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Ultimates 3: (Chapter 11)

Ultimates 3: (Chapter 11)

Posted January 9th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here is the next chapter. I hope you guys are enjoying this. If you like mystery or horror, then you would like the fourth book of ultimates better. Because in book 4, I am planning for the main characters go to a haunted mansion.


{Chapter 11}


|   ~~Defeating~The~Beast~~   |


Everyone evacuated. When we saw the beast, we were terrified. To protect ourselves, we hid inside the caves.

We sealed the doors with big rocks so the beast doesn’t come and kill us. I overheard some teachers talking about something that I had no idea about. I didn’t even get what they said, so I forgot about it.

I noticed something too. The new girl, Anelle, disappeared. She’s nowhere in sight. She was here when the teachers took attendance, but then she disappeared.

I wonder where she went.


“So where are we going to go now?” Saturo asks Glare.

We were walking after the beast. We didn’t bother running, we just walked. A while ago, we passed by Uchiho, and she joined us.

“Like I said earlier…” Glare says, “we are chasing the beast.”

“Umm… I don’t think we are ‘chasing’ it, because we are walking.” Draco points out.

“Well, we're following it to try to find it aren’t we?” Mehrunes says, smirking.

“Yeah, but walking makes it slower. This’ll take forever.” Draco replies.

“And what do you want us to do about it, Draco?” Mehrunes responds.

“We could well… run.” Draco said.

“Why?” Mehrunes asks as we walked. “We won’t catch it by running.”

“But we might find it so then we can maybe fly and catch up to it. And you can teleport, can’t you? You should be able to catch up to it easily.” Draco says.

Mehrunes said something back, but I didn’t hear it because I saw someone at the entrance of a cave to our left.

It was a girl, who had brown eyes, and sort of brown and blonde hair. She wore a white shirt, a red sweater, and some sand color pants. I noticed her hair was wrapped up in a pony tail.

“Who is that?” Draco asks as the girl stared at us.

“I do not know…” I reply.

The girl saw us, she knew we were there. We didn’t move, we just stood there, looking at her. I bet she was wondering if we were the good guys or the bad guys.

Then, she finally walked up to us.

“Hello?” she asks, “who are you?”

“Well, I am-” Draco starts before he was interrupted.


It was Glare.

“W-why?” Draco asks.

Glare looks at the girl.

“First, we need to know who you are. Because you can get yourself in danger.” Glare explains to the girl.

The girl looked at Glare like she was reading his mind.

“Okay.” she then said, “my name is Anelle. I was with my class in a field trip until this beast came and we evacuated.”

“So you have something to do with this.” Glare then says, “you can chose what to do. Your choices are… One, go back with your classmates, or two, come with us and help us defeat the beast.”

Anelle’s eyes brightened.

“F-fight that beast!?” she yells, “I can’t fight!”

“You may be some help…” Glare says, looking into her eyes as if he knew something about her that no one else knows.

Glare then looks at the horizon where the beast had ran towards.

“Uhuh. Right, find a random person, let them come with you and make their family worried, do you do this all the time!?” Mehrunes suddenly asks Glare. “That’s basically kidnapping, just sayin.”

“It’s better off then getting killed by that creature.” Glare says, “those classmates of her’s are in danger, and they will get killed if we don’t help.”

“So, how? Do you want to teleport or…” Mehrunes cuts himself off.

“Wait wait wait…” Anelle interrupts, “teleport?”

“Yes.” Mehrunes says looking at Anelle, “teleport.”

“T-that’s impossible! Teleporting?! How does that work?” Anelle asks.

Mehrunes was about to say something but was cut off by Glare.

“That doesn’t matter, we need to go.” Glare says.

I noticed Glare looking at the mountains. I thought I saw two figures looking down at us.

“Let’s go.” Glare says.


They stood there, looking down at them. One of them had brown hair, and black long clothing that was red on the inside.

The other one had black hair, and had red clothing but the inside was black. They both had silver katana’s in there hands.

“Hey, Gagger, you see this?” the one with the black hair asks the one with the brown hair (Gagger).

“Yes, I do see it. But it can’t be, can it, Tenker?” Gagger asks the guy with black hair (Tenker).

“It has to be. Glare lied to us.” Tenker says with anger in his voice.

“But look at them… There are six of them! Surely, he isn’t training them all!” Gagger says.

“He might be…” Tenker replies as he watches them walk away, as well as smirking, “it’s possible that he is only training two of them, but there is one way to find out…”

“Yes, let’s corner him.” Gagger agrees.

Then, the two of them sprinted away in the mountains.


“Okay… We are almost there… You see it?” Glare asks while pointing towards the horizon.

I looked closely and spot the beast. It looked like it was trying to enter a cave, a cave that was sealed with rocks.

“Your classmates are in danger.” Glare says to Anelle, “you can choose to come with us to fight the beast, or stay far and be safe. It’s your choice.”

Anelle didn’t frown nor smile.

“We are going to go, you can choose to follow us or not.” Glare says.

Glare started walking towards the beast, and we followed him. I looked back at Anelle, and she just stood there with an emotionless face.

We continued walking, but then I noticed Uchiho walk back to Anelle. That’s a good thing for her to do.

“Okay, the plan is this… I will fight Dakres, and you four will attack the beast. You need to destroy the beast. Shoot anything at it, just destroy it.” Glare says.

“Okay.” I replied.

Then, we were close, and we were noticed by Dakres and the beast. Dakres was riding the beast, but got off and flew towards us when we got close.

“Ahh… Glare. It looks like you came back with those weaklings I saw before. How are you weaklings? You should’ve not came, because now the beast is here, and it will kill you. But, I’d rather kill you, that makes things more enjoyable for me.” Dakres says.

“You won’t touch them, Dakres. Plus, you have me to worry about.” Glare says before he runs up at Dakres with his sword.

Glare and Dakres’s swords collide before I remembered what Glare told us to do. Saturo and I ran towards the beast, and I looked up at it.

“Shoot it!” I heard Draco yell from behind.

Then, a blast of plasma was shot by Draco, hitting the beast. It did some damage, but not a lot.

Mehrunes joins in, blasting energy from his hands at the beast. I also joined in, we all did. All four of us attacked the beast.

“No, stop!” I then suddenly heard a voice yell.

I turned and spotted Anelle.

“Why?” Draco asks, “it’s a beast, it needs to be defeated or it will hurt people.”

“But it’s innocent!” Anelle yells.

“How do you know?” I asked.

“I can feel it’s feelings. That dark guy is controlling it, it wants to be free from it, it means no harm to anyone.” Anelle explains.

No one said a word, and the beast stayed calm.

“T-then what do we do?” Saturo then asked.

The five of us stood silently. But then, suddenly, Saturo shot out a beam of blue light from his hands at the beast!
When it hit the beast, it started shaking like crazy, before it suddenly disappeared!

“W-what did you do!?” Mehrunes exclaims.

Then I spotted the beast on the floor. It shrunk! It was tinier than a tennis ball!

“Woah!” Draco says as we then spotted the beast.

The beast got up onto it’s feet, and then suddenly, it jumped into Saturo’s pocket!
“Hmm?” Mehrunes says, “it seems that the beast likes you, Saturo.”

“Really? Okay.” Saturo replied with a smile on his face.

“W-where did the beast go!?” Dakres suddenly yells.

He looks at the five of us, standing near the area the beast used to be at.

“Grrrr…!” Dakres growled.

Then, Dakres took off flying away.

“Get back here Dakres!” Glare yells before he flies after him.

We watched in silence.


I hope you enjoyed!

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