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Ultimates 3: (Chapter 8)

Ultimates 3: (Chapter 8)

Posted January 8th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here is the next chapter! The dark figure is explained a bit more here. 'A bit more'.


{Chapter 8}


|      ~~The~Summoner!~~      |


We landed, finally, and Haro had to go. He has to be with his fellow classmates. I think they are looking for rocks to look closely at or something.

Me, Lard, Asolo, Harry, Neria, and Eleia exited the spacebus.

“What are we gonna do?” Harry asks.

“Let’s explore some caves!” I suggest.

We walked towards a cave nearby.

“Yes! I love caves!” Harry exclaims.

We then ran towards the cave.


“What took you so long, brother?” I heard Glare’s voice say before we appeared.

We were not in any building. We were outside, between two mountains, almost as if this were a mini-valley.

“Sorry, but it doesn’t matter since we are here.” Stare replies.

I spot Glare standing in front of us, smiling.

“Well… Ich, Saturo, Draco… Shall we continue?” Glare asks us.

“Continue what?” I ask.

“Training, of course! Or do you want to introduce me first?” Glare replies, looking over at Mehrunes.

“Oh right…” Draco says, “this is Mehrunes, we met him when he crashed down like an asteroid, almost hitting us!”

Mehrunes takes his hand out for a handshake, and he shakes hands with Glare.

“Nice to meet you, Mehrunes, would you like to take part in my student’s training?” Glare asks Mehrunes.

“I guess it couldn't hurt to refine my skills and learn a few after years of easy fights and space travel, and I could use some training anyway.” Mehrunes replies.

“Wonderful!” Glare says cheerfully, “then you can train with us!”

I then decided to ask Glare something.

“Um… Glare did you feel any powerful energy or something like that?” I ask Glare.

“Why do you ask?” Glare asks.

“Because we saw this dark figure whose energy was high, we could feel it, and it made us sweat.” Saturo answers for me.

Then, Glares facial expression shined. He looked worried or something.

“I-I see… Very well then, Stare you take it from here.” Glare says turning towards Stare, “I must go for now.”

Stare nods before Glare walks away, and flies into the air after awhile of walking.

“Do you have any spare parts?” Mehrunes suddenly asks.

“Spare parts?” Stare replies, “no, we have no parts at all. Not here at least.”

“Well, that’s fine. I have a few of my own. Just thought I should ask.” Mehrunes replies a little sad.

I was thinking about Glare, how when we told him about the dark figure, he suddenly had to go. I wonder where he is going, and why.

“Any ideas?” Draco suddenly asks us.

“Ideas?” Saturo asks back.

“Ideas of why Glare had to leave.” Draco says.

“I’m betting he left because he knows something, and he is trying to stop whatever ‘errands’ the shadowy figure was planning.” Mehrunes replies.

“My my, that is a very good assumption, Mehrunes.” Stare compliments. “And I can’t say I don’t know what Glare is gonna do.”

“And what might that be?” Mehrunes questions questioningly.

“You’ll find out later, because after training, we are going to follow him. But now, let’s start the warm up.”


The dark figure flew towards a small building. It was a small house, and a very old and rusty one. It was dirty and fragile.

“There it is… Now it is almost time…” The dark figure says as he flew down to the front door of the house.

Then, not bothering to knock, the dark figure opens the door and walks in. He sees a tube, with a lot of smaller tubes connected to it, which are filled with a green liquid.


The dark figure looks around. He could hear the green liquid running through the tubes.

“Where are you?”

The dark figure walked around the tubes. He was waiting for someone to come out so that he can start.

Then, the person who he was waiting for finally came out. It was an old man, with a white long beard that reached to his chest. The old man wore white robes, and was barefoot.

“What brings you here?” the old man asks, with his rusty voice.

“Are you serious?” the dark figure asks, “you don’t know why I am here?”

“No, not at all.” the old man replies.

The dark figure points at the tubes with green liquid running through them.

“Then do you mind to tell me what is that stuff?” the dark figure asks.

The old man looks frightened.

“T-that is the blood of the beast…” the old man says with fright in his voice.

“And perhaps you could be ‘The Summoner’?” The dark figure asks.


“Then summon the beast already!” The dark figure barks.

“I-I can’t…”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t have the energy to do so at the moment…”

The dark figure face palmed.

“How long will it take you to gain the energy to do so?” The dark figure asks, his voice obviously showing that he is annoyed.

“A-about an hour or two…” the old man replies.

The dark figure sits on the floor.

“Fine I’ll wait…”


Glare flew through the sky, passing dozens of mountains along the way. He was far from the city, and no humans were in sight.

But then, Glare spotted some humans. He looked down at them from the sky. They were high schoolers, on a field trip who were looking at rocks.

“No… They picked the wrong time for a field trip…” Glare thought to himself, “but it’s not too late…”

Glare then continued, before he spotted a small, fragile house.

Glare lands on the ground, walking towards the house. He didn’t go inside, he waiting outside.

Then, the dark figure exited the house, looked quite pleased.

“Ahh… Glare… No time no see, eh?” the dark figure asks.

“What are you doing?” Glare questions the dark figure.

“Only what is correct.” The dark figure said before he turns to look at the door, finding the old man standing there. “How much time is left?”

“I-I still don’t have enough energy…” the old man mutters.

“Oh fer cryin out loud, just take my energy.” The dark figure says, sticking his hands out before white light exits his hand and enters the old man.

The old man’s eyes widened.

“Now go and summon it.” The dark figure says, before turning to face Glare, “I’ll take care of you, Glare.”

“Hmph.” Glare says, “you haven’t changed, Dakres.”

“Oh I don’t change… Now, I will destroy you.”

Hope you enjoyed! The next chapter is 'Glare vs. Dakres (The Dark Figure)' They are gonna have an epic fight!

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