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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 10)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 10)

Posted April 15th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 10: Mehrunes


“Okay, we’re here, let’s go!” Corpse exclaimed, as Paulo brought the spaceship into the EFAI Space Station. It landed in an area that was like a big garage, with lots of other spaceships inside.

“Okay guys, I’ll back you up from here.” Teleyon got his computer stuff ready for hacking. “The hallways are bigger than my sketch, just an F-Y-I. Dr. Moushah’s office should be in the same place…”

“We’ll find it,” Hamshere said. “Let’s go team! Everyone knows what they’re supposed to do!”

As everyone exited the spaceship, I remembered what my job was. Right, I was supposed to be with Rando and be the distraction at Dr. Moushasha’s office so that Listy could get in and get the files.

“We’ll start up something to get their attention!” Hematite said to the rest of the team as he and Quartz charged towards two seperate hallways.

“You do that,” I said to them. As soon as Hematite and Quartz disappeared from my sight, and Hamshere and Corpse took their places, I looked over at Listy and Rando.

“Peanut butter toenails?” Rando asked.

“No you get banana duct tape,” I replied, as I covered Rando’s mouth so he wouldn't give us away, with banana scented duct tape. I then turned all three of us invisible and the three of us started out a stealthy trek to Dr. Moushasasasa’s base. Office. I meant office. We’re at the base.




So we started to sneak our way towards where Dr. Mouseman’s office was based on Teleyon’s really bad awful terrible garbage sketch that wasn't to scale and also was bad. I’m never hiring him to draw. Like never. Can’t make me. Anyway.

Now because sneaking is for nerds and people that have time on their hands, and the invisibility is a formality and walking in is to gain my bearings (yes definitely didn't forget I could teleport) we then teleported in front of Dr Moussemoonals office so me and Rando could be distracting while Listy steals stuff.

When we appeared right in front of the door to Dr. McMuffinMouseMan’s office, I scanned the area and saw that there was no one in this hallway. That works perfect for the distraction. And stuff. And just in general.

Then I sensed someone walking into the hallway from behind me. I turned around and looked over to see who it was, and it was that one mutant guy. Anarchy or whatever. Looks like he survived space. Welp. Time for Operation Rando.

I took Rando’s tape off and made him visible. Instantly he walked up to Anarchy, took a puppet stand out of nowhere, and started to put on a puppet show casually to the side of Dr. Mossechololatecheese’s door.

“Uhh… Where’d you come from?” Anarchy asked Rando. Listy and I were still invisible and were watching silently.

“Grape,” Rando said, and his two puppets threw a grape at Anarchy. “GASP! GRAPE NUUU! GIVE!! POTATOOOOOOO!” Rando then ran through his stand and completely broke it, trying to get the grape back.

Anarchy, with a confused look on his face, backed away. “Are you like, a new subject or something?”

“GRAAAAAAAPE!” Rando lightly patted Anarchy’s head. Even though he was shorter than him. Wait, so did he grow? Float? Why am I questioning this?

As this was happening, Listy was trying to open the door to Dr. MeasleMarsh’s office. She looked over at me (we were invisible to everyone else but visible to each other) and then spoke to me telepathically. “It’s locked.”

I remembered Teleyon did mention that the door would be locked. Now I just had to tell him we’re at the door so he can hack in and unlock it for us.

“Ananas ma pomme de terre!” Rando said something in… I dunno, like French. “GRAHP!”

Either way, I ignored him and tried to talk to Teleyon. Telepathically. After I linked my mind with him (he wasn’t very far away so it wasn’t too hard), I said to him, “We’re in position. Unlock Dr. MapleMumplestilpsmin’s door.”

Then the door clicked and unlocked. Everything was going according to plan. Listy opened the door and headed in.

“Wait a minute… Stop right there!” Anarchy noticed the door open.

Rando obliged and blocked like half the hallway with a solid block of ice, freezing himself and Anarchy in the process. Seriously?

“What’s going on down here?” Another voice spoke as a guy made out of ice appeared behind me. Guess I’d have to deal with one too. Hematite and Quartz are supposed to draw the attention of most of them… But I expected there to be a lot of mutants anyway so…

“Hey Hirosta, I think we’ve got intruders!” Anarchy said to the ice guy. The ice around his head melted so he could talk, but his body remained frozen.

“We do, there’s some chaos going on back there. But the rest’ll get it taken care of. We gotta stop whatever is going on right here…” The ice guy, Hirosta, stomped on the ground and ice blocked Dr. MISH-‘The guy’-Moursh’s office. Good thing Listy already was inside.

Suddenly I got kicked by Hirosta, and crashed into the wall across the door that was blocked by ice. He knows where I am, then. I got ready for a fight as I got back up, making myself visible.

? Hematite ?

“Alright Hematite, you get that side, I’ll check this side,” I heard my brother Quartz’s voice in my head as I sprinted down the hallway. This place was pretty empty for a facility that’s run by a big organization like the EFAI. The hallways were white and boring, and the doors were made of metal. I passed by a lot of doors, but most of them were closed.

There were some doors that were left open but the room inside was empty and the lights were usually off.

“Hematite?” Quartz asked.

“Huh, oh, yeah?” I forgot to respond to Quartz.

“Now would be the time to cause a distraction. I can sense where the office is, it’s pretty far. Listy is currently on her way towards the office, with the help of Mehrunes. They’re invisible,” Quartz said. I could sense him in the other hallway, quite far from me. “Do some destruction or something. Get their attention.”

“Got it!” I smirked and then stopped in front of a closed metal door.

“Housekeeping!” I exclaimed as I then punched the door, breaking it open without damaging anything else. I walked inside the room, past the broken door, and saw it was an office. I smirked, as I searched the room to see if anyone was there.

I spotted someone in the corner of the room, who was working on something. It was a woman dressed in a lab coat, so I assumed it was a scientist. The lady was up and on the ceiling right as I spotted her. She looked down at me.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she questioned.

“I’m a housekeeper, so I’m here to clean the room. Duh,” I said with a grin. I wondered how powerful this lady would be… She had sticking powers since she was crawling on the ceiling.

“We don’t have housekeepers here!” The lady yelled at me. “You’re an imposter.”

“Aw…” I rubbed the back of my head. “You got me… I’m an imposter. You better get all the powerful mutants out here to fight me. I’m challenging and I would like a good fight.”

The lady suddenly pounced off the ceiling towards me, sending a punch right at me. The punch hit me right in the chest but I didn’t budge. She is strong compared to someone normal, but to me… That felt like a raindrop.

“Aw sweet, you’re gonna give me a fight?! Thanks!” I then got into a fighting stance and lightly punched the lady into the wall. When she hit the wall and fell, I saw her name tag. Her name was… Dr. Tanisha Elytra? That’s what I caught from her name tag. “Your name is Tanisha, huh? Well, could you give me a good fight or at least contact the very powerful people to come and give me a fight?”

Tanisha got up onto her legs, and reached for a device.

“Uh, no.” I brought the device to my hand with telekinesis and crushed it. “I said I want a fight. Not a phone call. Unless you’re gonna call someone super duper strong to come and fight me…” Except I can’t let them activate the security gates because Teleyon said those don’t deactivate. Once they’re on, they’re on and can’t be turned off. Of course, I could always just destroy them… But Listy and Mehrunes have to get to Mousha’s office first. They should be there soon.

I could hardly hear Tanisha muttering something as she got up. She had long black hair and was pretty good looking. Too bad she’s working with the EFAI. I decided I was just gonna go easy on her. Don’t want to kill anybody either.

“Alright, let’s see what you got!” I said, cracking my knuckles.

? Quartz ?

I ran through the hallways, scanning everything that I saw as I ran. This was the first time I’ve actually entered the EFAI Space Station. I’ve heard of the EFAI before but I didn’t think they’d do… what Hematite’s friends said they did. It’s a lot of bad stuff.

Now let’s see, I just had to make a big distraction to get the attention of the powerful mutants. Sounds easy to me. I stopped by an office that looked important. It had glass windows, but the inside was empty. This space station was reaaaaally big. Like, these hallways were miles and miles long. So I had to do something really dangerous to attract their attention to me. But… I was going to change the plan a bit. I’m gonna teleport to the other side of the station and attract attention there, away from Mehrunes and Listy. The original plan was to stick together or near each other so we can assist each other, but with all the backup we had coming, we should spread out a bit.

“Quartz!” I then heard Corpse’s voice behind me, he had come in the same direction. Turning my head, I spotted him running up to me with an assault rifle in his arms. “Go ahead and attract attention on the other side of the station! I’m gonna get into the office and assist Listy!”

“Got it!” I then proceeded and made a portal in front of me. Entering it, I appeared in a hallway on the other side of the Space Station.

This place was also pretty empty. I mean, it was a giant station. I didn’t expect it to be crowded. But it was a facility that mutated humans… There would be mutants around here somewhere. Even though I didn’t see any.

I decided to go ahead and release some of my energy to draw their attention. I surrounded myself in a silver aura, and sent out the energy throughout the station. But that won’t do on it’s own. I had to do something big to attract attention. So I decided to destroy something… Maybe an empty room or two. I scanned for life forms in the room right next to me, and found that there were none. So I blew it up with energy. White light erupted from the room. Surely someone would have noticed it.

“Hmmmmm?” And I was right. Someone did notice it. I heard someone behind me. I turned around and spotted a guy with short blond hair in a lab coat. “Hehe! Hi there! You’re an imposter, aren’t ya?!”

“Yes, I am.” I nodded. I got one person’s attention. Now I just had to keep drawing out all of the attention towards me. It could be dangerous so I had to be careful.

“What’s your name? Hmmm?” The guy questioned me. “I’m Yaku! Do you wanna play with me?”

Okay this guy seems crazy. What did they do to him?!

“No wait! Don’t tell me! I’ll figure it out myself!” Yaku took out a… syringe!? He took out a syringe from his lab coat and then injected himself with it. Suddenly he started to shake and he dropped the syringe as he was laughing hysterically. This guy had problems. “Heheheah! You’re Quartz, aren’t you!?”

…he knew my name? Could he read my mind?

“How’d you know?” I asked.

He didn’t answer me. Instead he took out another syringe and injected himself with it. His skin started to change shape… And he started to get bigger.

“Imposters… Kill imposters!” Yaku charged towards me. Okay so I just had to fight. He tried to punch me, but I ducked under him and slid to the other side of him. I raised my arm and launched a large boulder at his back, knocking him into the ground.

Yaku just laughed as he got back up. He then tossed the boulder back at me. I just made a portal in front of me and one behind him. The boulder went into the portal and out, hitting him in the back once again.

“What is going on, Yaku!?” Suddenly someone else appeared behind him. A man with long gray hair and brown eyes, with a lab coat as well.

“Ooooh! Daddy! We have intruders!” Yaku exclaimed. So they were father and son…

“You think we haven’t noticed? We’re sending in the army. Not to worry.” Yaku’s dad looked over at me. “Go on and take care of the other intruders. Dr. Saurashido is getting the army ready. I’ll take care of this one.”

“Yes daddy!” Yaku then injected himself with another syringe, that turned him back to normal, before he ran off down the hallway.

His father stood in my way. “You’re not going to get out of this that easily.”

“I wouldn’t expect myself to, if you’re powerful,” I replied.

He then was suddenly wielding a sword… Except it wasn’t a normal sword. It was a longsword, yeah, but it was giving off this weird energy… It was like the sword was alive.

“This is where you stay, Quartz Shiny,” He said.

“Oh so you know who I am then,” I replied, staying calm. I was kind of popular but I didn’t expect this guy to know me… I’ve never met him before. Or heard of him. And his son is weird. No offence.

“Yes, I do know who you are,” He replied. “Or so, I’ve met your cousin.”

“Which one, I have a lot,” I said. My family was… really big. And it was family tradition to marry someone within the family to keep the Shiny name going. Of course you can’t marry your siblings… But we can marry our cousins. Just how it’s always worked, ever since our ancestors. It’s called inbreeding, which studies have proven to cause many genetic diseases nowadays. Except the science behind that apparently doesn’t affect us Shiny’s because of some magical spell my ancestors casted on our bloodline thousands of generations ago. I really don’t know what happened back then, or the history of it. I choose to not really care about it. My parents would tell me what happened at some point probably. Oh, or I could ask my ancestors directly… They’re not dead, they’re just really really really old. They work with the Ultimate Council, since they’re powerful and stuff.

“I believe his name was Onyx.” I went back to focusing on the scientist I was about to fight. “I’m Dr. Ratus. Does that name seem familiar to you?”

I thought about it… My cousin Onyx Shiny and Dr. Ratus…

“Hmm, no doesn’t ring a bell.” I shrugged.

“Unfortunate.” Dr. Ratus held his sword in an offence position. “Then let’s get down to business, shall we?”

“Sure thing,” I replied, getting into a fighting position as well.




to be continued in the next chapter....

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Hey, I would read ur

Hey, I would read ur books...but theres a tiny winsy promblo. I don't have much time..and u have a lot too read is there any shorter books u've written that I have not read? I'm sorry if I affended u.

Posted by mischief on Mon, 04/15/2019 - 20:54
Ha, no, that's not offensive

Ha, no, that's not offensive at all. This series is long and you can't read it if you don't have time. 

But yeah, I do have a few novels that aren't part of a series, they're short. Though I kinda paused on them. 

But I do have a story that is not too long. It's tied to this series. https://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/d-r-k-d-r-g-o-n-e-p-i-s-o-d-e-b-r-o-s-h-i-c-h-p-t-e-r-1-3298162146

That's the link.


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Posted by QuartzMaster on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 08:40
Ok thanks! I have a question

Ok thanks! I have a question for u...about a guy...since u r a guy and think like a guy.

Posted by Cherith on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 09:43
Yeah? _______________________



<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

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Posted by QuartzMaster on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 10:57
Ok sooo I have this friend [

Ok sooo I have this friend [ his name is Eddie] and we have been friends for....about 2 yrs. And we live in the same neighborhood. Apprently I'm very attracted to him. And theres a possiablity he might be to me. But he's sending me mixed messages. Like one minute he's zoned out and on his phone and the next he's asking a extremely personal question. I dont know if he's like toying with me, or he likes he and doesn't want too or he just doesn't want his fam to know he likes me.He aso loves teasing me.

Posted by mischief on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 13:38
Oh lol he's toying with you.

Oh lol he's toying with you. Well, I suppose it's good to consider both possibilities. It depends on what extremely person questions he's asking are, cuz it could have nothing to do with if he likes you or not. Like, you know what I mean. Some personal questions have nothing to do with feelings.

I think he may be too shy to come out and say that he likes you, if he does. If he doesn't, then he is toying with you. Depends on if he's a good guy or not. 

If he is a good guy, then he probably is just to shy to admit that he likes you. Cuz he is sending mixed messages. So he probably doesn't want you to know for certain that he likes you. 

And yeah, maybe he doesn't want everyone else around him to know that he likes you. If you want to know, you'd have to ask him. 

(Lol this is happening on a chapter of ultimates)


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Posted by QuartzMaster on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 16:48
What? No way..so cool!

What? No way..so cool! Anyways...he isnt ur shy tpye...on the outside I mean. Like he can get touchy if I ask him certain stuff but he has no filter when asking me....and I'm not askin the same kina stuff...if u know what I mean. But he's normally your rough and tough male. But when it comes to feelings he gets touchy. Like one time his lil bro was messin around and he pulled up his bros pants leg. Just above the ankle. And eddie was not cool with that...even though he dosn't mind showing off his legs..and chest and tummy....but he freaked out a lil when Jessi. Booth his ankles were black wl bruises.

Posted by mischief on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 07:50
When it comes to feelings,

When it comes to feelings, boys can be shy. Soooooo yeah. 


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Posted by QuartzMaster on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 12:01
I guess u have to really

I guess u have to really know both of us to really tell...but thanks anyways...


Posted by mischief on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 12:13
Yeah, it varies on the

Yeah, it varies on the person. Everyone's different. But no problem!


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

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