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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 11)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Eight: (Chapter 11)

Posted April 16th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 11: Locke


“Okay, we’re arriving…” Vivofit said, as his spaceship Keiko entered the EFAI Space Station. “They didn’t request any backup, but we may as well just go on in there and help.”

“Not like us hanging around outside in a ship would lower suspicion,” I said.

“Alright! Let’s get rolling!” Guy exclaimed as Lil’ Timmy was standing in front of the spaceship door. “Are you going to land, Vivo?”

“No. Just jump off. I have a special plan in mind,” Vivofit replied. The spaceship doors opened and Red Rampage was the first one to exit. I followed after her. She just jumped out there despite how high we were. I was able to float down however.

“Alright, lets go guys!” Guy exclaimed. He picked up Lil’ Timmy and jumped on out. Malum followed them silently. “It’s time to fight back against the EFAI!!”

“Yeah, go get them bros!” Vulgon said. “There’s already people in there fighting, so help them out!”

“Yeah! We will!” Guy waved up at Vulgon through the spaceship door. We were standing on the ground, but Red Rampage had already disappeared somewhere in the Space Station.

“Are you gonna go help them, Locke?” Vulgon asked me.

“I’m on the ground, aren’t I?” I asked.

“Right! Good luck!” The doors closed as Vulgon gave us a thumbs up. Keiko then flew out of the space station, leaving us alone.

I looked over at Malum, Guy, and Tim. Red Rampage had already gone and I was sure she’d be fine by herself.

“Alright, let’s do this!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Tim exclaimed.

“I don’t remember this section, since we were never in it… But let’s go!” Guy lead us into a different hallway, not the one that Red Rampage took.

We ran through the hallways. This place was pretty empty… We ran for awhile without anyone interrupting us. But then Malum stopped running. That made us all stop.

“What is it?” I asked him, as Guy and Tim looked back curiously.

He sniffed the air. Then he said something in sign language. I looked over at Guy, waiting for him to translate.

“Wait… Really!?” Guy exclaimed.

“What did he say?” I asked Guy.

“He can smell where Folly is… The guy who freed us!” Guy exclaimed. “He’s around here!”

“Really?!” Tim exclaimed. “Let’s find him!”

“Yeah!” Guy nodded. “Lead the way, Malum!”

Malum nodded and ran up ahead, sniffing the air as he lead us towards where Folly was. I followed them, playing along. Regardless we were going somewhere at least.

? Mehrunes ?

Hirosta, the guy made of ice, stood in front of me in a fighting position. Rando was fighting against Anarchy, since Anarchy’s music power effect didn’t really work on Rando… Since he’s random, the effect doesn’t do what its supposed to do. So they’re evenly matched. In a way.

“So, intruder, what are you after?” Hirosta questioned me.

“Why would I tell you?” I asked.

“Good point, you wouldn’t,” Hirosta said. “Then, I’ll force information out of you.”

“I invite you to try,” I said, in a fighting stance as I was ready for him to attack.

“I accept the invitation!” Hirosta stomped on the ground again, and shards of ice generated on the ground, making their way towards me with intense speed.

“I wish I had a shield,” I commented, rolling to the side to avoid his shards.

“I wish you didn’t,” Hirosta replied. He raised his hand and ice shards came at me from the side, where I used to be standing before I dodged his first ice attack directed towards me.

“Only one of us are gonna get our wish,” I replied, blocking them with a stardust barrier. “Wonder who.”

“Most likely you, since you pretty much just made a shield,” Hirosta commented, as he prepared his next attack.

“That’s not a shield,” I said, as I concentrated and made myself a lovely solar sword and shield. Basically it was plasma but whatever. “This is.”

“There, see, you got your wish.” Hirosta raised a hand and shot a beam of ice at me.

I blocked it with my shield, because I’m cool, and then rushed at Hirosta or whatever his name is.

Hirosta then stomped his leg on the floor again and made the floor covered in a large sheet of ice, which I almost slipped on.

“So if I cut your leg off, you won’t be able to use ice?” I asked, carefully not slipping on the ice, trying to figure out how to proceed.

“Only one way to find out, isn’t there?” He responded, as he then sent a large ice cube in my direction.

I put my two solar weapons together and shot out a massive beam of plasma, just kinda melting the ice. “So… you WANT me to cut of your leg then, because if you don’t give me a straight answer, I’m gonna cut off more than your leg.”

“I’ll give you a straight answer if you tell me what you’re doing here,” Hirosta replied, launching two more giant ice cubes in my direction.

I just melted all the surrounding ice with multiple solar beams.

“Me personally?” I asked.

“Sure.” Hirosta shrugged, charging his next attack.

I smiled wryly. “Being a distraction.”

“A distraction?” Hirosta looked confused for a bit. Then there was a sudden sound of a laser of some sort. Both Hirosta and I turned and spotted Corpse, melting the ice that was blocking Dr. Mewshaoushea’s offices’ door. “Hold it, that room is off limits!”

I reacted quickly, not allowing Hirosta to do anything as I activated Full Star and flew full-force into him with my sword, picking him up and slamming him into the wall at the end of the hallway in the process. I looked back quickly and saw Corpse giving me a thumbs up, before he entered the room.

“Gah!” Hirosta slowly got back up onto his feet. “I didn’t know you had that much power.”

I let us both fall back to the ground and deactivated Full Star. “Problem?”

“Yes, a slight miscalculation in the amount of power I need to use,” Hirosta said, as an icy aura appeared around his body.

“It’s all fun and games until someone with space powers comes to your space station.” I smirked.

“Right. Now it’ll be serious fun and some hurting,” Hirosta said. The whole hallway then was covered in a layer of ice.

“If we’re gonna play, I can play,” I said, returning to Full Star and flying into the air.

“Then let’s play!” Hirosta replied, shooting ice everywhere.

? Listy ?

The office was too big to be called an office. It was like a huge chamber, with a lot of desks and drawers.

I started to look through the drawers and desks. There was a whole lot of random stuff, but as I kept looking through everything, and trying my best to ignore whatever was happening outside, I found a whole lotta nothing. Like there were bills and stuff, but nothing about the evil things they were clearly doing.

After searching for quite some time, Corpse suddenly entered the room, slamming the door behind him.

“Find anything?” Corpse asked, loading an assault rifle.

“Nah, there’s nothing here. It’s a bunch of junk,” I replied.

“Huh.” Corpse searched in some of the drawers. “What about that one?” He then pointed at a different drawer in the end of the room. It had a lock on it.

“I didn’t look in that one,” I said. “Because you know. It’s locked. And I can’t get into it.”

Corpse searched his pocket and then pulled out a wrench. “Let’s go take a look.” He then walked towards the locked drawer. Then he tapped a button on the wrench, and it glowed red at the end of it. With it, he just smashed the lock, allowing the drawer to be open.

“Huh. Neat,” I commented.

Corpse then opened the drawer and searched it. He then pulled out some files that were in folders. “Okay let’s see here…” He opened it up and looked at it. “This is… this is it! This is solid evidence!”

“Well then let’s get out!” I said.

“Yes!” Corpse dashed towards the door.

But someone was blocking it. It was a guy, probably a mutant, who had brown hair and was wearing plain white clothes (a shirt and shorts).

“Hold it,” he said. And he moved forward to attack Corpse.

? Hematite ?

“Ugh!” Tanisha grunted as she fell back.

We had quite a nice battle, but she never got an actual hit on me. All her hits did practically nothing… I didn’t even blink when she punched me in the face!

“Well, I think housekeeping here is finished…” I then said, “I’ll have to make sure you don’t go anywhere though.” I raised my hand and made a barrier of energy surrounding her. “That will wear off in an hour. I’ll be gone by then. Cya!”

Then I left the room. I then began running through the hallways again, searching for very powerful energy. I wanted to fight someone really strong! A super powerful mutant that could kill someone by looking at them! Now that was exciting!

I then felt energy that seemed pretty powerful. Not very powerful, but powerful enough! It should do just fine! I turned towards the energy, and saw it was a room. Smirking, I charged a punch.

“HOUSEKEEPING!” I blew down the door with a single blow, and entered the room. Inside was… That one person. The one that took the dragon, back at the remains of that one Training Facility. He had black hair and red eyes. There were also black lines that went from the top to bottom of his eyes.

“What the frick?” There was someone next to him… Draco?! It was a guy who looked just like Draco. Wait, Mehrunes mentioned that Draco had a twin… This was him then? Probably was because he had red eyes, and Draco had brown eyes.

“There’s the intruder,” the other guy next to Draco’s twin said. “Let’s get rid of him.”

? Broshi ?

Alright, well. Kobat said he couldn’t find Locke. That he was no longer on Ertin. And that he couldn’t find him because he didn’t know what planet he would be on. So we just went back to the EFAI space station.

“Is Sadvak still gone? At a meeting with Dr. Mousha or something?” I asked Kobat as we exited the space pod and walked through the hallways of the space station.

“Yes,” Kobat replied. “We have other things to deal with instead.”

“And what is that?” I asked.

Kobat looked back at me. “There are intruders. We must find them and eliminate them.”

“Wait, intruders?” I said. “Then let’s go!” I wondered who the intruders were… “Where are they?”

Kobat looked across the hallway. “Follow me.” He then began running, and I ran after him. He then led me into a room, and then led me through some more doors. They were shortcuts that I didn’t know existed!

Then, we made it into an office room… And there was a guy with brown hair in a suit sitting there, loading a gun. He had two pistols.

“Hello.” Kobat stood in front of the guy, as I stood next to Kobat.

The guy looked up and panicked. “Holy crud!” He backed away from the gun he was loading, and took out his pistols, aiming them at us.

“Identify yourself,” Kobat said, pointing his hand at the guy as Kobat’s hand began charging with energy.

“Alright. I’m Hamshere Ren,” The guy responded. He then jumped and kicked Kobat’s charging hand, before kicking Kobat back. “I’m a bounty hunter.”

A bounty hunter? So the EFAI was under attack by bounty hunters?

“Sorry, but I can’t stay here. Gotta go. Bye!” Hamshere Ren suddenly disappeared. I looked back at Kobat. Kobat had an expressionless face.

“Aren’t you gonna go after him?” I asked Kobat.

“No. Not right now. Other mutants will deal with that one.” Kobat then looked at the door. “We have someone else to deal with. A different intruder.”

“HOUSEKEEPING!” Suddenly the door of the room broke down, and a tall guy with spiky black hair dressed in casual clothes appeared. I noticed he didn’t have any shoes though. He looked familiar… but I couldn’t quite remember where the last time I saw him was.

Whatever…but housekeeping? What was housekeeping?

“What the frick?” I commented as the guy came into the room with a big smile on his face.

Kobat turned and faced the guy. “There’s the intruder. Let’s get rid of him.” Kobat then surrounded himself in a yellow aura that had something that looked like bubbles in it.

“Got it!” I then released my dark vines as I faced the guy.

“Yes! Finally, a good fight!” The guy exclaimed, a bright smile on his face. “Bring it all on!!!”

Kobat jumped to attack quickly, but he was knocked back immediately as our opponent took a fighting stance.

“What brings you here, Hematite Shiny?” Kobat asked the guy. Oh, so his name was Hematite.

“I heard you guys had some powerful mutants… So I came to fight them!” Hematite exclaimed.

“Powerful mutants, you say?” I laughed, smirking as my dark vines prepared to attack him. “That would be us, yes. Especially me.”

Hematite looked over at me with a grin. “Aren’t you Draco’s twin brother?”

“What?” I frowned. “Yes, I am… You know him?”

“Yeah, I know Draco,” Hematite replied, as Kobat attacked him again. Except Hematite hit him back into the wall easily before grabbing his head and smashing a table with it. He was strong. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Broshi,” I said, as Kobat got back up, struggling to hit Hematite.

“Nice, Broshi. I’ve fought Draco once, he was pretty tough. But who’s stronger? You or Draco?” Hematite asked. Kobat then finally got a hit on him and knocked him backwards.

“I am much stronger than him,” I said. I wanted to prove I was stronger… “Kobat! You go take care of the Hamshere guy! Leave Hematite to me!”

“Gladly.” Kobat then disappeared through the wall.

I smirked as Hematite stood in front of me. The room was pretty small but it should do just fine for a battle. I released more dark vines from my back.

“I’ll show you my power,” I said as I then activated Broshi Eye.

? Quartz ?

Dr. Ratus swung his sword at me with impressive speed, but I jumped back in time, having dodged. I jumped onto the wall, pushed off of it, before I then punched Dr. Ratus in the face. Then as I landed on the ground, I made a portal under my feet, in which I went through and appeared behind Dr. Ratus. I then kicked him, knocking him to the ground. I made another portal that he fell into, and he came out from the ceiling, landing on the ground with a thud.

“Tsk… Curse you, Shiny…” Dr. Ratus got right back up, holding the living sword in his hand in a defensive way.

“You’re not bad, but you’re open in a lot of places,” I said, as I made a portal next to me. I punched through the portal, punching Dr. Ratus in the face. “Like there.”

“Your stupid portals are a pain to deal with!” Dr. Ratus yelled. He then charged forward to attack me. The sword suddenly was surrounded in a purple aura, which was giving off quite the amount of energy.

I then pulled out my own sword from a portal, and blocked Dr. Ratus’s swing with haste. He kept trying to slice me with the sword, but I blocked all of the attacks as I slowly backed up in the hallway. Then I decided I had enough and pushed the air in front of him backwards, sending Dr. Ratus all the way to the end of the hallway.

He was obviously irritated as he rushed back to attack me. I just made a portal that blocked is path and he appeared back at the end of the hallway.

“Fine then…” Dr. Ratus then said. He raised his sword, pointing it at the ceiling. Then out of the sword came these dark little creatures. “Attack the Shiny!”

All the little dark creatures made a high pitched screeching sound as they rushed to attack me, walking on the walls and the ceiling. I readied my sword as they approached.

One of the creatures jumped to attack, and I sliced it in half, and proceeded to attack each and every one of them. But as I was busy with the dark creatures, Dr. Ratus was charging something… I just decided to finish off the dark little creatures and let him charge whatever it was he was charging.

After I chopped the last creature to dust, I looked over at Dr. Ratus. He had finished charging, and his sword was… Bigger than before.

“Now you’ll be the one struggling to fight me!” Dr. Ratus laughed as he then came forward to strike.

I clenched my sword tight and ran towards him as well, ready to attack. But suddenly, Dr. Ratus zipped past me with intense speed, and I felt pain in my right arm. I fell to my knee at the opposite side of Dr. Ratus, having dropped my sword. I looked at my right arm and there was a big cut. I was bleeding.

“I guess I underestimated you…” I said as I got back up, trying my best to ignore the pain in my arm. “I’ll dispose of you now and keep going.”

I then tapped into my rock powers and surrounded my body in crystal armor. This crystal was very durable so it should do fine. I also made myself crystal gauntlets with spikes to increase the damage. Though I had to make my attacks weaker so I didn’t kill him. That wasn’t my goal.

I then dashed towards Dr. Ratus, appearing in front of him as he looked back at where I used to be. Then I grabbed his sword, since that was where he got his power from, and tossed it aside. I punched him in the gut.

“UGHUGH!” He made a weird sound as I then slammed him through the wall, entering another room. This room was a chamber and was quite large. Great space for fights.

Though I was done with Dr. Ratus. So I threw him at the wall. He crashed into the wall and then fell. Dr. Ratus got up though, even after all that. Huh, so he was stronger than he looked. But could he still fight without that sword?

“Curses… you… Shiny… brat…” Dr. Ratus got up but looked injured. I also assumed he had something against my cousin Onyx… I’d have to ask Onyx about it sometime.

“That’s enough, Dr. Ratus. You don’t have to fight anymore.” I heard the voice of a man. I turned and spotted someone else in a lab coat. It was a man with brown hair.

“Dr… Saurashido…” Dr. Ratus muttered. I looked back at him and he didn’t have his fighting face on anymore.

“Get some rest, doctor. We still need you,” the newcomer, Dr. Saurashido, said. Dr. Ratus muttered something to himself as he left the chamber. Meanwhile, the new scientist was who I probably had to deal with now. “Quartz Shiny, is it?”

“Correct.” I nodded. I still had my crystal armor on.

“Pleased to meet you. I am Dr. Nagrukis Saurashido. What exactly is it you’re trying to accomplish by coming to our facility?” Dr. Saurashido asked.

“I mean, I can’t say. I won’t just give you information like that,” I replied. I wondered how everyone else was doing… I took a moment to sense the energy of everyone… Everyone looked quite busy. Our backup had arrived, I could sense that. But there were other mutants… maybe it was time to bring in the other backup, Draco.

“I see. Very well,” Dr. Saurashido said. “I’ll have to call in mutants to keep you busy then, no?” He pressed a button on a device that he pulled out of his lab coat and all of a sudden, the room was filled with all sorts of mutants. “Failed subjects. They’ll keep you busy though.”

Suddenly, all of the mutants dashed to attack me. I reacted quickly, getting ready to fight.

to be continued in the next chapter... 

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this is interesting and if

this is interesting and if it wasn't 3 series and 8 books i might have actually read all of this!  i've never heard of a kid author that had written so much.  if i had access to your first book i would read it :| also in other news i subbed to your channel


-that other kid

Posted by indygoes (kayla) on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 18:37
Thanks for your

Thanks for your comment! 

Haha yeah I write quite a lot. (my word count is probably a million by now)

Here's access to the very first book, (it's trash, I edited it but I didn't update the post) https://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/ultimates-capter-1-3298159991

But you can actually also skip to the third series. Don't worry, you'll still be able to understand everything, I've written it in a format that explains everything that happened in the past. And you can always ask questions. 

Here's book 1 of the third series https://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/ultimates-1-3rd-series-prologue-and-chapter-1-new-cc-please-3298162118 (this one as actually pretty decent)

And thanks for subbing to my channel XD




-that other other kid QuartzMaster

Posted by QuartzMaster on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 19:15

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