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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 1)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 1)

Posted March 23rd, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 1: Ichoo


I stood still in my place, looking around at my surroundings. I had chosen a cave on a random planet that I happened to pass by, it had oxygen so people would be able to breathe here. I didn’t necessarily need to choose a planet with oxygen, since I could make my own air, but it saved me the effort of doing so.

I chose a quite large cave, and it had rocks that were a bit carved on the ceiling. That could come to my advantage later on. It wasn’t dark in this cave because there was a big gap in the ceiling at the very corner of the cave, which is how I entered it. There was sunlight shining through the gap, providing light inside here. I was now just waiting for them to come out.

Them meaning the EFAI, or the guy, Raemon, who was trying to capture my friends Saturn and Phoenix. Except I put Saturn and Phoenix in my Dad’s training realm, so they were off the EFAI’s radar and were safe. Though, now the EFAI knew about the realm. Because they saw me put Saturn and Phoenix back into the realm after Lavender’s (my sister in law) twin younger brothers Amaranth and Laceleaf freed Saturn and Phoenix from the realm. Those two were trouble makers.

And now, I currently was just waiting for Raemon and the other two guys with him to come out and fight me for Saturn and Phoenix. There were four guys, but the 4th one went after Mehrunes thinking he was a bounty hunter. That was our plan to throw them off, thinking that we paid bounty hunters to protect Saturn and Phoenix instead of thinking Mehrunes was with them. Because then he’d be a threat. Like me. I was already a threat, and they knew who I was. Well, not entirely. They only know me as my nickname, Ich. My real full name was Ichoo Qeezixyx. Maybe if they knew that they’d think twice about fighting me, since my father was Winodren Qeezixyx, the Elemental Master of Wind.

Now that would be interesting. Speaking of my Dad, I still had to contact him to tell him about the attack that that one criminal led at our training facility. It’s now gone, completely destroyed and is mostly populated by the rubble of the buildings that used to be there.

Suddenly, I lost my train of thought as I sensed Raemon’s essence, his energy. I did not see his spaceship, since it had a cloaking mechanism of some sort and made it invisible on the outside. I looked over at the big gap, and spotted Raemon falling down towards the ground.

He landed on his feet like it was no biggie, and then began to walk towards me, his blue eyes shimmering in the sunlight. I faced towards him, prepared for a sudden attack.

“You thought we would just leave, huh?” Raemon questioned as he walked forth. “That we’d give up and let you have Saturn and Phoenix?”

I just stayed quiet since I didn’t have anything to say at the moment.

“You’re dealing with the EFAI’s powerful army now. All four of us, we’re all part of the EFAI’s army.” Raemon grinned and stopped walking. “Why am I telling you this? To warn you. We are mutants with powerful abilities.”

“Yeah. You must be,” I replied.

“Now, are you going to keep that cute act up, friends and blah blah blah, whatever it was?” Raemon asked. “Or are you going to give me Saturn and Phoenix?”

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“We know where they are. They’re in a different dimension. That’s why they’re not on our radar.”

I knew they saw me put them back in. Dang it, Amar and Lace… You just had to take them out. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be in this mess right now!

“You’re lucky we don’t have a mutant that can travel dimensions, since there are no species with that ability,” Raemon said. “But I am mutated from a creature that can manipulate energy at will. Any type of energy. So you won’t be able to beat me.”

“Not with energy, I guess,” I replied. My main powers that I used were wind/air, water, and electricity. Everything used energy, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to move. I had to think of something to beat him… And to do that, I had to fight him. “Alright. Let’s battle. I’ll make a trade off. If I win the battle, you’ll leave Saturn and Phoenix alone. And if you win, then I’ll give you Saturn and Phoenix.”

Raemon grinned. “Sounds fair to me.” He then got into a fighting position.

I then shot out a tunnel of wind right at him, but it disappeared before it hit him. He must have manipulated its energy and caused it to fade away.

“That won’t do,” Raemon said with a grin.

I then jumped into the air, and charged a lightning bolt in my right hand. As I fell towards Raemon, I shot the bolt towards him. And just like I expected, the bolt just disappeared into nothingness. Raemon then punched towards me, even though he was far away. He didn’t even touch me and I felt the impact of his punch, and I was sent flying back to the other side.

I stopped myself from crashing into the wall of the cave, and I floated back down to the ground, still in a fighting position.

“There’s nothing you could do to beat me. I can manipulate any energy,” Raemon said, still smiling.

I then shot a wave of water at him, and charged it with electricity. But before it even got to him, it just splashed onto the ground and made a puddle.  

“Nothing works,” I said.

“Nothing does. That’s right,” Raemon said. “It won’t do you any good. I can charge up a of energy from your attacks and use it effectively against you.”

So making a tornado or thunderstorm was out of question. It would only make him more energized and he would win. This was pretty tough…

“Now it’s my turn to attack,” Raemon then said. Suddenly he was in front of me, and his palm was at my chest. He slammed me into the wall of the cave, hurting my back and causing it to shake a little.

I then ducked under his legs and kicked him into the wall. But my kick didn’t do anything. Cripes, it takes energy to move. He could easily nullify any attack!

“That won’t work either, Ich.” Raemon then picked me up and punched me in the face, knocking me into the air. I stopped myself in the air, floating up there as I looked down at Raemon. “I’m going pretty easy on you. Don’t you have any other flashy moves? Or should I take things to the next level?”

I hesitated. He was part of the EFAI army so he was pretty powerful, and I could see that now. He would easily wreck everyone because of his energy manipulation…

“Next level it is.” Raemon suddenly launched me into the ground, before he shot a giant blast of energy at me. I pushed it back with the wind since there was no time to dodge, but my wind was nullified and disappeared. The energy blast was about to hit me, but I teleported out of the way just in time.

The energy blast exploded and there was a large crater in the middle of the cave. I was starting to breathe faster, since I was focusing on not dying. I couldn’t die now, not yet. I still had things to do in my life. For me, my friends, and especially my loved ones.

I had to do something to distract Raemon… otherwise he would blast me with energy again and possibly kill me. Normal energy blasts, I could take on. Part of my training was to stand there and get blasted with energy. And I would not be affected since it was too weak. Raemon’s energy blasts were… stronger. Since he could manipulate them to be stronger, and could manipulate my body into becoming weaker. Another way to say it would be to take down my defences.

“You’re quite boring,” Raemon then said.

“No, it’s just your power is more effective against me,” I said. “You revoke all of my attacks and techniques. You could even defeat me right now easily by taking all of my energy right now! But you’re not. You’re taking it easy for some reason.”

“Yes, I am.” Raemon nodded.

“How come? Don’t you just want to capture Saturn and Phoenix and leave?” I questioned.

“Yes, but you have interesting abilities. You could be useful to the EFAI,” Raemon replied.

“Yeah, like I’d do anything you tell me to,” I retorted. “There are things you do that I’d never do.”

“And how do you know what we do?” Raemon asked. “You have no clue how we function.”

“I know you kidnap people and mutate them against their will. And you kill people. And hurt people. Many things that I’d never do,” I said, and I could feel my emotions flowing inside of me, my anger and rage on the injustice that I was talking about.

“And how do you know this?” Raemon asked. “How do you know we do these things?”

I stayed silent. I wasn’t going to give them the information they wanted, which was how I knew about them. The answer was from Locke and Broshi, they told us that the EFAI did all these bad things, since they were subjects and mutants as well.

“You’re not answering me,” Raemon said. “That’s what’s suspicious about you. You make all of these claims but have no evidence to back them up. Saturn and Phoenix were failed experiments in terms of power, so they were never used in the army or for any errands. Meaning they don’t know what the errands are. They were just in cells most of the time.”

“And that’s not a good thing, taking someone’s life away and giving them a boring life of being in a cell,” I responded.

“They can’t be in the outside world. They wouldn’t survive since they have unstable DNA. They’d be dangerous to the public,” Raemon said.

“I thought they were failed experiments though. Because they aren’t that powerful,” I remarked. “If anything you’re dangerous to the public. Your energy manipulation can take down entire cities.”

“But I can control it. Saturn and Phoenix can not,” Raemon replied.

I haven’t really seen them fight before, so I didn’t know if they could control their power or not. All I knew was that Locke had restrained Saturn with ease.

“But if they’re not powerful, how could they be a threat to the public?” I questioned.

“DNA is confusing. I’m no scientist, I’m just a mutant. It’s just that Saturn and Phoenix need to be taken back to the EFAI,” Raemon answered.

“They’re not in public though. They’re in a pocket dimension,” I said. “So it should be fine.”

“That was not part of the deal though, was it?” Raemon arched a brow. “I beat you, you give me Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Right… that was the deal…”

“So if you give up since I’m too powerful, hand me Saturn and Phoenix right now. If you value your life. If you’re dead, we won’t have to worry about them since they’re stuck in your pocket dimension. So, it’s an okay deal,” Raemon said.

I shook my head. “I’m not giving up yet.”

“Well, I’m not wasting any more time. I’m just going to take Saturn and Phoenix myself,” Raemon said.

“You can’t. Only I can open the realm, since I’m the only one who knows how to,” I told him.

“I saw the type of energy you used when opening it up, and I can use the energy to do it myself.” Raemon grinned.

“No you can’t. That’s not possible.” I didn’t believe him. If he could, he would have done it a long time ago.

“I can. And I’ve tried it,” Raemon said. “The only problem is I don’t know where they are in that dimension. It’s quite large as well.”

“Yeah. You wouldn’t be able to find them, regardless,” I said.

“That is somewhat true.” Raemon then lifted his hand, and let out the same glow that my hand lets out when I open the portal. Oh my gosh, he wasn’t kidding. The portal then opened up in front of him.

I clenched my fists. “No!” I jumped forward to stop him, but he just grinned at me before he jumped into the portal.

I jumped into the portal before it closed. Raemon dashed through the forest, towards where Saturn and Phoenix were. I knew that because I could sense their energy.

Dang it, I knew it was a bad idea to open the portal in front of him! Now he can access this dimension any time he wanted! My Dad wouldn’t be okay with that, since the only people who have access to this dimension are me and my older brother. Though, my Dad could do whatever he wants in this dimension, since it was his and he had full control of it. I could contact him to ask for assistance.

Alright, that’s what I’m going to do. Because Raemon has probably already arrived to where Saturn and Phoenix were. And Raemon’s ability to manipulate energy was too powerful for me to fight against.

As I was flying over to where Saturn and Phoenix were, I focused my mind to try and contact my father.  

“Dad? Dad, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you, Ich.” I was relieved that it worked. “I’m quite busy right now, but I sense someone else in my training realm. Who have you let in this time?”

“Lavender’s brothers, but someone else that’s from the EFAI came in too!” I said to him, transmitting my words to him mentally from far away. It’s a power that works best with relatives. So with my Dad and Nushot. I could even contact my Mom if I wanted.

“The EFAI?” My father questioned me. I hadn’t gotten the chance to actually tell him about them.

“Just read my mind and figure it out.”

“You’re in my realm. I’ll come to you.”

Suddenly, my father appeared in front of me and I stopped flying. He was pretty tall and had brown hair, just like I did. He was wearing green robes that were pretty fancy. But I didn’t have time looking at my Dad’s clothes.

“So who is this newcomer you let into my realm?” Dad asked.

“Read my mind and you’ll know everything I know about the EFAI,” I told him.

Dad then touched my forehead with his right hand palm. Then he used the technique where he withdraws information from the person.

“The EFAI… Kidnap and murder people?” Dad then looked thoughtful as he processed all this information that he’d just gained. “This is not right, the Ultimate Council must know of this.”

“We don’t have time to tell the council! We have to save my friends Saturn and Phoenix!” I exclaimed. “Raemon is going to capture them!”

“No he’s not.” Dad grabbed my shoulder and teleported the two of us to the house that Saturn and Phoenix were in. When we appeared there, we saw Raemon coming out of the house holding Saturn and Phoenix in his arms. “Excuse me sir, but you are not invited to my realm.”

“I’m sorry, I will leave immediately.” Raemon was at least respectful.

“Yes, you must leave. And you must forget the technique. You’re not allowed to enter this realm ever again, you hear me?” Dad told him.

“Yes sir, I will leave immediately.” He walked forward to leave, taking Saturn and Phoenix with him.

“Alone. You will leave alone,” Dad said. “Put those two down.” I then just realized that Saturn and Phoenix seemed to be unconscious… Maybe Raemon knocked them out so they didn’t struggle.

“Oh.” Raemon looked at my Dad. “I’m sorry sir, I have to take them with me.”

“And what exactly do you plan to do with them?” my Dad asked him.

Raemon hesitated. “I don’t get to choose that, I hand them over to my superiors. And they’d keep them stabilized.”

“No, they would just put them in cages!” I exclaimed. “Don’t listen to him, Dad! Saturn and Phoenix are just fine with us!”

Dad looked over at me with a frown, and then at Raemon.  “It does not matter to me. I have things to do. Put them down.”

Raemon lifted his finger up and made the portal to escape. He then tossed Phoenix through. Or at least, he attempted to. Phoenix just fell onto the ground, and the portal had just disappeared. Dad had revoked it.

Saturn and Phoenix then floated off the ground, being moved by Dad as they floated over in front of me. Raemon jumped to grab them, but he was flung backwards. He struggled to even move, and just floated there. My Dad was powerful since he was an Elemental Master.

“I-I… c-can’t manipulate your energy!” Raemon struggled, shaking.

“Of course not. It’s impossible to manipulate my energy. You are pretty powerful, but you’re dealing with an Elemental Master. That rank is not easy to obtain.” Dad hadn’t even moved a muscle and was restraining Raemon with ease. “Now that you’ve seen what I’m capable of, will you run along?”

Raemon nodded hesitantly.

“Good.” Dad released him and made a portal. Raemon jumped in immediately and left the realm.

After he was gone, the portal closed. Dad turned his head towards me.

“He won’t be back here so I won’t have to worry about that,” he said. “But… this EFAI business is beyond okay. The council must know about it.”

“Yeah…” I nodded.

“They would have to investigate it, though. I am busy with my own errands at the moment, you know, Elemental Master duties. And I’m not retiring anytime soon,” Dad said. “I have an idea. Raemon is powerful, but he’s not too far out of your league. Take this situation as training. You will take the EFAI down. Of course, it will be difficult and near impossible. So I’ll allow you to have help.”

“Alright Dad,” I agreed.

“I can’t give you any tips because I don’t have time,” he walked forward as he made another portal appear. “There’s a threat on my home planet.” Just before he walked through the portal, he stopped. “Oh, and get Lavender’s brothers out of here please.” Then he was gone.

I grinned. Saturn and Phoenix were still being kept track of, but now I knew that they would be safe. Raemon wouldn’t come get them because he was scared of Winodren Qeezixyx, the Master of Wind.

I now just had to find the two troublemaker twins and get them out of here. And that’s what I began to do.



to be continued in the next chapter...

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