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Ultimates 3: (Chapter 6)

Ultimates 3: (Chapter 6)

Posted January 7th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy



{Chapter 6}


|    ~~Meeting~Mehrunes!~~    |


It was exactly like how it always was. The feeling to be teleported… It is hard to explain how it feels, but it’s kinda like… You are in one place, then you are blinded and you feel asleep for a couple seconds, but then before you know it you appear out of nowhere.

“Woah! Check that out!” I heard Draco exclaim as soon as we appeared.

“Check what out?” I asked Draco, before I saw what he was looking at.

It was just a mountain. Actually, it was more than a mountain… There was a small hole up very high, and it seemed that there was a cave.

“That’s just a mountain.” Saturo says with an unimpressed voice to Draco.

“What? You thought I was talking about the mountain?” Draco says, “no, I was talking about that!”

Then, I saw what Draco had saw. It looked like a comet and it was flaming as if it were on fire!

“Oh, so it was just that comet you were talking about?” Saturo asks Draco.

“Yeah, but I don’t think it’s a comet…” Draco says, looking at the flaming object that was coming closer to the ground.

“Wait… That thing is getting closer to us!” I exclaim.

And it was, the comet thing got closer and closer as if it were going to crash right into us.

“We should definitely move. Like… RIGHT NOW.” Draco says, as the comet was about 5 feet away from us.

Before it crashed into any of us, we jumped out of the way and the comet hit the ground, causing a small explosion.

“Yeah that wasn't a comet. It was more like meteor.” Draco says.

I looked at the small hole in the ground, and it looked like there was a person in it. I looked even closer, and I realized that it was a person, and he had short brown hair with dark green clothes. I mean, all of his clothes were the exact same color!

“Well that explains why it burst into flames. Anyway what should we do with this person?” Draco said before asking.

“I dunno.” Saturo says, “but I think we should focus on getting that staff.”

“So we're just gonna leave this unconscious person who fell from space here alone? Okay that sounds like a nice thing to do.” Draco said sarcastically.

“Speaking of that person… Where did he go?” I said, looking inside the hole and finding out that the person was gone.

“Huh. They wake up fast. And they sure can leg it.” Draco said.

“What do you mean by ‘leg it’?” Saturo asked Draco as I looked around for that person.

“It means they can go really fast, that’s what ‘Leg it’ means.” Draco explained.

Then, I spotted the person from before. He was standing, five feet away from us, looking deeply into my eyes.

“Hi.” the person says to me, as Saturo and Draco stopped talking and looked at him.

“Ummm… hi?” I replied to the person.

“Do you know how I got here?” He questions me.

“Umm… no…?” I replied, confused.

“Seems like you do.” He replies oddly looking at the crater/hole.

“Well, yeah you fell from the sky as if you were a comet or meteor. So that’s how you got here, right?” Saturo says.

“Apparently, yes. Have you seen any moving rock monsters around?” he asks, looking at Saturo.

“Moving rock monsters?” I question, “I guess not yet, we just got here.”

“Well, I have no energy left anyway… Falling from the sky isn't easy, you know.” He says to no one in particular.

“Okay… Anyway, what’s your name?” Draco asks.

“Mehrunes.” he answers. “Yours?”

“I’m Draco, this is Ichoo, and Saturo. But if you want you can call Ichoo just Ich.” Draco replies, introducing himself as well as me and Saturo.

“Well, at least you’re friendly.” Mehrunes says, uninterested or tired.

“Well Mehrunes… We are on this, quote ‘n quote, ‘mission’ and we need to get a staff and return to our master for the next part of our training.” Draco explains to Mehrunes.

“Oh, is that so?” Mehrunes replies, “well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to stick with you guys for a while. You don’t mind, right?” Mehrunes asks.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” I said, “and by the way, do you have an Ultimate Crystal?”

“Maybe.” Mehrunes replies.

“No seriously, do you have one?” I ask again.

“Fine, yes I do have one. And also I need a nap…” Mehrunes replies, his eyes slowly closing as if it were not as his command.

“Oh… Well then…” Saturo says.

“Hey, space travel isn't… fun” Mehrunes says. “Nor… is trying to not die, but I bet you have experience with that.”

“Not really…” I say, “we’ve fought before but not in a life or death match.”

“Uh huh. Well I’m gonna nap now.” he says, yawning, “give me 3 minutes.”

Then he literally fell onto the floor, and started sleeping. He was laying there on the ground, with his eyes closed.

“Umm…” Draco says looking at him.

“Maybe he’s just really tired?” Saturo suggests.

“I guess…” I said.

Mehrunes was still napping, and I guess we’ll just let him. He seemed very tired.

“So are we going to look for the staff?” Draco asks.

“I guess… But to be honest, Glare didn’t give us information on where the staff was…” Saturo says.

“Yeah… Maybe it is easy enough for us just to find it…” I said, “what I mean is maybe it is already in our view.”

“Is that so?” Draco says, “then where could it be?”

“I have no idea.” I replied.

I looked back at Mehrunes, and he was still asleep. But then… I saw someone behind Mehrunes, standing there.

It was a man, wearing a black robe like Glares. To be honest, his face looks identical to Glare’s and it’s as if it were Glare himself.

And then, I spotted a staff that was surrounded with orange aura around it. I think that that is the staff we need to get… But I think it might be harder to get that staff then it looks.

“Guys…” I said, grabbing Saturo’s sleeves, getting his and Draco’s attention. “I think that’s the staff that Glare wants us to get.”

Then, the person who looked like Glare disappeared!

“Uhh… Ich…” Draco says, looking at me.


“Behind you.”

I looked behind me, and the person who looked like Glare was right there!

“Boo.” the person said, before he poked me with the end of the staff.

Surprisingly, I went flying! I was sent into the sky, and went so high and so close to the mountain. Soon, I hit the mountain hard, hurting my back really badly!

It hurt a little, not too much.

I was now up high on the mountain, and I looked down at the others but they were too far.

I was just about to jump down to them and slow myself down with my flying ability, before I heard a voice.

“Isn’t it a nice view?”

I turned around and spotted Mehrunes, standing with his hands in his pockets.

“I like watching fights. It’s cool, and the landscape is amazing.” Mehrunes says.

“Well… Our master is testing us to see what we need to learn, but the thing is… I’ll have to get down there and help Draco and Saturo.” I said.

“Fine, you have experience teleporting?” Mehrunes asked, sighing. “Or would you rather ride something?”

“Umm… Well I have had some experience teleporting, but not by myself.” I said to Mehrunes.

“Yes I know, do you want to teleport with me or ride something?” Mehrunes rephrased the question.

“Teleport with you?” I asked, “I guess… How do you do it?”

“Like this.” He says, grabbing my hand and appearing next to Draco with me. “You might be a little dizzy, it passes.”


I didn’t really feel that dizzy, but I fell onto the floor for some reason. I regained my balance, and got up after a while.

“Ich! A little help please!” I heard Draco say as he fired blasts of plasma at that person.

“How many times do I have to tell you?” the person says, knocking away all the blasts, “plasma won’t hurt me!”

“Do you mind if I help?” Mehrunes questions the person.

“You? I guess… Are you one of Glare’s student's?” the person asks, floating four feet above the ground.

“No.” Mehrunes replies, “But it looks like they aren’t doing so well.”

“Eh… that's because they are too slow.” the person replies before he disappeared.

He then reappeared behind me.

“It isn’t supposed to be easy to actually do ‘well’ against me.” the person then said.

I then turned around and tried to grab the staff, but he disappeared again, reappearing behind Saturo.

“Yes or no?” Mehrunes asks again.

“No. Leave it to them, they are supposed to learn something this way.” the person says as Saturo tried to grab the staff.

“Okay, and I bet your name is Glance or Glome or whatever. Do tell your name relation of Glare, right?” Mehrunes asks, distractingly.

“Yep, I’m Glare’s brother, Stare.” the person said.

“Wait…” Draco says as we all forgot about getting the staff, “brother?”
“Yeah, that’s why I am here. I’m supposed to teach you how to catch a teleporting person.” Stare explained.

“Well, I don’t quite know that either, good luck. I’m going to catch a bunny and pet it.” Mehrunes says, sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Then, I thought of something. We are all distracted, even Stare is distracted. This was my chance to actually get it.

“Oh look, a dragon! Wonder how it got here?” Mehrunes says as he points at the sky.

“Wait, where?” Draco asks, looking at the sky.

“It’s a baby so it’s hard to see.” Mehrunes says, “keep looking it’s there.”

As Draco and Saturo were looking, I made my way behind Stare. Then, I quickly grabbed the staff and pulled it.

There was ashes when I pulled it, and Stare was gone again. This time… I had the staff in my hand! YES!

“Well I guess that was too easy.” I heard Stare say as the ashes formed together.

They fused together until it made Stare’s original body.

“Hey look, the dragon landed on that tree! That’s cool” Mehrunes said, pointing at it and proving he was not ‘helping’.

“Mehrunes you liar!” Draco yells, “I don’t see anything!”

“Oh right. I was just distracting Stare so you can get the staff.” Mehrunes says, looking at me with the staff in my hands.

“Yeah I got it!” I said smiling as I walked up to the three of them.

“But wait…” Saturo says, “where did Stare go?”

“I don’t know…” I said, “I think maybe the next part of the test begins now.”

“Oh it does begin.” I suddenly heard a voice behind me.

I turned around and spotted a familiar face… Gar. And next to him were Joss and Folly, looking ready to kill any of us at any moment.

“Oh, hi. You don’t look too happy so I’m going to assume that you're mad or someone who is not a friend of anyone else here so I’ll, just… do this.” Mehrunes said he then mutters something under his breath.

Then he suddenly disappeared.

“Well, Ichoo we have some business to take care of.” Joss says as he and the others started walking towards me.

“And Broshi today you will die.” Folly says, walking up to Draco.

It looks like we have to fight them again.


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