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Ultimates 1: 3rd Series: (Chapter 2): {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates 1: 3rd Series: (Chapter 2): {CC PLEASE}

Posted May 16th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

yo guys, you dont have to read the first two series' to understand this, so you can skip!



anyway here's chapter two


Chapter 2: Lauren


“Hey Lauren?” I heard somebody ask me. “Are you dating Tango, yet?”

I looked over, surprised, to find my little sister, Bella, smirking next to me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked her. Good thing Tango had just gone to the bathroom. I was alone with Bella at the kiddie pool.

“Everyone knows that you two like each other,” Bella told me.

“So?” I asked her. Why are little kids so honest, at times? When they’re not in trouble, I mean.

“Because they don’t know better,” My Ultimate Crystal, Boomerang, informed me. “They just say whatever they think.”

“So why aren’t you dating each other?” Bella asked. Please make it stop.

“Because… well…” I trailed off, then continued,  “I don’t know?”

“Then you should!” Bella told me.

“Should what?” Tango asked, having come back from the bathroom. No. Please no.

“Well for starters, you should probably stop having conversations when I’m standing at the ‘door’, eavesdropping.” A voice said.

I looked over and saw… Mehrunes.

“Have fun,” Boomerang told me.

“So, I’m gonna have to agree with Bella on this topic,” Mehrunes said. “It’s a good question. Why aren’t you two dating? You should be dating.”

“Fair point.” Tango admitted, “it’s a good question.”

“You should.”

“Whose side are you on?”

“Yours. Go with it.”

“Fine. *SIGH* I agreed.

“I know it’s a fair point. That’s why I made it, after Bella made it, so I guess I reinforced it,” Mehrunes said. “I do my research and spend time knowing things I shouldn't, like way too much time on you two. You really should date at this point. Why else would you still be walking around together?”

“Just Agree.”

“Why not?” I sighed, “and you’re a stalker.”

“Okay first, I’m not a stalker. Stalkers would take pictures and have a key to your house somehow. I don’t have any of that, nor do I want that,” Mehrunes countered. “Second, I predict a 75% chance you have yer ultimate crystal absorbed an are taking advice from it. Yes?”

“Stalker,” I told him.

“Thanks, Lauren. You too, I hope you water Tango’s plants with literal poison,” Mehrunes replied harshly. “Oh, or you could let me stab him and he could drown due to you pulling him into the water. Lauren don’t insult me, you won’t win.”

“We can’t drown,” I sighed, referring to our genetic ability to breathe underwater, “and sorry. It’s just creepy.”

“I literally do this to everyone and they know it. I don’t even really know why… but it would be creepy if I knew say, your crush. No wait, it wouldn't. Hmm… got it. It’d be creepy if I had pictures of you sleeping or something. I do not,” Mehrunes replied. “Tango you’ve been awfully silent, do you happen to have anything to add?”

“For a moment, I thought you were going to say that you actually had pictures of her sleeping. Like knowing who she likes,” Tango said.

“I have a pretty good idea of who she likes,” Mehrunes replied. “Glad this conversation came from Bella asking why you two aren’t dating. This is fun for me.”

“Why are you glad it came from her?” Tango asked Mehrunes.

Mehrunes shrugged. “I dunno. Why aren’t you two dating,” Mehrunes smirked.

“Who says we aren’t?” Tango asked out loud, then asked in my head, using his ultimate crystal, “Yes?”

“May as well admit it,” I told him, glad that it was easier in my head. If I had to say it out loud, it would have been way harder.

“Oi. It’s rude to keep secrets,” Mehrunes said. “What’s with the silence? Are you practicing for something? Hmm? Are you quiet?” Mehrunes smirked.

“I asked you a question,” Tango smirked, “we’re being polite and waiting for you to answer.”

“Who says I’m answering the question?” Mehrunes asked.

“Nobody. We were waiting for you to,” Tango said, still smirking, “you don’t have to answer.”

Mehrunes slitted his eyes, suspicious. “Explain the smirk, then,”

“I was smirking because you were acting like it was strange for us to be quiet,” Tango smirked.

“I’m a suspicious person,” Mehrunes said, seeming to buy it. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I-” Mehrunes was interrupted by none other than Rando, who splashed right next to him. Not in the water.

“PURPLE!” Rando yelled.

“Right. I’m leaving. Goodbye,” Mehrunes said, walking off.

“You used your crystals to talk!” Bella accused us.

“You already won. Stop rubbing it in,” I told her.

Suddenly, Rando splashed me in the face with water randomly out of nowhere. I looked at him.

“You’re lucky we’re in a public place,” I told him, “or you would get a lot more water than that in your face.”

? Flip ?

Hey there, this is Flip. Not much know me, or know much about me. So I should introduce myself. My name is Flip Entrey. My background is, interesting. I’m from the Water Planet, from a species of humans that live underwater, breathe it, and even control it. So I can do all that from my genetics.

Except I’m not like the others, the WaterBreathe is what they called themselves. None of us are like them, because there was a war and most WaterBreathe ended up dying. The only ones that survived weren’t even on the Water Planet, for example, I was on the Dark Planet. Which brings me to my power, darkness. I was raised by my adopted parents, I’m not sure how they got me in the first place. They haven’t told me. I went to school often, very often. I’ve even attending some private schools for Ultimates, so I’ve learned a lot about Ultimates and powers. So because of that I’m pretty powerful, however I would be ranked as intermediate. I still have a lot to learn. Everyone does, even the council themselves are still learning.

But I moved away from my parents. I’m sixteen years old, and I have enough power and knowledge to take care of myself. My parents finished their job, now I was on my own. After the incident with WaterBreathe conflict, I decided to move into the Training Center with Saturo. It’s impressive, and Saturo’s master was also the Elemental Master of Electricity, meaning that Saturo would become overpowered, and stronger than me. Same goes for Ichoo, Saturo’s best friend, his Dad is the Master of Wind. Those two got a lot of training done, and they’ve become… Powerful to a point where I stopped tracking it. They hide the power, just as well as the Elemental Master’s do. So I can’t sense their energy level to determine their power.

Though, I did train too. And I learned some more stuff from the others. But now we got a break, a short vacation. Oh, and if I didn’t mention before, the Training Center is on Ertin, the normal planet. It’s in the Elemental System, yet powers are not allowed to be used in public, unless it’s an emergency. So I left my Ultimate Crystal at home, because with it my powers would be in plain sight, even though I can hide it.

At the very moment, I stand next to a friend I met today, named Asolo. The two of us watched as Saturo walked off. He was going to find Lavender, and go on some rides with her. The two of them like each other and I know it. Not because I read their minds, their minds are blocked manually, and psychic is not my strong suit, darkness is. Though, when I meditate, information flies into me. But that’s not on my own will, its accidental. Sometimes I can see glimpses of the future or past, or just a glimpse of an alternate happening that could take place in a different dimension, or in the Dream World. I can never tell what it really is…

I spotted Saturo find Lavender, and the two of them walked up the drop slide stairs. This slide was huge, actually. And its designed with amazing technology, there is a free fall for a moment and then you slide, I’ve done it a couple times. It was fun to finally do something like this, because I never went to a water park at the Planet of Darkness, or really interacted with water much. It’s why I haven’t discovered my ability to breathe water and move freely through it, as well as control it.

“Alright Flip, see ya around,” Asolo walked away. Using the fastpass he gave me, I went into the drop slide line.

As I walked up the stairs, I froze. A man walked past me, seemingly in a hurry. He was running up the stairs. He also had a fast pass, I spotted it. But what was strange was that I heard a very silent ticking sound, I could barely hear it.

Seeing as it wasn’t important, I ignored it. A couple seconds later, I realized. This was a mistake. Who cares about not using powers in public. I teleported all the way to the top, seeing the man just arriving. Dozens of people were surrounding me, and the slide was just up ahead.

Before I could do anything, a fat guy fell onto me. I guess it was my mistake to teleport right behind him, making him lose balance and to get startled…

“Dude, what the heck!?” The fat guy exclaimed, getting off of me.

I felt like a squashed pancake. I laid there, people were staring at me. I looked around for the man with the ticking sound. Then I spotted him, he was placing weird half-sphere machines on people. They were small, the size of an outlet plug.

“Hold it!” I teleported in front of the man. I got a better look at his face. He had a buzz cut and a beard, part of his left eyebrow was gone.  

“What are you doin, kid?” he asked, his voice was raspy.

I closed my eyes for a second, meditating and attempting to see the future. I opened my mouth to gasp--

? Saturo ?

I was standing in the line quietly. The fast pass line was much shorter, though we still had to wait a bit. Lavender was next to me, and I was trying so so hard to not blush. Play it cool, Krydret would say. But I left him at home because we aren’t allowed to use powers in public. Even so, I could still talk to him. But I’d have to reach out, since I’m not really good at it.

“We should hang out more often,” Lavender then said.

“Y-yeah…” I replied.

“It’s weird how we’re so divided, the boys and the girls. We rarely talk, it’s just me, Arada, and Listy most of the time. While Lauren is usually with Tango, and Bella with Draelin,” she said.

“Yeah, I guess, and I’m usually with Elec a lot since I’m training,” I said, “I’m halfway through it though, that’s what Elec said yesterday before he let today’s trip happen.”

“You’re not the only one who trains to be powerful, I do too,” Lavender said, “and Azalea taught me things, you have no clue.”

“You use water powers,” I said, “and flora. Both those.”

“Some things I do aren’t classified in an element,” Lavender replied, “but we should talk about that later, this is a public place.”

“Yeah, then we can talk about something else,” I nodded.

“Yeah, those girls that were talking to you…” Lavender said.

“I don’t know why they did,” I replied.

“If you ask me, maybe Elec’s training did, you have a six pack,” she said. “But what I’m trying to say is, did you like them?”

“In what way…?”

“Ya know…”

“No, I’m interested in someone else,” I said. Should I tell her that I was interested in her? Maybe, not now…

“Oh, okay,” she just shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

We walked up the stairs, and saw the drop slide right in front of us. And I spotted Flip, standing there. How did he get up here so fast? He was behind us. There was a man in front of Flip, and he placed something on him.

“Saturo, get outta h--” Flip muttered. But he was interrupted. By a very loud sound, that shattered my ears.


Before I knew it, before I realized. It happened. I felt a huge sharp pain all over my body. I could feel gravity pulling me toward the ground. My vision was not only blurred, but not even there. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, and then I landed harshly onto the ground, not the water.

? Arada ?

I was peacefully floating in the water. And then a stupid explosion had to happen. It ruined my nap. It ruined the whole mood of the park. It ruined everything. And since this was a situation, where a crisis happened, we can use our powers now.

Unlike almost everyone else, I actually had my Ultimate Crystal with me. So I absorbed it, and jumped off the water, landing right next to Listy. Just before my nap we were going on some rides together. And then the explosion happened.

Listy didn’t say a word, but looked up at the drop slide. It was all gone, falling before our very eyes. Many people were just disintegrated in the explosion. But Saturo wasn’t. I saw him fall, and probably crack his back on the concerte.

“Okay, not cool,” Listy said. “I was kinda enjoying myself here, and then this has to happen. Great.”

“I think this may be a terrorist attack,” I said.

“Yeah probably,” Listy said. “Should we do something?”

“Probably, the cops will be here in any minute,” I replied, “we should get everyone and get outta here, since it’s obviously not safe.”

“No duh,” Teleyon appeared behind us. “Now someone’s gotta go help Saturo, he’s injured.”

“Pah, he’ll be fine,” I said, “he can take the pain. Everyone else in that explosion disintegrated but he didn’t, so he’ll be fine.”

“Still not a good thing, I’m gonna get my medical-kit,” Teleyon ran out the waterpark real quickly, and then returned with a white case.

As Teleyon and I then walked over to the laying Saturo, it seemed odd. Everyone around us was either panicking, frozen in place, or off to leave the water park. The cops were here, I could hear the sirens. When we got over to Saturo, he was partly burned, and covered in ashes. Teleyon set the medical kit down and opened it.

“Oh wow,” he said as he began to treat Saturo’s wounds, “he doesn’t have his Ultimate Crystal with him, and yet he survived that explosion.”

“Yeah, even without your crystal, you still have your strength and powers, depending on the training you do, so I’m not surprised, he trained with Elec,” I said as I watched Teleyon treat the wounds.

“He’s also out cold,” Teleyon placed his palm on Saturo’s head, “hey, maybe we could get Talsa here to heal him quicker.”

“Where is she though?” I asked.

“Somewhere around here,” Teleyon replied, “we can heal him on the way home. But, I uh, don’t wanna carry him.”

“You don’t have to,” I told him, “we’ll just wake him up and he can walk by himself.”

“Okay, how are we gonna do that?” Teleyon asked.

“I dunno, zap him with that one machine that’s used for when people have heart attacks or something,” I said.

“You sure that will work, he has electric powers, it might not do anything,” Teleyon looked at me.

“Hey, do you sense any energy in him? You can give him energy and he’ll wake up, it could work,” I said.

“Fine, I guess it’s worth a shot,” Teleyon took out another device, fiddled with it a bit, and then stuck it on Saturo. “Okay, let’s set the voltage to the max…” Then a loud zapping sound was heard, and Saturo was awake in an instant.

“*GASP*” he gasped, then looked around at us. “I-is everyone alright?”

“I think so,” Teleyon responded, taking the device off of Saturo, “no one else was up there when the explosion happened, right?”

“N-no… Lavender and Flip were up there. Where are they?” Saturo asked, looking slightly worried.

“Uhh…” Teleyon looked over at me for a second, “you’re the only one we saw that fell, everyone else up there disintegrated…”

“W-we need to find them…” Saturo tried to get up, and succeed, struggling only a little.

“We can check the remains of the slide,” Draco said, walking over to the pile of rubble, examining it before he moved anything.

“Is someone there…?” Saturo asked.

“Hmm…” Draco moved a few of the larger pieces of the rubble off of the pile. I moved in closer to help out, throwing more rubble off the pile. We then find Flip laying there, conscious.

“Thanks, that was heavy,” Flip said, and then teleported out of the rubble next to us. Draco and I moved more rubble. “No use, there’s no one else in there,” Flip said.

Draco checked the last of the rubble before sighing and turning to face Saturo. Saturo looked a little troubled.

“She’s just not in the rubble,” he said.

“Hey guys what did I miss?” Mehrunes suddenly appeared, teleporting into view. “Just kidding. I saw everything. Better question, who are we missing?”

“Lav is missing, we found Saturo and Flip, who survived the explosion, we haven’t found Lav,” I answered.

“Where was she when the bomb went of?”

“Right where the explosion occurred, with me and Flip,” Saturo answered.

“So she’s probably under rubble somewhere,” Mehrunes said. “I dunno, I’m gonna get out of dodge, because I’m not about to have anything to do with the police.”

“None of us want to, we’re getting outta here,” I said.

“Not nearly fast enough,” Mehrunes grabbed Rando before he could say anything and dragged him to the exit.

“Everyone else is evacuating, the police are coming in,” Flip said, as there were actually policemen making their way in. “We gotta find Lav and get out of here quickly before they make us stay for questions.”

“Found her,” Draco threw the piece of rubble to the side, and their layed Lavender.

“Oh, so she was in the rubble,” Saturo said.

“I’ll go get Tango, Lauren, and Bella,” Listy suggested.

“And Elec can get us home much quicker,” Saturo said, helping Lavender up, since she was actually awake.

“Yeah,” a man walked up to us, Elec. “We can determine what happened here back home, but for now we should go before the police asks questions.”

to be continued in the next chapter.
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yeah also i have a new format where I'm changing perspectives now so that's new!

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wow how many emergencies have these kids gone through?? they're just so chill with this

except for saturo where Lavender is concerned :3


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lol responsible adults

lol responsible adults xd

thanks for your comment! :D


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