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Ultimatanium: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 13)

Ultimatanium: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 13)

Posted May 14th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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-----| Chapter 13 |-----



All of us were in Glare’s car. It was actually a cool car, the doors open upwards, and it was golden… And glowing, of course. It was one of those fancy cool cars, it made Glare seem rich!

His car was pretty big too. It fit all six of us in the back. We were driving on the road, not the highway, since Bright City was nearby.

Soon, we could see the city up ahead. There was this GIANT building in the middle of it… I wonder what that building is for…

“What is our prize gonna be?” Saturo questioned.

“You’ll find out soon.” Glare replied from the front.

“ARGH! Why do you have to keep me in suspense!?” Saturo exclaimed in question and rage.

Glare laughed. We then parked in front of a big building, with big letters written in the front that read, ‘BANK’.

“Come on, now, and stay behind me and don’t run off.” Glare said, as he exited his car.

All of us followed silently. We’re entering a bank! I think, that means, Glare’s going to give us money! But wait… What even is the currency on the Light Planet? I wonder…

We entered the building, and there were a lot of people inside, wearing glowing clothes. Glare led us to a counter, where an old man sat.

“Hello there.” Glare greeted the man, “I’ve come to take 3,000 Ultims from my checking account.”

The old man looked up at Glare. He smiled. “Sure thing.”

He then told the man behind him something, before the man walked off into another room.

“Ultims?” Saturo whispered.

“That’s the currency used in the Ultimates Galaxy.” Lavender whispered, “10 bucks on Hindro is one Ultim.”

“So wait… Our prize is getting money? How much?” Draco asked in a whisper voice.

“You see, take 3,000 and divide it by 6. You get 500. We each get 500 Ultims.” Listy whispered.

“Okay, but maybe he is just getting money to buy something. But we’ll just have to see.” Draco commented in a whisper voice.

“But wow. That means I might get 5000 dollars in Hindro’s currency.” Saturo whispered.

Then, the man from before came back with an envelope. He handed it to Glare, who smiled and said, “thank you. Have a good day.”

Glare then turned to us.

“Let’s go.” he said.

We then followed Glare back outside, and into his car.

“Now. Your prize is, you each get 500 Ultims. And with it you can do whatever you want. It’s your money.” Glare said, before he handed us each glowing wallets, “I’ve bought you wallets. In there you have your money, and a picture of you.”

I looked inside my wallet, and I spotted the picture of me. It was me shooting a beam of wind! Pretty cool.

“Thanks!” Saturo said.

“No problem, now we’ll go back home and eat dinner. It’s been a long and hard day for all of us.” Glare said, before starting the car and beginning to drive home.

“I just remembered.” Draco then spoke up, “I’m gonna have to deal with Zephyr and Fireball when we get back.”

“Yep…” Lavender replied.

“Good luck with that.” Mehrunes said.

“Actually it’s not that hard for me to calm them down.” Draco replied.

“What if, when we get there, we see that Gagger kicked them into space again?” I question with a smile.

“That’s not very funny for me you know.” Draco said.

“Well we haven’t seen Gagger yet. Where even is he? Somewhere training with Tenker?” Saturo wondered in question.

“Most likely.” Draco said.

“Glare? Do you know?” Saturo asked.

“Yes, they’re adventuring… And trying to not die.” Glare replied, “they are testing themselves. And also, Saturo, you need to call me Master Glare when you are talking to me from now on. Especially around others.”

“O-okay…” Saturo replied. “I’ll do that, Master Glare.”

“I’ve also been thinking… I might open an Ultimates School. It’ll have many students. But a small school, with only one class. Because, lots of people sent letters and spoke to the Ultimates Council about opening a public school, and they said they would when the population of Ultimates increase… Meaning it will one day, but we don’t know when.” Glare said, “but anyway, I might open a school.”

“Okay but Mehrunes doesn’t look happy for some reason.” Draco said.

Glare looked back, and saw that Mehrunes was looking back through the back window.

“Oh… No…” Glare then said.

I looked through the back window… We were still in Bright City, and there was an army of… A lot of men… It was Ultimate Darths army! They’re here!

“Oh. We’ve got trouble. BIG trouble.” Lavender said.

Suddenly, we could hear screaming and shouting, and Glare’s car suddenly flew into the sky doing flips while we were in it! It crashed into a building, catching on fire. We all made it out somehow though, and we weren’t injured. In front of us was the army, and they were attacking a lot of people, while they were screaming and shouting as well as running away in terror.

“We can’t run.” Glare said, “then we’ll have to fight…”

“What!? Fight!?” Lavender exclaimed in shock, “THIS IS THE STRONGEST ARMY IN THE GALAXY WE’RE TALKING ABOUT!”

“Hush.” Glare said back, “we’re not alone. The Ultimate Council is in this city. We’ll be fine.”

I was eager to try and fight… The strongest army! I wanted to see how I would do, and hopefully not die… Wait… What am I thinking!? This is the strongest army! I’ll die! Last time I encountered them, I almost did die! Heck, Mehrunes did die!

“We can’t fight them. They’re too strong… And we’re weak…” Saturo said.

“Yeah, we’re not gonna be able to do much, if anything at all.” Draco added.

“You think you’re alone on that? To them, I’m weak as well. I’m stronger than you but I am still weaker than them.” Glare said.

“But… I don’t want to be weak… I hate being weak…” Saturo said, “I want to get more and more powerful.”

“Me too, I almost have PTSD when it comes to that word.” Draco said.

“Basically none of us want to be weak.” I said, turning to Glare, “but how do we get power?”

“I’ve said this before. If you want to become really powerful, you’ll need to train under someone who has the same main power as you. If your main power was Light, you could become powerful training under me. But in that case, none of you have that main power.” Glare replied.

“I think we should run… The army is distracted with someone else.” Lavender said.

All of us then began to run. We made it far, we were no longer in the city. We were now in a forest.

“So now what do we do?” Draco asked.

“You guys run… Get back home, and enable the shields.” Glare commanded. “There’s not much time. The army knows where we are. Go. NOW!”

All six of us ran. We didn’t know where Glare’s house would be. After running for a long time without stopping, we spotted a tree, with the number ‘100’ printed onto it.

“Woah! Guys! I remember this! This is where Draco, Ich, and I were tested right when we were gonna be Glare’s students! There’s a hole back here that takes us down!” Saturo suddenly shouted.

The six of us surrounded the tree. We spotted the hole, that was deep.

“GET IN THE HOLE!” Mehrunes yelled, jumping in.

“Wow, he had to yell.” Lavender commented, “but he’s right, let’s go.”

We all jumped into the hole. After we had made it down, when we suddenly levitated to the ground slowly, we spotted three tunnels. They were labeled with numbers. 7, 56, and 20.

“Yep, I remember this.” I said, “which path do we…”

I stopped talking. I spotted a creature in front of me… A familiar one… It was blue and yellow, had a body of a tiger and a head of a bird… It was Glitter. Also known as Zap, but Glitter is what I’m going to call him instead.

“Glitter!” Saturo shouted. “It’s been so long!”

All of us paid attention to the creature. It couldn’t talk to us, not without a translator, and it was silent. For about a minute.

Mehrunes then spoke up. “So is there a specific reason we’re all doing nothing? Or are we just taking a break or do we just like this cavern or what? What is it, are you waiting for a translator? I don’t know, somebody tell me!” Mehrunes said. “Is it a reunion…?”

“Actually. Why is Glitter here?” I asked, taking part in Mehrunes’s silence-breaking.

“We should ask.” Mehrunes replied.

“We kinda need a translator for that.” Draco said.

“You mean this one?” Mehrunes asked, holding up the translator.

“What other translator would we be talking about!?” Draco exclaimed, somewhat in rage (I could tell by his face).

“Yeah I know! I was trying to use a cliche, Draco! You should know that, if not then learn it!” Mehrunes replied, handing the translator to Saturo. “Here, Saturo you ask.”

Saturo looked over at Glitter.

“Glitter, why are you here?” Saturo questioned.

“CAW! ……… Elec’s here.” Glitter said through the translator.

“Elec? You mean the Master of Electricity?” Lavender asked.

Glitter nodded.

“Why is the person who is the BEST with using the power of electricity here?” Lavender asked.

“Because…” a voice said.

We turned and spotted, Elec himself… With his electric blue and yellow clothes and everything…

“I’ll explain.” Elec said, “Glare contacted me, and asked me to take one of his students as my student instead. And, I, myself, have interest in Saturo… You all know, the war is starting, and I heard you all hated being weak. And you need masters with the same main power as you.”

Elec looked over at Saturo.

“Saturo, you will be my student from now on. Glare and I already have signed the form and everything.” Elec said.

“Okay… Do you want me to call you Master Elec then from now on?” Saturo asked.

“No, Elec is fine.” Elec replied.

“But then, if I go with you, only I will be getting stronger. What about everyone else?” Saturo asked.

“Glare will talk with your friends. But, now, Saturo. Say your goodbyes. We’re going to the Electric Planet, to my mansion.” Elec said.

“Oh well. I can still see them again, right?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah. In fact, whoever their masters will be, I’ll speak with them and have them have send all of you on the same missions. Sound good?” Elec asked.

“Yeah… Well…” Saturo said, before turning to face the rest of us, “bye guys!”

All of us said goodbye, and Elec disappeared through the hallway with Glitter and Saturo. The rest of us were there, silent. Saturo just left… My best friend is gone, and I bet for a pretty long time…

Then, Mehrunes broke the sad silence by speaking up.

“Tearful goodbyes aside, we are still running from an army… besides we’ll see him soon.” Mehrunes said.


“It’s fine… But then, what do we do now?” I asked.

“Well you’ve been here before, how did you get past then?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t know, last time we went in path 20 and there was just a small lab area. That’s all there was, we were teleported away after that.” I answered.

“Was there a riddle? Because the tree said 100, these paths have numbers and whatever else may have a number.” Mehrunes questioned.

“There was no riddle, but there was a bunch of numbers on a paper. Last time we went through 20. My curiosity wants me to go through the other paths.” I said.

“Are we going to Glares house or exploring?” Listy asked. “It’s one or the other, really.”

“We are in Glare’s house already. We’re in his underground lab, so… We’re here. We can explore.” I said.

“You go first, then.” Mehrunes said. “Choose a path.”

“I say… Path 56!” I exclaimed.

“Okay. Going down path 56…” Mehrunes said. “Start walkin.”

I began walking down path 56, and it was just empty. Glowing as well. The five of us walked and walked, until we reached a door. I stood in front of it, and looked back at the rest, waiting for them to tell me to do something.

“We walked down here, open the door or it was for nothing.” Mehrunes said.

I opened the door, and to my surprise, I spotted what seemed to be a portal. And it was just there, and it wasn’t activated. I looked back at the others again.

“Same logic. We’ve come down here and opened the door, but do we really want to activate the portal?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t know… But we still have to do something that Glare asked us to do… Activate the shields, he said… How do we do that?” I asked.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes replied. “Probably a button or lever.”

“Activate the portal!” Listy suddenly said. “There. Problem solved. Not really but whatever it’s good enough.”

“But that's the portal! We’re trying to find out how to activate the shields. Not portal. Shields!” Draco said to Listy, finally speaking after a long time of silence.

“If you don’t know where you're going, any road will get you there.” Mehrunes replied.

“Actually that’s wrong. No road will ever get you there.” Draco said. “That’s just plain normal logic.”

“Incorrect. If you have no destination, in any sense, any road will get you to your non-existent destination, as it does not exist, thus making your destination wherever you end up!” Mehrunes replied. “We don’t know where to activate the shields, and so we cannot choose the correct path to that specific destination, thus making it wherever we go correct and incorrect simultaneously! We will end up where we need to be eventually, since we know a general area to look in. And if we want to use logic to our advantage, we would know that Glare is a scientist, and that he does in fact have shields for his house, dictating it’s there, and since it’s useful enough, it would be in a convenient location easily accessible, so there would probably be multiple activation areas around the house.”

While Mehrunes was talking, Lavender, Draco, and I were already walking down the hallway to get to the other path instead.

“Where did they go?” I heard Listy question back in the other room.

“We left over a minute ago!” Draco shouted back to them. “We’re on our way to find the room.”

Then, Mehrunes and Listy caught up with us, and we were on our way back to the separate paths.

“Before we decide on doing anything, let’s check out every place.” I said.

“That seems like a good plan.” Mehrunes said.

“Yep…” Draco agreed.

We then made it to the other hallway, path 7. It looked exactly the same. We began to walk through the hallway. After awhile, we spotted a familiar figure… Kehori!

“Oh hello!” Draco said.

“Huh? Oh hi! You guys are back!” Kehori said. “I was cha-- No actually, no wait… I was, no, wait… Nevermind!”

“That’s not suspicious or anything.” Mehrunes replied.

“I was definitely not planning anything with Uchiho and Draelin.” Kehori said.

“That makes me think you were.” Mehrunes said. “And at the same time, the opposite. But moreso one than the other.”

“Oh gosh, I’m a terrible liar…” Kehori said, face palming.

“So you were planning something with Uchiho and my sister?” Draco asked.

“No… They are planning something, I’m not part of it…” Kehori answered. “I just came here, and I’m exploring. I somehow managed to get down here, wherever/whatever this is…”

“So wait, how did you get down here?” I asked.

“There was an elevator I accidently found. I used it to get down here.” Kehori replied, “and there was a lever next to the elevator that had a sign above it saying, ‘Activate Shields’ …”

“And do you happen to remember where that elevator is?” Draco asked.

“Sadly… I forgot…” Kehori said, sounding ashamed.

“Darn it!” Draco said quietly.

“I’m kidding! It’s right down this hallway!” Kehori replied with a smile.

“Oh good.” Draco said in relief.

“Kehori, you are SO useful, always are there to help us. We need to keep you around.” I said, before I sprinted down the hallway.

The rest of them followed, and we made it to the elevator, and Kehori was right, next to it was a lever with a sign saying ‘Activate Shields’.

I didn’t even stop to look at the rest this time, I just immediately pulled the lever. Then we heard some cool sounds that would be in Sci-Fi movies.

“So we probably should go into the actual house portion…” Mehrunes suggested.

“Yeah, that’s what the elevator takes you to.” Kehori said.

“Really?!” Mehrunes questioned sarcastically. “I didn’t know that! Even though you mentioned it.”

“Very funny, guys.” Lavender commented before pressing the button for the elevator. “Let’s go.”

The next chapter is the last before the next book!
To be continued in the next chapter!

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