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Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 11)

Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 11)

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-----| Chapter 11 |-----



Tango and Lauren were alone in the room, standing in front of the chamber that held Bella captive. The figure had left to run some errands, and took Mehrunes with her. That gave Lauren the chance to talk to Bella alone.

“Are…” Lauren looked at Bella, “are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Bella glared at the cage walls. “I’ve been stuck in here forever, though!”

“Sorry,” Lauren began, “we can’t make them let you out. But we’re doing everything we can.”

“Like what?” Bella asked, suspicious.

“Uh… we… well…” Lauren stuttered.

“What did you do?” Bella asked, worried.

“We… may have,” Lauren began, “uh… Kidnapped ten Lagiacrus babies.”

“Phhhft.” a voice said.

“Nevermind.” Lauren sighed, as Bella opened her mouth, horrified. “Nine.”

“This kid though.” the voice said, as a guy with blood on his shirt appeared next to them, “kidnapping ain’t scary at all, kiddo. It’s the torture part that happens to the kidnapped that is scary, for them of course. Not for me, for me it’s fun heh.”

“Why would you kidnap babies?” Bella looked at Tango and Lauren, completely ignoring the guy with blood on his shirt. “How could you?”

“They were going to hurt you.” Lauren told bella. “We couldn’t let them.”

“I don’t like being ignored. Makes me wanna turn this machine on. Or take out my whip.” The guy with blood on his shirt said.

“Don’t listen to them.” Bella whimpered. “It’s not worth it.”

“Saving your little sister ain’t worth it?” asked the guy with blood on his shirt.

“No.” Bella addressed the guy. “Not when it hurts so many other people.”

“People. Ha!” the guy laughed.

Bella rolled her eyes, then corrected herself. “Other intelligent beings.”

“Intelligent beings. Ha!” the guy laughed again.

“Yep.” Bella said, “I’ve been in here for a long time. It’s tiring.” Bella layed down and fell asleep.

“Maybe we’ll take ya out, at some point.” The guy said, “in fact maybe right now.”

Bella didn’t move, clearly asleep. The guy smirked. “Seems it does work.” He looked around. “Where’d Teleyon put the remote?”

“What? No!” Lauren gasped, “we’ve done everything we were supposed to do!”

“Not everything yet.” The guy said, taking out a baby lagiacrus. “I won’t torture her, if you kill this thing. Right now.” And then he added. “His name’s Steve too, I heard.”

“No… please…” Lauren looked sadly at Steve.

“Either you kill him and Bella becomes safe, or I kill him and torture Bella.” The guy said, smirking an evil smirk, “you choose.”

Lauren shuddered, mumbled something, and nodded her head. Tango just looked sick.


“The leader has set you up against someone.” The hooded figure said as she and Mehrunes walked down the hallway of the WaterBreathe base. “Someone who you wanted to fight before, I believe his name was Draco.”

“Pffffffttt.” Mehrunes said. “That’s great!”

“Whether you win or not, it really doesn’t matter. If you want, you can kill him in battle. If you don’t want, you just gotta make him give up.” The figure said.

“Yeah I got the rules.” Mehrunes said. “Random question, do you know anything about Draco? I’m always interested because it’s Draco and his life is messed up.”

“Not really. The dudes complicated.” The figure said. “I looked in his mind. He’s complicated.”

“Very.” Mehrunes said. “So what’s with the robe getup? Like I know you wanna preserve your identity but like why? If you don’t wanna answer, don’t. But I wanna know why you think you need to be hidden, same goes for the Leader although my sneaking suspicion is he’s got his reasons and won’t disclose those either.”

“Well I’m not supposed to be revealed yet. Or at all in fact.” The figure said, “it might happen though.”

“And why are you supposed to not?” Mehrunes pushed.

“Has to do with our history.” the figure replied.

“That doesn’t make any sense.” Mehrunes replied. “Like… were you dead are you other people with important things to do and you don’t wanna be disclosed and by proxy ruined? You're being so vague even the possible answers are vague.”

“Ha. Nah I never died.” The figure replied.

“Noted.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t get how your history ties in at all.”

“Because you don’t know our history. It’s kinda obvious.” said the figure.

“Yeah I kinda know your history cuz of Lagi and Ivory and Gaberus and blah blah something mass murder blah- I didn’t really care.” Mehrunes said. “Doesn’t mean you have to walk around in a cheap bathrobe.”

“I don’t have to. I choose to.” The figure replied.

“Your point?” Mehrunes asked. “You’re not ‘supposed’ to be revealed but you don’t have to walk around like that. Is that right?”

“I mean, I could hide my identity in many ways, this robe just seems cool. The leader has the same one so… It kinda displays my place in all this.” the figure replied.

“Hold up, ‘your place’? So you’re close to the leader?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah, we were the first ones.” the figure said, “I was first recruited, a survivor.”

“A, survivor, of what?” Mehrunes asked.

“What do you think?” the figure asked back.

“There’s many things to survive.” Mehrunes said sarcastically. “Yeah great, I think death. I guess I meant what form did it take?”

“An army of human lagiacrus. Obviously.” the figure replied.

“Army eh?” Mehrunes asked.

“The leader wiped them out though. Afterwards.” The figure replied. “Along with the entire human lagiacrus population, except for Lagi and Ivory.”

“Clearly.” Mehrunes said. “So why does it not matter if I win or lose?”

“It would matter. If you win, then one of those baby monsters dies. If you lose, one of them is saved. At least that’s the game the leader is playing.” The figure replied.

“But you said whether I win or not it doesn’t really matter.” Mehrunes said. “Although I am going to win if the history of fighting Draco keeps up.”

“Well here we are. I see it’s my turn to fight now. Against… oh dang, well good luck to me I guess.” the figure said, as she entered the room where the arena was with Mehrunes behind. “You can come back here when it’s your turn, so now I don’t really care what you do as long as it doesn’t get in our way.”


“So, what’s it gonna be?” the guy questioned, looking at Tango and Lauren.

“We… will.” Lauren choked on her words, miserable.

“Alright here ya are.” the guy handed her Steve. “Afterwards, I’m kinda hungry, so I’ll cook it and eat it. I heard that these things are tasty, but ya gotta eat them as babies. Then they’re actually tasty.”

Lauren shuddered.

“Well let’s see… Ya got light powers? You could just fry it. Burn it to a crisp. Then I could eat it.” The guy said. “I should get some hot sauce too…”

Lauren shuddered, and held up her hand to fry the lagiacrus. The guy smirked once again.


Both fighters were in the arena. Both of them were looking at each other, ready to strike at any moment. Except, they stayed still. They barely moved, at all. It was like they were statues. Or they were having a staring contest.

“He’s lookin at her the same way you look at Lav.” Krydret then said.

“Shut up.” I replied.

“Not really, actually, it’s like he’s waiting or is observing his opponent. When you look at Lav you’re like, red. Ya know?” Krydret replied.

“I said shut up, please.” I replied.

“Let’s see… How about… No?”

“I thought you Ultimate Crystals should listen to your owners no matter what…”

“We’ve got our choice, too. We’re much more complicated than you humans. But well, yeah. I do whatever I want, with your approval. As long as I get to talk every once and awhile.” Krydret explained.

“Alright fiiinnneee…” I gave up. I then decided to go back to paying attention to the battle.

And it seemed that Flip was floating in mid air, and looked like he was meditating. The other guy wearing a hood looked prepared for whatever was going to come.


“What ya waitin for? Fry da beast.” The guy said, glaring at Lauren, “and you, Tango buddy, you’ll go next.”

Lauren shot a beam of bright light from her hand and shuddered.

“You're gonna need to burst your hands all with light. Like an explosion.” said the guy.

Lauren slowly raised her other hand and began charging something.

“Yeaaaa. An easy way to die. Not the funnest. Could have tortured it to death. That’s a different story.” The guy said.

“No…” Bella sobbed, “please don’t do it, Lauren.”

Lauren looked conflicted, like she was trying to decide if she should do it.

“It’s a little monster, how hard can it be?” The guy said, “I’m not like, asking you to kill your boyfriend.”

Lauren unleashed all the power she had charged, roasting Steve. The guy clapped his hands, and then took the burnt Steve. “Wonderful job. Now, it’s Tango’s turn.”

Tango looked up, sharply. “What? Isn’t one enough?”

“Nah, ye gotta kill Tom too. Not just Steve.” The guy said, “those two caused me some trouble, so it should be an honor to kill them instead of me having to kill them myself.”

“Wait, what?” Tango asked, confused. “I don’t want to kill it! How would I, anyway?”

“Dunno, like, whip it to death with a vine. After making the vine sharp.” said the guy.

Tango shuddered and a plant began to grow on the ground. “No. Just no.”

“Do ya wanna play hard?” asked the guy, raising an eyebrow.

Tango sighed and pointed at the plant, as a cluster of berries began to grow. “What does that look like?”

“A plant. Duh.” the guy replied, “say, do you got any like, poisonous plants? That make scales fall off? That would be fun.”

“Not your scales.” Tango sighed, sadly, clearly not wanting to kill another lagiacrus. “Your heart. And it doesn’t fall off. It quits.”

“Mmmhmm. Sucks, doesn’t it?” asked the guy.

“Can you at least feed it the berries?” Tango asked. “I don’t like getting close to animals if I’m going to hurt them.”

“Well I should go grab it.” The guy said, disappearing before reappearing with another baby lagiacrus. “Alright, what did you want?”

“Can you feed it the berries? I don’t like going close to animals if I’m going to hurt them. I feel like they’re going to know what I’m going to do. It’s creepy.” Tango told the guy.

“They’re supposed to know. Then they fear you. And get scared and sob and stuff. It’s better that way, heh.” said the guy.

“Hey. I grew the plant.” Tango pointed out. “With the intent of you getting to feed it the berries. Thought you would want to. As you said, it caused you trouble.”

“Why, what do the berries do? Poison it?” asked the guy.

“And pain. They stop it’s heart… slowly.” Tango told the guy. “If you don’t want to give them to it, I’ll just grow a plant that kills it instantly.”

The guy tossed Tom to Tango. “I’m not the one to kill it, you are.”

“Okay.” Tango said, as the first plant wilted, and a new one started to grow. “but it’ll take some time to grow the plant I have in mind. The other one was more of a weed.”

“Sure, do whatever to kill it.” the guy said.

After a while, when a berry had grown on the plant, Tango carried Tom to it.

Lauren cringed, from her place, a few feet away, as Tango stuffed the fruit down Tom’s mouth. Toms body shook, and he hung lifeless, in Tango’s arms.

“He dead?” asked the guy.

Tango looked down sadly, and nodded his head.

“Here.” the guy threw a dagger down under Tango’s legs. “Stab it in the head with this just to make sure.”

Tango shuddered as a vine began to grow. “I can’t. It will.”

“Sure that works too.” The guy said.

Tango flicked his wrist and the vine snatched the dagger and plunged it into Tom’s head. Tango looked away, sickened.

“Great, now Lauren fry it for me.” the guy said, pulling out another lagiacrus, but dead. “And this one that I killed, too. I’m gonna be munching on them.”

“But… energy.” Lauren grumbled. “I can’t fry that many of them. Especially after the effort to get those nine here.”

“Fine, I’ll just go put them in a pot and boil them up.” the guy said, walking towards the exit, with the two dead lagiacrus in his arms, “don’t do anything fishy while I’m gone.” He then left the room.

Tango grew a fish shaped plant, while glaring at the door the guy left through.

“Seriously?” Lauren asked.

“I’m not doing anything he tells me to do.” Tango grumbled, “unless I have to.”

“Spoiler alert, you have to.” Mehrunes appeared back in the room. “Judging on everything, you just killed innocent babies to save your sister from torture. Like how you kidnapped nine babies in order to save your sister from torture. Man, you’ll do just about anything to save your sister won’t ya?”

“Not my sister.” Tango pointed out, emphasising the word ‘my’.

“Yeah I wasn't talking to ya specifically.” Mehrunes said, emphasizing specifically mockingly. “It’s kind of a mutual feeling of you two, to save Bella.”

“Anyway, I thought you wanted them dead.” Lauren growled at Mehrunes, clearly annoyed.

“Bah.” Mehrunes said. “Their little monsters raised and owned by a little bigger monster babies.”

Lauren sighed.

“Tell me I’m wrong.” Mehrunes challenged. “Think about it. They’re not nice to anyone except when they realize we were their lifeline.”

“They’re still intelligent beings.” Tango told Mehrunes

“Did I ever say that they’re not?” Mehrunes asked, rhetorically. “No. Cuz they’re intelligently dumb to be mean to everyone around them, causing everyone to not want to help them.”

“Would you like it if somebody started killing your family, with the promise of killing you soon?” Tango asked.

Mehrunes looked at Tango coldly as a response.

Tango went back to growing fish shaped plants.

“I’m pretty sure that’s not what he meant by: Don’t do anything fishy.” Mehrunes said. “I think he meant don’t do anything like save Bella from the torture chamber, but nice try.”

“I don’t care.” Tango said, continuing to grow fish, “I’m not listening to him.”

“Nah not really.” Mehrunes said, putting a fish tank with fish in it on the ground. “This is kind of disobeying him, fish plants are plants. Not fish.”

“But they are fishy.” Tango said, “that’s what he said not to do.”

“Nah I think they’re planty.” Mehrunes replied, eating popcorn while sitting on the ground. “Although it’s fun to watch you try and use yer powers to oppose someone.”

“Fishy.” Tango frowned, “fish like. They look like fish.”

“Nah. They look like shrubs in the shape of fish.” Mehrunes ate more popcorn, before he then snapped and the plants were on fire. “Burnt shrubs in the shape of fish.”

“In the shape of fish.” Tango quoted Mehrunes, as Lauren rolled her eyes and put out the fire, “fish looking. Fishy.”

The fire flared back up. “Why are we arguing about this?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because you want to make sure I know that growing plants isn’t exactly doing something fishy.” Tango sighed, “can we stop?”

“Sure.” Mehrunes said, eating popcorn.

“Okay, then. What do we do now?” Tango asked, eating fruit.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes said, as the fruit caught fire. Mehrunes smirked.

Tango rolled his eyes and grew a new fruit. The whole plant caught fire with all the fruit. It was reduced to ash in seconds.

Tango glared and quickly grew a grape vine, which somehow started growing apples.

“Neat.” Mehrunes said, as it went up in flames at the snap of his fingers. “Heh. I love this spell.”

Tango just sighed and grew a small bush, which Lauren surrounded with water. Mehrunes said something in another language, and all the water turned into fire.

“Phht.” Mehrunes said. “First time I got that to work. Go me.”

“Good job.” Tango said, in a dull voice that suggested he didn’t care.

“Stop suggesting you don’t care via your voice.” Mehrunes threw at least six bowls of popcorn at Tango’s face, all barely filled with popcorn and mostly filled with soggy pretzels.

“Stop wasting food.” Tango sighed, wiping the soggy pretzels off his face.

“Okay.” Mehrunes said, walking up to Tango, putting a popcorn bowl in his hand then making his hand hit his face with it.

Tango pulled the bowl of popcorn off his face and sighed. There was paper stuck to his face.

“Why?” Tango asked, “do you do this to me?”

“WEEEELL…” Mehrunes started to say.

Lauren rolled her eyes and the light in the room faded. When it reappeared, Tango was still just standing there.

“Ya real there or did you not care enough to hear my reason?” Mehrunes asked. “I’ll wait.”

“I don’t know. Am I real?” Tango asked, his voice slightly off from his mouth’s movement.

“Don’t care, but you can hear me so I’m good with that.” Mehrunes shrugged. “Look, ya come back, with yer voice throwing or whatever yer mouth’s doin, ya get Lauren in ere too and I’ll tell you a few things, little things, big things, secrets I may or may not know, and why I’m tormenting you so- HEY THEY RHYMED SWEET… Ahem… anyway. I dun want yer light projection nonsense or popping up behind me, this is a legitimate conversation now, not just me burning everything you do and throwing stuff at you, okay?”

“Yeah, sure.” Tango said, a few feet from where he had been, revealing that there had been a plant in the shape of him standing under Laurens projection.

“That’s a cool trick. Ya gotta work on your speech though, anyway…” Mehrunes said. “There’s actually a couple reasons I’m doing this, one is cause you called me a ‘doorist’ even if it was possession, I was also testing how easily it was to get you mad, which it’s not, I was also doing it because I’m weird.” Mehrunes took a popcorn bowl and set it next to Tango.

“I’m working on the talking.” Lauren sighed, “it’s not easy.”

“I’m sure it’s not, but it’s pretty good.” Mehrunes said. “Anyway, one of the more prominent reasons is that I wanted to lead into this conversation, which would then lead into the conversation I was actually interested about…” Mehrunes paused.

“Then why not just skip the ‘bully Tango’ part, and just switch to what you wanted to talk about?” Tango asked, cutting off Mehrunes’s talking.

“Did you miss reason number three?” Mehrunes asked.

“No.” Tango sighed, “I’ve just started taking that for granted, especially since you stabbed me so many times with your katana.”

“You do realize that Katanas are weapons that work better when slashing, right?” Mehrunes asked. “Stabbing you probably hurt about ten times less than if I actually tried much harder to hurt you.”

“It was still rather unpleasant.” Tango grumbled.

“I know.” Mehrunes said. “ANYWAY, what I wanted to talk about, is who are either of you.” Mehrunes looked both of them in the eyes when he said this. “Sure, I could sit down and research and spy on you for days and years to find out but… Well if you don’t tell me, we’ll see about that option.” Mehrunes smirked.

Tango sighed, and asked, “tell you about us in what way?”

“Maybe not now, and maybe in more detail, I technically want to know everything.” Mehrunes said. “But for right now, basically think of it as getting to know each other. Because frankly we didn’t have a very good introduction with each other if and when you were possessed.”

Tango looked confused, as though he didn’t quite know how to answer Mehrunes. “Uh… my name is Tango and I like to escape prisons.”

“That’s a little… well strange.” Mehrunes commented. “Was it like a ‘your in trouble’ thing, or like a school thing or like a job thing?”

“A school thing.” Tango said. “Everyone learns to escape. I loved doing it.”

“Bet you were good at it too, as an assumption based on you loving it.” Mehrunes said. “Yet if you loved it, why are you here?”

Tango sighed. “Because some guy introduced my house to explosions. Then I found out that my brother is here.”

“Okay, first, I could've helped you get your house back. There’s about…. Lots of ways to do it, see look.” Mehrunes has a small house that looked exactly like Tango’s in his hand. “Full model replica. There’s even a little you that’s in the window, I think it’s funny.”

Tango looked in the window, disturbed by the little him. “Well, I mean. Now that I’m here I may as well train with my crystal. There wasn’t much I could do about that on Sipron.”

Mehrunes pushed a little thing and the house spread out like it was exploding, then Mehrunes pulled it back and it un-did. Mehrunes snickered.

“Yeah, there’s not a lot. And you said your brother was here too?” Mehrunes asked.

“That guy that came when we were…” Tango paused, “retrieving… the Lagiacrus babies.”

“You didn’t have to say the whole sentence, I knew what you meant.” Mehrunes said. “Aight, and I’m gonna guess here for a sec, Lauren is a friend you escaped prisons with in school and stuff, am I right there?”

“Yeah.” Tango agreed.

“So she’s not actually your girlfriend.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Did I say that?” Tango asked.

“I didn’t say you said anything about it.” Mehrunes replied. “So you were good at escaping prisons, and Lauren was good at what? Flying, running, swimming, floating, turning people into chickens…”

Tango looked at Mehrunes, and asked, jokingly, “They turn people into chickens on your planet?”

“Occasionally.” Mehrunes said, completely serious. “It’s part of magic.”

“That’s just weird.” Lauren interjected, “and I’m not really into escaping, as much… I like to prepare ways to escape, but not take them. I usually have three or four ways out before I leave.”

“That’s over-planning.” Mehrunes said. “Instead, you should find one way out, and solidify it working, and plan for every possibility. That way you can’t fail the escape.”

“I don’t do it because I think it’s the best way out. I do it because it’s fun for me. Plus, I can give friends who aren’t as good a way out.”

“So in a situation where numbers are against you, and you’re trying to escape, you help other people.” Mehrunes summarized. “Uh huh.”

“Why not?” Lauren asked, “I don’t care about winning. Anyway, I’m out before anyone I give things to.”

“Right. So I’m gonna tell you something, and if you know me at all you would be confused, excited, or possibly worried. And from past happenings, Tango I’m still sorry for stabbing you a million times, you’ll probably be confused anyway.” Mehrunes said. “Ahem, I like the two of you. You have teamwork and, despite the fact I can burn yer plants and stuff usually, are pretty powerful.”

“Uhh… thanks?” Tango asked, confused about why he should be confused.

“We have good teamwork because we have had to escape prison together so many times. We know each other well.” Lauren added.

“Well duh, you’re friends and such of course you know each other well.” Mehrunes said.

“Can you teach me how to make a house like that?” Tango asked Mehrunes.

“Yeah I can do that sometime.” Mehrunes said. “You can have this one for now, if you like.”

There was an awkward silence that settled in the room.

“I’m not very good at this….” Tango admitted, finally breaking the silence.

“Be more specific.” Mehrunes replied.

“How?” Tango asked.

“Define what ‘this’ is.” Mehrunes said.

“Being around other people in general.” Tango sighed.

“Dontcha mean something else?” Mehrunes smirked. “I’m gonna say it outright, cuz you barely picked up on it, I want to be friends with the both of you. There, I said it.”

“Sure.” Lauren said, noticing that Tango was still confused, “but why us?”

“What do you mean?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t really know.” Lauren admitted, “but it seems like people in general tend to hate us or have a problem with our existence. I’m not used to people wanting to be friends with me.”

“Yeah, me either. Why do you think I used a conversation to try and tip it off so you would engage first? It didn’t work, clearly.” Mehrunes said.

“I don’t know.” Lauren admitted, “looking back, I can see that. You know, 20-20 hindsight, or whatever that’s called.”

“You did it right.” Mehrunes said. “Tango. Stop being confused and have a house.”

“Okay?” Tango asked, confused about why he needed to stop being confused. A model house appeared next to him.

“It’s annoying that you’re confused, now, our friends probably won’t be happy that we’re on the other team, and that you killed Lagiacrus… and such… so we need to make it so we can cut them off and explain why we did it. You two can use Bella, say they were threatening to torture her if you didn't do what they said and you hated every minute of it, okay? That might be obvious but just making sure. We’ll back eachother up, I went to the other side to get information on what’s going on, and why you went. Got it?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes?” Tango asked, agreeing, only slightly less confused.

“Okay good.” Mehrunes said.

“Can I have a non-torched snack, now?” Tango asked Mehrunes, starting to grow some kind of bush. It caught fire.

“Yeah so I may have made it so your hand pointing at plants makes them spontaneously combust using magic…” Mehrunes said. “Or… being anywhere near plants.”

Tango gave Mehrunes an annoyed look and pointed at a plant near Mehrunes’ feet. It began to burn.

“Hey I’m back.” The guy from before came in with a pot of stew. “Ramesh is back. So, did you do anything fishy while I was gone?”

Lauren created a tunnel of water and a fish was sucked into the room.

“Oi that’s fishy stuff right there.” Ramesh said, taking out a remote, “and I found this…”

The tunnel of water disappeared.

“Oh snap.” Mehrunes said. “There’s a buncha fish on the ground now.”

“Something to add to your stew.” Lauren shuddered, making excuses.

“I clearly said before I left for you to not do anything fishy.” Ramesh said, “and Tango made fish shaped plant things. And you brought actual fish in here. I’m not exactly 100 percent sure… But I think that’s not following directions.”

“We actually had an argument about that, Tango said that it was fishy. So I guess it isn’t following directions.” Mehrunes shrugged.

“Jeez.” Tango grumbled, “can’t anyone take a joke?”

“No, this is not a joking environment, this is a war.” Mehrunes said.

“Sorry to disappoint.” Tango grumbled, “but I’m not really the kind of person who would participate in a war. I don’t know anything about it.”

“How many people that were on Ich’s team do you think knows about war?” Mehrunes asked.

“No clue.” Tango admitted, “but they have been in the galaxy longer than me. Well, we’ve been in the galaxy the same amount of time, but I’ve been stuck on an isolated planet with nothing that would be considered important.”

“Except me,” Lauren grumbled to herself. Tango smirked.

“I see…” Ramesh said, “nothing to do on that planet but to live the love life.”

Lauren blushed, wishing she hadn't said anything. Tango smirked.

“Hows that goin for ya?” Ramesh asked Tango.

Tango just smirked, seeing Lauren turn a deeper shade of red.

“I’d hate to ruin such a lovely couple. Might as well let you all go free.” Ramesh said. “But nah.”

“Sure.” Tango agreed, “Here’s fine. Less chance of me actually having to fight. Of course, you could still make me, but it wouldn’t be the most productive use of your fighters. I’d probably lose, after all.”

“Why do you think I’m not making you fight? Cuz you suck. You wouldn’t be able to beat anyone, I mean, except for Lagi and Ivory, they suck more.” Ramesh said.

“I know I suck at fighting.” Tango said, “is there anyone here who fights with plants, who could teach me some tricks?”

“Yes.” Ramesh nodded.

“Who?” Tango asked.

“Some dude who uses plants to fight.” Ramesh answered.

“Oh.” Tango said, then asked, “when can I train with them?”

“Probably after this war’s over.” Ramesh said, “then we can go do our things peacefully.”

“Or non-peacefully.” Mehrunes said, who’d been silently eating popcorn.

“Yeah. Sometimes you just need to be violent, if you’re me.” Ramesh said.

“Why wait ‘till the war is over?” Tango asked.

“Cuz we all busy with the war.” Ramesh answered.

“So you’re just gonna have me sit around here doing nothing, when I could be training to help you?” Tango asked, “That seems pointless.”

“You’re very strange.” Mehrunes said. “A few minutes ago you didn't want to be here.”

“I know I’m strange.” Tango admitted, “But I’ve realized that I have to be here, so I decided to make the most out of it. Anyway, who says Lagi and Ivory are the right side to fight for? Personally, I agree with that way of thinking. So here we were, fighting for ‘good’. And fighting for ‘good’ is fine, as long as it’s ‘good’ that you’re fighting for. But what happens if you reach that ‘good’ and realize that it’s just as dreadful as the ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ you were fighting to get to it? So, if ‘good’ is just as bad as ‘evil’, then what’s the point of fighting for ‘good’?” Tango stopped, confused, then began speaking again, before falling silent, “What am I saying?”

“You’re saying Lagi and Ivory are the bad guys… I guess.” Mehrunes shrugged.

“And hey I mean I guess they are.” Ramesh added. “But then I’m considered a bad guy myself, cuz of what I am.”

“They say everyone's the hero of their own story.” Mehrunes shrugged.

“I’m no hero though. Saving people is not what I like to do.” Ramesh said. “Even if they’re my friends, I could care less.” Ramesh took a sip from his stew.

Mehrunes shrugged.

“But then all I’m really here to do is take some of those baby lagiacrus to myself.” Ramesh said.

“What does that even mean?” Mehrunes asked, without asking. Somehow.

“I ain’t fightin for anyone but myself.” Ramesh said. “Normal lagiacrus, the creatures themselves, are extinct. Human lagiacrus aren’t, but these babies can’t turn to humans yet, if I sell them in the black market then I could get rich. It won’t be that hard to trick the people into buying them and put them in a zoo or something.”

“Huh. Neat.” Mehrunes said.

“Yea so I’m not involved, or I guess I am but I’m not really supposed to be.” Ramesh said, “I made a deal with the leader. I’ll get at least ten of them alive to sell. The rest I get to destroy, which will be fun. But these creatures are corrupt, I can tell you that. That’s why we’re destroying them. It’s also why they were extinct in the first place. Woah I’m talking nonsense, you know what, forget what I just said. You weren’t supposed to hear anything ‘bout it.”

“Got it. That whole paragraph was Rando talking.” Mehrunes said.

“Woah, hold up, ya know that kid?” Ramesh asked.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes said. “Only like, most of my life.”

“Nice. I owe that kid one.” Ramesh said.

“Fer what?” Mehrunes asked.

“Helpin me out.” Ramesh replied.

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes said.

“Well, I’m bored now.” Ramesh said, “how about I test out the machine cuz I’m curious on how it works.” He held out the remote and pointed it at the chamber that Bella was in. “I mean, that is if you don’t mind me torchering her.”

“I dun mind. I’m sure they do, though.” Mehrunes said, motioning at Tango and Lauren, who were both looking quite worried.

“Well if you ask me, we should go to the arena.” Ramesh said.

“Whhhy.” Mehrunes asked, stretching the ‘h’ sound so it sounded like a cat purring, but not quite.

“So we get ready for the next round. I think this one’s coming to an end.” Ramesh said, “Flip versus Ms. Healer Girl. Flip’s not even doing much yet he’s winnin, so she’s bound to give up.”

“So, I talked with ‘Ms Healer Girl’ and she said she was wearing a bathrobe because she wasn't supposed to have her identity revealed and I wanted to try my luck and ask why.” Mehrunes said.

“I know her identity cuz I knew her before all this.” Ramesh said, “wanna know it?” He smirked.

“Yes.” Mehrunes said.

“She told me not to tell but her name starts with a ‘u’.” Ramesh said.

“Does it happen to end with an ‘o’?” Mehrunes asked.

“Maybe.” Ramesh said.

“Cool. I have my ideas then.” Mehrunes smirked back. “Hey why were you bloody?”

“Gaberus clawed me. But then I had Ms. Healer Girl heal me.” Ramesh said.

“Woah, you fought Gaberus?” Mehrunes asked. “Meh. How’d it go.”

“Not too great for him. He’s dead now.” Ramesh said.

“Yo, before we do anything else how exactly does the barrier work and what little surprises are there that I know are littered in it?” Mehrunes asked.

“Dunno. I realized you can’t leave it unless you’re dead or you’re allowed to.” Ramesh shrugged.

“Aw man, that means I have to keep tryina see what else it does.” Mehrunes said.

“Don’t think it’s smart to force yourself inside cuz last I checked… does something bad.” Ramesh said.

“Noted.” Mehrunes said.

“You’re gonna fight next, I’m pretty sure.” Ramesh said. “So let’s go, Tango and Lauren can stay here if they want.”

Tango and Lauren both looked relieved and went back to talking to Bella.

to be continued in the next chapter..

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