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Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 2)

Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 2)

Posted March 8th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 2 |-----



And another plate gone. We went into the spaceship for breakfast, and it seemed like Lavender had made pancakes. There was a kitchen in this spaceship… This spaceship was pretty big, it was basically a spaceship that's a house.

“How many are you gonna eat?” I asked him.

“Until I’m full.” Saturo said, stuffing his face with more pancakes.

“How can you eat so many pancakes?” I heard Tango say, before pulling out a piece of fruit. “Pancakes are awful!” I forgot that he was even here because he never left the spaceship.

“Not Lav’s pancakes. You haven’t even tried them.” Saturo said.

“You’re right. I just dislike pancakes.” Tango sighed.

“What about you, Lauren?” Saturo asked.

“A pancake is a piece of bread. That is often burnt.” Lauren replied. “What’s to like?”

“Lav’s aren’t burnt, no clue what you’re talkin ‘bout.” Saturo said.

“It’s still just a piece of bread.” Lauren sighed. “Can’t I dislike them?”

“It’s not even bread.” Saturo sighed. “They know nothing.”

“All the pancakes on Sipron were like that.” Tango interjected.

“So how could we know any different?” Lauren finished, as though she read Tango’s mind.

“Well then don’t insult Lav’s pancakes!” Saturo shouted. Heh. He’s taking this pretty personal… and it’s about Lavender.

“Your right.” Lauren apologised. “I shouldn’t just stereotype pancakes.” I saw Tango smirking, slightly.

“Good.” Saturo finished eating and stood up, “anyway if you’ll excuse me, we have a base to find and attack.”

“Why do those people even want to attack you, anyway?” Lauren asked.

“Because I’m around Lagi.” Saturo said, “and they’re at war.”

“But why are they at war?” Lauren asked. “And who’s this Lagi that makes him so important? Why haven’t we met them?”

“He’s outside.” Saturo said, “wanna meet him now?”

“Sure.” Tango answered, before he and Lauren walked out to meet Lagi.

Saturo and I followed. Lagi was with the babies, looking at the pile of fish bones.

“You have a tail.” Lauren told Lagi, surprised.

“Yes, yes I do.” Lagi said, “Is there something wrong with that?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that. I just wondered why you have a tail.” Lauren responded.

“I have a tail because I’m not entirely human.” Lagi said.

“Ok. Why are people trying to kill you?” Lauren asked.

“Family dispute of some sort.” Lagi said.

“That must be some dispute.” Tango pointed out.

“Yeah. Some full out war stuff. So who’re you?” Lagi asked.

“I’m Tango.” Tango told Lagi.

“And I’m Lauren.” Lauren added.

“I’m Lagi.” Lagi said.

“That’s what they said.” Lauren nodded her head back at us. “Glad to see that they were telling the truth.”

“Trust problems?” Lagi asked.

“No.” Lauren replied. “I’m just pointing out that they were telling the truth.”

“After all, we’ve been lied to by a bell.” Tango finished her sentence.

“That uh… that seems interesting.” Lagi said.

“Yeah…” Lauren started, then gestured towards the baby Lagiacrus. “Are those your brothers? And or sisters?”

“No. They’re my kids.” Lagi said.

“Um. But. You. What?” Lauren stammered, confused.

“My children.” Lagi said.

“Why do you have…” Lauren trailed off, counting. “At least 47 kids? Aren’t you about the same age as us?”

“One: not sure how old you are. Two: there are fifty kids. Not in that order.” Lagi answered.

“Err. Okay?” Lauren started. “Two: I’m thirteen and Tango is fourteen. Not necessarily in that order.”

“Fourteen, as well.” Lagi said.

“So, uh. If you’re fourteen then why do you have fifty kids? Or any kids at all?” Lauren looked slightly embarrassed.

“Is there an intergalactic law forbidding children?” Lagi asked.

“Well, no. But… You’re fourteen and you have fifty kids. How is that even possible?” Lauren asked, turning pink.

“How is it not possible?” Lagi asked. “And why are you questioning it so much?”

“There are just so many.” Lauren responded, and I noticed that Tango was just standing back, watching.

“Yeah. That’s the great thing about laying eggs.” Lagi said. “You can get a lot more out of it.”

“You… laid eggs?” Lauren asked, in disbelief.

“I didn’t. Ivory did.” Lagi sighed.

“But…” Lauren stammered, at a loss for words.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s just another thing that sets me apart from everyone else.” Lagi said.

“Well… it… uh..” Lauren continued to stammer.

“It’s actually kind of interesting.” Tango said, joining the conversation to spare Lauren.

“Hmm… finally somebody doesn’t look at it like a bad thing right away…” Lagi muttered.

“All I’d like to know is… why?” Tango asked Lagi.

“That’s the one part about it that I’m not going to answer.” Lagi said.

“Um. Okay?” Tango began, “I assume that means you won’t tell us why you aren’t going to answer, either?”

“I can tell you anything about this topic you want to know. Just not why we have fifty children at this age.” Lagi sighed.

“Well…” Lauren started to recover. “How do you keep them all entertained? I’ve seen parents have trouble with one kid. And they were adults.”

“They keep themselves entertained most of the time. They like strangers as well.” Lagi said. As he said that, one of the lagiacrus walked next to Lagi and started staring at Tango.

“Do they bight?” Lauren asked, giggling. “It’s kinda cute.”

“Only if they don’t like a person.” Lagi said.

“What’s that one’s name?” Lauren pointed down at the lagiacrus staring at Tango.

“Oh. That’s Steve. He’s sorta their leader, seems to be able to read who’s a good person and who’s not.” Lagi said, Steve staring harder and further into Tango.

“What’s it doing?” Tango asked. “Seriously. What is it doing? This is super creepy…”

“I think he’s cute.” Lauren giggled. “Can I hold him, Lagi?”

“If it’s okay with Steve.” Lagi said.

“What? Is? He? Doing?” Tango asked, creeped out by Steve’s stare.

Steve cawed like a bird, and then started running in circles. “I guess you’re alright.” Lagi said.

“Oh. Okay. Good.” Tango replied, shakily.

“Okay. Now that that’s figured out.” Lauren began, “Steve, can I please hold you?” Lauren finished, looking hopefully at Steve, not at all bothered by the fact that he was a lagiacrus baby.

Steve stopped spinning and looked at Lauren. He then ran up to Lauren and head butted her shin.

“How nice.” Saturo then said, finally speaking after a long time of silence.

“Does that mean yes?” Lauren asked, ignoring Saturo.

“I don’t think so.” Lagi said.

“Aww…” Lauren sighed.

“Well, he likes Tango.” Lagi said as Steve started running around Tango’s feet, staring up at Tango the whole time.

“Woah! Slow down a bit!” Tango grabbed Steve. “You have to be a bit faster than that to outrun me.”

Steve cawed as he stared at Tango and slowly opened his mouth.

“Do they only eat meat?” Tango asked Lagi, tickling Steve and setting him back down, “Or do they like fruit, too?”

“Carnivores.” Lagi said. Steve ran over to the rest of the babies and started cawing at them.

“Okay.” Tango sighed. “What’s Steve doing?”

“Talking with the rest of them.” Lagi said.

“Can you understand them?” Lauren asked.

“Somewhat.” Lagi said.

“Cool.” Lauren looked longingly at the lagiacrus, clearly wanting to hold one. “What’re they talking about?”

“How Tango isn’t bad. And how he doesn’t really like you.” Lagi said.

“Oh…” Lauren sighed, sadly.

“Yeah. It’s okay. So Gabe, should we get started with the plan?” Lagi asked.

“Sure. Get everyone who wants to come here.” Gaberus said.

“Well we’re here.” I said, pointing at Saturo and I, “Tango and Lauren wanna join us? Finding their base?”

“Sure.” Tango said. “We can’t breathe underwater, though.”

“Actually.” Lauren said. “I can. And sure, I’ll come.”

“We have water breathing potions too.” I nodded my head upward at the floating potions.

“Oh.” Tango replied. “Why are there potions flying around a cave?”

“Dunno. I made them do that.” I said.

“Okay.” Tango said. “When do we leave?”

“Right now.” Gaberus said, standing up.

I brought two potions down, and handed one to Saturo. I handed another to Tango.

“By the way, where is Mehrunes?” Saturo asked. “Isn’t he coming along?”

“As long as I don’t have to listen to that again.” Mehrunes appeared in the scene.

“Well you won’t because underwater we can’t speak.” I said, “the potions just allow you to hold your breath for a longer time.”

“So you said. Are their other stipulations?” Mehrunes asked, suspiciously.

“I dunno.” I replied, handing Mehrunes a bottle. “Not really since I’m only handing you one bottle.”

“What does that mean?” Mehrunes asked.

“You just can’t drink more than what I give you.” I explained. “Otherwise bad stuff happens.”

“I’m not gonna ask.” Mehrunes said. “I’m gonna go see if anyone else in the ship wants to come.”

“Okay.” I said.

Mehrunes teleported away. He appeared back with Listy and no one else.

“Our candidates are very small.” Mehrunes said. “No one else wanted to come except Listy.”

“Okay.” Saturo said. I handed a potion to Listy.

“Okay you all ready?” Gaberus asked.

“I am.” I said.

“Same here.” Saturo said.

“Sure.” Lauren replied, and Tango nodded.

“Ready.” Lagi said.

“As I’ll ever be.” Listy said.

“I’m only here because Ich needs help with his endeavors, let’s get a move on already.” Mehrunes growled impatiently.

“Alright then let us go.” Gaberus walked towards the exit. “Drink your potions so you can go.”

“If you ask me, I think we should find the area we’ll be at, and I can make a wind tunnel to get there. The potions are supposed to be for emergencies.” I said.

“Alright then.” Gaberus said, “Ich and I will go ahead and then make a path for you guys. Sound good?”

“Yeah.” Lagi said.

to be continued
also cringe warning for lagi in the future

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