.”

“I. Am. Not. Leaving.” said Lagi, “I just want to settle down for once and stay for a while.”

“We need to leave. Otherwise it’s suicide.” Gaberus agreed. “Saying you want to settle down is just like saying let the babies die, let everyone else die.”

“Fine. Lets leave. Let’s go somewhere where we’ll be isolated from society forever.” Lagi sighed.

“Then we need to find a place like that.” Gaberus said, “it would be a good decision to do that. But at the same time not.”

“So where do we go?” Lagi asked.

“Somewhere safe. I thought maybe somewhere where they wouldn’t expect us to go. Like… The Water Planet, back to where your home was.” I said. “So then we can also spy on them and know their attacks before it happens.”

“I’m not going there.” Lagi said.

“Can I please hit him?” Mehrunes asked. “Please? This is so annoying.”

“There is a way to… hide carefully. But since this is war… We need to end this. And to end it we need to do it by war.” Gaberus said, “we should attack them. At their base. They won’t expect it since we were always on the run and hiding. And, I’m done running and hiding. It’s useless and pathetic. Human Lagiacrus aren’t supposed to be weak. We’re warriors and are strong. But that’s disappeared in this new generation… But I’ll bring it back.”

“Actually, and I know I’m not being helpful, the fact that that’s gone is all the more reason to run.” Mehrunes said. “That guy was prepared, if we weren’t here you’d be losing I’ll bet.”

“They would be dead.” I said, “but we interfered. We’re their enemy too.”

“Yet I’d prefer to be on a different end of the stick.” Mehrunes said. “The side that’s not in the middle of war.”

“Except they have no one to fight for them.” Saturo said, “we can fight. We can help end this all and Lagi and Ivory can be free and do whatever without having to move around or worry about dying and getting caught!”

“Except if you haven’t noticed we’re not exactly friends here.” Mehrunes said, madly. “I’m only cooperating because I’m friends with you. I wouldn't care otherwise.”

“So where are we going? I didn’t really understand much of that.” Lagi sighed.

“Wait Lagi. Are you friends with Ich and I?” Saturo asked Lagi.

“If you think I am.” Lagi sighed.

“…” Saturo was silent.

“I think I’ll just take a nap. And then probably wake up in a different galaxy at this point.” Lagi sighed.

“Fine then. Go take your stupid nap.” Saturo said.

“Okay then.” Lagi said as he walked into the lake and laid down at the bottom.

“Why are we helping him again?” Saturo growled at me. “He doesn’t appreciate it! He doesn’t even care! He doesn’t even acknowledge us as his friends!”

I stayed silent.

“Lagi’s sleepin.” Mehrunes said. “Go wake up Ivory and see if she feels the same ‘bout our ‘help’.”

“I’d rather not. She’s probably gonna do the exact same thing. They are careless! They don’t even… everything!” Saturo was obviously mad.

“While I agree, you need to chill.” Mehrunes said. “Remember, I think they suck too.” Mehrunes grabbed Ivory by the hair and yanked her to her feet.

“Well isn’t that kind?” Ivory growled tiredly, waking up

“We just saved you and your babies from certain death.” Mehrunes said to her.

“Well then where’s Lagi?” Ivory asked.

“He was ungrateful and went to sleep in the pond cuz we have to move because you are being hunted.” Mehrunes replied flatly.

“So… we’re moving. Again.” Ivory sighed, “Great. Why can’t we just stay in one general place for a week or so anymore?”

“After we win the war, we can.” Gaberus said, “which is what we’re planning to do. Win.”

“Why don’t we just go somewhere where they can’t find us or get to us?” Ivory asked.

“We already did that. But they still found us.” Gaberus said. “Somehow.”

“Probably stowed away with one of them.” Ivory said, pointing to Mehrunes.

“Hey, uh, I just realized.” Saturo then said, “when we came here there was this other dude with a red scarf. Now he’s gone.”

“…” Ivory was silent for a little. “Lycrus was one of them?”

“Well he was in here, if that was his name.” Saturo said.

“Absolute and total isolation it is.” Ivory sighed.

“Hah. No.” Mehrunes said. “You and Lagi both apparently have different opinions on how we keep you alive than we do. So instead of trying to help when it’s clearly not wanted. I’m going to ask you a question. Do you want to live?”

“Sure.” Ivory said. “Why not?”

Mehrunes walked over to the pond and practically threw Lagi out of it, banging him on the floor in front of Ivory, waking him up.

“Lagi.” Mehrunes addressed him. “Do you want to live?”

“Do I?” Lagi asked.

“That is indeed the question.” Mehrunes replied.

“Cool.” Lagi sighed.

Saturo growled. This was irritating him.

“I’m going to take that as yes.” Mehrunes replied. “Now that you both want to live, we’re going to help with those wants. Ich. Saturo. Gaberus. Your turn. Talk.”

“No. First off, why are you three involved? I think Gabe is enough to help us. Second off, I think I know somebody who needs to respects naps, they’re important.” Lagi growled as he dove into the lake.

“He doesn’t know that they’re after you too, huh?” Gaberus said.

Mehrunes did the same thing as before and brought Lagi back out of the lake. “We’re involved, because Ich decided you shouldn't die. Us being anywhere near you has made us a part of this. Like it or not,  you’re gonna have to follow what we instruct because we can fight. You can’t, and would be dead without us. Sometimes what you want and what you get are different things, and what you get is what you NEED. You need protection, and help. And in fact if you’re looking for respect-” Mehrunes rolled his eyes. “-it goes both way. I will respect your decisions, as long as you respect the authority we wield. We will leave. I don’t care how but I will get you out the door and on a ship. One way or another, we’ll win the stupid ‘war’, THEN you can do whatever you decide you want and nobody will care. But first you have to follow our instructions. IS. THAT. CLEAR.” Mehrunes looked mad and more irritated than Saturo.

“No. Could you repeat all of that except… a little less… I dunno, complex?” Lagi asked. “Also the answer is still no. I’m either staying here or leaving to go somewhere isolated.”

“Isolated as in what?” Gaberus asked, “as in there isn’t anybody there? Or…?”

“Isolated as in, where nobody can find you because you’re somewhere that’s pretty much nowhere.” Lagi sighed.

“It would be a good idea. Problem is, that’s impossible to do.” Gaberus said.

“Why is it impossible to do?” Lagi asked.

“You’re never alone no matter where you go. Unless you’re in a void or in empty space out there.” Gaberus answered.

“What do you mean never alone? By nobody I mean you, Ivory, and all of the babies.” Lagi said.

“Someone will find you. The hunt goes on until we end it.” Gaberus said, “this place is safe, yet they made it in. They have something that helps them, I don’t know what, but I’m gonna spy and find out. But, yeah. You can’t be alone. You can’t keep on running away, because whatever you run away from will keep on chasing you. And since it’s the WaterBreathe, they will chase you forever.”

“We’ve gotten this far on running. And what, you expect us to become an indestructible army all of a sudden and destroy them completely?” Lagi asked.

“Ho yes. We’ve got these guys on our side.” Gaberus looked over at us, “and they have more friends on there way, probably. We’ll have an army, I tell ya.”

“An army of what? Us and then two or three other people? Against trained killers?” Lagi asked.

“Yep. It’s enough.” Gaberus replied.

“How do you have hope in a group of teens? We’re just… young compared to the ones who have spent their entire life trying to kill us?” Lagi asked.

“No. You.” Mehrunes replied. “They have stuff to defend against water and lagiacrus. They haven’t trained against anything else. We therefore have the advantage as we have a small army of people who don’t use water or electricity.”

“I use electricity.” Saturo laughed silently.

“So you’re saying… that me and Gabe have no role in this because we do those things?” Lagi asked.

“Yeah. Wait no. Saturo and Lavender probably won’t be as useful either, but you’re still helpful.” Mehrunes replied.

“So you want me to come along for moral support?” Lagi asked.

“Probably also to distract the enemy by asking them, ‘why don’t we just talk this out’ and stuff.” Saturo added.

“You want to use me as bait, probably killing me in the process, to distract the people trying to kill me?” Lagi asked, “what could be better?”

“Heck no, I didn’t say that!” Saturo replied, “we don’t need bait! We don’t know what we need even, not until we go over there and see them.”

“So… we’re just gonna launch a blind assault against them? And hope it works?” Lagi asked.

Saturo looked over at Mehrunes. “He hasn’t been paying much attention.” He looked back at Lagi. “No, we’re gonna first spy on them and when we have enough information we’ll then attack them.”

“Just tell me what to do and I’ll try to show some resistance to it.” Lagi sighed.

“Oh hey! Look that red scarf guy is back.” Saturo pointed behind Lagi at a guy who looked like Gaberus, with a red scarf.

“Hi.” Lagi said.

The red scarf guy was breathing heavily. “You said… WaterBreathe… and all that stuff you said…”

“Well actually that’s your imagination we were completely silent this whole time.” Mehrunes said.

“Well, the guy kidnapped me.” The red scarf guy said, ignoring what Mehrunes had said, “but he let me go for some reason, seeing I was not important. I went to Laro and told him what happened. He said he’s in.”

“Okay. One, you’re probably lying about this whole thing. How could you get to a different planet, tell somebody something, get back here, hear and know everything we had said, and then realize this is a secret room? Two, Laro said he wanted nothing to do with this if what Gabe said was true.” Lagi said. “Three, I think you’re the person who just attacked us.”

“He’s not lying.” A man appeared next to the red scarf guy. “I have changed my mind after hearing this plan. This plan needs to be done. So we can finally finish this once and for all.”

“Okay. How did you get in here. Also how did you know where this place was and why to come here?” Lagi asked.

“He was on this planet the whole time.” The red scarf guy said, as the man nodded, “and he knows some guy or something that let him in.”

“Well that’s just dandy, isn’t it? So… you want us to go forwards with this plan that I think of as stupid, unneeded, and possibly suicidal?” Lagi asked.

“Oh, I’m going to modify it.” The man said, “but you, Lagi, are going to be fighting in this with all of us.”

“Mmmhmm… did you not hear any of the parts where I was being looked at like the weakest being in all of existence?” Lagi asked.

“Hehe… thats why I brought a gift for you. I’ll give it to you later. But for now you need to cheer up! Be confident that we can win this!” The man patted Lagi on the head like a father would do.

“Mmm… no thanks. I would rather take a nap.” Lagi said.

“Yeah, that’s not smart because when someone is asleep is the perfect time for assassination. Sorry, but for your safety and as your uncle, I can’t let that happen.” The man said, “maybe on the way to our base you can nap. Just not right now.”

Oh, so this guy is Lagi’s uncle… I don’t remember that… I never met him anyways…

“Alright then I guess there’s no resisting. Any more resistance and it’ll be those three knocking me out, throwing me in a bag and then letting me out in the middle of the battle.” Lagi sighed. “So let’s just get it over with already.”

“Alright, from here on out I’m in charge.” said the man, “any objections?”

“Yes.” Ivory said. “Every part of this.”

“What do you want, Ivory?” The man asked her.

“I would like, while all of you, except for maybe Lagi, go and fight some battle you don’t have to fight, we just get dropped off somewhere and don’t get caught or killed or involved in this.” Ivory said.

“That would be nice to have.” The man nodded. “But I’m gonna need Lagi since he’s the only one capable of what we’re about to do. You, if you want to join us, can. Or you can stay with the babies.”

“I’m staying here. That’s final. Goodbye and good luck.” Ivory sighed as she walked to a corner and sat down.

Mehrunes was about to say something but the man stopped him. “Let her. We’re going to take the babies and all go. She wants to stay. So let her.”

Mehrunes listened.

“So, where are we gonna go then?” I asked.

“Well. Somewhere special. In a way. But not really. It’s on the Water Planet.” The man said.

“Great. Let’s go then.” Lagi said.

“Oh, and Lagi. What weapon do you prefer?” The man asked.

“You didn’t give me any options.” Lagi said.

“Any option is valid. Whatever you want.” The man replied.

“I would like a planet buster.” Lagi said.

“Ha! No I mean a melee weapon.” The man replied.

“Uh… I dunno. I’ve never really been into weapons.” Lagi said.

“Well then, how about a simple sword?” The man asked.

“How about a… I dunno… something a bit more special than that.” Lagi said. “Maybe like some sword that can be used as something else offensively?”

“Anything specific?” asked the man.

“An explosive axe. The other way around though.” Lagi said. “I want to wield a switch axe.”

“Alright then, a switch axe. I’ll get that ready for you.” The man said, “now, Ivory, you sure you want to stay here where they will return with reinforcements and very likely put your life to an end?”

“This corner needs to be sat in.” Ivory said.

“Okay then. Goodbye! And good luck staying alive!” The man then opened the room’s door. And we were off.

To be continued in the next chaptr....
also ivory's dumb but not dumb idk u choose

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