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Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)

Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)

Posted March 5th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

so pretty much they're confused and not real warriors or whatever. They have no clue how to do this. 




-----| Chapter 1 |-----



I awoke, with ten bottles of potions right in front of me. Rorikan did actually help me. Dream World and reality tie together… I dunno how. It seemed confusing and I didn’t really care since it worked.

I took the potions and set them in the corner of the cave. Until I had an idea to test out. I made a stream of wind right at the top, below the ceiling. The potions went in a loop up there. I watched it for a bit.

“Care to share?”

Next to me I spotted Mehrunes. He had noticed what I did. In fact he must have seen me do it.

“Oh yeah, sure. These are for us.” I answered him.

“Not really what I meant.” Mehrunes said. “Everyone else is asleep and you appear out of thin air with a bunch of bottles and a new ability. I know this. Shenanigans are happening, now spill the beans.”

“Wait, I appeared out of thin air?” I asked.

“Just slightly a lot.” Mehrunes said. “Lemmi guess. Dream World. Ich quick before anyone else wakes up, not that it’s likely. I’ve been up for an hour or two lookin for you.”

“Huh. I thought my mind was in the Dream World and my body was here.” I shrugged, “guess not.”

“Tell me what happened.” Mehrunes said, getting impatient.

“Well I was in the Dream World. There was some guy there called Rorikan who gave me these water breathing potions that let you hold your breath for a hour.” I explained.

Mehrunes looked surprised. “Yeah, I know that guy too. Overly helpful, I knew something was up. Look, the potions will help immensely but it’s a good idea to not tell the others about ‘Rorikan’.”

“Why?” I asked.

“There are many reasons, one of which is if we tell them they might get jealous and by proxy, mad and a pain to handle.” Mehrunes said. “And we have enough of that with Lagi. Just, trust me on this one, okay?”

“Sure, okay.” I said.

“Trust Mehrunes on what?” asked a voice. It was Saturo. He had woke up.

“Eh, Saturo can handle it.” I said, “look up.”

Saturo looked up and saw the potions alternating in a loop. “Oh cool.”

“I got those, they are water breathing potions. Got them from this guy in the Dream World.” I said.

“Nice. Those will be useful.” Saturo stretched.

“So, is Lagi asleep?” I asked, looking over at Lagi who was in his corner.

“No, I’m not asleep.” Lagi yawned, “your talking woke me up.”

“The babies are all huddled up in the corner sleeping still.” Saturo pointed.

“Yeah yeah, I know.” Lagi said, looking at them.

“Hey, there’s something next to you Lagi.” Saturo pointed again.

“Hmm? What is it?” Lagi asked, looking to the side.

It was some red armor of some sort. There was also a switch axe on top of it. And a note attached to it reading ‘to Lagi’.

“Huh. Interesting… I’ll have to try it on soon.” Lagi said.

“You could do it right now!” Saturo exclaimed.

“I’m a bit tired from waking up. Maybe after breakfast.” Lagi said, standing up and stretching.

“Oh shoot. Breakfast.” Saturo looked around, “there is no food! AHHHH…!”

“Quiet!” Lagi hissed.

“That’s too bad there’s no food.” Saturo sighed, “I’m hungry.”

“I guess I could go get us some fish or something. One or two of you should come with me though.” Lagi said.

“Bleh, fish for breakfast…? Not my thing…” Saturo said.

“Well, we’re going to need fish anyways. For the babies, you know…” Lagi said.

“Oh, okay thats good.” Saturo said, putting on the spacesuit, “you can lead then. I’ll follow behind.”

“Alright. See you two later. If any of them wake up, just try and play with them to keep them calm.” Lagi said as he walked towards the pond in the middle of the cave.

“Okay sounds good.” I replied.

“Let’s go!” Saturo said, the suit fully on him.

Lagi jumped into the pond and started swimming down. Saturo followed. Mehrunes and I were now alone. I also realized no one else was out here. They were all inside the submarine… they probably slept there.

“So…” I looked over at Mehrunes, “what should we do?”

“No idea.” Mehrunes said. “We’re in a cave. With a bunch of sleeping monsters.”

“Yeah. So, what should we do then?” I asked again.

“Still dunno.” Mehrunes replied. “I guess talk.”

“Okay talk about what?” I asked.

“The war to come.” Mehrunes suggested.

“Oh. Well, I don’t know who exactly we are up against. Maybe we could disarm them and just trap them instead of kill them cuz I have a feeling they aren’t choosing to but are just doing so cuz they were told to.” I said, “like the guy that we saved Lagi and Ivory from. He was just doing it like it was work.”

“It’s essentially a cult based around hating and killing Human Lagiacrus.” Mehrunes said. “I think most of them want to kill us all.”

“Because we were around them for so long…” I said, “they don’t know this location at least. But we don’t know theirs either.”

“That’s like a consolation prize. Yay we’re at a stalemate.” Mehrunes said.

“You know, I wanna try having a battle against you. Cuz I never have.” I said.

“Maybe later okay?” Mehrunes replied.

“Sure.” I said.

Then, Gaberus came in from the water with a bunch of fish. He walked over to the babies and dropped them in front of them. The babies woke up from the sound and began eating.

“…Well then Lagi and Saturo left for no reason.” I said.

“Not really.” Saturo appeared from the water along with Lagi, “we combined both the fish we found. Lagi caught all the ones, cuz I was too slow of a swimmer. And Gaberus is faster than Lagi so he went ahead with all the fish.”

“So, how are you two doing?” Lagi asked.

“Fine.” I replied, “I’m not that hungry so I’ll be fine.”

“Whelp, your loss.” Lagi said as he went over to the babies and started eating with them.

“We should head out.” Gaberus then said, “find their base and take Ivory from them.”

“So, we’re going on a rescue mission right away?” Lagi asked.

“Laro is already out there.” Gaberus said. “And he told me that I should go the way he went with you guys. We’re gonna have the first attack, to tell them we are coming.”

“All three of us?” Lagi asked.

“Yes. The rest should stay to protect. That’s just the first phase of the plan.” Gaberus said.

“Alright. Sounds good.” Lagi said, “where do we start looking?”

“If you haven’t had breakfast do that first.” Gaberus said, looking at Saturo. “Then we’ll go.”

“But where can I have breakfast…?” Saturo asked.

“In the submarine. There’s food.” Gaberus said.

Saturo though, had disappeared instantaneously. As if he teleported. Gaberus looked over at Mehrunes and I.

“Get some breakfast too.” Gaberus said. “We’ll go after breakfast.”

“Okay!” I said.


“Cut that out.” Arada growled.

“Cut what out?” Teleyon asked, piloting the ship right next to Arada.

“The stupid whistling.” Arada growled.

“Nah.” Teleyon smirked and continued whistling.

Arada looked mad. “Cut it out, it’s annoying the heck out of me.”

“Oi, I’m the pilot. Yer too dumb to drive so I have to pilot you on this mission.” Teleyon said, “since I’m the captain of this ship I’m the boss. My rules.”

“Whatever.” Arada crossed her arms and looked out the window.

The spaceship drifted through space. Teleyon continued his whistling, and Arada continued being annoyed.
“If you wanna let that anger out, there’s a punch bag in the back in the cargo.” Teleyon then said.

Arada stood up and walked to the back. Instead of the sound of a punch bag, it was the sound of glass breaking that was heard. Arada returned to her seat with a smirk.

“…” Teleyon was silent, keeping his eyes in front of him. “Did… Did you just break the vase that my mother gave me?”

“Uh huh. Got a problem with that?” Arada laughed.

“Yes I do.” Teleyon replied.

“Stop whistling then.” Arada smirked. “It’s annoying as heck.”

“Fine then.” Teleyon grumbled.

The spaceship moved silently, without the sound of whistling.

“I broke a mug. Not the vase. I’m not that much of a jerk.” Arada then said.

“Phew.” Teleyon sighed. “That’s a relief. Although everyone else still thinks you’re a jerk.”

“I don’t care what they think.” Arada said.

“I know that. And I don’t care that you don’t care what they think.” Teleyon smirked.

“Cut that out or I’ll break the vase this time.” Arada threatened.

“Fine, we’re about to arrive anyway.” The spaceship left light speed. In front of them was the Planet of Darkness, slightly hard to see because of its darkness. Their spaceship descended into the atmosphere. “So, how’s it gonna go. Do you want me to wait at the spaceship or…?”

“I don’t really care. Do whatever.” Arada said.

“Then I’ll just play some video games in my spaceship until you get the job done.” said Teleyon.

“Okay.” Arada said. “Fine with me.”

“Okay then. Take long though. I wanna beat a certain level and it’s hard so take maybe, an hour.” Teleyon said, landing the spaceship at the space station.

The exit then opened. “Go ahead.” said Teleyon. Arada stood up.

“Yo, you haven’t given me the Ultims.” Arada said, “I gotta buy food too ya know.”

“*SIGH* here.” Teleyon searched his pockets and handed Arada a handful or Ultims. “Buy only food. Nothing else.”

“Okay.” Arada shrugged it off and walked out of the spaceship. She looked around. It was the market in the space station, right next to the areas where spaceships are parked. Arada walked towards a food stand, that was empty. “Oi, why you got no customers?”

The man running the stand stroked his mustache and looked at her. “We’re sold out.”

“Sucks, give me food. I want food.” Arada said.

“We have no food, sorry ma’am. Go somewhere else.” The man said.

“I want this, however.” She looked up at the sign that read ‘tacos’, “I want some tacos.”

“We’re sold out. Go away.” The man said.

Arada then jumped into the stall, and the man looked surprised.

“HEY GET AWAY FROM…” Arada pulled open a drawer, and inside was a bunch of Ultims.

“Tough. You’re that wanted thief.” Arada pointed at a sign.

“Grr, shut up little girl.” The man took out a knife.

Arada yanked the knife out of his hand and snapped it in half. “What’s a thief like you, who’s not even an ultimate, doing here huh?”

The thief turned away and just ran, leaving the ultims behind. Arada laughed with a hand on her hip.

“Might as well take some.” she said, looking at the ultims.

“I advise not.”

A voice spoke in front of the stand. Arada’s gaze turned towards a guy with dark clothing on.

“You just stopped a criminal. So don’t be one.” The guy said.

“And who’re you?” Arada asked.

“My name’s Flip. I’m just walking around here. What about you, hmm?” The guy questioned.

“I’m lookin for a guy. An adopted guy.” Arada said.

“He’s here?” Flip asked.

“Probably. Senses tell me its you.” Arada said.

“I’m not adopted. I have parents and…” Flip cut himself off, “oh dang that wasn’t a dream, wasn’t it?”

“Nope. Yer one of us.” Arada said, “so come with us and finish the task we’re put up to.”

“I’d rather not. I’ve made friends with them.” Flip said, “in the Dream World at least.”

“So? It’s just a dream. You haven’t seen the reality of them.” Arada said.

“I don’t need to to know they are innocent.” Flip replied, “it was not their doing, but their ancestors.”

“Not the point. They’re monsters. They need to be put to misery. So they never start killing off other creatures that aren’t as strong as them.” Arada said.

“Hmm.” Flip thought to himself, “so you want to recruit me. I'll go with you.”

“Great. Come on then.” Arada said.

“I gotta do my daily meditation however. So when we arrive take me to a quiet place to do that.” Flip said.

“Arrangeable.” Arada said, jumping over the stall next to Flip, “let’s go then.”

The two of them walked throughout the market. Arada then stopped at a stand that interested her.

“Hello ma’am would you like to buy this bracelet?” The man running the stand asked.

“Yes I do, how much does it cost?” asked Arada.

“Eighty-five Ultims.” The man said.

Arada placed down eighty-five ultims on the stand. The man gave her the bracelet and she put it on and walked away. Even though Teleyon told her to not buy anything other than food.

“Do you always do that?” Flip then asked. “Just buy whatever?”

“Hey this bracelet is a gold one. And it looks nice.” Arada said, “what, do you have a problem with it?”

“I never said that, did I now?” Flip replied.

“Whatever, I gotta find food. Where is the market?” Arada asked.

“There’s a grocery store up ahead. Tell me where your spaceship is so I can go there.” Flip said.

“That one. The blue one.” Arada pointed.

“Okay, see you soon then.” Flip and Arada walked the opposite directions, Arada heading to the market and Flip heading to the spaceship.

The spaceship’s door was open, so Flip went right in, seeing Teleyon playing his video game.

“Hello there.” Flip said, “I’m Flip. Coming along with you for WaterBreathe business.”

Teleyon turned his head away from the screen. “Dang, I thought I told her to take an hour.” He sighed. “I haven’t even got halfway through the level!”

Flip shrugged. “She’s getting groceries. So you still have time.”

“Good.” Teleyon turned back to the screen. Flip watched silently.

“So…” Flip then said, breaking the silence, “you’re WaterBreathe too huh.”

“Yep.” Teleyon replied.

“I don’t know much about our history.” Flip said, “so if you could, teach me.”

“I don’t teach history. History sucks.” Teleyon said, not taking his eyes off the screen. “Ask the leader.”

“Who even is the leader?” Flip asked.

“He’s the only one who was alive back then during the wars. Apparently lots happened. After everyone in the city died because of some lagiacrus army, he destroyed them using some sword. Then he went out to hunt the remaining lagiacrus, recruiting more people to his new army that would finish the task. Apparently there was a war before that, that he wasn’t in.” Teleyon explained, “cuz he was a kid. But the army of the WaterBreathe at that time were at war with the lagiacrus. Something about resources, like the lagiacrus took everything all the food and all that. Then there was this thing that built up hatred, and the two clans hated each other. Then the lagiacrus began attacking us when we went out for food or whatever. Then the war started.”

“Interesting.” Flip said, “so that’s our perspective. I wonder what they have to say about it.”

“Same, but they haven’t even spoke to us.” Teleyon said, “we attacked them once after we knew their location. But they moved. We’ve got one of them back at base.”

“So you attacked them. Huh.”

“I heard they were weak. Like, really weak. They tried to use water against us. Made me laugh, heh.” Teleyon said, “except there were these other people there, not lagiacrus, normal humans. If I see it, one of them is from the Wind Planet. Another probably from the Electric Planet because he used electricity. There was another, but Branko didn’t know who he was. He used some purple bomb thing against Branko. It didn’t do anything to him however.”


“And there was another. That Branko took with him.” Teleyon said, “he let him go though. For some reason. He seemed like he came from the Fire Planet, that’s what Branko assumed. So we’re up against a diverse army. Different powers. They have no one using light, so you’ll be very useful with your darkness.”

“Even if they had light, I know many ways to surpass light with darkness.” Flip said.

“Yeah, I got no clue about those. I’m more of a tech guy, that can also breathe underwater because of my genetics. Ya know. Planets with people living on them and all. Like how the Light People are born with light powers, and the Wind People are born with wind powers.” Teleyon still had his eyes on the screen. “And how we’re born with water powers. Except you went ahead and learned darkness. Thanks to your Ultimate Crystal. Those things are pretty dang useful for learning things you can’t learn normally.”

“So, are you an Ultimate?” Flip asked.

“Nope. I’m just a normal tech guy who can breathe underwater.” Teleyon said, “so you could probably beat me up pretty easily.”

“Not that I would.” Flip said, “what about the girl?”

“Oh, Arada is an Ultimate. She’s pretty powerful too. The leader found her roaming around planets. We found her on Ertin though. She’s a jerk sometimes.” Teleyon said.

“I could tell. I found her stopping a thief but then attempting to be one.” Flip said, “with the war going on, it’s pretty easy to steal if you’re not an ultimate since most ultimates are busy with the war going on.”

“Right, that galactic war. I heard its bad. Lots of ultimates died and their crystals went to the king.” Teleyon said.

“Yeah, the King of Darkness. That guy is… complicated. No one meets with him. No one really knows him. He’s a very mysterious person.” Flip said.

“Rumors are that he isn’t even a person. That he’s something else.” Teleyon said. “A monster or something.”

“Yeah… No one really knows…”

“Oi.” Arada then appeared at the doorstep with four bags filled with groceries, “lets go.”

“Hey you have a bracelet.” Teleyon noticed. “Where’d you get that?”

“I bought it.” Arada stuck her tongue out.

“With my money. I said don’t buy anything but groceries.”

“Nothing you can do about it. So shut up bruh.” Arada set the groceries down and took a seat. Teleyon growled. “Oi, stop playin that game. Drive.”

Teleyon paused the game angrily and started the spaceship, closing the door. The spaceship took off into the atmosphere.

also if you like to get a taste of other characters, stay tuned. People dying and new people introduced. This is like a different era now.
to be continued in the next chapter.....

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