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Ultimates 3: (Chapter 9)

Ultimates 3: (Chapter 9)

Posted January 8th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here it is! I just finished two chapters in one day. I wasn't really busy, and I had the time.

Anyway, here it is! Enjoy!


{Chapter 9}


|     ~~Glare~Vs~Dakres!~~    |


“Do you mind if we fight somewhere else? I don’t want the summoner to be distracted, and I don’t want the house to get destroyed.” Dakres says.

Glare thinks to himself before replying. “If I destroy the house, the old man won’t be able to summon the beast. But I’m not going to kill an innocent man, that old man is probably being forced by Dakres to summon the beast. What should I do? I’m gonna say yes, and fight somewhere else…”

“Sure, let’s fight somewhere else.” Glare says.

Dakres smirks before he and Glare fly off about 200 feet away from the house. They land, looking at each other.

“So what have you been doing these past years?” Dakres asks.

“Oh, you know. Experiments with science, I am a scientist afterall.” Glare replies.

“Oh? Well I have been training, so that makes me stronger, so this should be a piece of pie.” Dakres says.

“Well we won’t know until it’s over.” Glare replies.

Dakres then runs up towards Glare, throwing a punch at his face. However, Glare dodges, throwing a punch back at Dakres.

Dakres blocks it with his right hand.

“Your speed has improved, unlike last time… So you must have been training at least a little, right?” Dakres asks.

“Yeah. A little bit, you say…” Glare replies, grinning.

Then, Glare punches Dakres in the gut, sending him back about seven feet. Dakres then shoots black lasers from his hand towards Glare, but Glare dodges them all as he gets closer to Dakres.

Glare then punches Dakres in the face, before appearing behind him and elbowing him to the ground, causing the ground to shake a bit.

“Your speed really increased. I guess I have no choice then…” Dakres says, getting up.

His aura then started to shake a bit, before it suddenly burst out with energy.

“There we go… Now you won’t be as fast…” Dakres then says.

Glare smirks before running up towards Dakres. He throws a punch at him, but his wrist was caught by Dakres. Dakres then punches Glare in the face, before he throws him into the air with one arm.

Dakres then shot out some black lasers at Glare.

“Shoot! I can’t dodge in mid-air!” Glare thought to himself. “But I know a way…”

Glare then shoots out light from his hands upwards, causing him to fall down below. Because of that, the black laser misses, and Glare lands onto the ground.

“Pretty skillful.” Dakres compliments, “as expected from a scientist like you.”

Suddenly, Dakres runs at Glare, shooting three black lasers along the way. Glare dodges two of them, but was hit by the third one.

“Argh!” Glare shouts.

Glare got hit in the arm. Part of his sleeves disappeared, because it got burnt.

“Although you are fast, you aren’t fast enough.” Dakres says.

He then puts one of his hands in the air, while Glare holds onto his arm with his other arm. Above Dakres’s hand, was a large ball of darkness. It was getting bigger by the second.

“Oh no…” Glare thought to himself.

Then, the ball of darkness grew large. Before Glare knew it, Dakres chucked the ball at Glare’s direction.


“That’s good so far…” Stare says, “but you need to be faster.”

I was training with Stare, while Draco, Saturo, and Mehrunes were at the side, waiting for me to finish, since they have had there turn already. And also, Uchiho was there. We found her here, but didn’t notice her until Glare left.

We were training our speed. Stare was throwing rocks at me, and I have to dodge as quickly as I can. I feel I am getting better at this.

“That’s good for now…” Stare then says, “let’s move on.”

“So what do we do now?” Draco asks.

“I am not that much of a teacher. I can’t teach like Glare could. But I can answer some of your questions you might have.”

“Ooh! Ooh! I have a question!” Saturo suddenly says, waving his hands like crazy.

“Yes, Saturo?” Stare asks.

“I want a weapon. Like a sword or something, it’s boring to fight just with my hands. Like how Ich had that staff.” Saturo says.

Oh yeah, the staff. I forgot about it. I was thinking about giving it to Uchiho, because she can’t really defend herself.

“Well, you can make a sword appear with your ultimate crystal. You just imagine a sword in your head, and have the help of your ultimate crystal, and boom! You get yourself a sword.” Stare explains, before a black sword appears in his hands.

Then, Saturo tries to make a sword appear, and boom! It worked! In Saturo’s hand, was a blue sword!

“Sweet!” Saturo exclaims.

“Any other questions?” Stare then asks.

“So, if we think about this, the shadowy figure, let’s call him Greg, seems to have immense amount of power to the point of… petrification? So did Glare did go to stop him, how are we going to do anything even relatively helpful?” Mehrunes asks.

“I know you guys have a lot of training to do. But Glare will take care of ‘Greg’.” Stare says, before he bursts out with laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Mehrunes asks.

Stare then slowly starts to stop laughing.

“Well, it’s just that the shadowy figure’s name is not ‘Greg’. I know what his real name is.” Stare explains.

“Okay.” Mehrunes says, before continuing, “first of all, I just got here, so you know pretty much nothing about me. Second of all, let’s still call him greg for ‘tactical’ and ‘strategic’ reasons. Third of all, Ich couldn't move, no one really could. And fourth of all, while I am talking and while we were training, some ‘friends’ did something for me, so that will help.”

Then, all of a sudden, a big mouse-like creature that was blue and gold comes out from behind Mehrunes. It had 6 arms, all holding tools. The creature was also glowing.

“What the fudge is that?” Draco asks.

“Hmm? Oh that’s my helper! I can summon things like this. Pretty much anything I can summon. Real or like this. He likes to be pet.” Mehrunes says, smiling.

“No offence, but I do not want to pet that.” Draco whispers to me.

“It also can make a lot of things. I’ve had them make a ship once, but I couldn't drive it so it's still where it was built.” Mehrunes says, “also I heard you say that!”

“Anyway…” Stare then interrupts. “Let’s get moving, we are going to find Glare. From there, I will tell you what we are going to do next.”

“Umm, Stare?” Mehrunes asks as he looks at Stare.


“Remember when I said I could summon things, well I did that earlier and found Glare with it. The thing I summoned…” Mehrunes falters.


“I-it almost died, instantly!”

“What?! How?” I asked.

“Stray shot, a weak one too calculating this shots that were… intended to hit a, different target harder.” Mehrunes says, looking at me.

“So…?” I ask, having difficulties understanding what Mehrunes said.

“So!? It’s dying from one of the weakest blows he can dish out! We are not prepared!” Mehrunes shouts. “Let’s go already!”

“Yes, let’s go. Glare needs our help.” Stare says.

“So, transportation?” Mehrunes asked “I’ll take suggestions. We could ride a dragon with flaming swords for all I care.”

“Well we are going to walk. Come on now, chop chop!” Stare replies.


I am working on the next chapter right now, hope you enjoyed!

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