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Ultimatanium 2: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 16)

Ultimatanium 2: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 16)

Posted August 10th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Last chapter. Another finished book to my list.



-----| Chapter 16 |-----



“So… You do know where Glare’s house is, right?” I asked Mehrunes, as we descended into the Light Planet’s atmosphere.

We got past a battlefield easily because of our stolen spaceship. We made it here faster than we would have in Vivofit’s old spaceship.

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied “Let’s go with yes.”

“It’s near Bright City. And Bright City is the biggest city so just get there and then… Wait… No that’s not good…” Vivofit said, “we’ll be attacked! Because of our spaceship!”

“Wonder if we have cloaking…” Mehrunes said to himself looking at the controls. “Don’t think we do…”

“Yeah, how about we ditch the ship?” Vivofit suggested.

“What’s the verdict on that everyone?” Mehrunes questions.

Before any of us could reply, Vivofit shoved Mehrunes out of his seat, and turned on lightspeed while we were facing down towards the planet! And suddenly…


Less than a second later we crashed. Mehrunes was all the way in the back. He was the only one without a seatbelt on because Vivofit took his seat.

He looked injured… His face was… Messed up.

“This looks like a job for…” Uchiho said, getting out of her seat.

“Uchiho the useless!” Vivofit shouted.

She glared at him. She then walked over to him, and slapped him in the face.

“OW!” Vivofit shouted.

She then turned away and walked to Mehrunes and healed him.

“VIVO!!!!!!” Mehrunes yelled.

Vivofit was startled, and he fell back.

“Oh-ho-ho you are in for a WORLD of pain!” Mehrunes said furiously walking towards Vivofit.

“Hey, we needed to get down to the planet undetected! Lightspeed was my best idea!” Vivofit said, defending himself as he backed away from the furious Mehrunes.


“No! If we landed we would have been spotted and shot down!” Vivofit argued, running away from Mehrunes.

“INSTEAD NOW WE’VE MADE A HUGE AMOUNT OF NOISE AND HAVE BEEN DETECTED ANYWAY!!!!!” Mehrunes yelled, teleporting in front of Vivofit and throwing him to the floor.

“Guys! Chillax! We’re on the same side!” I said, pushing Mehrunes away from Vivofit using the wind.

“Sure.” Mehrunes said, still mad.

“Let’s get out of this spaceship. And see where we are.” I said.

Mehrunes suddenly blew a hole in one of the spaceship walls. And then we spotted someone. It was rather a particular cat riding on a particular dragon.

“Oh hey! They’re back! And I thought this was an intruder!” said the cat, who we should all remember, Fireball.

“Fireball!” Draco shouted, running out of the spaceship as the rest of us followed, “where’s Glare? We need to talk to him.”

“Oh he’s here alright. He heard the crash. Nice landing by the way! Who did it?” Fireball asked.

None of us replied, but we pointed at Vivo.

“Cool! The ship teleported into the ground somehow!” Fireball said.

“Actually it was lightspeed, Fireball.” Draco said.

We then saw who we were looking for… Glare. He was standing there.

“Nice of you to drop in. I see that the teleportation device didn’t work. I’m glad you still made it back.” Glare said.

It had been so long since I’ve heard his voice.

“A lot has happened, Glare.” I said, “and we want to find Saturo.”

Glare looked me in the eye.

“I understand…”


“I looked into your mind. You have been through a lot… I saw a glimpse in your future… You don’t need me anymore.” Glare said, “none of you do.” He paused. “Very well. I will find Saturo’s location. You will go to him in the morning. In the meantime take some rest. You’ve been through a lot.”

Theres it. End of this book.

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