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Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 3)

Ultimataniam 9: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 3)

Posted March 10th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 3 |-----



“Ya wanna wake up yet?” Noran looked at the cage Ivory was asleep in.

But Ivory was still asleep. Noran just shrugged it off.

“Oi, Noran.” Arada then entered the room. “I’m back. We can switch places again.”

“Finally.” Noran left the room.

After she did, Flip entered. “So, I need to have my meditation time.”

“Fine then. This is the quietest room. Do it here.” Arada then left the room as well.

Flip was now alone with Ivory in the cage, asleep. He took a seat in the middle of the cave, and began to meditate.

“Yo Flip, what ya doing?” Ivory asked very loudly.

“I’m meditating.” Flip replied, his eyes closed.

“Oh. Seems cool. Mind letting me out of this cage?” Ivory asked.

“Sure.” Flip replied, still in his meditating position.

“Thanks. Wait, was that ironic or sincere? I can never tell.” Ivory asked.

“Wait until I’m finished.” Flip began floating in the air.

“Okay.” Ivory said.

“It shouldn’t take too long.” Flip said.

“I’ll just be quiet until you’re done.” Ivory said.

It was silent for a couple moments. Then Flip landed his feet onto the ground and opened his eyes. “Finished.”

“Alright.” Ivory said. “You’re gonna open the cage now?”

“It’s already unlocked.” Flip pointed. “You can just step right out.”

“Oh. Okay then.” Ivory said, pushing on the door. The door swung open. “Thanks.” Ivory started walking out of the room the way Flip had come in.

“No, don’t go out. They’ll gang up on you.” Flip shook his head.

“Then could you teleport me out or something?” Ivory asked.

“Where would you go?” Flip replied.

“To Elec’s mansion.” Ivory said.

“I don’t know where that is.” Flip shrugged. “Can’t help you there.”

“Then send me outside of their base.” Ivory said.

“Then you have to wait.” Flip replied.

“Why?” Ivory asked.

“Because they’re watching.” Flip answered.

“So uh, are there people coming down here right now?” Ivory asked. “Or watching outside?”

“This place is filled with people.” Flip said, “and after what I’ve seen you are able to do, I can tell you for sure you are no match for any of them.”

“So, if you could transport me, what would the method be? Teleportation? Invisibility?” Ivory asked.

“Sneaky teleportation. It would be easy for me to do.” Flip said, looking around, “since it’s pretty dark down here.”

“Okay. So you can’t just transport me out of the base? I can swim you know.” Ivory said.

“So can they.” Flip said, “they have people watching outside. They’re prepared for war, I can see.”

“…could you transport me to a different planet?” Ivory asked.

“No. That is too far. I’ve told you before that I have a different method of teleporting. It’s more effective. But it cannot take you to a place you cannot see.” Flip answered.

“Alright. So is there any way that you could get me someplace that they wouldn’t find me, at least for a while, inside the base?” Ivory asked.

“No… because they know every place in the base. And I have not learned every location yet.” Flip answered. “You’ll have to give me time. And in the meantime you’ve got to stay in the cage.”

“Alright. I guess I could last a few more days.” Ivory sighed as she walked back into the cage and closed the door behind her.

“Yeah. I don’t like what they are doing anyway.” Flip said. “I’ll get you out of here when the right moment appears.”

“Alright. Thanks for this. I’ll have to try and repay you someday.” Ivory said.

Flip nodded. “I should go and see every location, in order for the escape plan to work. Other than that, do you have any… others? For instance, where is Lagi?”

“Somewhere on this planet along with the rest of my friends.” Ivory said. “Preparing to attack this place.”

“Do you know their exact location?” Flip asked.

“Somewhere secret.” Ivory said. “I don’t know where they are, but I think they’re close.”

“Hmm, alright. I’ll go search for them.” Flip said, “with the leaders permission since that is apparently required.”

“Okay. If you find them, Lagi should recognize you. If he’s not with them, tell the ones you find that you’re a friend of his.” Ivory said.

“Alright.” Flip then walked out of the room, stopping at the door way, “hey Arada, finished.”

Flip left the doorway and Arada entered the room. She frowned at Ivory.

“You’re awake.” She said. “Did he wake ya up?”

“No.” Ivory said.

“Hmph. Then what woke ya up?” Arada asked.

“Myself.” Ivory said. “Is that bad or something?”

“Hm.” Arada turned away. “Not really. Doesn’t matter. Just stay in that cage.”

“Got it. Wanna play cards?” Ivory asked.

“No.” Arada growled.

“Why not?” Ivory asked. “It’s fun!”

“Not for me.” Arada replied. “Instead I want you to tell me… About your childhood.”

“Why?” Ivory asked.

“I’d like to know more about you.” Arada answered.

“And why is that?” Ivory asked.

“Why, is there something wrong with that?” Arada growled.

“No, but I’m just wondering why you want to know more about the childhood of the person you’re going to kill.” Ivory said.

“Wonder all you want. But tell me.” Arada said.

“Alright. It was pretty much just me and my dad. Didn’t have any friends, any friends I might have had were all dead. And it got a little boring down there sometimes. Story of my life up until he died.” Ivory said.

“So what happened after he died?” Arada asked.

“He used the last of his life to open a portal to the Dream World, which I entered, and found the group of people I know as friends.” Ivory answered. “Started following them around because Lagi was with them, and because I didn’t have anything better to do.”

“Hm.” Arada thought to herself for a moment silently.

“Happy now?” Ivory asked.

“Yes.” Arada replied.

“So, what was your childhood like?” Ivory asked.

“Nothing like yours obviously.” Arada said.

“Yeah, I bet you weren’t almost killed in a massacre.” Ivory muttered under her breath.

“I would have been if I were on this planet.” Arada said, “your people attacked us the same way we did. We only attacked because you attacked first.”

“And once again, I was a baby with nothing to do with that, so why am I still here?” Ivory asked. “You already killed all the people that would have been involved. You’re just taking innocent lives by killing me and Lagi.”

“You are not innocent. The same thing will repeat if you are alive.” Arada said.

“Look. If you all just left us alone, we would forget about you in one or two months! But you’re just holding a grudge for way too long at this point. I don’t want to kill anyone, and don’t want to be involved in this mess, and I really don’t want to be involved with you guys if it’ll lead to nothing but you wanting to kill me.” Ivory said, slouching against the cage wall.

“Sorry sweetheart.” Arada said, “but this is how it will go until the end of the war. When your kind is extinct.”

“And once again, just holding a grudge.” Ivory muttered.

“Grudge or no grudge, we are at war.” Arada said.

“No, I’m not in any war. You are all against a war with them. I’m just a prisoner of war.” Ivory said.

“Either way, you are still a human lagiacrus. We will kill you eventually.” Arada leaned on the cave wall and looked down, “you don’t see it because you’re… you. So you can shut that babbling and just die.”

“I’ll never die while this injustice still stands.” Ivory said. “I’m going to either die protecting my children and family, or die of age peacefully.”

“Only one of them mentions injustice not standing.” Arada pointed out.

“I never said that dying protecting my family meant during this one sided grudge.” Ivory sighed.

“Yeah, well listen to this carefully.” Arada looked Ivory in the eyes, an evil grin appearing on her face. “I’ll find you children, and then slaughter them in the slaughterhouse. One by one.”

“Heh, I’d like to see you try. You’ll never get them, never.” Ivory laughed a little.

“We’ll see about that.” Arada smirked.

“Well, one of us will. The other will be wishing they hadn’t done what they had done.” Ivory said, a grin slowly appearing on her face.

“There’s the attitude I like.” Arada pointed out. “It does suck that you don’t know where your own babies are.”

“It’s good that I don’t. That way, you can’t torture it out of me.” Ivory said.

“I’ve heard who we are up against.” Arada sat down. “Some electric guy and a wind guy. Along with this other guy who’s not any particular one.”

“Only one electric guy? I think you forget what a lagiacrus is.” Ivory sighed.

“You’re lagiacrus, not people of the electric planet.” Arada said, “you’ve not explored the outer worlds enough to realize.”

“None of them are from the Electric Planet.” Ivory said.

“Yes there is one from there.” Arada replied, “he used electricity the same way the electric folks do.”

“He comes from Hindro.” Ivory said. “Not, the Electric Planet.”

“Hindro?” Arada asked, “ya mean the planet that got blown up not too long ago?”

“Yes.” Ivory said.

“Poor guy.” Arada said, “that was all over the news. Well, there still is a wind guy however… Branko told us he was of the wind people.”

“Also Hindro.” Ivory sighed. “You really need better intel.”

“Hmph.” Arada looked over at Ivory. “This guy was not a Hindroian. He’s from the Wind Planet for sure. Branko showed us.”

“Hey, I had to speech this guy out of some sort of a trance after he witnessed Hindro blow up before him. He’s told us about how it’s pretty boring there as well. He’s from Hindro.” Ivory said. “I know more about him than that Branko does, so you had better accept it.”

“Fine then.” Arada said, “then what about the last one?”

“I uh… I know nothing about him.” Ivory said.

“Is that so?” Arada asked.

“I know his name, I know that he can be a jerk, I know he doesn’t really like me or Lagi, and I know his name.” Ivory said. “That’s all I do know about him.”

“Heh, a jerk? Sounds like my type of guy.” Arada smirked. “But you said he can be one. So I'm disappointed.”

“So, you have any paper around here? A pencil either?” Ivory asked.

“If you had told me earlier I could have bought some.” Arada answered.

“So I’m guessing that’s a no.” Ivory sighed.

“What do you need them for?” Arada asked.

“To draw with.” Ivory answered.

“Draw what?” Arada asked.

“I dunno. Whatever’s on my mind.” Ivory said.

“What is on your mind right now?” Arada questioned.

“Lagi.” Ivory answered.

“Do you love this Lagi dearly?”

“Do I have children?” Ivory asked sarcastically.

“Hm.” Arada replied, “you do have children. So, Lagi is your husband?”

“People don’t have to be married to have children you know…” Ivory muttered.

“Having children makes you married.” Arada said.

“No, it doesn’t.” Ivory sighed.

“It's the physical evidence of marriage without law.” Arada said, “having kids without marriage is illegal on every planet I've been to with law.”

“Do you see any supreme government on this planet?” Ivory asked.

“There is none on this part of the planet.” Arada replied, “but the point is you had kids. Thus you are married.”

“No, we’re not. Not married, but when we’re ready we might as well be.” Ivory said.

“Yes, under law. But physically you already are married. I've studied it on Ertin.” Arada replied.

“We… alright I’m not responding to this anymore.” Ivory said.

“Yeah, believe it or not, I haven't spent my life trying to find you and end your life.” Arada said.

“And I ever thought that why?” Ivory asked.

“In fact I never knew about your existence.” Arada said, “the leader knows it, he was the one after you.”

“Cool. So you all are just taking orders from him because he used to have a powerful sword? But you didn’t know that we were even here this whole time…” Ivory muttered.

“Orders are orders. And we follow them with loyalty and pride to our kind.” Arada said, “we all do.”

“So, he doesn’t want me dead yet?” Ivory asked, “do you know why?”

“Nope. But he's after this Lagi guy, not really you. Something about a true enemy.” Arada replied.

“Huh. And I thought Gabe was my brother…” Ivory sighed.

“Oh yeah, and he mentioned some guy named Gaberus that he wanted to find and kill too.” Arada added.

“So killing him once before wasn’t enough… huh?” Ivory asked.

Arada shrugged. “I know nothing about it.”

“Gabe kinda started the whole thing, but it was also your leader. Those two were great friends, or he thought they were. Turns out Gabe was just there to start the war, and it ended with your leader killing every single one of us, two clans, except for Lagi and I, but our fathers were poisoned.” Ivory explained, “Gabe died during the thing, but was later resurrected.”

“Like I said I know nothing.” Arada shrugged.

“Except now you know the short version of what started it.” Ivory pointed out.

“I do know it started way before that. Gaberus was just used to distract us so that your clan could finish us off and win the war.” Arada said.

“I’m just going off of what your leader told me and Lagi.” Ivory said.

“Yeah, and you're saying your brother’s name wrong too by the way.” Arada said, “it's Gaberus, not Gabe.”

“All I’m doing is cutting off three letters, is that such a big deal?” Ivory asked.

“I honestly don't care.” Arada replied.

“Cool. So uh, what do you do for fun?” Ivory asked.

“Killing is pretty fun.” Arada said, “I'm trained for it too, so here I am about to assassinate fifty babies.”

“Alright. One: you aren’t getting anywhere near my kids. Two: killing as in serial murder? Or hunting?” Ivory asked.

“I don't kill just anyone, only certain people that should be dead.” Arada said, “fighting I guess you could say is fun.”

“Alright… anything you like to do that could pass the time in here?” Ivory asked.

“Depends.” Arada said.

“On what?” Ivory asked.

“You a fighter? We could spar.” Arada said.

“I’d prefer not to. Any other time I would gladly, but I’m not feeling violent at the moment.” Ivory said.

“Well then there's nothing else to pass time with.” Arada stood up, “I gotta go check some stuff, behave.”

“Whatever you say.” Ivory said.

to be continued in the next chapter..
also note, there might be a lot of violence
and death
so you have been warned
dont be sad if your favorite character dies

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