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Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 13)

Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 13)

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by QuartzMaster
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okay, this is a long chapter. Imma just say, be prepared for things to change.



-----| Chapter 13 |-----



We all looked up over at Lagi, who was sitting next to Ivory on the tower along with the babies we had saved. Lagi stood up.

“Okay so I can’t remember anything that happened in the past thirty minutes, but okay.” Lagi said as he started to walk down. He jumped into the arena holding his weapon and red thing.

“For this match, there are no rules.” The leader said, “this match will end the war once and for all. And since there are no rules, that means you can all attack me at the same time. It won’t matter.”

“No. It’s just gonna be me and you, I don’t want anyone else coming in.” Lagi said.

“That works.” The leader said. “Then how about it?”

“To the death, or till the tap?” Lagi asked.

“Either. There are no rules.” The leader replied.

“Understood.” Lagi said, nodding. “So. Shall we begin?”

“Yes.” The leader nodded as well. “We shall begin and end this war. But before that, we must come to an agreement to what the other shall do when they win. How about it, if I win, then I’ll put your kind to extinction. If you win, then you may kill me and take all your children, and the other WaterBreathe will just leave.”

“If I win, you all disband, and leave all of us alone. Unless we either want to meet up with one of you or some other reason. Otherwise I agree to the terms.” Lagi held out his hand to shake it.

The leader shook his hand. “If you win, I die. I accept to the terms.”

“Then let us begin.” Lagi said as he put the red thing over his head. It then transformed, and in seconds Lagi was covered fully with red armor, except for his face. It looked very cool. The armor even extended and covered Lagi’s tail.

“Using the Redkro armor… It’s nearly indestructible. Used before by past lagiacrus warriors. It was stolen long ago from the lagiacrus temple. Just how did you get your hands on them?” The leader seemed to be talking to himself and to Lagi at the same time.

“It was given to me.” Lagi answered.

“By who?” the leader asked.

“By a person.” Lagi said.”

“By a thief.” the leader replied, “you having that complicates things. Because now you’re not the same Lagi I knew.”

“Cool. Get ready now, it’s gonna be fun.” Lagi said, starting to smirk.

“Alright I’m prepared.” the leader said, watching Lagi closely.

Lagi held his weapon in a defensive way. The leader watched silently. Lagi was also silent. The leader pushed on his mask, tightening it. “So, you ever going to do anything?” Lagi asked.

“Who says I’m not?” the leader replied.

“Not me. I’m just wondering when you’re gonna start giving them a show.” Lagi said.

“This is not for a show. Its for the future of your kind. Our kind. For both of us, this will determine the future.” The leader said. “And if you’re gonna fight me alone you won’t stand much of a chance.”

For some reason we just stayed in our seats and watched silently.

“Do you like sticks?” Lagi asked.

“No.” the leader replied. “There is no liking to them.”

“You… you don’t like sticks. How could you not like sticks!?” Lagi yelled. He threw a stick at the leader.

The leader caught it and examined it. “Doesn’t seem too bad.” He then did something and dozens of sticks appeared in thin air, floating. A baby lagiacrus then appeared in front of him, and the sticks began to beat it. The baby shrieked. “On second thought, sticks are great.”

Lagi swung his arm and blades made of water split the sticks into tiny pieces. The tiny pieces then continued to beat the baby lagiacrus. Lagi swung his arm again and an orb of water surrounded the baby lagiacrus, repelling the sticks. The leader then grabbed the baby lagiacrus by the neck, taking it out of the water and choking it at the same time.

“Honestly, there’s nothing you can do to save it.” The leader then said, crushing the baby lagiacrus’ neck, killing it.

“I’m gonna be obvious and say I don’t think Lagi can do this.” Listy said, sitting down.

“Sure does look like it.” Draco said. I noticed that he was charging energy into the small condensed ball of plasma from earlier, he apparently still had it. Both his Draco Eyes were also still activated.

“You have your Draco Eye and the cherry thing. So DO something why don’t ya.” Listy said.

“Okay.” Draco said as he walked over to where the barrier separating us from the battlefield was. He just looked at it for a few seconds, charging up a punch.

“Hey guys what’s goi-” Mehrunes appeared but was interrupted by what sounded like glass breaking and crumbling to the ground. Mehrunes flinched at the sound.

“There. Barrier’s gone.” Draco said as I saw one of his fists was outstretched towards where the barrier was. Or at least used to be. His punch had shattered the whole thing into thousands of tiny pieces.

He then sat back down next to Listy, who was looking astonished. “Does that work?”

“DRACO!” Mehrunes shouted. “WHAT THE EVEN?!”

“Oh hi Meh. I see you saw me shatter the barrier with one punch. What are you doing here anyway?” Draco said.

“What? Oh, yeah. I came to look at what was going on. Apparently my plan worked way too well…” Mehrunes trailed off staring at the broken barrier.

“So basically… yeah that works.” Listy said.

“Great.” Draco said before he continued to charge energy into the condensed ball of plasma. “Oh by the way Meh. Your plan also gave me these.”

Draco then lifted up his feet and we could see he had armored boots now, made of the same material as his wings and gauntlets. I also noticed that on the back of his boot, ending at the heel area, he had something similar to a super sharp axe blade running along it on both boots.

“Anyway, soon I’ll have charged enough energy into this ball.” Draco said as I noticed the ball was glowing brightly and growing in size.

“How interesting.” my gaze went back towards the leader. “There are still no rules. Therefore you can do whatever.” He ripped off the head of the baby lagiacrus that he had crushed earlier, and tossed it aside.

Draco then stood up and stretched. “Well we’re probably gonna have to save Lagi’s butt anyway. But who knows. Maybe we should wait a bit more. What do you think Ich?”

“Hmm?” I gained back my senses and control. “What?”

“Have you been that spaced out the whole time?” Draco asked.

“What? Yes, what?” I replied.

“I asked if you think we should help Lagi before he gets brutally murdered. Because I just shattered the barrier and the leader doesn’t really seem to care if we help him or not.” Draco said.

“Everyone's standing back. The other side isn’t doing anything to help the leader.” I realized, seeing that the others were just sitting down.

“Maybe they’re scared of Draco cuz he punched out the magic barrier.” Mehrunes smirked.

“I’m sure John could’ve done that but whatever. Anyway I’m pretty sure they aren’t scared.” Draco said.

“Twas a yolk.” Mehrunes said, cracking an egg. “They probably don't care either way at this point. Or have orders to NOT help. Or really about a million other things.”

“Probably. So I guess we won’t help Lagi just yet.” Draco said, sitting back down. “We’ll just wait.”

“Wait for what?” I asked, slightly confused.

“Lagi to actually want help, I guess.” Mehrunes smirked.

Lagi stood there, taking all of this in for a moment.

“Your friends want to help you. Do you accept their help?” the leader asked Lagi.

“I thought there were no rules!” Mehrunes hollered.

“There aren’t.” The leader replied, “but he still gets to make a decision. It’s a deal with him and I that was made. His kinds fate relies on him.”

“Wait.” Lagi said. “What if we settle this with a different sort of battle?”

“What kind of battle do you have in mind?” The leader asked.

“Rock paper scissors.” Lagi said.

“You sure you want to?” asked the leader.

“Can you read minds?” Lagi asked.

“Yes.” the leader replied. “So it technically would be unfair for you.”

“How about… some other non-violent something that we could do to settle this?” Lagi asked.

“HOW ABOUT YOU SUCK IT UP AND DO SOMETHING!” Mehrunes yelled. I noticed Listy punch Mehrunes in the arm. Lagi looked back for a second before looking back at the leader.

“How about you use the inner power?” the leader said. “How about I awaken it? Well you aren’t going to have a choice either way.” The leader then appeared behind Lagi and then suddenly cut himself. Not Lagi. He cut his own arm, and blood began to pour.

“This looks and sounds wrong.” Mehrunes commented.

“What is even going on.” I was confused at this.

“My theory is that the leader is doing a thing to Lagi that helps one of them.” Mehrunes replied. “And also that this is more boring than when me and Draco fought.”

“Boring for now.” Arada said, suddenly appearing next to us. “Just wait till Lagi transforms.”

Lagi was watching as the leader proceeded to cut himself and cause blood to pour. He had a confused expression on his face.

“LAGI SHOULD WALK AWAY!” Mehrunes called to Lagi.

“W-what?” Lagi was confused.

“Move away from the crazy man bleeding on you!” Mehrunes yelled.

Then the leader shouted something that sounded like gibberish. Suddenly all the blood was sucked up by Lagi, or more precisely, Lagi’s armor. Lagi fell onto the floor, holding himself up with one hand. The leader said something in gibberish again and he healed completely.

“Lagi?” I asked.

Lagi didn’t respond.

“Personally I’m more interested in the probably magic that just happened.” Mehrunes said.

“If you want to learn magic learn from Karta, he’s great.” Arada said to Mehrunes. “He actually taught that to the leader.”

“Noted.” Mehrunes replied.

“What was that, Mehrunes?” Lagi then said, staying in his position.

“I dun get it.” Mehrunes said. “I said noted. Shadahp.”

Lagi then stood up, facing away from us and facing towards the leader. He picked up his weapon which was on the floor, and gripped it tightly. “No one help me. I don’t need your help.” He was glaring at the leader.

“It’s about time.” The leader said, making another baby lagiacrus appear in front of them. Daggers summoned around it.

“No.” Lagi then appeared next to the baby. The daggers then launched but none of them hit the baby. They all hit Lagi. And it seemingly did nothing because of the armor.

“Good. Now you are paying attention.” the leader said.

“Rock, paper, scissors.” Lagi then said.

“You wanna do that?” the leader asked, “you sure?”

“We’ll settle it that way.” Lagi nodded.

“Alright.” the leader made a fist, ready to start. Lagi did the same.

“Rock, paper, scissors…” both of them said. “Shoot!”

The leader had made paper, and Lagi had rock.

“See.” the leader then said, “well then now…”

Lagi then with his fist punched the leader in the face, knocking him back. The leader grabbed onto his mask tightly. He landed onto his feet and looked over at Lagi.

“Rock wins in this situation.” said Lagi, smirking.

The two of them stared at each other for a few moments.

“What happened to Lagi?” I then asked.

“In theory, the spell did something. In practice it could have been anything.” Mehrunes said.

“Heh.” Arada smirked. “By the way if you haven’t noticed some people went missing. Or went somewhere.”

Wait. She’s right. The only people were Mehrunes, Draco, Listy, and I. Along with Arada, and Ivory sitting on the tower with some babies. Saturo and Lavender… John… where did they go?

“Don’t worry about it.” Lagi said. “After I finish with this, I’m going to find and kill all those who assaulted my children.”

“Wonderful.” The leader said.

“You have done it. I’m starting with you.” Lagi growled, walking towards the leader and letting his weapon grind on the floor. He walked past some craters that were left from the battle Draco had with Mehrunes.

“You’re actually NOT gonna kill all those who assaulted your children, sorry.” Mehrunes said.

“Watch me.” Lagi growled, continuing to walk.

“I will definitely watch you fail to kill… about two… three of said people. So, yeah.” Mehrunes continued to taunt.

“Watch me.” Lagi repeated his past words, continuing to walk towards the leader.

“I’m gonna have to.” Mehrunes smirked. “To make sure you fail.”

“Meh why are you doing this.” Listy asked.

“I will tell you later.” Mehrunes replied.

“You’re the one who’s going to fail in protecting.” Lagi said, and he stopped walking, paying no attention to the leader anymore. He was looking straight at Mehrunes. “You did nothing to harm my children so I’ll spare you although you’ve annoyed me lots. But everyone else will pay.”

“I in fact did the opposite of harm, I protected a few from being stolen from the base, but Tango and Lauren were blackmailed with Lauren’s sister to do harm, you shall not lay hands on them.” Mehrunes said. “Or tail, or feet, or axe, or… anything.”

“What did they do.” Lagi growled.

“Were blackmailed and didn't want to do any of the things they did do.” Mehrunes said. “I can go get them, I think their still here.”

“Bring them. I need to confront them.” Lagi said.

“Meh.” Mehrunes replied, and disappeared. He then reappeared with Tango and Lauren.

“You two.” Lagi said, “what did you do that was bad?”

“Well…” Tango began, “we kind of-”

“It wasn’t our fault.” Lauren interrupted him.

“What. Did. You. DO?” Lagi asked.

“Nothing willingly.” Tango assured him, nervously.

“WHAT DID YOU DO!?” Lagi yelled.

“We… may have… uh.” Lauren started to talk, then stopped, looking sick.

“What did they do?” Lagi then looked over at the leader. “What did you make them do?”

“They weren’t under my orders, but they killed two of your children.” the leader replied. “They had to in order to save a child from being tortured.”

Lagi glared at Tango and Lauren. They both just looked sick.

“You’ll pay for that.” Lagi then said. Tango and Lauren were both silent.

Mehrunes stepped in front of them. “No. They won’t.” Listy also came to stand by Mehrunes.

“Don’t you stand in my way.” Lagi growled, “they’ve done something terrible.”

“To save someone else.” Mehrunes said. “You have no right to even attempt. DRACO! GET OVER HERE! YOU’RE GONNA HELP WITH THIS! PLEASE!”

Draco then suddenly appeared, he still had both of his Draco Eyes.

“So what’s the problem exactly?” he asked. “I’ve been spaced out for the past few moments.”

“Lagi’s out of his mind in a mood for killing everyone and he’s mad at Tango and Lauren now because they have been blackmailed to kill two of his babies.” Mehrunes said.

“Well that makes sense to me… Kinda.” Draco said.

“The torture of one child does not equal to the killing of two children.” Lagi growled, still glaring at Tango and Lauren.

“Well do you know who they were trying to protect? Besides, they didn’t have a choice! The two babies would’ve probably been killed anyway!” Draco argued. “At least they did it to save someone they both care deeply for, rather than to just eradicate your species.”

“Nice.” Mehrunes said. “Yeah, they were protecting Lauren’s sister, Bella. Remember? Got attacked by that general… You might not remember. Either way, the ‘murder’ of two of your FIFTY baby monsters compared to the torture of Lauren’s SISTER is a bigger thing.”

“Wouldn't it be four baby lagiacrus dead now?” Lisy asked. “Or… Because of Lauren killed two or whatever, and then that dagger guy that fought and killed Gaberus killed one and the leader killed one… five lagiacrus dead counting Gaberus.”

“I don’t care if you did it to save your sister.” Lagi growled. “You still did kill my children and you will pay for that.”

“Kill them.” Ivory growled, yawning and revealing that she had been napping the whole time. But she apparently overheard the conversation and knows what happened. “Kill them dead!”

“If you want to stop me from killing them.” Lagi said, looking at Mehrunes, Draco, and Listy, “then I’ll have to fight you and get you hurt until you can’t stop me.” He held his weapon in front of him.

“Try it. I dare you.” Draco said, glaring at him and getting into a fighting stance.


What exactly was going on in there? I was sitting and watching battles with everyone else, and right when Flip was called up to fight… That’s when I noticed. That Lavender disappeared.

So I got up to go look for her. Without telling anyone… I still haven’t found her. Where could she be? I was walking through the hallways trying to find her. I’m looking in every room.

“Bruh.” I heard John’s voice from behind me. “What are you doing?”

“Huh?! Uh. Nothing.” I turned around and faced him.

“Bruh. You’re looking for Lav. Well I know where she is. She’s gone back to the base because the spaceship is there. Why you looking for her?” John asked.

“No reason…”

“Bruh.” He kept on saying that word. “Okay well. She doesn’t wanna be around there. She wants to get away. Because you know, she doesn’t really fight.”

“Bro, she beat you up the first time we met her.” I said.

“True. Nevermind. She just wants to get away from all that stuff. I don’t blame her. Besides there's no other girls so it's boring for her. Just like with Uchiho. That's why they keep disappearing.” John explained.

“What.” I was slightly confused. “Listy is there. And Arada. There are girls there so that’s not the reason.”

“Okay nevermind all I just said. I’m confusing myself now.” John raised a hand. “How about we get back. I wanna see the fight between Draco and Mehrunes.”

“You do that. I’ll go back to the base to find Lav.” I said.

“Sure thing.” John then walked down the hallway. I was alone again.

I continued walking. Where was the exit? I needed to find Lavender, to make sure she’s okay.

“You’re overreacting. SHe’s just fine. She probably just went away to get out of there. It’s a war she’s not involved in.” Krydret said.

“Well still.” I said aloud.

I then walked for quite a while, exploring around until I found my way into a room, and looked around. It was overall empty, except for a tube-machine thing. And inside was… a little girl? I walked closer and then I realized… It was Lauren’s sister, Bella. What was she doing here?

“Bella! What are you doing in there?” I called out.

“They made me stay in here!” Bella cried out. “and Tango and Lauren just disappeared!”

“Who put you in here?” I asked. “What even are you inside of?”

“A mean guy put me in here.” Bella told me, clearly frightened, “he made Tango and Lauren kill two lagiacrus babies!”

“Technically, it was healer-girl that put you in there. But I’m fine to take the blame.” a voice said from behind me.

I turned around and spotted the guy who fought Gaberus. Ramesh was his name. I looked back at Bella.

“This guy?” I asked.

Bella nodded.

“And what did you say you were inside of?” I asked

“It’s a torture chamber thing.” Ramesh said, “I never turned it on though, yet. Because Tango and Lauren were being good listeners.”

Bella looked out of the chamber, at a vine that was curled on the ground with a knife, and then looked away, sickened.

“Is that…the murder weapon?” I asked, trying to understand the situation.

“One of them.” Ramesh answered.

“Well…” I thought for awhile. “If you don’t mind, I’m just gonna…” I activated the source, and lightning bolts surrounded me. Then I ran around the room in circles, before I stopped behind the tube.

Ramesh was giving me weird looks. I shrugged at him, and then ran straight forward. I didn’t know what to expect, really, but I’ve seen Glitter do it countless of times. Surely I could.

In less than a second, I was on the other side of the tube. With Bella. I had succeeded in doing what I was planning to do, and I realized I have learned it.

Ramesh clapped hysterically for some reason. “You did it. I congratulate you. But unfortunately I’m not done using her yet.”

“Sucks for you then.” I smirked. “Try and catch me.”

I didn’t even wait for a response, I was out of the room in seconds. I had to get Bella somewhere safe, where no one could get her. Just as I was at the exit of the base, I had found that somewhere safe right in front of me.


“You dare me, huh?” Lagi almost laughed.

“Indeed.” Draco said, a bit of a smirk on his face as his two Draco Eye’s flared wildly.

“Fine then.” Lagi sounded like he didn’t know what to say.

“Aight sounds neat.” Mehrunes said. “Meanwhile, Ivory is being lazy.”

“Shut up.” Ivory growled from her tower.

“I’ll shut YOU up if ya like.” Listy said.

“I’ll shut you both up. If I like.” Arada remarked.

“We aren’t talking to you right now.” Draco said. “Wait till later please and thank you.”

“Yeah. Nice Draco. You sure got her good.” Mehrunes said. “Ivory why don't you come down?”

“I’m good right here.” Ivory said.

Mehrunes appeared behind Ivory and pushed Ivory into the arena.


“No.” Ivory growled and climbed back up the tower.

Mehrunes stabbed her in the chest with a dagger and pushed her back down. Then Lagi appeared and smashed Mehrunes into the ground. Then the ground Mehrunes was smashed into smashed Lagi, with Mehrunes no longer in it.


Ivory was bleeding, and then she turned into a Lagiacrus, immediately becoming a human afterwards, causing her wound to heal and the dagger to be all the way across the room. “At least I was awake to learn that.” She moaned and returned to her spot on the tower. “Now let me sleep.”

“I dun know whats going in anymore so…” Mehrunes grabbed Lagi and put him in the arena, then threw Draco at Lagi. “FIXED!”

“Why did you throw me?” Draco asked.

“Cuz I can.” Mehrunes said. “Come on Lagi. You can’t back down from a dare.”

“If I win will you let me make them pay?” Lagi asked, looking at Tango and Lauren from the corner of his eyes.

“Draco made the dare. I have different standards.” Mehrunes replied. “So, maybe I guess? I dunno, you win against Draco and he’ll be out of the equation anyway so… he’ll ‘let’ you… but I’m still gonna be here so you’re not gonna just GET to do anything.”

“I was talking to Draco.” Lagi growled, “anything you say doesn’t matter to me so you should stop talking.”

“Nah. I dun really wanna till you actually do something. But I’m gonna say no we’re not gonna let you.” Mehrunes shrugged.

“Get out of my face right now.” Lagi growled.

“I’m not in it.” Mehrunes said. “I’ve been standing in front of Tango and Lauren since you smashed me into the ground.”

“Then shut up.” Lagi growled.

“You really can’t make me, understanding as you are not as I typically fight though, you don’t know a lot about my tactics.” Mehrunes said. “Draco it’s your turn.”

“Oh goodie.” Draco said as he had been stretching the whole time.

“Waiting.” Mehrunes said.

“Nah, I’ll give Lagi the first move. I’ll be generous.” Draco said.

Mehrunes didn’t say anything, instead he looked expectantly at Lagi, who was just standing there.

“So this is how we’re gonna start? Okay then.” Draco said as he aso just stood there.

Lagi stared at Draco, specifically at his Draco Eye’s.

“Stop staring at me. It’s creepy.” Draco said.

Lagi’s facial expression had no expression. He continued to stare at Draco.

“Draco do something.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay.” Draco said. “Pew.”

Draco shot a tiny ball of plasma at Lagi. “There.” Draco said. “I did something.” The tiny ball of plasma hit Lagi’s armor and seemingly did nothing.

“Do something remotely useful.” Mehrunes said.

Draco then launched a blade feather at Lagi, striking his armor, it left a scratch. Lagi didn’t move, and continued to stare at Draco.

“Welp, he’s being boring.” Draco said as he then flew out of the arena.

“Evaced Tango and Lauren.” Mehrunes said, as Tango and Lauren were gone. “Try like, moving and stuff okay?” Mehrunes grabbed Draco and put him back in front of Lagi.

“Ha ha…” Lagi slightly laughed a bit, looking at Draco.

“What’s so funny?” Draco asked.

“HA…” Lagi began smiling a big smile.

Mehrunes punched Lagi in his exposed face. And Lagi didn’t even flinch. He knocked Mehrunes away from him, focused on Draco.

“I’m not interested in the weak one.” Lagi looked at Draco, ignoring Mehrunes entirely.

“Ya know Draco, I have a feeling that Lagi frickin sucks now.” Mehrunes looked for the leader, and found that he was sitting at his tower. “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Mehrunes yelled at the leader.

The leader didn’t respond, he was focusing on Lagi. And Lagi was focusing on Draco, creepily.

“Everyone’s bent on ignoring me right now and it’s a nice change of pace.” Mehrunes said. “Hey Draco, maybe take off his helmet.”

“Actually, I think Lagi’s being controlled or something.” Draco said.

“Nah, it’s whatever spell the leader used.” Mehrunes said. “ …wait…”

“You still dare me?” Lagi then finally spoke to Draco.

“Yes.” Draco said.

Lagi smirked, and then suddenly something unexpected happened. Two replicas, exactly like Draco… Lagi had Draco’s Eyes. Except they were red. Both of them had them now.

“Ha…” Lagi laughed, slightly, staring at Draco with his own red Draco Eye’s.

“I AM TRYING TO EXPLAAAAIN THIIIIS.” Mehrunes thought out loud. “Okay, so the armor Lagi has was ‘stolen’ and the leader bound his blood with it or something and so the leader is A, Controlling Lagi. B, given Lagi his personality or C. Something else.”

“And is also copying me. At least be original Lagi, sheesh.” Draco said, clearly disapproving of Lagi’s new look.

Lagi didn’t reply, he just stared at Draco. “Wait. What happened?” He then asked. “Why does everything look different. What did you do, Draco?”

“I did nothing. But you did copy my Draco Eye’s.” Draco said. “If anything you're the one doing stuff.”

“What?” Lagi seemed confused. “What’s going on? Why are you standing in front of me?”

“Because I’m supposed to fight you. Because you're trying to murder Tango and Lauren.” Draco said.

“Wait what. Why?” Lagi asked.

“Because they were forced to kill two of your kids in order to protect someone they care a lot about.” Draco answered.

“Oh? Then that’s later. First you get rid of the cause.” Lagi looked over at the leader, who was sitting silently on his tower.

“Seriously? You’re still gonna kill the two of them?” Draco said to Lagi in a disappointed tone.

“I’ll deal with them later. Right now I need to end the war.” Lagi said.

“Well you have fun with that.” Draco said, flying out of the arena.

“Actually, I changed my mind.” Lagi appeared in front of Tango and Lauren, who somehow happened to be back in a second. Lagi knocked them across the room with his tail. He then appeared in front of them as they flew across the room and slammed them into the ground.

“Wh--” Mehrunes realized that they were back, although he had teleported them away not too long ago.

Lagi then picked Tango and Lauren up and began punching them repeatedly. They looked wounded, and yet Lagi kept on going.

Draco then suddenly knocked Lagi away, knocking him into the wall of the arena.

Tango lied on the floor, Lauren did as well.

Draco stood in front of them defensively, glaring at Lagi. Lagi then smirked, and appeared behind Draco, punching him away, and landing one slash on Tango and Lauren with his tail before he appeared behind Draco. “You and I are even with us both wielding these eyes.” He said to Draco.

“Problem is.” Draco smirked before he suddenly faded away, then Lagi was struck over the head hard from above, it was the real Draco. Lagi then caused a large crater in the ground from the impact, and his helmet had a small dent in it. “You don’t know how to use them as well as I.”

“That’s true.” Lagi replied, getting back up. “Although I suggest you don’t damage my armor.”

“And why not?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know.” Lagi shrugged, and kicked Tango in the face at the same time. “A thought that came to my head and I said it aloud.”

“This is abusive to Tango and Lauren.” Arada commented.

“I don’t care, they killed my kids.” Lagi choked Lauren with his armored tail, and she struggled for breath.

“Like they had a choice?” Draco then kicked Lagi in the side of the head, causing another small dent, this time in the side of his helmet. This also launched him away again. Problem was, Lauren went along with him. Lagi swung himself to the side, and Lauren slammed into the wall. Lagi landed on the ground, and when Lauren fell he caught her with his tail again, this time grabbing her leg and not her neck.

“I think I knocked them both out. They’re not resisting.” Lagi said.

“Well you did attack them out of nowhere. They weren’t braced for it.” Draco said.

Mehrunes was just watching silently and coldly.

Lagi began walking towards Draco, dragging Lauren along with him. He then grabbed the wing feather Draco launched at him earlier and stabbed Lauren in the gut with it. “See how it feels.” It almost sounded like a question.

“How about you do as well?” Draco asked, taking another one of his blade feathers and stabbing Lagi’s chestplate with it and succeeded to make a small hole with it, but not much else.

Lagi then clawed Draco in the chest, causing blood to pour. Then suddenly, the blood was sucked up by Lagi’s armor, and all the dents and damage disappeared instantaneously.

“Oh. So that’s how this is gonna work.” Draco said as suddenly his wound healed.

“Mmmhmm.” Lagi replied. “I see how it works now too. This armor is cool.” The blood from Tango and Lauren was sucked up by Lagi’s armor as well.

“Hmmm… You know what? Nevermind.” Draco then flew out of the arena.

“What you’re not gonna stop me?” Lagi asked, kicking Tango in the gut. “At all?”

“Nope.” Draco said. “You're just gonna repair yourself anyway.”

“Yeah, so I won the dare then.” Lagi said, looking over at Mehrunes, “Mehrunes, you wanna try and stop me?” Lagi kicked Tango and Lauren mockingly.

Mehrunes stared coldly. He looked like he was trying to not be mad, and didn't say anything. Simply staring down at Lagi. Lagi stared back silently. Mehrunes casually threw popcorn at Lagi. Lagi let it bounce off him, staring at Mehrunes with his own red Draco Eye’s. Mehrunes started to chant something in his weird language. Lagi just watched carefully. Suddenly the entire arena filled with popcorn, and all caught fire immediately after. Mehrunes disappeared and reappeared with Tango and Lauren.

“Hello.” Lagi was there too, his tail strapped around Tango’s neck.

Mehrunes snapped and Tango and Lauren disappeared and Lagi stayed.

“Mornin.” Mehrunes said, punching Lagi into the flaming popcorn.

Lagi stood in the fire and looked at Mehrunes. Then suddenly, all the popcorn went flying out of the arena, and in its place was a giant red armored Lagiacrus. It was way bigger than Ivory was as a Lagiacrus… It was twice the size of the arena.

“Little snug there?” Mehrunes asked, his hand in a popcorn bowl.

Lagi just growled.

“Can’t get me.” Mehrunes said. “Maybe, don’t do that.”

Lagi then turned back into a human, and his Draco Eye’s were still there. “Even so, I’m faster with these eyes.”

“Calculating…” Mehrunes said. “Done. You’d be dead by now if I gave a whoopty doo.” Mehrunes appeared in front of Lagi, and behind Lagi, and also on top of Lagi, and all of the Mehrunes just stared at Lagi. Waiting for him to do something.

All Lagi did was stare at the Mehrunes in front of him. The Mehrunes in front of him proceeded to punch Lagi in the face so hard his nose bled. The blood was sucked up by his armor, and the armor began glowing slightly bright red.

“Neat.” Mehrunes said, as all the Mehrunes tackled Lagi and held him down, as another Mehrunes approached with a katana. “But gimmicky.”

“You really think you can hold me down?” Lagi just turned into a Lagiacrus and all the Mehrunes’ went flying out of the arena. Except for the one that was sitting in the bleachers eating popcorn.

“No. I do think that a katana in your side doesn’t do you any good, though. Even as a massive water monster. Thanks for crushing that one Mehrunes, though, I guess.” Mehrunes said.

Lagi turned back into a human. “Your katana isn’t inside me, it’s all the way over there.” He pointed at the katana that was laying on the floor outside the arena.

“Did I say I had stabbed you?” Mehrunes asked. “I said it wasn't good for you.” Mehrunes appeared next to Lagi and threw him into the wall, cracking it but causing no bleeding. “You’re armour likes blood, you get none.”

“Hmm, I just got an idea.” Lagi got onto his feet, and picked up Mehrunes’ katana that laid next to him.

“Magic!” Mehrunes said, as the katana disintegrated into dust. “Although I admire your attempt.”

“Doesn’t have to be your weapon.” Lagi then picked up his own weapon.

“Question.” Mehrunes said. “What happened to ‘I’m gonna kill everyone that harmed my babies, starting with you.’? Cuz, I’m still using my fighting style effectively.”

“I dunno.” Lagi shrugged.

“Because if we’re honest, you made Tango and Lauren feel pain for their wrongs, and an equal amount to what they already felt being forced to harm ter babies, but the leader and Ramesh mericly slaughtered you’re babies, so why are you fighting me instead of going for better targets?” Mehrunes smirked. “Such as the guy on the vulnerable platform…”

“You’re defending Tango and Lauren. Other than that, I have no real reason to fight you since you haven’t harmed my babies.” Lagi answered.

“I’m defending cuz they don’t deserve what you’re gonna do. The inherently evil people merilesally slaughtering and eating… *AHEM* Ramesh *AHEM* do.” Mehrunes said. “So.”

“Where’s this Ramesh guy then? I’ll have to deal with him.” Lagi said.

“The knife guy that killed Gaberus and also three of you’re babies and also blackmailed Tango and Lauren with Bella and also is taking your babies to auction them to zoos as normal lagiacrus because they can’t turn human yet. That guy. That guy that’s actually evil.” Mehrunes said, waving a picture of Ramesh dabbing at Lagi.

“Yeah, I’ll find that guy and make him pay.” Lagi said.

“Mkay cool.” Mehrunes said. “And the leader guy thats…” Mehrunes looked at the tower, and saw that the leader wasn’t there. “Running away like a baby.”

“Who’s running away?” The leader appeared next to them.

Mehrunes stabbed the leader in the stomach with his katana the second after he said that.

“Assumptions, apparently.” Mehrunes said. “Hey Lagi look, the guy you want to kill.” Mehrunes disappeared and reappeared with a dagger, dropped it like a mic, and then disappeared again.

The leader looked at Lagi. “You have no anger. Thus you find it hard to kill me at the moment.”

“Okay…?” Lagi seemed to know he was right.

“Then let’s get you angry.” The leader said.

And suddenly, ten baby lagiacrus appeared and were all stabbed to death.

“Ohh dang.” Mehrunes said from behind Lagi. “As a bonus word of mention, Steve is also dead.”

Lagi’s fists shook, and he charged at the leader, his Draco Eye’s leaving a trail. He charged a punch at the leader, and the leader dodged it.

Mehrunes thought aloud. “Hey Lagi do you need some help?”

Lagi didn’t reply, instead he snatched the katana that Mehrunes had stabbed the leader with, and slashed his face with it. But the leader dodged.

“Even with those eyes, you’re pretty weak.” The leader said, flicking Lagi with his finger. Lagi went flying into the wall, shaking the room in the process.

“Yo leader. I notice yer not bleeding.” Mehrunes said. “Seems like cheating.”

“There are no rules.” The leader replied, waiting for Lagi to return to attack him again.

“Good.” Mehrunes said. “But still.”

“You are not one to speak.” The leader said to Mehrunes, “I suggest you do not try anything unusual. Afterall, you are the most predictable. It may not seem like it, but none of you are able to take me on, as you are all low on the power scale. It is also unwise to underestimate your opponent, is it not? Have it as a lesson, to all of you. And no, you may not talk back, as I have taken your voice.” The leader flicked Mehrunes on the head and he went flying and landed in a sitting position next to Draco and Listy.

“And now,” the leader looked at Lagi, “we shall end this.”

To be continued in the next chapter..... the finale....

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