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Ultimatanium 2: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 15)

Ultimatanium 2: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 15)

Posted August 8th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 15 |-----



“Good news.” Vivofit said, “it seems that you don’t have to walk in the desert, Tango. I found the exact spot where you bought that sword of yours.”

“Really? Good.” Tango said, “drop me off.”

The spaceship descended into the forest, and it landed.

“Well, it was a nice adventure.” Tango said sarcastically, “thank you for everything.”

He then left the spaceship. And when the back doors opened, I spotted a different spaceship behind. And I recognized the people inside.

It was Draco, Folly, Listy, Uchiho, Draelin, and Kehori.

“Wait, Mehrunes.” I said, pointing at the spaceship. “Look!”

“Isn't that… Folly’s ship right?” Mehrunes replied.

“I don’t know, but look who’s inside.” I said back.

“Yeah I saw that. Told you they were nearby.” Mehrunes replied.

I exited the spaceship and walked up to the other one. When they saw me, the front glass opened up.

“Hey guys! What's up?” Draco asked when he walked out.

“We’ve been taken to this place, and we escaped with an elemental master, but then we had to take part in a mission, but this other elemental master increased our power, and then we finished the mission, stole one of the enemies ships, and came here to drop Tango off and we luckily found you.” I explained quickly to Draco.

“Huh. Neat. Well me and Folly had to fight an evil twin of mine and we killed him and his master who had Uchiho and the rest captured, then we took Folly’s ship and flew here.” Draco said.

“So wait.” I said, “Folly’s no longer your enemy?”

“No not really. We killed my thing Broshi and his master so we’re pretty cool now in terms of wanting to kill each other.” Draco replied.

“I mistook him for Broshi, when Broshi was his twin brother.” Folly said from next to Draco, “and I have to repay my debt now, and help Draco when he needs it.”

“Okay. Guess that makes us friends.” I said, “well, anyway, if you don’t mind, we’re gonna have to take Draco and the others with us.”

“Go ahead. My ship doesn’t have enough room anyway.” Folly replied.

“Alright, then come on Draco.” I said, turning around.

Draco and the rest of the girls followed me to the spaceship we stole. We entered.

“Hey Mehrunes, I brought them.” I said to Mehrunes.

“Good for them.” Mehrunes said. “We don’t really have any more seats though.”

“Maybe there's a cool function that adds more seats.” Vivofit said, pressing random buttons.

Suddenly, two missiles shot out, hit some trees, causing them to turn to dust!

“Actually it would be a switch, not a button that says ‘fire’.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah that sounds good.” Draco said, still looking at where the trees used to be.

“Maybe this one?” Vivofit asked, pulling a switch.

Suddenly a red laser beam shot out, cutting ten trees in half!

“Maybe we shouldn't have you touch any more switches or buttons.” Draco said.

Mehrunes then flipped the switch off, and the laser beam turned off. He also flipped some other switches, and suddenly, five seats came out of the ground behind us.

“Oh.” Vivofit said, “it was those switches.”

“No kidding.” Mehrunes replied.

“I don’t feel safe with Vivofit driving.” Kehori said, taking a seat. “Can someone else drive?”

“Yeah I could drive.” Mehrunes replied.

“Then please do.” Kehori said.

Mehrunes sat in the driver’s seat, as Vivofit got out, with a frown on his face.

“So where do you all want to go?” Mehrunes asked.

“That’s a hard question. Where DO we go?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Listy said.

“Hmm…” Draco thought.

“Hmm indeed.” Mehrunes replied, starting the ship.

“I have an idea.” I then said, “we go back to Glare and ask him if he can get us to Saturo somehow. So we can then have a reunion.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes said.

“So to the Light Planet we go.” Draco said, “let’s go.”


“DON’T TELL ME HOW TO DRIVE!” Mehrunes yelled back, going into lightspeed and getting off the planet and into space.

“But you need to know how to drive! And I happen to be the expert!” Vivofit replied.

“Put a marshmallow in your mouth and keep it there for the duration of this ride.” Mehrunes replied.

“Besides.” Draco said to Vivofit, “you’re the expert of crashing, not driving.”

“And it’s technically flying not driving.” Mehrunes commented.

“Yeah.” Vivofit said, “it doesn’t matter… Let’s just get to the Light Planet so I can buy a new spaceship.”


Well. This plan seemed to go perfect. We were now surrounded by masked pale women with dangerous weapons. What more could you wish for?

“New plan.” I said to Lavender, Lagi, and Ivory, “try to stay alive.”

“I’m a natural at that.” Lavender replied.

The women got closer to us, their blades shimmering, even though there was barely any light.

“So. Does anybody have some way to blind people?” Lagi asked.

“No.” I replied, “but I have something that can fight them.”

“What is it?” Ivory asked as the women got closer. “And why have you not unleashed it yet?”

“Waiting for the right moment.” I replied, “and after I do it, Lagi, you and Ivory turn into Lagiacrus’s and become the ‘source’. We can fight through this that way.”

“Okay then, but when will we know when the right moment is?” Lagi asked.

“Well it’ll be easy…” I said, as a woman swung her sword at me. I unleashed my axe, blocked the attack, and then made a large shockwave. “Now!”

Lagi and Ivory roared as they turned into Lagiacrus’s and became the source. When they did that, they took a massive amount of space, and Lavender and I were suddenly on top of them.

“ARRRRRRGH.” Elec was still in pain. The tall woman was still hurting him.

“Lagi! Shockwave! The two of us! At the same time! At her!” I shouted.

“*ROAR*,” Lagi roared in agreement.

Then, the two of us made a large shockwave right at the tall woman. It hit her, and knocked her back. Elec was unaffected.

“How dare you.” the woman barked.

She lifted her hands, and green dust began to surround us. Suddenly, Lagi and Ivory turned back to humans, and the four of us floated in mid air.

Then, I felt pain in my heart… Like, it was being stabbed a billion of times per second.

All four of us yelled in pain, along with Elec.

“S-stop…!!” I yelled, in pain, “p-please…!”

“You should have thought twice before coming here. Now you will suffer just like Elec.” The tall woman said.

“I don’t think so.” said a voice.

I didn’t quite see what happened then, but the woman fell back, and all five of us fell onto the floor.

I got up afterwards, and looked at the tall woman. In front of her was a man wearing maroon robes. He also had a staff with a purple crystal on the top.

“You better skedaddle.” the man said, “before I cast a big curse on you that even you cannot do.”

“You’ll pay for speaking to me like that!” the woman yelled, before she suddenly disappeared, leaving green ashes behind.

All the other women disappeared afterwards, along with Shock. We stood there, looking at the man.

“Who are you?” Lagi asked.

“Your hero.” The man replied.

“Not what I asked.” Lagi said.

“Yes. I am supposed to be known by everyone… At least that’s what I want…” the man said, “but, I am Wizord. And I’m one of the greatest wizards in the galaxy.”

“Hello Wizord, and thank you for saving us.” Ivory said.

“Your welcome.” Wizord replied, “now. I have to go. You should get out of here, those witches aren’t nice. Unlike the ones I’m familiar with. These ones like to do evil things.”

“Those were witches?” Lavender asked.


“No wonder they were ugly.”

Wizord walked up to Elec, who was lying on the floor. He poked him with his staff, which was glowing pink.

“*COUGH!*” Elec suddenly coughed, and he opened his eyes.

He then saw Wizord. And he got up.

“Wizord.” he said, looking around.


“Hmm… I see now. I remember.” Elec said, “my student, taken the wrong path. Wanted revenge.”


“I thank you for saving me.” Elec said, “it was embarrassing being tortured that easily.”

“You haven’t come in contact with these witches. You are fine.” Wizord replied, “besides. I wasn’t the one who saved you necessarily.”

Wizord cocked his head at our direction. Elec turned his head and saw us.

“Hi.” Lagi said.

“We followed Shock.” Ivory said.

“And we tried to save you, but we had trouble and Wizord helped us.” I said.

Wizord then somehow disappeared. And Elec walked over to us.

“I have to admit.” Elec said, “I’m proud of you. You did what would be the right thing to do.” He paused as we smiled. “But. You need to learn that only some things are worth taking risks. This wasn’t worth it. We are on the outskirts of the galaxy. Far away from home.”


“You take the spaceship back home. I will go through space.” Elec said, “this is a lesson. A test. Find your way back home.”

Elec then disappeared.

“Well, let’s get to it then!” Ivory said as she walked away.

“Hopefully Glitter knows how to fly a spaceship…” I muttered as I followed.

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