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Ultimatanium 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)

Ultimatanium 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)

Posted August 12th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy


This chapter is one of my favorites. It reveals a lot about some characters anyway... Please read and comment!




-----| Chapter 1 |-----



Well. It all went quite fine. We were able to take off, using the spaceship Shock had stolen. Glitter, fortunately, was able to drive. It was interesting, the way he looked in his griffin form, in the driver’s seat.

“We are halfway there. Half an hour left.” Glitter said to me.

“Glitter says we’re halfway there. Half an hour left.” I said to the others, Lavender, Lagi, and Ivory.

“Good. I hate spaceships. Even though I don’t get space sick anymore.” Lagi said.

“What are we gonna do during that time?” Lavender asked, raising an eyebrow at me for some reason that made me uncomfortable.

“Wonder where everyone else is.” Ivory said.

“Everyone else?” I asked.

“Ich, Draco, some guy whose name starts with an M, Vivofit, Vulgon, you know, them.” Ivory said while rolling her eyes.

“Oh. Right.” I said, “who knows where they are. They could be anywhere.”

“Which is why we wonder where they are.” Ivory said.


We were then silent as the spaceship continued to move in lightspeed. What stopped the silence was the engines of the spaceship, or what seemed to be the gas tank.

“This isn’t good. We don’t have enough fuel to keep going to the Electric Planet.” Glitter said to me.

“Guys, we don’t have enough fuel to get to the Electric Planet!” I translated.

“Then where are we going to land and beg for fuel?” Lagi asked.

“We are going to land on a different planet, to refuel and then take off again.” Glitter said, “Ertin is on the way to the Electric Planet. We’ll stop there.”

“We’re going to land on Ertin to refuel.” I said to the others.

“Refuel? We have more? Or is it solar powered or something?” Ivory asked.

“There are Space Stations!” Lavender said, “they are gas stations, for spaceships.”

“Is it called Space-and-Go?” Lagi asked.

“There is a company called that.” Lavender replied.

“Is that where we’re going?” Lagi asked.

“Apparently, yes.”

Then, the spaceship went out of lightspeed. We spotted Ertin far in the distance. But there was one problem…

We had to pass through a war zone to get to it.

“Well that’s just great, isn’t it?” Ivory asked.

“Yeah, now I’ll have to wait to see the lines of chips all over the place.” Lagi replied with a frown.

Glitter then went right through the war zone. Lasers and dangerous materials were flying EVERYWHERE.

But Glitter went right through like it was nothing.


Guess it wasn’t nothing. There was someone shooting at us. Repeatedly.

“CAW!” Glitter cawed.

The spaceship sped up, but then something big hit us.


A big red light began to flash, and a loud siren sound was heard. Our spaceship was pulled by Ertin’s gravity. We were gonna crash… Great.

“Glitter, are you just Vivofit in a Glitter costume?” Lagi asked.

“Not the best time for jokes!” Ivory said.

“And we were HIT by something, it forces the spaceship to crash… It’s a dangerous weapon and we passed through a warzone!” Lavender said, as we were now in the atmosphere of the planet.

“Are we anywhere near Space-and-Go? There is something I really need to do there! Life or death, even!” Lagi said.

“CAW!” Glitter cawed.

“That means no!” I said to Lagi.

“But I need to get there!” Lagi yelled.

“What for?!” I yelled back, as we were now getting closer to the ground. I could also tell the spaceship was on fire.

“I need to pee.” Lagi said.

“Do that later! Can’t you see we are gonna crash? We need to get out of here so we don’t die!” I yelled.

“I’ll try, but there’s also one more thing.” Lagi said.

“What is it?”

“There’s a tree.”

“CAAW!” Glitter suddenly cawed.

The spaceship was gonna crash right into a tree. And what happened next was so fast. Glitter grabbed all four of us, and suddenly shrank through the walls of the spaceship and then went back to normal size afterwards.


The spaceship crashed. Into the tree. And the tree was on fire.

“I’ll put it out.” Lavender said, making water appear out of thin air and putting the fire out.

As she did that, I looked around. We were in the middle of nowhere, except next to a highway. We seemed to be near farmland too.

“Well…” I then said to Lagi, “you can go pee now, just over there by the tree.”

“Okay!” Lagi said as he ran off to the tree.

The three of us (not counting Glitter, but he waited too as a Griffin) waited for him, silently. After a couple minutes, Lagi returned.

“So… What are we gonna do now?” Lavender asked.

“Find a new ship,” Lagi said.


We heard a car drift behind us. Glitter shrank and leaped into my pocket.

We then saw someone. In a blue expensive looking sports car, we saw a man sitting there alone. He wore expensive looking clothes, and had sunglasses on. The man was obviously rich.

“Hey there kiddos.” the man said, “you seem lost.”

“Yeah…” I said.

“I could give you a ride.” The man said, looking back at our spaceship, “to the spaceport.”

“STRANGER DANGER!!” Lagi yelled as he ran away.

And as he did, his tail was in sight. And the man was looking at it.

“Wait. Does that kid, have a tail?” The man asked.

“Yes, he does. You can see it.” Lavender answered.

The man walked back to his car, thinking to himself about something.

“Lagi! Come back here!” I shouted to Lagi.

“Wait.” the man then said, “did you say… Lagi?”

I look at his direction.

“Yeah…” I said.

“And, this…” the man said looking at Ivory, “this young lady is Ivory?”

“Why do you know my name?” Ivory asked.

The man looked back at Lagi, who was still there, but far.

“Have you heard of… Lagikiller?” The man asked.

“Who?” Ivory asked.

“The hunter who is after the remaining human lagiacrus’s.” The man answered, “that’s the name he goes by.”

“That’s very bad.” Ivory said.

“And what’s worse, is that he offered a lot of money to anyone who finds them.” The man said.

Ivory ran after Lagi yelling, “LAGI! RUN FASTER!”

“Oh for pete’s sake…” the man said, “can’t you see I’m rich? I don’t need any money. But I do… No wait… YOU do, need me.”

I then heard what the man had said. This was worth hearing… Since we have nothing else to do.

Glitter suddenly got out of my pocket, and flew and grabbed Lagi and Ivory and brought them back.


“Here me out, Lagi Acrus!” the man shouted. “And you too, Ivory.”

“Why?” Lagi asked.

The man looked around him. He looked EVERYWHERE around him, before looking back at Lagi and Ivory.

Then suddenly, the man began to change… In form…

And then quickly after that, he grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and THEN I recognized what had happened.


Boom. The man had just turned into a Lagiacrus.

“What.” Lagi said.

The Lagiacrus was twice the size of Lagi when HE was a Lagiacrus…

“Is.” Ivory said.

“This?!” Lagi yelled.

The Lagiacrus then changed, and turned back into the man from before.

“You see…” the man explained, “no one knew this. But, you are not the only Human Lagiacrus’s left. I am one of you.”

“Wow…” Lagi said. “I thought we were the only ones left.”

“As did I.” Ivory said.

“I never wanted to stay on the Water Planet. It was boring for me.” The man said, “so I left. And came to Ertin and became rich. Abyss said I was a ‘shame to the Human Lagiacrus kind’ because of my decision.”

“Well, I could see why he would think that.” Lagi said.

“I.” the man then said, “am Laro. Laro Arcus. Abyss was my older brother.”

“So, you’re like, my uncle?” Lagi asked.

“Yes. I am your uncle.” Laro said smiling.

“Wow.” Lagi said.

“Lagikiller never knew about me, because I left long before he wiped out the species. And no one mentioned me because I was apparently ‘a shame’.” Laro explained. “Which is why no one knows about me. Which is why everyone is convinced you two are the only ones left.”

“Are there any more? Or we the last three?” Lagi asked.

“We are the last three.” Laro answered.

“That stinks.” Lagi said.

“Not so fast!” Laro said, eyeing Lagi and Ivory, “the population of the Human Lagiacrus’s is going to be restored. That’s you two’s job.”

“Um…” Ivory said.

“If all goes wrong, then our species will go extinct.” Laro said.

“That… is definitely not applying pressure…” Lagi muttered.

“But we should go now.” Laro said, beginning to walk to his fancy car, “before anyone gets here and finds out you are here. Come with me. To my home.”

“Okay then.” Lagi said as he followed Laro. Ivory soon followed.

“What about us?” I then asked.

Laro looks back and said, “you guys seem to be Lagi’s friends. As long as you don’t tell anyone working with Lagikiller, you can come too.”

They then got into the car. Lavender and I walked toward the car to get in as well. And along the way, Lavender muttered, “to think they were running away from him just a minute ago…”

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