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Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 12)

Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 12)

Posted April 11th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here's the next chapter this one is DRACO VERSUS MEHRUNES




-----| Chapter 12 |-----



Well that didn’t do much. Flip was up there meditating the whole time, and the hooded figure person seemed to be struggling. I heard John say that it was a battle with minds, but then the hooded figure gave up.

I just sat there. Saturo did as well. We all just did and then the leader calls up Draco. And then Mehrunes. And then I was confused.

“Wait… I have to fight Meh next? Aw man…” Draco said gloomily.

“Yeah, weird. He’s fighting for their side. Meh. Go up there and fight then.” John said. “I’m interested to see how it’ll go.”

“*SIGH* Okay.” Draco said as he stood up and began to walk away from us and to the arena.

“Kill him for me, Draco!” Listy called out.

“Uhh… I’ll… try? I guess…?” Draco said, sounding a little disturbed by what she said as he kept walking. He looked over and saw that Mehrunes was in the arena, waiting. Draco jumped past the barrier and into the arena.

I noticed that he kept on taking in deep breaths, probably trying to calm himself.

“You having a panic attack? I can wait…” Mehrunes smirked.

“Nah. You alone isn’t enough for that big of a reaction. Only a little stress.” Draco said as he took in one more deep breath before he looked at Mehrunes calmly.

“Roasted.” John commented.

“Because you see me doing breathing exercises.” Mehrunes replied.

“Of course you aren’t. It’s too cold in here. There’s no hot air for you to breath in.” Draco said.

“Sure there is. It’s coming from you.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Are you sure? Because you sound like you're full to the brim with it.” Draco smirked back.

“And I’m doing no breathing exercises.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Anyway, enough of this talk. We’re supposed to fight aren’t we? So let’s fight already.” Draco said as he got onto his toes and his gauntlets appeared and he began to do small hops within a small circle of himself.

“I thought the leader was supposed to say go Mr. Bunny.” Mehrunes said.

“I’m just getting ready to go Mr. Obvious.” Draco said.

“That insult isn’t even an insult.” Mehrunes said. “You’re callin me that like a thousand times. It’s not any better.”

“Actually I’ve only called you that like twice before.” Draco said.

“Whatever.” Mehrunes said. “Do you wanna see if we can get that second eyeball?”

“You can stop talking and fight.” The leader then said. “Or fight and talk. Whatever you choose works.”

“Aight cool.” Mehrunes said.

“You sure you ready to do this?” Draco asked as he was still hopping in place, though the motion was lot quicker than before.

“Nope!” Mehrunes exclaimed, throwing a knife at Draco.

“Well it's your fault.” Draco said, suddenly behind Mehrunes before he kicked him into the barrier wall.

I then noticed something, Draco’s shoes were covered in blue plasma flames.

“Dats not cool.” Mehrunes said from the ground, a katana through Draco’s stomach. “We’re gonna play dis way so shweeee.”

Or at least, it looked like Draco until he seeming dissolved and another Draco axe kicked (seemed like a type of kick) Mehrunes in the back of the head.

“Don’t tell me you actually thought that was me did you?” the actual Draco said, his stomach completely unharmed.

“Guess.” Mehrunes said, still in the same place.

“Nah. I hate guessing games.” Draco said.

“Cool.” Mehrunes said. “You wanna stop? Cuz I can go all day with this game.” Mehrunes punched Draco in the nose.

“So can I.” Draco said as his gauntlets were glowing bright cyan and the punch seemingly did no damage.

“So you gonna do something?” Mehrunes asked. “Cuz uhh… I’m bored, and, you haven’t hit me yet, and, I wanted to do things as well but I mean, you can glow I guess…”

“How can you already be bored? We haven’t even been fighting for a whole minute.” Draco said as his feet were then covered in plasma flames once more and he kicked Mehrunes across the arena once again. “You must have the shortest patience in recorded history or something.”

“Well it’s not my patience.” Mehrunes said, eating popcorn from the side of the arena, revealing he’d been watching Draco beat up nothing the whole time. “But the fact that you’re fighting like I fight make me realize, it’s really effective. At being annoying.” Mehrunes smirked as Draco blew up.

After the smoke cleared Draco was still standing there. His gauntlets glowing brightly instead of his feet being covered in plasma flames. He looked like he wasn’t even harmed at all.

“You keep swapping those really fast it’s really annoying.” Mehrunes said. “Although fair I suppose… you still haven’t hit me once.”

“So what? It’s not like you’ve hurt me at all by sitting on your butt.” Draco said back.

“Says the one using a defensive move.” Mehrunes countered.

“At least I’m doing something.” Draco said.

Draco blew up in a massive explosion that filled the arena with dust.

But Draco was still standing there after the dust cleared, perfectly fine.

“*YAWN* How many times are you gonna try to blow me up?” Draco asked as he stretched his arms like he had just woken up from a nap.

Mehrunes looked at his wrist like a watch.

“About… nine times more than you deserve.” Mehrunes said. “Nine times zero is nothing.” Mehrunes then crossed his arms and shot a revolver at Draco’s knee. Again.

It simply just plinked off of it.

“Well it's nice to know that you don’t think I should be blown up at least.” Draco said.

“You don’t deserve anything at the moment, with you’re not-moving-defencive-strat thing and taunting me for doing nothing.” Mehrunes said.

“So?” Draco asked.

“So yourself.” Mehrunes said. “Do something not involving plasma shoes or floaty-glow-gauntlets-of-nothingness.”

“Then you do something not involving guns and creating-annoying-clones-that-equate-to-nothing then.” Draco said back.

“I was planning on it, Draco.” Mehrunes rolled his eyes.

“So why are you rolling your eyes? I didn’t know you would do that so don’t act like it’s obvious.” Draco said.

“Are we gonna talk all day or fight?” Mehrunes asked.

“That’s up to you.” Draco said.

“Pretty sure that the whole point of that conversation is to get you to stop defending…”

“And for you to get over from the side and actually participate.” Draco added.

“You coulda come over at any time.” Mehrunes ate more popcorn and threw it at Draco’s face.

“But then you would’ve just made a clone or teleported away. So that would’ve solved next to nothing besides making you move to probably just the other side of the arena.” Draco said.

“Whoopty doo, attack now.” Mehrunes said, throwing at least fifty bowls of popcorn at Draco’s face.

“Nah you go first.” Draco said, catching one of the bowls and eating from it.

“Just did.” Mehrunes said.

“Did you know?” Draco said spitting out the popcorn he put in his mouth. Revealing he swallowed none of the popcorn he had ate.

“That paranoid opponents are easier to defeat?” Mehrunes asked.

“Who said I was paranoid? That bowl of popcorn just tasted like rubbish. That’s all.” Draco said.

“Bah, I knew ‘rubbish’ was a bad ingredient.” Mehrunes said. “And I wasn't calling anyone paranoid I wanted to know what you were gonna say.” Mehrunes proceeded to punch Draco so hard he flew backwards and slammed into the wall.

“I would think you would want to wait until I deactivated the defense technique before you hit me. But I guess not.” Draco said as he was still perfectly fine.

“I dun really care.” Mehrunes said, repeatedly playing Ping Pong with Draco by knocking him back and forth across the arena a couple times before slamming him into the ground at Mehrunes feet.

“Of course you don’t. As of late you haven’t really seemed to care about anything.” Draco said as he got up.

I then noticed that everytime Meh had hit Draco a blue aura had appeared around him, and he seemed to hit with a little less strength every time.

“But anyway. Now we can actually fight. Without the clones and defense techniques and stuff.” Draco said as he activated his Wrath technique. Mehrunes stopped ping ponging.

“Seems legit.” Mehrunes said, pulling out his katana.

“Then let’s begin.” Draco said as his pupils glowed bright red.

Draco then began to shoot blasts of red plasma at Mehrunes while running towards him.

“Funky.” Mehrunes said, dodging most blasts before outright blocking one with his katana. “Meh, kinda hot I guess.” Mehrunes threw a knife at Dracos leg.

Draco simply jumped over it before kicking Mehrunes in the face, knocking him into the wall. “Don’t be to sure. I was just shooting those to keep you occupied.”

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes said, upright and prepared. “Occupied for what? A bruise?! Ya gotta do better than that Draco.”

Draco then began to slowly walk towards Mehrunes. A calm expression on his face.

Mehrunes spun his katana tauntingly, standing ground.

Draco just kept walking towards him slowly, unfazed by Meh’s taunt. Mehrunes threw soggy pretzels at Draco.

Draco just simply wiped them off as he kept walking towards Mehrunes. Mehrunes threw more and smirked.

Draco vaporized them away by covering his body in plasma while he continued walking until finally he was only about three feet away from Mehrunes. Mehrunes hand was covered in white.

Draco then began to charge a large ball of plasma in between his hands as he kept his eyes closed. Mehrunes appeared in front of him and punched him in the face, sending him flying backwards.

But Draco just got up and continued charging the ball of plasma.

I noticed however that in that area where Draco was punched the bruise quickly disappeared as if it was healed.

Soon the ball of plasma was three times the size of Draco.

“Moderately sized ball of plasma.” Mehrunes said. “Mediumly miniscule mile of matter?”

Draco continued charging it until it took up a large amount of the space in the arena, it was like a micro sun. Mehrunes looked at his wrist again.

“Yo Draco, you ever gonna get around to shootin that? Cuz uhh…” Mehrunes cut off when an armada of stars crashed into Draco, causing no dust.

But Draco was still standing, he had taken only a bit of damage. And soon after it had healed anyway.

“I think this is charged enough.” Draco said as suddenly the ball of plasma began to shrink down on itself, getting smaller and smaller. Mehrunes began saying something in another language for some reason.

Soon the ball was around the size of a strawberry before Draco held it in his right hand. Mehrunes was still saying stuff in another language.

Draco then took one of his wings blade feathers and threw it at Mehrunes. Mehrunes caught it and threw it back, not faltering with his, probably, spell.

“Oh good. So you are paying attention.” Draco said as he caught the blade feather. “I wonder what spell you're using this time.”

Mehrunes finished loudly and hundreds of blue glowing daggers flew out in waves, literally covering all surface area of the arena as they flew.

“Huh. Well that could be a problem.” Draco said as the daggers flew towards him. He then simply surrounded his body with his wings, shielding him from the daggers. They were bouncy and persisted, more kept coming out until the arena was filled with daggers. You couldn't see into it.

“Don’t you think this is a bit much?” Draco asked, probably still protected by his wings. “That’s a lot of daggers I can here bouncing off.”

“Nope.” Mehrunes said, the second he talked all the daggers disappeared. “Normally there would be more. But this room is small.”

“Well at least they’re gone now.” Draco said raising one of his wings so he could see. Instantaneously Mehrunes stuck a sword, not his katana, through the gap.

But Draco grabbed the blade before it could hit him.

“Well aren’t you cheeky?” Draco said.

Mehrunes stabbed him with a second sword while smirking.

“Oh no ow that hurts so much.” Draco said as he stabbed Mehrunes with his wing, leaving a large gash on Mehrunes body. It rapidly healed.

“Oh neat. We can both do that.” Draco said as the wound from Meh’s sword healed as well after pulling it out. Mehrunes kicked Draco in the face and Draco slid back a little.

Draco then slashed Meh with the claws of his gauntlets as the slight bruise from the kick healed away quickly. Draco’s gauntlet passed right through Mehrunes without affecting him and he pulled out his Katana.

“Sword fight?” Mehrunes inquired.

“Do I have a choice?” Draco asked skeptically as he then took the sword he had caught in his hand and held it by its handle.

“Yes.” Mehrunes said, slashing at Draco.

Draco blocked with his gauntlet.

“I don’t think I believe you.” Draco said, slashing back.

Mehrunes deflected the sword away towards the ground.

“I think you should.” Mehrunes said.

Draco then kicked Mehrunes away before quickly getting his sword out of the ground before Meh could attack. Mehrunes rushed Draco diving and sliding, slashing his katana at Draco’s legs.

“No thank you.” Draco said as he flew off the ground. Mehrunes threw his katana up the second Draco flew up.

Draco simply kicked it away, it landed in the ground, dug in. Mehrunes smiled. I noticed that there was a katana in the ground and one still in his sheathe.

“There’s a severe amount of things wrong with this right now and you flying isn’t one.” Mehrunes appeared above Draco and fell onto him like an anvil, as he was one now, slamming Draco into the ground.

“Nor is your anvils weight.” Draco said as he grabbed it and threw it at Meh, it disappearing before it hit him.

Mehrunes said something, again probably a spell, and his katana flew to him and disappeared when it touched him.

“So Draco you can tell me when you want me to try.” Mehrunes said, I noticed a swarm of stars over Draco’s head, as it swiftly grew to cover the whole ceiling. “Don’t disturb the nest.”

“Don’t worry. They won’t hurt me.” Draco said as suddenly all of the stars turned bright cyan and had plasma around each of them. “Because I control them now.”

Draco then launched them all back at Meh, dealing quite a bit of damage to him.

“WHOO! I feel like a pineapple.” Mehrunes said. “Clearly you’ve had too much ta eat sir because you look like… something I dunno.” Mehrunes appeared delusional. He appeared behind Draco and knifed him in the head before falling and landing like a cat on the ground.

“OW!” Draco exclaimed as the stab wound healed and he turned to face the now lying down Mehrunes. “What’s with you?!”

“No talk to floaty man.” Mehrunes said, blowing Draco up, causing him to slam into the ground where he blew up again.

Draco’s wounds then healed again before he grabbed Mehrunes by the neck.

“How about you stop.” Draco said as he then punched Mehrunes dozens times with his gauntlets bathed in red plasma.

“Nuhahahahahahaha.” Mehrunes said, starting to glow bright green.

Draco then closed his grip so Mehrunes couldn’t breath. All too late, as Mehrunes exploded in a massive fireball. Mehrunes had also escaped Draco’s grip.

Draco just healed again as now the arena had a giant crater.

“He he heeeee.” Mehrunes sounded insane as he appeared, slicing Draco with his katana, jumping backwards and the wounds duplicated as if by magic.

But then they just healed again.

Now Draco just looked minorly annoyed rather then angry.

“Tsk tsk. You can’t just heal everything, yaknow. At some point you get too tired.” Mehrunes sounded more insane, as he did seemingly nothing. No movements no attacks. Nothing.

Draco just stood where he was, watching the currently insane Mehrunes. Mehrunes was fiddling with two stars, a yellow star, and blue star.

Draco then began to charge up another ball of plasma.

Soon it was about a third of the size of the arena.

Draco then absorbed it and transformed into that cyan glowy form of his. Mehrunes didn’t seem to care.

“So I guess this is how it’s gonna be then.” Draco said as he then sat criss-cross on the ground, just watching Mehrunes. Mehrunes continued to stare at the star, but made a small hand movement. After a few minutes of this, Mehrunes looked over at Draco, and started to walk towards him.

Draco just stood up and looked at him as he walked over.

“Yo this is boring. I honestly expected more from this kid.” Arada commented from her side of the bleachers.

“Who are you referring to?” Draco asked.

“That kid.” She pointed at Mehrunes. “He’s gone kookoo in the head. You’ve got some pretty hot stuff though, love those gauntlets.”

“Uhhh… Thanks?” Draco said, clearly a bit confused.

“Now you Meh kid, get your sensations back. Stop acting all weird, you’re losing your mind.” Arada said to Mehrunes.

Mehrunes didn’t say anything. Instead he continued to speed-walk at Draco.

Draco just continued to watch him approach. A katana appeared in Mehrunes hand, it was covered in strange markings, some glowing dimly.

“Well that sure looks fancy.” Draco said.

Mehrunes didn’t respond. He looked mad, and was still advancing on Draco.

Draco then, without much effort put into it, shot a ball of plasma right at Mehrunes. Mehrunes completely destroyed it with the katana, with a slight glow from one of the markings.

Draco then flew over Mehrunes and landed on the opposite side of the arena from him. Mehrunes sliced the Katana across the ground towards Draco, and in an instant a green glow sliced Draco’s chest, leaving a slash and glowing slightly green. It didn’t heal away like all the other wounds did.

Though Draco didn’t seem to bothered by it. Mehrunes looked annoyed, and then smirked. He placed his katana on the ground and sat, closing his eyes like he was meditating.

“Okay then.” Draco said he then absorbed his Ultimate Crystal. He then began to glow and levitated off of the ground.

Particles appeared around Mehrunes.

“Well that’s new. Does that make you stronger?” Draco asked.

“No. It’s purely aesthetic.” Mehrunes said, sarcastically and angrily.

“You don’t have to be a butt about it.” Draco said.

“You don’t have to be surprised about me having a new thing that makes me stronger. No. It makes me weaker and it causes me to instantly die.” Mehrunes said. “Yes, it makes me stronger and you deader.”

“You could’ve saved half a minute of everyone's time and just said yes, you know.” Draco said.

“No! Really?” Mehrunes said, suddenly holding his Dolfin thing. “I didn’t know!” Mehrunes took one fin out of his gun and emptied the bullets out of it, scooping up some particles and shoving them in, putting the fin back. His Dolphin squeaked in protest.

“Are you sure you're supposed to do that?” Draco asked, sounding a bit concerned.

“Nope. But we’re trying it anyway!” Mehrunes said.

Draco then looked very alarmed, as Mehrunes pulled the trigger on his Dolphin gun.

Draco then flew into the air, in hopes to dodge the bullets. No luck, on the other hand as he starts getting riddles with holes from Mehrunes’s dolphin, shooting particle bullets or something.

Draco then fell to the ground, lying on his stomach. It appeared he wasn’t moving. There were dozens of holes in his body and quite a bit of blood was seeping out.

“That worked well…” Mehrunes said, as the particles disappeared and the Dolphin spit out the remaining particles and disappeared.

Draco remained lying on the ground. Still not moving.

“I think he’s bloody dead.” Mehrunes said, and said something under his breath. “HEY DRACO ARE YOU DEAD?!”

Draco just lay there bleeding.

“Whelp. Guess I am done.” Mehrunes said, walking over to Draco and poking him in the head like a toy.

But Draco kept laying there. Mehrunes walked away.

“*COUGH COUGH*!” Suddenly Draco started to stand up as Mehrunes was walking away, coughing up blood as he did.

“Ah. Great.” Mehrunes said, throwing a dagger at Draco.

But suddenly Draco caught it in between his fingers before tossing it aside. I also noticed that his Draco Eye was activated and was burning a lot more intensely than usual.

“I’m waiting.” Mehrunes said. “Do something.”

“*COUGH* Okay then… *COUGH* I will.” Draco said before he then began to levitate into the air and a cyan aura appeared around him. Now his Draco Eye was burning very intensely, the flame was huge! “Let’s see how you like this Meh!”

Suddenly a bright light from flooded the area, it was hard to see. And the ground was shaking.

“Heh.” Mehrunes said, as he disappeared.

Then the light dimmed down and the suddenly, a large cyan flame erupted from Draco’s right eye. Now it matched his left. All of his wounds healed instantaneously.

“Oi can I call timeout?” Mehrunes asked, eating popcorn from a beach chair. He looked like he was trying to tan from Draco’s plasma before it went away. He hadn't even noticed Draco had his second eye. Mehrunes glanced over and suddenly his expression changed from jokey to serious. And maybe a little scared. “Oh hey… I finally did it.”

“Indeed you did.” Draco said, he looked extremely mad, his two Draco Eyes flared intensely.

“Welp. I guess you’ve finally won.” Mehrunes said. “I give.”

“Wait- what?” Draco said, suddenly very confused.

“I give up.” Mehrunes said. “I quit. Battle’s over. Fin.”

“Draco has won.” the leader said, “then that means a baby is saved.” He tossed down a baby lagiacrus to Draco.

“Peace. Or more accurately, war.” Mehrunes said, disappearing.

“Okay then…” Draco said as he then teleported back over to us with the baby lagiacrus. He still had both Draco Eyes. “So I have this eye on fire now. That’s neat.”

“And.” The leader then said, “we’re not going to have the next battle or anything. We’re going to move on. To the end.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Listy said.

“But before that, we’ll have one last battle.” The leader said, standing up. He then floated down into the arena. “Come, whoever it is that will fight.” It was dead silent. “Lagi. Come on down. Let’s end this.”

to be continued in the next chapter...

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